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Why Never Buy an Email List (How to Make Your Own)

Looking for buying an email list? Wait, it seems cool, but Never buy an email list it’s not a good option for you. It causes a bad impact on your business.

By buying an email list you can save your time but same time it will affect your reputation, email reputation, and the growth of the business. so never buy an email list for your business.

Never Buy an Email list, it will damage your reputation and leave a long-lasting effect on your marketing efforts. When you buy an email list, actually you are trying to contact those people who didn’t even know about your brand.

When you’re about to start a new business, then you’re the new one in the market. And you might have a small email list, Right! but my friend you have to believe that you should never buy an Email List it still can be a bad idea for your business.

It can ruin your brand reputation in the market. firstly, you might be slow in marketing. But remember, slow and steady wins the race. So using the right path with patience, you can grow your email list. So have patience and never buy an email list.

A quick look at several reasons why you should never buy an email list for marketing.

  • You won’t catch qualified contacts.
  • most chances of getting marked as spam.
  • Your contacts won’t be exclusive.
  • The engagement rate won’t be high.
  • Buying email lists can harm brand awareness.
  • no more valuable audience.
  • Your brand name come across as annoying.

You won’t catch qualified contacts

When you choose to buy the email lists option, no doubt your contact list became the huge one. Right? But the people who are listed on lists are completely stranger to you or your brand.

With these people- what will you gonna do who don’t familiar with you and your business idea. Just think about it for once! Your contact should know about your business and also what can they get from you.

If your content does not know what your business does then they cant be attracted to your business, your all efforts will not work for them.

So never buy email list, You won’t catch qualified contacts to your business and you won’t able to sell your products to them. this means you make losses to your company.

First target those people who are relevant to your business idea and interested in it. Always Target Potential Customers.


Most chances of getting marked as spam

People don’t like this type of email and they will gonna spam you without any second thought.

Nobody likes spam calls and emails. If you are gonna use these shortcuts, you might have no that your emails got ignorance or were marked as spam.

Never buy email list, It will slow your click rate and also give you a poor result in conversion rate. So this is not gonna help you reach out to your valuable customers.


Buying email lists can harm brand awareness

When People receive unfamiliar emails They might not open those emails or click through based on the content, but they might remember your brand’s name. And this is not good for your business.

Never by email list, It can damage brand awareness as well as reputation. They will not gonna open it. If email marketing finds your brand name in spam that they might put your brand name on the blacklist. And this is not good for your brand. So never buy an email list, it will damage your business.


The engagement rate won’t be high

In email marketing, engagement matters more. and if you are trying to reach out to people by this, people will get irritated and will spam your brand name. You will harm your business.

First, you have to convince people to open your emails. That’s hurdle number one. If they delete your emails or send them to spam folders, you don’t even get an engagement shoot.

If you buy an email list your brand does not get that much engagement. Because in listed people very few of them are familiar with your business or brand name. And you won’t get more clicks. So never buy an email list, it will slow your engagement rate.

In an email marketing basic rule works- No Clicks No Engagement and More Clicks More Engagement.


People Are Using the Same Email List

When you are buying email lists, same time other people also buy the same email list. This means you both might have the same list of people, so never buy an email list they, might be sending out an email to the same recipients.

Here are most chances to get spam by people, sending the same email will damage your brand value and other things which make your business strong.


No one recommends buying an email list

So if you are here then you have already done some research earlier, no one, yes no one will recommend you to buy an email list.

People might have different opinions about marketing topics, but when it comes to choosing buying email options then everyone agrees with it. So never buy an email list for your company

Buying email lists is a waste of money plus time too. And it might cause damage to your company.


Deliverability Rate becomes low

When you start choosing buy email lists, then more chances to get spam by people and once you’re spammed by an email client, your email IP will also mark as spam, or even more than your IP can get blacklisted by customers.

If your email IP gets marked spam or blacklisted by people, In this case, the next time whenever you try to send emails your email comes to the spam folder. So never buy an email list, your deliverability rate become low.

And this will gonna add a poor impact on your business. So never buy an email list, whenever you buy email lists, there are high chances to get spam.


How to Build a Valuable Email List

You should never buy an email list to market your business strongly. Seriously you shouldn’t. there are many shortcuts but they will not gonna help your business.

Think wisely and then take any actions. To market your email you have to work on your existing traffic, so use them and grow your email list. Shortcuts won’t help you to grow your brand.

The Best Tip for Boosting Your Email List

  • Give your customers amazing offers.
  • Engage them with interesting emails.
  • Update your email list regularly.
  • Keep your content clear and to the point.

Here are several steps to building a valuable email list

1. Identify your target audience

To build an email list firstly :

  • Start with the people you want to reach. (age category)
  • Be specific with your message.
  • Make a separate list for each category of your audience.
  • Never buy an email list.

By identifying your target audience, you can build a valuable email list. It will take some time but it will be worth it. When you start targeting each category of your audience it will help you to grow your business.

2. Create unique offers and great content

  • Your content should be highly targeted and useful to your audience.
  • Always try to build a valuable email list ( potential customers).
  • Try to reach out to people through informative educational content.
  • Gives tips by adding images, and video clips.
  • Make your content bigger and better, but clear.
  • Avoid repeatable contents.

Now you are well aware of how to create your content and what things make it more unique and great looking. never buy an email list use the above tips, you can make your content creative and valuable.

3. Use social media and ads to help grow the email list

  • Social media comes up with more signups
  • Use both your social clout and paid ads.
  • Work on email (play with words)
  • Might be time taking but gives good results.

In email marketing, websites never can be the only way to grow your email list. social media will help you out with this. Use social media too to grow your email list.

It helps you to grow your email list and strengthen your brand value. so never buy an email list, you can use these options to grow in marketing and make more profits for your company.

Don’t ask directly to visit your business page you can also invite your customer to sign up for your business.

The email marketing software Sendinblue includes everything you’ll require to generate high-quality email lists:

  • Customizable GDPR-compliant subscription forms that you can place anywhere on your landing pages and post to Social Platform.
  • Email automation with double opt-in.
  • Unrestricted contact storing, allowing you to easily expand your email list.
  • Professional-looking, mobile-optimized email templates.
  • Strict performance checking to safeguard you from malicious senders.

With a free Sendinblue account, you may try out these features right now. Additionally, you will be allowed to send up to 300 emails per day for free.


buying an email list is dangerous to your brand value. with buying email lists your business never can grow widely. No one recommends you buy email lists. if you use this option your email gets spam for sure.

So never buy an email list choose a better option over buying email lists. it seems you to a faster way to grow your email marketing, but it will not help for sure. always remember the faster you go, the shorter you get. Always Target your valuable audience to your business. This will add a good impact on your brand.

If you’re doing email marketing, you’ll need to use email list cleaning services to make sure you’re getting the most out of your contacts while reducing bounces and spam complaints: 11 Best Email List Cleaning And Verification Services In 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is buying an email list a good idea?

Buying an email list can never be a good option in any situation. It will only give you damage to your brand name. in email marketing many people use this option but they will get bad results from it. This will create a bad impact on your brand value. A buying email list is even not worthy, and it is a time-wasting option that can damage your brand’s reputation also. so take it very seriously and never buy an email list.

Is buying an email list illegal?

No, for sure buying email lists is not illegal but it can be illegal to send the to unfamiliar consumers. They don’t want to receive such types of emails they don’t aware of it. So they can take action on it, this will damage your brand reputation and you have to understand that it is not a worthy option that can you choose for your business so never buy an email list for your business.

How important is an email list?

An email list is more important than anything, by using an email list you can make your brand popular with all groups of people. You can make a connection with clients, and it becomes simple to provide them with information about your brand by using email lists. You can save more time by sending an email with an email list but never buy an email list, your email list should be familiar to your customers.

How much do email lists cost?

An email list of consumers costs you $100 to $400, and if you looking for a business email list, it will cost you $600 to $1000 (per thousand emails)

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