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What is Double Opt-in? A Complete Guide to it.

What is Double Opt-In?

A double opt-in is a technique used by companies to improve their email deliverability as well as their email subscription list. It is a method that can improve the overall email marketing results. Basically, A double Opt-In is a system that validates an email ID after collecting it by sending a confirmation email to that address which the customer has to go and approve. It is a way to verify Email addresses and confirm interest which will guarantee a higher engagement in the future.

In a Single Opt-In system, subscribers give their emails through a form or survey, and then they are added to the mailing list. Double opt-in systems add a second layer of protection and make sure that a fake email ID doesn’t make it onto the company’s mailing list.

When to use Double Opt-In?

Even though there is a lot of debate over whether the single opt-in or the double opt-in is the better strategy to go for, there is no clear winner. There are various factors that determine what will work better for a company – email content, subject lines, brand, etc. Therefore, the best way to find out which is the better strategy is to try out both while keeping as many variables steady as possible.

If your company cannot afford to have any short term leads missed out, single opt-in is the way to go for you

If your company has a high rate of hard bounces, then a double opt-in is the way to go for you.

Therefore, whether to go for Double Opt-ins mostly depends on the use-cases.

Benefits of using Double opt-in

There are several advantages you can get from using a Double Opt-In system:


Acquiring more valid contacts

Using a double opt-in system makes sure that all the contacts you acquire are valid leads. This happens because people have to go to their email address inbox and manually verify their interest in being added to your mailing list. This is a very good way to prevent any typo-related issues or users submitting mail IDs that don’t belong to them.

It also weeds out any user that might not be too interested in your company, because then they won’t take the extra step to manually verify their Email ID and will instead just skip past the subscription. Leads like these do add to the numbers in your mailing list, but in the long term are of no use. Instead, it is much better to put your attention and focus on leads that are actually profitable.


Being compliant with the GDPR

An opt-in process that is compliant with the GDPR means that you should be able to show proof that each contact in your email database has provided you with consent to be put on the list.

It must be noted that the GDPR doesn’t necessarily need you to have a double opt-in, but it is an easy way for showing proof that the contact opted into your mailing list by manually verifying their email address.

Another aspect that is covered by double opt-in is that nobody can add someone else’s email ID without their consent to your mailing list.


Improvement in Email Deliverability

Your company’s email deliverability will be helped if you opt for a double opt-in process. The explanation for why this happens is pretty much the same. Double opt-in prevents any fake or invalid email addresses from being added to your mailing database. This makes sure that your email campaign has no hard bounces

Any kind of bounce is it hard bounces or soft bounces can damage your sender’s reputation. Thus, through double opt-in, you can also make sure that you don’t damage your sender’s reputation unknowingly.


Increased Engagement

The people who have signed up to your mailing list through a double opt-in have taken the trouble to do an extra step and manually verify their contacts. These people would generally be more inclined to engage with your emails. You are also less likely to be marked by them as spam in the future. These factors will also help maintain your sender’s reputation and will help to ensure reliable deliverability.

Setting Up a Double Opt-in System

The easiest way to set up a Double Opt-in System would be to use Sendinblue and your system will be up and running in a few clicks

To set up a double opt-in, what you need to do is

  1. Go to the “Contacts” tab which will be located on the left menu
  2. Go to “Forms”. There you would be able to select the form that will be used for the double opt-in. You can go with a preset or create one from zero
  3. Once the form is selected, go to settings and make sure that the Double Confirmation email option is enabled
  4. This basically completes the whole process but there are a few more things to be done before the whole thing is ready to be used.
  5. You need to choose a template that will be used as a confirmation email
  6. You need to set a URL where the users would land after they click on the confirmation link
  7. You need to set another template for the final email which confirms their opt-in

There are several default template presets to choose from and use if you don’t want to design an email for your confirmation. However, it is recommended to create unique content that aligns with your brand so that your leads get a better feel of your brand.

This can be done by going to the “Transactional” tab and then clicking on “Templates” on the left-hand side menu. Then you would need to click “New Template” on the top right.

After that, you basically need to create an email like you normally would. Don’t forget to add a confirmation button with the double opt-in confirmation link. You have to pay attention to your subject line as well.

The double opt-in confirmation mail is the first email that any customer or potential customer will receive from your brand, therefore you have to make sure that you find a way to be on-brand without doing too much. If you go with anything too flashy then the mail will come across as promotional and might make your subscribers reconsider.

Where to Place your Sign-up Form

Another very important point to consider while setting up an opt-in form is where to place the sign-up form. Landing pages, blog homepages, social media bios, etc are great places to have the initial sign-up form.

Some websites use pop-up sign-up forms. These forms are good for grabbing the attention of someone who might be scrolling through your company’s website. Other places to have your sign-in form might vary according to the kind of business that you’re running. Some businesses might find it more beneficial to have it at the checkout, while others might benefit from having it at the end of blog articles.

How to Improve Your Double Opt-In Rate?

After setting up the double opt-in system, there are many things that have to be optimized to have the system up and running at its maximum capacity.

  • Incentivize email opt-ins

You need to provide the user with a reason why they should do an extra step to complete the whole opt-in process. This can range from providing a discount or providing them with a content update. You can also include them in loyalty programs if they opt-in.

You will need to remember that the user receives hundreds of emails each day, therefore you must provide some incentive for them to do an extra step and sign up for your mailing list

  • Optimizing the “Nearly There” page

The “Nearly There” page is where the double opt-in process actually happens. This is the page where you tell the user that they have nearly signed up, they just have to complete one more step to complete the process.

You should create a fully customized web page showcasing your brand and use this page to establish your brand even more. In short, this page is another opportunity for you to convince the visitor that they are doing the right thing by signing up

  • Optimizing the Confirmation email.

The confirmation email is what is sent to the user to verify their email address manually. It should also showcase your brand and try to establish your brand. You should use a button as the confirmation link instead of the link itself. Links can be confusing and people might back out at the last moment.

  • Optimizing the Thank You Page

This is the last step. This is where you thank the user for signing up to your mailing list. The best way to go about this process is to create a replica of the “Nearly There” page but instead of saying that the user is nearly there, the text should be changed to reflect that the process is now complete.

Double Opt-In Email Examples

Below are some examples of what a double opt in the email might look like and some tips to optimize your list growth strategy:

  • Reminding your subscribers why they are signing up

The best thing to do through your double opt in email is to restate your value proposition to the subscriber. This makes another attempt to establish your brand identity.

For example, if you are a company in the sector of music news, it might be a good idea to put a line above the confirm button saying “Confirm your subscription now to receive the best news in Indie Music every day”

  • Increasing connections with the business

The confirmation email is a great way to bring the subscribers more into the ecosystem of the brand and it can also act as a channel to introduce your social media or other communication channels to the subscriber

Even if the user is less likely to click on them, these types of CTAs won’t really hurt. But the payoff can be very high.

It is also a nice gesture if you include customer service information. This can be useful if anyone has any queries.

  • Sticking to the brand

If the above methods don’t resonate with your brand, that’s totally okay. The most important thing to do is to get your brand image across.

Therefore you might use a very simple, easy-to-understand, confirmation email. There would be no flashy stuff, no CTAs, just a small amount of text that gets the job done and a button to confirm the email address.


Double Opt-In is one of the very first things to set up while creating an email marketing strategy. As mentioned throughout, it will help create a more targeted and engaged audience for your company.

Setting up a double opt-in is pretty easy, and if you’re following all the steps mentioned above, you will be in a pretty good place regarding the double opt-in system.

Do you have a proper email marketing strategy? As they are the key to helping your business grow in impressive ways, ensuring a long and successful running of the business. Email marketing strategies can accelerate business strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is double opt-in mandatory?

The GDPR has no requirement to have a double opt-in process. However, it might be a good idea to set one up.

How do I set up Double Opt In

The easiest way to set up Double Opt-In is to use Sendinblue and follow the steps mentioned above.

What are opt-in and double opt-in?

Opt-in refers to a user subscribing to a mailing list. A Single opt-in means that he only has to subscribe once and will start receiving emails. A Double opt-in means he will have to subscribe and then confirm manually via mail if he wants to be on the mailing list.

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