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25+ Best Valentine’s Day Email Templates For 2024

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner for you and the marketers. It is indeed the perfect time to connect with your love and the customers, being a marketer as well with love templates and engaging email. Chocolates and flowers are the favorites for the season, but why not to sprinkle digital romance into the mix with a heartfelt email and say “I love you”?

So, dive into the realm of email love templates and connect with your loved ones and customers.

To make the most of this love season and add a touch of digital love, we have compiled a list of the best Valentine’s Day email templates for 2024.

Here’s the list of the best Valentine’s Day Email Template



Stripo is an email marketing platform that helps you create stunning and engaging emails. It enables you to design a Valentine’s Day Email Template and is the next-generation editor that is anticipated to become the best tool.

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024

Stripo can help you spread the love this Valentine’s Day with its vast library of ready-made Valentine’s Day templates. One can choose from various styles and find the perfect template to match your brand and message.

▶ It offers more than 25+ Valentine’s Day email templates. Some of the ideas of templates and emails that Stripo offers:

? Valentine’s Day email with a gift guide
? Valentine’s Day email templates with invitations
? Real-time booking for your Valentine’s Day email campaign
? Gift cards in Valentine’s Day email templates
? Love letter in Valentine’s Day email templates

Also, Stripo offers its users a drag-and-drop editor to customize their favorite templates with images, text, and GIFs.

Stripo stands out among marketers due to the personalization tools, and AMP features that it offers its users. AMP features help to create interactive emails. You can make the emails and automated email series loaded with a feeling of love to the Valentine’s Day email.

It is user-friendly, and the templates are mobile-responsive. So why not to make your Valentine’s Day emails beautiful as well as effective with Stripo?


It offers a free package with limited features, and the basic plan starts at $15.

With catchy Valentine’s Day email templates, spread love, gain subscribers, and generate skyrocketing revenue.


The next on our list of Valentine’s Day email templates for you to create stunning emails and is a perfect gift to you and your loved one is Moosend. It is also popular for marketers since it is the most accessible email marketing and automation software.

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024

With mooSend’s drag-and-drop editor feature, one can create personalized emails in this love season by adding images, GIFs, videos, or any customized elements. You can also select from the pre-designed 10+ Valentine’s Day templates, making it very special for the person you love.

It also allows you to schedule your emails in advance. Also, it empowers you to track every small detail and analytics detail, whether it is click-through rates, open rates, or any other metrics.

For marketers, it is a perfect tool for promoting Valentine’s Day sales and promotions. MooSend allows to set up automated welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, and other sequences that can run on autopilot.

Also, a beautiful landing page can be created in the blink of an eye without knowledge of design and codes.


MooSend has different plans to fit into your budget. It offers a free trial offer for 30 days and the next sign-up with only $7 billed annually per month.

So, if you want to send love messages or boost your sales this Valentine’s Day, MooSend is a perfect tool.

SendinBlue (Brevo)

Sendinblue, formerly known as Brevo, is a powerful email marketing tool supporting businesses/individuals of all sizes. This is one of our favorite Valentine’s Day email templates due to its user-friendly drag-and-drop email editor. You can choose from more than 40+ responsive email templates and create your own, which finds a perfect mode for this season. It has an automated workflow with an autopilot mode ON for automating all your campaigns, managing contacts, and tracking results.

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024

It also offers real-time chat support and answers all queries for your Valentine’s Day offerings.


It offers a free plan where you can send up to 300 emails per day with unlimited contacts. Paid plans start at $20 a month with powerful features and higher sending limits.

SendinBlue can be your cupid for this Valentine’s Day marketing. Try now.


Pinterest is the next one-stop shop for your Valentine’s Day email template.

With its diverse color palettes, themes, and styles, one can create any unique templates for the season of love. The users here can create informative and engaging visuals with real-life photos, unique DIY projects, or handwritten elements. These features make the content beautiful and stand out among the crowd.

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time for marketers to boost engagement and sales. Pinterest allows its users to target prospective customers to pin and showcase Valentine’s Day offerings, from special promotions to themed products.

Also, marketers can use Pinterest as an advertising platform to reach specific demographics and interests with their Valentine’s Day campaigns.

DIY your Valentine’s Day email template magic with beautiful templates, targeted reach, and sales boost.



Unlayer in another beautiful, responsive Valentine’s Day email template with no coding skills required to create ready-to-go templates. It has a variety of customizable email templates to wow your customers, making the email stand out with strong visual designs and drag-and-drop editing. If you have a love-themed email campaign for this Valentine’s Day, no doubt Unlayer is one of the best choices for Valentine’s Day email templates for creating stunning images.

25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024
25+ Best Valentine's Day Email Templates For 2024

Unlayer provides users with 1,000+ attractive and easy-to-customize email templates for this love season and play with different colors, romantic graphics, call to actions or any interactive elements. And the most striking feature is that it allows you to embed links to your social media profiles or landing pages, making it easier to get instant customer responses.

You can browse a different catalog range as per the requirement, from email templates for travel and leisure to Valentine’s Day coffee breaks and many more.

Moreover, Unlayer also helps to keep your audience engaged with its Interactive sparks with polls, quizzes, countdown timers, or embedded games.

It helps to automate your campaign without wasting time and effort. Sending a welcoming email, reminder emails for abandoned carts, or scheduling love felt post-purchase thank you notes are easy and can be sent with a click.

It empowers you with advanced analytics, and tracking the campaign can be very easy and helps fine-tune your next.


It offers a free subscription to users with limited features. But simultaneously, you can kick start with a $15 a month subscription with a 14-day free trial.

Drag-and-drop your into a stunning, interactive Valentine’s Day email templates. Wow your customers now.


Drip is another automated email sequence that can be one of the best choices when it comes to celebrating this Valentine’s Day with customized Valentine’s Day email templates.

Drip goes beyond just email. It also provides the ability to design and automate SMS campaigns, social media posts, and even push notifications. It supports CRM integration and advanced analytics with a strong focus on e-commerce.

▶Some of the Drip’s best Valentine’s Day Email Examples:

? Monki
?MAC Cosmetics
?Estee Lauder
?Man Crates
?Poo Pourri


It offers a 14-day free trial with a starting plan of $39 a month.

Automate your Emails with a perfect V-Day campaign with Drip


Automizy is a robust marketing automation sequence that can be among the best choices for your Valentine’s Day email template. In fact, it will be a marketing cupid to engage with your customers and boost conversions. It will help to Improve your Open Rate by 34% with effective and high-performance Valentine’s Day email templates.

Automizy lets you send targeted web push notifications or even SMS messages for Valentine’s Day promotions or reminders. It can be among the best choices due to its seamless integration with your favorite tools.

Moreover, it helps to create stunning Valentine’s Day email templates with more than 50+ subject lines. The template complies with Valentine’s Day colors. The users can send love letters, propose letters, create romantic imaginaries, discount templates for businesses, and much more in this season.

It has an advanced analytics features.

If you wish to elevate your Valentine’s Day marketing strategy, just go for Automizy.


It offers a free trial with a paid plan starting at $29 monthly. Also, if the user is unsatisfied with the performance, it has a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Automizy amps your Valentine’s Day marketing with stunning templates, subject lines, and automation.


TargetBay is the next on the list of Valentine’s Day email templates. It is an omnichannel marketing automation tool. It provides a robust platform that empowers businesses of all sizes to engage customers through various channels, including email, SMS, push notifications, and web popups.

It can be a valuable tool for businesses to boost sales this Valentine’s season with easily customizable templates. It has an unbiased feature of creating and customizing the brand colors, logo, and messaging.

Also, it allows users to create automated emails based on the customer actions.

At present, it has more than 25+ Valentine’s Day email templates for the season.

Some of them are:
?Valentine’s Day Email Templates offers
?Valentine’s Day Email Templates for new arrivals
?Valentine’s Day Email Templates for dresses
?Valentine’s Day Email Templates for apparel

These templates are very easy to use and will create a stunning impression on your customers.


Starts with a 14-day free trial with a starting offer at $49 a month.

Customize & automate your campaign with stunning Valentine’s Day email templates across channels.


As a marketer, WordStream can be one of the popular choices being a digital marketing platform that will help to improve your brand’s online presence. WordStream’s email marketing tools help personalize your emails to reach better this Valentine’s season. With a 30+ Valentine’s Day email template, customize your email to boost sales. It also features with more than 30+ Valentine’s Day marketing ideas that your customers will love.

WordStream personalizes V-Day emails & fuels sales with 30+ templates & ideas.


BeeFree is one of our top choices for Valentine’s Day email templates. It can be your secret weapon for a successful Valentine’s Day marketing campaign this season. It is user-friendly with beautiful love theme templates and one can also create stunning landing pages with affordable pricing that can touch your bottom line.

BeeFree offers a rich library of more than 20+ ready-made Valentine’s Day email templates. With the drag-and-drop feature, creating a masterpiece for loved ones is very easy. Also, you can customize the layout with beautiful colors, fonts, and images. You can seamlessly send emails directly from Gmail without switching the platforms.

For marketers, the automation feature is a stand-out power. All you need is just to set up welcome emails, reminder emails, offer emails, and discount emails segmenting your customers and see the magic of the campaign of Valentine’s Day.


Start with the free plan of BeeFree with Mobile design mode, one-click export to your favorite sending platform, access to 1,500+ free templates, and more. It also offers a paid plan if you work as a small team starting at $25.

No-code Cupid for your Valentine’s Day emails to engaging landing pages for the campaign.


Designmodo is an online platform with ample inspiration to design stunning templates for Valentine’s Day emails. It has a library of predesigned editable templates with many resources like free stock photos, icons, and illustrations themed explicitly around Valentine’s Day. You can use the same to create stunning and unique visuals for your marketing strategies.

While Designmodo doesn’t directly offer pre-designed templates, it provides access to free Valentine’s Day-themed stock photos, icons, and illustrations to build unique email templates, social media graphics, website banners, newsletters, and more.

Fuel your Valentine’s Day campaign with Designmodo’s love-themed resources.


It’s time for you to connect with your loved ones and your audience through lovefelt and engaging email campaigns as Valentine’s Day is almost approaching. Don’t miss this golden opportunity, my dear friends.

Explore the diverse range of Valentine’s Day email templates in our blog and be selective in opting for the best one as per your requirements and marketing strategies for this season of love.

Whether you aim to spread love, boost sales, or simply engage with your customers, these platforms provide the tools and templates to make your Valentine’s Day emails beautiful and compelling. Love-themed email template offers are already flooding inboxes worldwide, touting everything from flowers to electronic gadgets.

From personalized gift guides to romantic love letters, each platform offers unique features and functionalities to help you craft the perfect digital expression of love.

So, connect with your loved ones and subscribers, and make their inboxes bloom with love!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an email template?

An email template is a pre-designed email layout that includes information such as photos and text. Instead of starting from scratch each time, you can use a template as a starting point. Templates can also be used to ensure that email designs adhere to brand rules. For this upcoming festive season, create a Valentine’s Day email template for the best marketing experience.

What can a Valentine’s email template contain?

Valentine’s email templates can include content substitutions such as e-marketing, links, special offer codes, and the client’s name and surname (i.e., user-specific information). When transmitting messages, the server replaces the substitutions with the actual content.

How do I create a Valentine’s email template in Word?

1. Select New E-mail from the Home menu.
2. Type the material you want in the message body.
3. Select File > Save As from the message window.
4. In the Save As dialogue box, select Outlook Template from the Save As type selection.
5. Type a name for your template in the File name box, then click Save.

Get ready to cultivate customer love that lasts even after the season of Love. Grab our “Top Email Marketing Strategies ” and watch your leads blossom year-round.

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