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Easter Email Marketing: Best Ideas, Subject Lines, and Example for 2022

Easter is a wonderful opportunity for brands to run an Easter email marketing campaign in order to interact with their subscribers through creativity and content that is themed around the holiday. Easter-themed wordplay, bright imagery, clever rewards, and clever methods to engage subscribers are all possibilities.

Easter Email Marketing: Why Should You Do It?

Sending an Easter email to your targeted audience benefits your brand more than you might believe. Easter is one of the most important holidays in the world, and participating in it might provide you with a competitive advantage.

We’ll provide you with email design ideas, subject lines, and more in this comprehensive guide to Easter email marketing, so you can have a successful Easter campaign in 2022!

What Should You Include in an Easter Email Marketing Campaign?

Customers are anticipating an Easter offer.
Sure, wishing your consumers a happy Easter would be good. But why not throw them an Easter surprise?
A fun addition to your normal marketing approach can be an Easter email blast with a unique Easter offer. You’ll need to decide whether or not to include an Easter egg and what kind it will be.

We’ll go over the specifics afterward. Then you must decide whether your Easter email will just contain content with an Easter theme from your regular newsletter or will be a separate Easter email marketing.

Do you already have a sizable email list and want to take advantage of the Festive spirit? We’ve compiled some ideas to get you started.

Here are the Best Easter Email Marketing Ideas

Simply including little chicks and bunnies in your daily email message will not be sufficient to compel subscribers to take action.

Follow the below instructions to ensure that your message catches subscribers’ attention, piques their interest enough to read it, and prompts them to take action.

1. Set an objective for your Easter email marketing campaign:

Whether you’re trying out an Easter email or not, or want to make progress on previous messages, this has to be your opening step.

These are some possible Easter message targets:

  • Increase additional revenue to meet a yearly or quarterly target.
  • Send a message of goodwill.
  • Try out a new marketing strategy (larger discount, dollar vs. % discount).
  • Boost store traffic.
  • Re-engage dormant subscribers on the verge of being removed from your active schedule.

Many businesses use Easter messages to promote or emphasize spring item lines in years when Easter falls closer to the first day of spring.

Since Easter occurs so late in the year, a spring theme emphasizes supplementary retail lines rather than sneak peeks.

2. Write a non-promotional text in addition to or instead of a promotion.

Many businesses, like Hobby Lobby, may either include a promotional email with an Easter greeting or forgo the offer entirely.

In any case, Your clients will be visiting their inboxes.

If your head of marketing is against delivering a “feel-good” mail, provide a prize for your Weekend shoppers who took the time to open your letter.

3. Run your Easter email marketing campaign multiple times.

If you send your email on The day before or on Easter Sunday, it will face stiff competition in the inbox. You can even send an Easter promotion reminder up to several days after the holiday has passed via using Sendinblue which is an amazing tool for email marketing.

If you take this way, limit the message to subscribers who did not open or respond to your initial message. You won’t irritate those who did open, click, or convert on your initial email in this manner.

4. In your subject lines, avoid Easter clichés.

Puns for Easter and efforts at witty wordplays, such as making use of “eggs” rather than “ex” to generate terms such as “eggs-cellent,” “eggs-treme,” and “eggs-tra,” and many others, will flood your subscribers’ inboxes.

They’re amusing the first few times, you will hear it, though once everyone else does it, your pun lacks its impact. Instead, Consider an Easter emoji.? Bunnies, flowers, eggs, and chicks can all catch the sight and bring a small Easter cheer to the mailbox.

Make sure to follow proper finest subject-line practise, whatever witty bit you come up with. Make certain your subject line entices your readers to open the email. Inform them or show them what’s inside a general idea of the worth of your product. “Happy Easter!” is a wonderful greeting, but scrolling past it is easy.

5. Younger clients should be targeted.

Is naturally, your brand more youthful? Or do you know who your Millennial customers are? You may use an Easter promotion to increase engagement.

This includes a higher proclivity to go shopping, on even holidays:

  • Easter will be celebrated by 85 percent of the Millennial Generation (18-34 years) compared to 80 percent of Generation X (ages 35-55) and 74 percent of Seniors and Boomers (55+ years).
  • On holidays, millennial generations are further inclined to go online, open prizes, and continue to shop (both in shops plus online).
  • Additionally, they’re more inclined than the general public to shop and browse using their mobile phones (37 percent versus 24 percent ).

Last but not least: compare your outcomes to those of a typical advertising campaign.

To determine how successfully your easter email marketing did, track openings, clicks, and conversions. But don’t stop with these fundamentals. Examine purchase size, new vs repeat consumers, email-linked browsing sessions, and other indicators that indicate the types of behaviors your email prompted on your website.

Also, keep an eye on your email to check whether there are any long-term consequences. One of the many advantages of email is that it can be found and clicked on days or even months after you’ve sent it.

Check your inbox after a few days, weeks, or months to confirm whether it’s still around.

Easter Email Marketing Subject Lines Ideas

These subject lines have already started showing up in inboxes, get started with these wonderful easter email marketing subject line ideas:

  • Happy Easter! Free Shipping on All Orders Today!
  • 12% off your Easter shopping
  • Hoppy Easter!!
  • The last crack at our Easter offer, if you’re quick!
  • Celebrate Easter with extra savings!
  • ? Easter treats that are better than chocolate
  • ? Hop for Hoodies
  • We Put FREE Shipping in Your Easter Basket!
  • ? EASTER TREATS | Up To 55% Off!
  • Easter Treat – Up to 25% off
  • Today ONLY. 20% OFF EVERYTHING. Hop to it. ?
  • Easter sale! EVERYTHING extra 35% off >> FINAL HOURS!
  • Easter is tomorrow, hop into the shops!
  • Up to 70% OFF Easter Styles In Stores!
  • Easter Sale – 10% Off Sitewide
  • Wishing you a happy (and delicious) Easter
  • ? Hop over to Great Easter Savings!
  • Easter’s On Its Way! Baskets, Candy, Décor & More
  • Load Up Your Easter Basket? Savings Up to 65%

Also, try to make use of emojis for your easter email marketing campaign.

Amazing Easter Email Examples

Are you ready to see some Easter email marketing campaign examples?

The emails below were hand-picked because they have a great email design and compelling copy. Prepare to be moved:

1. Boden

Easter Email Marketing: Best Ideas, Subject Lines, and Example for 2022

No joke, but this email has put me in the spirit to rejoice. The email’s backdrop, which includes several Easter themes, and the title, which is divided into distinct color blocks, immediately grab the reader’s attention.

Boden has created excitement by inviting their readers on an egg hunt in this email. They’ve implemented a clever strategy to increase traffic and engagement across several channels, including email, website, and Pinterest.

2. Vineyard Vines

Easter Email Marketing: Best Ideas, Subject Lines, and Example for 2022

Sending an Easter greeting email is a simple way to get started. But just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it won’t work. Vineyard Vines demonstrated that it is more than a bogus organization by sending a personalized Easter greeting.

This cheerful email also includes advertising aspects. The free delivery preheader and detailed email header provide conversion possibilities.

3. Cracker Barrel

Easter Email Marketing: Best Ideas, Subject Lines, and Example for 2022

Cracker Barrel’s promo email is just brilliant. Easter isn’t complete without a family lunch, but not everyone enjoys or has time to prepare a feast for an unknown number of people.

Cracker Barrel solved the problem by introducing a feast that could be delivered to customers’ homes. The alluring feature image and carefully chosen words like ‘homestyle’ add up to a compelling proposition.

4. Tattly

Easter Email Marketing: Best Ideas, Subject Lines, and Example for 2022

When I think of this Easter email marketing campaign example from Tattly, I think of classy, elegant, and impactful.

Unlike other companies that offer promotions at this time, Tattly wanted to add value to their users by offering a DIY Easter guide. This no-sales technique is particularly effective since it demonstrates that brands value their consumers’ expertise rather than driving a sale at every opportunity.

Summing Up

Easter is exciting! So don’t miss out on this chance to engage with your customers and help them keep their traditions alive. Start developing your own easter emails using one of the pre-built HTML easter emails now that you’ve been inspired by these fantastic easter email marketing campaigns. They’re mobile-friendly, work with all email clients and devices, and are, most importantly, free!

As you’re doing easter email marketing, you’ll need to use email list cleaning services to make sure you’re getting the most out of it for this check our blog: 11 Best Email List Cleaning And Verification Services In 2022.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

In an email, what is an Easter egg?

An Easter egg is a deliberate inside joke, a secret message, or an email feature. In Easter email marketing, most firms employ this strategy. In an email, an Easter egg can take the form of an image, a message, or a hidden feature. The consumer frequently wins something when they uncover this Easter egg.

What should an Easter newsletter contain?

Begin with a brief but attractive subject line, add Easter humor within 31-40 characters, offer corporate news, and latest updates, share an eBook, add visuals for appeal, and email signature/footer relevant to the Easter campaign to make your Easter newsletter a successful.

When should Easter emails be sent?

Run your Easter email marketing campaign 12 days to a week before Easter and again on or around Easter to obtain the most exposure. You can even send an Easter campaign reminder up to a few days after the festival.

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