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What we Offer?

Grow Brand Value

List Your SaaS

Get buyer traffic on your landing pages, improve reviews on our platform and project them to our buyer traffic.

Boost Your Sales

Sell Your SaaS

Launch your SaaS or sell your desired SaaS subscription packages with us to get early adopters or qualified customer leads

Make an Exit

Sell SaaS Business

Sell your SaaS business completely with our acquisition channel and sell your business anonymously with full privacy control.  *coming soon

Improve Your Brand Value

List Your SaaS

Your SaaS Will be listed in your relevant software categories and an external button pointing your sales page will be added. You can collect reviews from your customers and publish on our platform to create a rapport among our other buyers traffic.
Create your Account
Signup for a Free account using your business email and login to your dashboard to find the option to list your SaaS
List Your SAAS
Listing Your SAAS on Howtobuysaas SAAS Marketplace is completely FREE. From your dashboard, click the "List SAAS" tab
Buy The FREE Package
You will have to buy the FREE Listing package to begin your list. Once Done, fill the form where you can enter information about your SAAS.
Wait For Moderation.
Our product analyst will prepare the best listing page and take your product live after verifying the vendor.
Invite Reviewers
For every buyers that you onboard via Howtobuysaas, you can invite them to leave an unbiased review.
Increase Sales & Customers

Sell Saas Subscriptions.

Get your early adopters, test your MVP, launch it with us, sell the subscription babies that you or the team had built, with howtobuysaas marketplace.. Dont wait for the inbound traffic to grow. Sell with us and start testing with real buyers customers that we have built for you.
Setup Your Account
Signup for an account and choose the option to sell your subscriptions with howtobuysaas platform
List Your SAAS
From your account dashboard, choose the option to "Sell Subscription"
Setup your payments
Chose your mode of accepting payments and complete your sales dashboard setups.
Wait For Moderation
Our product analyst will prepare the best listing page and take your product live after verifying the vendor.
Manage Your Customers
Manage all your customers and subscription from your dashboard and redeem payments. Please note that payments are redeem after 60 days due to our refund policies.

Why Sell With Us?

Want To Find Business Buyers For Your SaaS?

We assist SaaS business owners in merger and aqusition of their business with complete privacy.
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