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25+ Best Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Ideas & Subject lines 2022

Since Valentine’s Day is coming, email marketers are working tirelessly to provide us with lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day email campaign ideas.

As soon as the Christmas decorations are taken down from the store shelves, the aisles are miraculously filled with red and pink hearts. Yes, it’s that time of year again: Valentine’s Day is approaching, and your Valentine’s Day email marketing campaigns and Valentine’s Day Email Template had best be prepared!

Inbound marketing, which is a continual process in which marketers contact customers at any stage of their journey, includes email campaigns. Inbound marketing recognizes that not everybody is ready to purchase from you right now. That is why email has become such an effective means of communication.

You can stay top-of-mind with email by sending emails directly to their inbox, and you can do it at volume with marketing automation tools. It’s vital that email campaign subscribers have opted in to get this information and that each item is helpful.

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Send a Valentine’s Day email to your customers

Send Valentine’s Day emails to your customers to show them how much you care.
Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples; it’s also a wonderful opportunity for you to express how much you care about your subscribers! Send them a unique offer that will make them feel appreciated and distinguished.

If you’re in the restaurant business, for example, consider offering a small discount to your most loyal clients on Valentine’s Day. Sending them a coupon for your service or product seems to be a polite way to remind them that you appreciate their business if they’re a regular customer.

Best Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Ideas

Get the best Valentine’s Day Email Campaign Ideas With examples and boost up your sale and marketing with some new strategies and Ideas.

1. Keep the design of your email simple.

Finding the perfect Valentine’s gift can be extremely stressful. It is supposed to be a representation of demonstrating how much you care for someone? Trying to keep your email design layout clean and to the point will assist your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for, comforting them that they’ve made the proper choice.

This sort of template can be easily found in Sendinblue.

valentine's day email

2. Choose your segments carefully.

The market is made up of a diverse group of people. These are broken down into identities and portions. Consumers, prospects, subscribers, and personas are defined by their profiles and statistics. and segments, which are made up of a mix of personas and behavioural data, like a customer’s favourite category or the date of their most recent purchase.

During the holiday season, a basic Valentine’s email campaign will only attract a small portion of your subscriber base. To make the most out of festive marketing opportunities like Valentine’s Day, it’s critical to appeal to various demographics and client requirements.

We suggest segmenting campaigns and making changes to the language, items, graphics, and CTAs as needed, or creating emails with gift ideas for all groups of email subscribers. At this season of the year, this is how you’ll notice your interaction rates rise and your email effectiveness improve.

This template is available in Stripo.

valentine's day email

3. Send Invitation of events

On Valentine’s Day, send an email invitation to an event.
As part of your restaurant email marketing, you must send invitation emails.

During the Valentine’s Day season, you can improve the number of booked tables by sending an invitation email to your subscribers inviting them to a special Valentine’s Day deal.

This sort of template can be easily found in Sendinblue.

valentine's day email

4. Offer Valentine’s Day discounts

Encourage customers to pick your store over a competitor’s. Offering limited-time discounts is an excellent way to attract people who are planning to shop.

This lovely Valentine’s Day email template is perfect for everything from a restaurant promotion to a special retail offer! short copy with a prominent black call-to-action button. It doesn’t get any clearer than this:

valentine's day email

5. Free delivery

Valentine’s Day emails aren’t just about saying “I love you” to your contacts; they’re also an opportunity to get creative and stand out in a crowded inbox.

In the most creative way, New Balance wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day. The email template includes an image of a vintage New Balance sneaker with heart-shaped laces.

valentine's day email

6. Use animated GIFs

Use animated GIFs to bring individuality to your Valentine’s Day emails.
What may an animated GIF in your Valentine’s email newsletter be worth if a picture is worth a thousand words?

Here are some of the most basic, yet visually appealing, animated GIFs to add to your Valentine’s Day email blast.

valentine's day email

7. Support last-minute purchasers

Let’s confront it: we all want to be the best when it comes to gift-giving, yet we all wait until the last minute. There are various ways to notify customers that the sale deadline is approaching, and there are several ways to do it.

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Campaign Ideas & Subject lines 2022

8. It’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t all about the gifts.

Although if your store doesn’t sell the latest gift products, you can still benefit on Valentine’s Day. People enjoy Valentine’s Day in a variety of ways, therefore there are indeed a number of different ways for businesses, from groceries to amusement parks to flights to coffee houses, to capitalize on the holiday and offer customers something special.

Create beautiful templates with Cakemail.

9. Interact with singles

Valentine’s Day has a reputation for being a divisive holiday. If you don’t adore this moment of the year, even if you’re single or just a sceptic, the very last thing you want is an email filled with flowers and messages about love.

Some of the most amazing Valentine’s Day email campaigns subject lines

We scoured the internet for the top email subject lines – and wow! Here’s a rundown of the top Valentine’s Day email subject lines. Some are trendy, while others are unique, and some fit the company image.

  • Treat yourself this Valentine’s – 30% off only for you
  • Valentine’s offer for women – 25% off on every product!
  • Happy Valentine’s, girls!
  • 20% on all jewelry for this Valentine’s
  • Remember: Valentine’s is this Sunday!
  • When Valentine’s knocks on your door – answer!
  • Your 25% SALE for Valentine’s starts right…. NOW!
  • Remember that today is Valentine’s?
  • Take 30% off this Valentine’s gift
  • Love is in the air! 35% off any Valentine’s product
  • Prepare for Sunday… Prepare for Valentine’s!
  • Your perfect Valentine’s deal – find out what it is
  • Wanna save 30% on any purchase? Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Limited offer – save 20% on all products for Valentine’s
  • LAST MINUTE OFFER: an unbeatable Valentine’s
  • his Sunday, Valentines shop
  • Last day to get 25% on any Valentine’s gift! Last minute call for Valentine’s – who needs a gift?
  • Need a last-minute offer for your Valentine’s? Click here to find out more
  • How to dress for Valentine’s – 60% off any clothing item
  • Happy Valentine’s! Today, everything 25% off – with love, for you
  • This Sunday, Valentines shop
  • Remember. To. Get. A. Gift. For. Your. Valentine!
  • This Sunday is… Valentine’s!
  • Are you prepared for this Valentine’s? Last minute Valentine offer
  • Forgot to buy Valentine’s gift? We got your back!
  • 40% off almost every product – just for YOU
  • Love, gifts, self-care – treat yourself this Valentine’s
  • Happy Valentine’s day! Let’s make the best out of it!
  • Knock knock! Who’s there? Valentine!
  • Our shop is open! 30% off any Valentine’s gift for her
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • The best Valentine’s/ 2 days left to order the perfect gift for them
  • Will you be their Valentine?

Tips to Remember for the Valentine’s Day email campaigns

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Campaign Ideas & Subject lines 2022

Summing Up

Fortunately, you’ve found some email ideas to help you get started with your Valentine’s Day email campaign. While it can be a little cheesy, lots of people around the world celebrate Valentine’s Day every year, and there are many methods to connect different portions of your online audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

On Valentine’s Day, how can you get customers?

Promote a product or give it away.
Visuals for Valentine’s Day.
Ensure that last-minute shoppers are accommodated.
Valentine’s Day promotions are tailored to certain industries.
Make a gift guide for Valentine’s Day.
Run a tutorial on how to make a craft.
Posts and promos with a love theme.
Represent your business how much you care.

When should we begin the Valentine’s Day email marketing?

Although Valentine’s Day is so close, it’s necessary to launch these advertisements as early as possible and continue them till the last shipping day of the holiday. But just don’t panic if you’re running late – you can start now!

How do you say Happy Valentines Day to customers?

1. Today and always, I wish you everything which makes you happy. Valentine’s Day wishes!
2. Warm greetings for a wonderful Valentine’s Day. We hope you enjoy it by doing whatever you adore.
3. I hope you have a wonderful day loaded with family, friends, and memorable moments.

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