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12 Best Free Responsive Email Template You Must Go For In 2022

Here is a large collection of free responsive email templates. You will find Template categories include Business, E-Commerce, Food & Restaurants, Design & Photography, and Travel & Lifestyle. Use them for email newsletters, marketing campaigns, and more.

These days designing responsive email templates from anywhere is a big task in itself, but you do not have to worry about it. Here you can find business, e-commerce, holiday, travel, food & restaurant, and transactional email templates.

Using these free responsive email templates you can fix the drabness presence in HTML email design. You are able to make easy-on-the-eyes content and also you can save time because you don’t have to fix up your marketing email templates.

Take a look we have a list of wonderful sites for responsive HTML templates



Sendinblue gives you full access to their template library and email editing capabilities when you sign up for a free account. Choose from a variety of stunning, fully free responsive email template designs.

On their email marketing platform, you’ll also get access to a number of tools, like email signup forms, comprehensive reporting, and limitless contact storage. Send emails every day for free with Sendinblue‘s free plan.



ContactMonkey gives internal email templates, with the help of these free responsive email templates you are able to do many more things, like reach out to your audience for better information communication.

ContactMonkey provides several email templates which are easily seen by your audience and also very helpful to work together. With help of contactMonkey, it will give you an idea that what more you can do with your email.

Also, You have access to our broad collection of beautifully style email templates and without any doubt, you can use them to grow your brand name.

Using these free email templates, Your employees are able to do work on the same email at the same time, and also it shows changed results at the same time just as we have in Google Docs. easy-peasy!


BEE free

If you are used to using responsive email templates on a regular basis, then Beefree HTML Email will be the best for you. It has a huge collection of email templates; which means you have do not to panic about it.

Beefree HTML Email provides numerous Free HTML email templates so you can use them in your email to make them super creative.

HTML Email templates have the best free responsive email template. give them a try, surely you’re gonna love these HTML Emails.

These templates come out with many cool images, buttons, and icons so you can use this in your email templates and share can share on social platforms.

You are also creating these templates with your own ideas like any cool icons, brand logos, and photos that come into your mind. It will help you to share your company ideas with your audience.

With these templates you are free to create your templates for your company with your own ideas, so people can find them creative and useful.

Before providing you with these responsive email templates has given a trial on all types of devices and consumers. so, they don’t trouble your business or your customers.

So you don’t have to worry about it. Also, it provides several tools to check errors at the same time.


Email Monks

Email Monks provide beautifully customize templates, which are designed by professionals. you can also use coding to create your email templates.

By using these email templates you can create a great value for your brand in the field of email marketing.

Email Monks gives email templates for MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Exact Target, and Marketo which are fully free of cost. so you can use them to create a good impact on your employees.

If you are using Email Monks templates, then you can write greeting text, advertising emails, and circular emails. with their help, you can bring a great look to your marketing emails.

These email templates are very suitable for all types of emails and make your emails excellent. so without any second thought use them and make your brand popular.



Stripo offers a free responsive email template. so you easily send your email without any errors. They provide a wide range of content topics which means you are free to use them, and also the new ones are always being added, so basically you can use updated email templates.

With stripo you can build your own template using their email builder and at the same time, you can also check your errors with the help of stripo tools. (many tools are present for error checking.)

Their responsive templates look great across a wide range of different email clients, so your marketing content always looks stunning.



With unlayer you can create your best email template. Unlayer gives its users a variety of tools that help to design and send their marketing emails. (for free!)

They provide many free email templates so you can add a great look to your email template.

Unlayer also provides several sample templates that you can create email templates with your own ideas.

They also have great association tools; which means you can work accurately with your email templates.



MailBakery is a unique email marketing tool that provides free email templates so you can use them to create an effective email template.

That’s why they offer scores of free responsive email template design options like email coding, so you can create unique templates.

They also offer a selection of email templates for free. so free feel to use them with your creative ideas.



Are you looking for a great source for mailing international emails? then Litmus will be best for marketing emails. It gives you better email templates that are easy to use in all types of emails.

Litmus offers several free responsive email templates. They provide their users with unique existing email-adjacent tools to improve their mailing operations.

This email template comes with several apps i.e. Google Drive and Slack.

Litmus also provides a template maker and several problem-fixing tools to help its users to receive all kinds of business emails. They have free and chargeable both types of email templates, so you can try them.



Colorlib provides its users with various free responsive email templates. Everyone wants good and progressive growth in their marketing business.

Here you can find numerous types of marketing email templates, which are designed by professionals. So you are free to use these templates which can match your business for sure.

Colorlib focuses on providing its users with the quality type of email templates for different kinds of business. They also provide you a WordPress theme-based layouts.


Email on Acid

Email on Acid wants to provide its users with a huge help in sending emails without any error.

They have great writing examination tools that will help you to create content without any spelling errors. Email on Acid also gives you the best-designed Email templates.

You can choose which suits your emails. With Email on Acid, you can send faultless emails with the same meaning.



Chamaileon has free responsive email templates. They provide you with their best email templates with an easy template maker.

With the help of these email template makers, you can create an impressive email that can surely add good growth to your business.

Chamalieon helps you to target a large group of email audience which is also helpful for your business growth.



Dyspatch offers many free responsive email template which helps to create email templates with your own creative ideas. You can add a stunning effect using these templates. They provide you with several tools that can show you errors as well.


So in email marketing, there is a huge competition, With all these free responsive email templates we can assure you that you can create many stunning emails. (error-free!)

Our goal is to provide you with these free responsive email templates which help you out with many problems and make your brand superior. also, guide you that with help of these free email templates you add a great look to your emails.

Creating your emails with all these email templates can save time and effort and make a good bond with your audience, which means these email templates are business sever.

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FAQ For Free Responsive Email Templates

What Are Responsive Email Templates?

Responsive email templates are the type of templates, which are used to add a good effect to business emails these templates help to reach out to a wide range of audiences. These templates have an adjustable screen, when it’s open on any device like any smartphone, computer, or tablet it works perfectly. So you can share content and communicate with your audience smoothly.

What is the use of Free Responsive Email Templates?

Free responsive email templates are used to create and build good-looking emails. Using email templates you can create a professional email for your business. You can use it for internal and external email purposes. Also by using responsive email templates, you are able to mail templates to your audience without any error which is very relieving.

What is an email template used for?

Email templates are campaigns builder with a good template, you are able to work more efficiently. It helps you out with copying your content in a file without any trouble and pasting as well. You can use it to share your messages and emails with your customer. These templates are useable numerous times with many different ideas.

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