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About Us

Buy SaaS

We have created a SaaS Marketplace where you can explore the bet SaaS solutions used by businesses globally.
About Us

Save On SaaS

Howtobuysaas is commited to bringing the best SaaS packages exclusively at our platfrom to leverage buinesses to shift towards a cloud World.
About Us

Manage SaaS

Howtobuysaas allow saas buyers to manage their subscriptions with renewal, refunds, support with vendor, and management.

Our Goal

We are committed to creating the best online SaaS Marketplace experience that solves the product discovery and management when it comes to choosing and using the right SaaS in business that is calculative in terms of benefits, budgets, management, and adaptability for anyone integrating into operation. 

Connect SaaS Buyers

The howtobuysaas marketplace is created for buyers who wish to discover the best SaaS that can meet their business requirments.

Connect Business Buyers

We are also working at building the best platform in the SaaS industry that allows buyers to acquire SaaS businesses

Our Story

HowtobuySaaS was started by serial entrepreneur Snehil Prakash just for teaching his friend about how eCommerce business works.  Since he was keen on growing SaaS industry and consistently working on scaling a few SaaS businesses during 2019’s with his partner Puneet Sharma, the duo thought to take this teaching platform to a serious business. They identified that SaaS creators aren’t getting the right visibility to test their MVP before full fledged launch. 

Getting organic customers was challenging for new SaaS hustlers and paid strategies were already burning the bank balance for them. So, the duo Saasologists thought of making this platform a place where all buyers, sellers, and business sellers can be amalgamated in one single platform.


That’s how we were born in 2019. 

About Us

The team creation started in the cubicles of innovation. The duo worked hard to crush the search and make it simple for people to explore the right SaaS Solution for their businesses. 


The enterprising team of howtobuysaas made it even simpler for people to use the platform more effectively. Its all skillset poured all over the corner of our howtobuysaas. 

Meet The Leaders

About Us

Snehil Prakash


He processes the business operation and SaaS collaboration. You will often find him active in making things easy over howtobuysaas.

About Us

Puneet Sharma


If you found us via search engine then it is because of him. You will often find him killing algorithms and serving the deserving SaaS to the right audience.

gopal kildoliya

Gopal Kildoliya


He is our leader in getting new development processes into the system. He is our coding partner. Our idea, his code is what you use daily over this platform.

Find The Best

Fully dedicated
to the best solutions.

Choosing The best SAAS is a very difficult choice to make as most of the SAAS are built to give their best. We help you reduce your time in finding a solution that can met all your requirements. 

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About Us
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About Us
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