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Looking To Sell SaaS Business?

Start your aquisition conversation with our huge organic business buyers privately with no middle men. No Brokers anymore. Completely anonymous until aquisition.

What we Offer?

Sell SAAS Business To 1000+ Buyers And Investors

Business Selling Marketplace

Create quick account on our business selling marketplace. Connect your metrics and go live to buyers for bidding above your valuation.

Sell SAAS Business To 1000+ Buyers And Investors
Boost Your Sales

Private Until Acquisition

Your private information remains anonymous until the acquisition is confirmed by the buyer.

Sell SAAS Business To 1000+ Buyers And Investors
Make an Exit

Safe Acquisition Modules

We have escrow systems and letters of Intent integrated with our business acquisition platform that allows transfer of ownership safely.

Make an Exit

Sell Your SaaS Business.

Howtobuysaas platform is the top ranking SaaS Marketplaces on every search engines. We get the largest traffic share from people who wish to buy SaaS business. If you want to connect with such buyers and decision makers than you must consider to sell SaaS business on our platform. You get the best bid & easy options to privately close your deal with no brokerage fee.
Sell SAAS Business To 1000+ Buyers And Investors
Setup Your Account
Enter key information about your startup to attract buyers.
Respond to private requests
The platform connects you with interested buyers – all you have to do is respond.
Meet potential buyers in days
Once you and the buyer are happy, you’ll get an LOI in 30 days or less.
Sell SAAS Business To 1000+ Buyers And Investors

Why Sell With Us?

What Founders Says About Us?

We listed our SaaS for selling on howtobuysaas and the process was so easy and just over few clicks. With small tweaks, the team at howtobuysaas took our listing to top and we got surprisingly 10+ buyer enquiry instantly with more following each day. We got sold at full asking price in less than 10 days. Just amazingly A+ for the howtobuysaas platform.
htbs seller
Dixie Patton
Founder, CEO Textchat
In just half day we where live on the platform and getting started with buyer enquiries. We where not confident that we will get so many response and thought of closing the deal in the first offer itself but then we where bombarded with so many acquisitions offers to our surprise that we took 35 days to sell our saas. This platform is insase and crazy dream come true for us.
Sell SAAS Business To 1000+ Buyers And Investors
Ralph L. Kirby
CEO Burntsheet

Quick FAQ On Sell SaaS Business

Where can I sell My SaaS Company?

You can sell SaaS business on howtobuysaas marketplace. Just signup on our seller platform and list your business with all metrics and right information. After moderation from the htbs team, your SaaS business can go live for sale in less than a day. 

How Do I value a SaaS Business?

If you are looking to sell SaaS business and don't know what your initial valuation can be, then here's an easy way to judge. Whatever sales you have done in last quarter, you can set your valuation between 8X to 20X of the total sales in last quarter or you can also take last 1 year sales value. 

Join over 10000+ founders and buyers already here for acquisitions.

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