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How To Create Engaging SaaS Newsletter? Complete Guide 2022

A major hurdle when building your SaaS Newsletter awareness is keeping up with the constant requirement for new content, new insights, and new product information.

Let’s say your SaaS marketing staff is already writing valuable, relevant blogs and articles for your ideal customer profile (ICP). You’re putting out stellar content, but you’re not receiving a notable increase in traffic or engagement.

The problem isn’t necessarily your content itself, but how you’re selling your content. A SaaS newsletter can be a curated hub for your most appealing, relevant content, and you’re doing yourself an injustice by passing up on this opportunity.

So, In this blog ahead, you will read about the complete employees of the SaaS Newsletter and some methods to create an engaging SaaS Newsletter with the best tools. So, stay tuned!

What is SaaS Newsletter?

A SaaS newsletter is a marketing email that is regularly sent (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to a list of subscribers who have signed up. The content is usually designed to highlight news about a business’s latest offerings or editorial content that educates readers on a specific topic.


How to Make Easy SaaS Newsletter Templates?

Making of SaaS Newsletter Templates

A true SaaS newsletter template is something that’s coded on the end, usually modular or editable, offers the same formatted look on the first end, and is geared towards reproduction. To be easy for the builder, a template should first and foremost be natural and not demand a deep level of technical expertise to use. As you can imagine or may have encountered yourself, guesswork and learning on the fly rarely produce optimum results.

As drag-and-drop email producers have done a marvellous job explaining this aspect to most people, as the name suggests, it’s easy to place components into a newsletter.

But for a template to be truly easy, it also needs to be easy for your audience—easy to read, understand, and take action. After all, your newsletters should have a specific purpose, and if you’re twisting the prime objective you’ve set out for your recipients, you’ll be compromising any work you put into developing them in the first place. So ahead we have explained the complete process of creating an easy SaaS Newsletter template.

What makes a SaaS Newsletter template easy?

  • Define your purpose

It’s important to make your purpose clear—that means keeping it beyond the fold, so users don’t have to scroll to figure out what you’re asking them to do. Include more information further down or provide other options, such as reading your latest blog content, getting inside tips, or anything else, but you should choose one primary focus as your purpose.

  • Look for inspiration

Before you start fixing something together, you’ll have to have an idea of how to display the information in a way that inspires action. Begin by looking at other strong businesses in your space to see how they produce their newsletters.

  • Assemble your template

Once you know your purpose and have amazing design ideas for inspiration, it’s time to start building. If you’re new to design or prefer a smooth experience.

  • Start Designing

As a general rule, try to stick to a responsive template with a fixed width, as this ensures a clean, user-friendly look on both mobile and desktop. Both your purpose and what you plan to include will help inform how you choose how to organize the elements.

  • Putting it all together

Once you’ve picked your layout, you can start accumulating assets around your primary goal above the fold. Create a CTA that acts as a conduit for your primary goal to give your readers direction and take imagery that supports the message and corresponding action you’re trying to get across.

  • Finishing the build

Once you feel positive about what you’ve assembled, it’s time to tie it all together with the subject and preview lines.

At the end of the day, delivering something that’s truly valuable, appealing, and engaging is the name of the game, and that usually takes experimentation, patience, and analysis.


5 Best SaaS Newsletter Examples

Few Examples of SaaS Newsletter
  • The Hustle

The Hustle is a daily newsletter that promises “business and tech in 5 minutes or less.” While there are a ton of business and tech newsletters out there, what makes The Hustle remarkable is its tone at the intersection of informational and hilarious.

The Hustle also allows subscribers to customize the content they receive to fit their interests. The formula of great content + unique tone + personalization works well for The Hustle’s audience as they’ve grown to more than 1.5 million subscribers.

  • NextDraft

NextDraft is a daily, written SaaS newsletter by a man named Dave Pell, which is a curation of the best web content of the day. It starts with the subject line, which is usually a play on words or a clever one-liner on the top news of the day.

It then extends to the body of the email itself, which is always descriptive, accurate, and clever. Finally, the minimalist design is fantastic.

  • REI

REI, the recreational sports outfitter, is a model of success in several areas of content marketing — and their membership email is no exception.

REI SaaS Newsletter delivers many different types of material to its subscribers, and each type relates to one another. Following the seasonal product offerings at the top of the email, the company offers training to help educate readers on its new products and blog posts for even more insight into the outdoor lifestyle.

  • Medium

Medium is a blog-publishing platform that has been continuously building momentum since its launch in 2012.

Medium is a great SaaS newsletter example as it uses colours and section dividers, they’re able to give you a ton of content in one email without it feeling overwhelming. Plus, they offer both a daily and a weekly version of the digest, allowing users to opt-in for the email frequency they feel most comfortable with.

  • The Ringer

The Ringer is written and run by many former Grantland employees it’s a different project than Grantland was. Where Grantland focused on sports and pop culture, The Ringer branches out into other areas like tech and politics.

The Ringer’s website was developed in partnership with publishing platform Medium — which means the newsletter reflects that clean, minimal design.


How to select the best SaaS Newsletter Tool?

Selecting the Best tool for SaaS Newsletter

There’s no one dominating champion of newsletter tools. Ultimately, you’ll need to make the most suitable decision for your unique needs based on the following criteria:

  1. Price – This one goes without saying, but if you want ROI from your email efforts, you’ll need to choose a solution that fits your budget.
  2. Features – If you’re new to email marketing, you’ll want a solution with a simple interface and easy-to-use features (like drag-and-drop email design). More advanced users may require more robust functionality.
  3. Subscriber Limits – Many solutions will base their pricing around the size of the database or the number of monthly emails sends. Consider the size of your current audience and the rate at which you want to grow to choose a provider that offers plans to accommodate that.

With differences in features, pricing, and availability, choosing a SaaS Newsletter can be hard — especially with the number of options available. Additionally, newsletter tools differ in how much of the customer journey they can cover.

Eventually, when picking your tool, you’ll want to ensure the tool resembles your business’s goals — which is why we wanted to take out the guesswork and highlight the top SaaS newsletters tool out there for your business.


SendInBlue: Ultimate Tool for SaaS Newsletter

Detail Description about SendInBlue Tool for SaaS Newsletter

With SendInBlue, you don’t need professional skills to create well-designed email or SaaS Newsletters. The drag-and-drop functionality, HTML editor, and expansive template gallery give you the tools you need to create stunning emails.

You can personalize the design of your newsletters with easy builders, choose the form fields for your subscription form, and design many ways for your visitors to opt-in. SendInBlue has a robust automation pipeline, allowing you to send different emails based on specific actions taken by your contacts. However, SendInBlue does not have a CRM, so it’s not the best option for scaling teams.

Pricing of SendInBlue

Free up to 300 emails per day.


4 Easy Step Guide to Create SaaS Newsletter with Sendinblue

Steps to create SaaS Newsletter with Sendinblue

It’s super easy to make a SaaS newsletter with Sendinblue’s. It’s free for up to 300 emails a day with unlimited subscriber storage. Learn how to send a SaaS Newsletter by following these 4 simple steps.

1. Create a Sendinblue account

Start by planning and setting up an account in Sendinblue.

Building a Sendinblue account won’t take you more than about 5 minutes:

  1. Enter in your data on our signup page
  2. Check your inbox and click on the link in the confirmation email
  3. Complete your profile by enrolling in all of your information in the required fields

2. Import your contacts into Sendinblue

If you already have a list of contacts who opted into accepting your email communications, here’s how to introduce them into your Sendinblue database.

To import your contacts in Sendinblue, begin by clicking on the Contacts option in the left-hand menu. Then click the button on the top right that says Import contacts.

You can also simply manually add contacts by selecting Add a contact.

3. Create an newsletter list opt-in form

Before creating your first SaaS Newsletter campaign, it’s important to give your website visitors a chance to sign up for your email list. You can do this by generating a subscription form in Sendinblue and adding it to your website.

4. Create your first newsletter campaign

The only thing left to do is dive straight in and produce a newsletter. To get started, click on “Create an email campaign” under the Campaigns section in your Sendinblue Dashboard.


And there you have it — the complete guide on what a newsletter is and how to make a SaaS newsletter without the hassle or cost.

Contrary to popular belief, newsletters are something that anyone can start sending for their business, no technical skills are required!

So now that you know that, you should be ready to launch your first newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best software to create a newsletter?

Five Best Desktop Publishing Programs for Newsletters
Adobe InDesign CC
QuarkXPress 2019.

What is the best way to create a newsletter?

Step 1: Figure out your newsletter’s goal.
Step 2: Gather your content.
Step 3: Design your template.
Step 4: Set your email newsletter size.
Step 5: Add in your body content.
Step 6: Add in personalization tokens and smart content.
Step 7: Choose your subject line and sender name.

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