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25+ Best Valentine’s Day Email Templates For 2022

Valentine’s Day is approaching, and marketers will have plenty of opportunities to capitalize on this love event. To help you spread some love to your clients’ inboxes, we’ve compiled a list of our top Valentine’s Day email templates. Do you need some ideas for how to put those templates to good use? To get you started on your own Valentine’s Day email campaign, look over the list below.

AlternativesFree Plan/TrialStarting PriceRatings
SendinBlueFree Plan$25/Month4.6/5
Stripo Free Plan $12.5/Month4.5/5
Email on Acid7-Days$73/Month4.4/5
BEE FreeFree Plan$15/Month4.7/5
LitmusFree Plan$79/Month4.5/5
CakeMail Free Plan $7/Month4.3/5
Get ResponseFree Plan$12.3/Month4.2/5
Pixelbuddha Free Plan $10/Month 4.1/5
themeforest Free Plan $3/Month 4.6/5

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Give your clients all of your affection and remind them of what you have to offer. let”s start with this :

Here’s the list of best Valentine’s Day Email Template


SendinBlue (40+ Responsive email template)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

When you sign up for a free Sendinblue account, you gain complete access to their template collection and email editing capabilities. Choose from 40+ gorgeous, responsive email designs.

On their email marketing platform, you’ll also get access to a variety of features like email signup forms, comprehensive reporting, and limitless contact storage. Send up to 300 emails every day for free with Sendinblue’s free plan.

When it comes to building email campaigns with Sendinblue’s ready-made templates, you have two options:

Email Builder with Responsive Design
Their drag-and-drop responsive design tool gives Sendinblue users access to their library of email templates. This makes it incredibly simple to create well-designed emails even if you have no technical or design background.

Simply select a template from our library of more than 40 free email newsletter templates. Drag the components around to rearrange them or add new ones. Then, without any HTML or CSS understanding, you may edit them straight in the program.


The WYSIWYG HTML editor is for expert users who want to write their own HTML or use a template they’ve obtained.

Better hurry! Valentine’s Day is approaching. Now is the time to have your Valentine’s Day Email Template ready.


Stripo (850+ Free HTML email templates)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

Stripo will help you in designing Valentine’s Day Email Template, it’s a next-generation editor that is anticipated to become the best tool.

It is a stand-alone product that is integrated into various ESPs.It includes over 300 pre-designed templates as well as over 10,000 pictures.
Stripo is an HTML email template builder with drag-and-drop functionality. You can use both versions at the same time to create graphic elements, insert images and videos using the drag-and-drop editor, and add interactive elements by editing the HTML code of your pre-designed email.
Stripo not only makes it easier to develop responsive layouts but also lets you determine which elements should be seen on mobile devices and which should be concealed.
Stripo is one of the greatest HTML email builders as a result of this.


Email on Acid (600+ Free email templates)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

Email on Acid is a web-based email testing software that allows users to test their emails and ensure that they render appropriately among all email providers and devices. Many more features, such as an email editor, junk mail testing, and improved email analytics, are also available on the platform.

Aside from the features listed above, email on acid offers a number of free, responsive and amazing Valentine’s Day email templates.


BEE Free (200+ Free email templates)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

BEE Free is a free email design tool with an unique free tier.
There are both paid and free templates available, with a handy toggle choice to strip out those that cost money.
You’ll find a basic drag-and-drop editor to help you design your layout once you’ve chosen a template, albeit it’s feature-limited compared to higher tiers.

Once you’ve finished designing your email, BEE Free makes it simple to send it to Gmail. The best part is that you wouldn’t need a BEE account to participate. Instead, you can use the BEE Templates for Gmail add-on to move your emails to your Gmail account.

Once you’ve installed this Gmail add-on, you may import any BEE Free design you want into Gmail by following the steps below:

  • Create a new message in your Gmail inbox.
  • In the sidebar, select the BEE icon.
  • Your email should have a template.
  • From here, you may customize your email with graphics and content before sending it.

BEE Free’s free edition includes a large number of well-designed themes and makes sending emails from Gmail a breeze. Keep in mind, though, that the premium Bee Pro plan is your best bet if you want a wider range of tools, more customizability when composing emails, and more features.

Use BeeFree to develop Valentine’s Day email template.


99Designs (45 Free responsive email templates)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

99designs is a website that connects businesses with freelance graphic designers. You can bring different designs for Valentine’s Day Email Template.

The site has a gallery of free email templates available for download on their blog as part of their resources.

There are three themes in the collection, each with three different email templates. Each template type is also available in a variety of colors.


Litmus (36 Free email templates)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

Litmus is another firm that provides email testing software for a variety of devices and email providers. They also provide a number of free resources to assist you with your email marketing.

A community gallery of HTML email templates is one of the tools available, which you may download for free and use in your campaigns.

The email templates in the community are divided into four categories:

  • Email templates for product launch updates (15 total)
  • Email templates for ecommerce (10 total)
  • Email templates for account management (6 total)
  • Templates for marketing emails in general (8 total)

The “slate” email template package is also available for download. There are 5 more templates in all, ranging from newsletters to eCommerce receipts.

With Litmus, you can make a unique Valentine’s Day Email Template.


Klenty (120+ Free email templates)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

The Valentine’s Day Email template tool Klenty is a sales engagement software that automates the personalization of sales outreach and prospect follow-up. Pipedrive, Zoho, Hubspot, and Salesforce are just a few of the CRMs that have native connectors. They offer a variety of tools, including extensive blogs that can be bookmarked, email templates that can be copied and pasted into your email inbox, and downloaded e-books that you can read at your leisure.

You can choose from over 120 different cold email templates in their free resources here. The cold email templates were created to address the many conditions that sales professionals face on a regular basis.

They also offer over 40 email templates for people who are always following up and have run out of ideas for filling out their follow-up emails. The follow-up email templates can be utilized in a variety of situations, such as sending a follow-up email after a networking event, a trigger event, or even breaking up with prospects.

Create a specialized Valentine’s Day Email Template with Klenty.


CakeMail (30+ Free and high-quality newsletter templates)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

CakeMail is a program that allows you to send emails to your customers. They have some fantastic templates available that you can download directly from the site without having to provide your email address or sign up for their platform. They also provide download statistics for each template, allowing you to see which ones are the most popular.

The templates are for the following categories:

  • Special Events (2)
  • Seasonal (15)
  • Transactional (5)
  • Business (12)
  • Restaurant (3)
  • Education (2)

Go ahead with your favorite CakeMail and create Valentine’s Day Email Template.


Get Response (500+ Newsletter templates)

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

Create professional emails with a database of over 500 HTML templates to boost engagement with your email marketing campaigns. GetResponse is an all-in-one online marketing platform that allows you to expand your audience, communicate with customers, and increase online sales. You can change your internet marketing and produce concrete results with over 30 tools in one easy-to-use platform.

Try Get Response to generate Valentine’s Day Email Template for having a great start to the year.



25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

PixelBuddha is a website dedicated to bringing together free and paid design tools in one location.

In addition to website templates and other visual design elements, the site’s ‘freebies’ area contains 15 email templates that you may download.

Go for PixelBuddha for the best experience in creating Valentine’s Day Email Template.



25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2022

Over 1,400 email templates and designs are available to choose from. Explore templates developed by a global community of independent designers and developers. It has a marketplace for premium website templates, including themes for WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla.

Use themeforest to create a gorgeous Valentine’s Day Email Template.


Love is not only in the air; it’s also in your inbox. It’s time for people to fall in love… with your company, that is, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner! Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity for marketers to advertise their company, strengthen relationships, and improve sales. Love-themed email templates offers are flooding inboxes around the country, touting everything from flowers to electronic gadgets. You may have seen an influx of Valentine’s Day-themed emails in your mailbox already.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email template?

An email template is a pre-designed email layout that includes information such as photos and text. Instead of starting from scratch each time, you can use a template as a starting point. Templates can also be used to ensure that email designs adhere to brand rules. This Upcoming festive create Valentine’s Day email template for the best marketing experience.

What is the best email template to use this valentine’s day?

The best email template can be found at:
Email on Acid

What can a valentines email template contain?

Valentine’s email templates can include content substitutions such as e-marketing, links, special offer codes, and the client’s name and surname (i.e., user-specific information). When transmitting messages, the server replaces the substitutions with the actual content.

How do I create a valentine’s email template in Word?

1. Select New E-mail from the Home menu.
2. Type the material you want in the message body.
3. Select File > Save As from the message window.
4. In the Save As dialogue box, select Outlook Template from the Save As type selection.
5. Type a name for your template in the File name box, then click Save.

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