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We allow guest blogging and guest posting on

Currently, we connect all kinds of people in the SAAS industry. Whether they are SAAS Buyers or Vendors, we have both of them with us.

We are working day and night and expecting to reach 100k monthly visitors by December 2023.

We expect support from you guys as well to help us in growing by sharing your best SAAS experience to our readers. 

Reach out to us from the chat support which is 24/7 over our website. You can also mail us with your pitches on

We are SAAS niche website. We allow blogs only related to 

  • Softwares
  • Cloud
  • Hosting
  • Technology.
  • Saas Marketing.
  • Success stories
  • Case studies 


We allow content syndication only related to SAAS news. It is published on our SAAS News journal and not our our blog. 

We never allow any random content to be published on our blog just for the sake of giving some dofollow backlinks.

We would Give at most 2 dofollow backlinks to your landing pages if 

  1. Your content is really valuable for our reader. 
  2. Minimum word length is 1500 words.
  3. Pass copyscape with no plag.
  4. Unique article not published earlier on our blog.

if you can match these guidelines then pitch us your content ideas.


Want To Get Your SAAS Reviewed?

Do we charge?

We do charge a small amount for reviewing your product since it requires our time to test your SAAS and study what kind of value or problem you are solving for your potential customers. We value our time so we charge for it. 

How honest is our reviews?

Though we charge for reviews that doesnot mean we will not talk about your cons. We study every pros and cons of your SAAS and publish what is the real value, the buyer would get. 

Who does the reviews?

We have SAAS developers, marketers, UI/UX designers in our team who have built some of the best SAAS in the past 5 -15 years of their working experience. They do a study of your tool and grill every corner of your offerings.

What details needed for Reviewing?

We would need admin access to your tools and also other relevant information which you think is not confidential for you. We want to study the best way we can. So, make sure you submit as much information and access as you can.

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