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Thinkific vs Kajabi: Brilliant Online Course Creation Platform 2022(An Honest Comparison)

Thinkific vs Kajabi Comparison Table

AlternativesFree Plan/TrialStarting PriceRatings
ThinkificFree Plan$49/Month4.7/5

Are you interested in knowing the differences between thinkific vs kajabi and want to know what are the major similarities in both? Well, today you have a golden chance to read the most comprehensive review on Thinkific Vs Kajabi. Here let’s make it clear that both are the platforms for online course creation, and are often placed side-by-side by businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs.

So if you are also estimating which is the top platform to invest your time and money in, you should read this Thinkific Vs Kajabi evaluation monitor to get the most out of these platforms.

In short, both are the Learning Management Solutions (LMS), and their key purpose is to help in the generation, building, and marketing of all of the online courses. They can turn out to be the best choices if you do not want to deal with the technical details and get the aid of an online platform in creating the online courses. 

Without further ado, let’s dive in and see which of these two platforms suits you the most based upon your unique online course creation needs. 

Thinkific For Whom?

Who is Thinkific Designed For?

It is common to promote and create businesses by offering a series of online courses. Nowadays, every entrepreneur, online business company, author, startup, and trainer thinks about the creation of perfectly detailed online courses.

When it comes to Thinkific, it becomes a wonderful tool to make your marketing efforts fruitful by assisting you in retailing and creating courses that not only enhance the loyalty of your brand but also maintain the overall reputation of your brand. 

Thus, whether you are a large firm or just a startup, our platform is always there for you in making it super-easy to get started with online course building and marketing your brand. Without innovative features, customization techniques, and 24/7 customer support, you will be compelled to use their services as described on their homepage. 

Kajabi For Whom?

Who Is Kajabi Designed For?

Basically, Kajabi is designed to fulfill individual content marketing needs and is not involved in course creation. Its main purpose is to fulfill the marketing needs of small businesses and individuals and help them in driving sales directly to their sales funnels. 

So if you want to promote single pieces of content and are least interested in bulk course creation, this can turn out to be the perfect option.

Kajabi Over Thinkific

What Did I Like About Kajabi Vs Thinkific

  • It can beat the course competitors with its 10+ well-designed themes.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS.
  • Customer live support is available 24/7
  • Provides integral blogging ability
  • If someone cannot proceed with the USD pricing, it can help out by allowing Paypal options.
  • With a dominant community feature and marketing computerization tools, it helps in inherent sales. 
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Thinkific Over Kajabi

What did I like About Thinkific Vs Kajabi?

  • When you opt for the paid plans, you immediately get access to various unlimited features such as unlimited courses for an unlimited number of students.
  • The pricing is quite affordable.
  • You can get access to the most advanced course submission features.
  • With innovative puzzle features such as maintenance, wholesale import, and query bank, you can enjoy maximum ease while using this platform.
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Now it is time to look at the differences between both. 

Thinkific Vs Kajabi Comparision 2021

The Main Differences Between Thinkific Vs Kajabi

You may have read about them on the internet, but to be very honest, there is no detailed information on the internet regarding the differences in both. So instead of providing you only with the surface information, we are aimed at giving in-depth knowledge about both.

5.1. Course Creation Experience

As we have already discussed that Kajabi is more suitable for individual experiences, so the better choice for businesses is the Thinkific that is more geared towards the businesses and offers aid in the creation of a wide variety of courses at reasonable rates. 

The interface of the Thinkific is quite easy and the user can easily create and add the courses, and then add the chapters to each of the courses. To start with the course-making process, you just need to make an account and then add different kinds of content such as quizzes, questions, PDF, videos, and other text. As you can understand from these lines that it creates the natural flow and turns out to be extremely easy for the viewers and course creators.

On the other hand, the working environment of Kajabi is quite different. As it supports the individual account, whenever a new customer creates a new account, the first thing he has to do is to create a new product. The next step is to add various classifications into it and then create the customized report by choosing the limited number of content options. 

In simple words, unlike Thinkific, Kajabi involves the creation of classes and products instead of directly designing the courses. It gives you a fantastic option to sell your content if you do not want to choose the option of online courses. 

From the above discussion, you can understand that if course creation does not lie under the area of your interest, then Kajabi is the best option for you. On the other side, if creating the course is your main objective, it is better to proceed with the Thinkific platform. 

5.2. Student Experience

You create online courses for the students, so your potential customers include the learners who want to take advantage of your products. So you should figure out what is certainly significant and appreciated to your students.

According to the research conducted at Ryerson University, if you want to determine the satisfaction level of the students with your courses, you should look for the following signs.

  • The structure of the course and check if it is fresh or not.
  • How much it helps the students to engage with the public.
  • What is the feedback of the students after taking the particular course? 

The core purpose of the Thinkific is to get a fresh and well-defined student experience and get the student’s success. It is definitely the biggest achievement of the Thinkific platform and contributes to the achievement of the course creator as well. 

On the other hand, the Kajabi platform is a platform that provides product making ability to a wide range of audience and is designed for diversified customers. 

Unlike Kajabi, you can get various cooperative tools on Thinkific including course certificates, well-structured course programs, and a strong knowledge base. 

The Kajabi is slightly behind Thinkific in maintaining a good user experience because people often complain that they feel difficulty in resetting passwords, changing the emails, and other account management tools. 

5.3. Instantaneous Payouts

Unlike other learning management software, Thinkific allows you to enjoy instant payouts when someone buys your course. Most of the other platforms do not provide this feature, and often you need to wait for a month to withdraw money. However, this 30-day payment strategy is not present on Thinkific, and all you need to do is wait for a few minutes to get paid right to your bank account. The best part is you will not be charged anything extra to get payment instantly, and only have to pay the minor credit card charges after the completion of the transaction. 

5.4. Sales & Marketing Tools

Knowing the right use of marketing tools is a skill in itself. So before you sell any skill online, you should focus on the learning process first. 

When it comes to selling an online course, you should work on the two kinds of skills. 

  1. Universal or general marketing skills
  2. Course-specific universal marketing skills.

Universal marketing skills consist of the general skills related to sales and marketing and involve the use of well-known marketing tactics such as search engine optimization, designing & creation attractive landing pages, behavioral marketing, email marketing, creation of promotional content including videos, etc.

Here it is worth mentioning that for universal marketing tools, Thinkific can perfectly assist you in providing the world’s finest marketing services like Convertkit and Google Analytics that will help you in excelling your competitors.

On the other hand, course-specific universal marketing tools consist of various offers related to online courses. Here again, you can take maximum advantage of Thinkific by selling different courses together and offering packages for bulk purchases. Other examples include affiliate marketing reporting, flexible subscription options, and a lot of other course-specific features that Kajabi cannot cover. 

5.5. Thinkific Vs Kajabi: Customer Support

Customer support of Thinkific is very superior as compared to Kajabi. The customer support representatives work tirelessly and answer 50% of the queries within an hour and 98% of the queries get answered within 24 hours or even earlier. From these features, you can easily figure out the excellence of the Thinkific service provides and its efficiency.

Kajabi also offers 24/7 live chat support but this is only for paid subscribers on their $199/month, so the devotion of Thinific is truly unparalleled. 

5.6. Pay Back

When it comes to payback policy, Thinkific does not turn out to be as good as Kajabi. Let’s understand how.

Thinkific does not provide any kind of refunds and pay-backs while Kajabi provides the users with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means that if you have used Kajabi for 30 days or less and are not satisfied with it, you can get all of your money back and cancel the subscription.

But here if you use your common sense, you will get to know that as Thinkific allows instant withdrawals, it can’t refund the money after 30 days.

5.7. Training

It is a fact that not everyone knows how to create courses and make them available online. To solve this problem, some various websites and platforms guide you from scratch and tell you how to create online courses. Several things go into a course and you should consider all of them to create a fruitful course. 

Well, it is a common observation that various platforms only guide the people through blogs and webinars and do not clearly explain the creative and practical ways to enable the individuals to start blogging. 

Now let’s see how Thinkific and Kajabi are different from others in this regard. 

Thinkific not only provides access to webinars and blogs but also guide people about how they can create their online course and upload it to the internet including the full guidance about writing the outline of the course, recording the videos, creating the content, etc. so even if these things seem scary to you, you should take help from Thinkific.

Kajabi is also excellent as it has Kajabi university of online courses where you can learn how to create online courses by directly looking at the comprehensive library of courses to keep going yourself right away. 

5.8. Limited Courses

After comparing the limited options of these platforms, I came to know that Thinkific allows the creation of only three courses with its premium plan, and even this is a new option that you can avail yourself of right away. However, if you want to get access to unlimited course creation options and tools, you should proceed with the paid plans.

Now let’s compare it with Kajabi.

Kajabi does not have any free plans and you must pay to get into it. Moreover, with the basic plan, you are allowed to create only 5 products, and the pro plan allows you to make 100 products. And if you want to get access to an unlimited number of products, you should opt for the premium plan that will cost you anywhere around $100 per month.  

On the other hand, Thinkific lets you create unlimited courses after choosing only the basic plan of $100. 

5.9. Thinkific Vs Kajabi: Group Sales

One of the most wonderful features of Thinkific is that it allows bulk sales and even if you want to sell the whole course to any company, agency, or group, you can surely do this. 

It is the distinguishing feature as no other platform allows group sales. 

5.10. Pricing

In comparison to Thinkific vs Kajabi, the role of prices is essential. Since we are on the topic of cost let’s understand just how much these platforms differ from each other.  Let’s start with Kajabi first.

Kajabi Monthly Pay Plans

  • Basic $149 per month
  • Pro $199 per month
  • Premium $339 per month

Kajabi Annual Pay Plans

  • Basic $119 per month  = $1428 per year
  • Pro $159 per month  = $1908 per year
  • Premium $319 per month = $3828 per year

Thinkific Monthly Pay Plans

  • Free
  • The next plan is $49 per month
  • Another plan is the Business plan that costs $99 per month
  • Premium $499 per month

Thinkific Yearly Pay Plans

  • Free
  • Essentials Plan $39 per month = $468 per year
  • Business Plan $79 per month = $948 per year
  • Advanced Plan $399/month = $4788 per year

5.11. Trial Offers

You may have read a lot about the trial offers. Well, let me tell you again that trial offers are the free options that an individual can vail to see whether this platform will work for his/her particular needs or not. 

This is the marketing tactiq that various platforms use and Thinkific is no exception. This feature has benefits for the people who are passionate about course creation as it gives them a chance to test the first two or three lessons for free. The instructors can also make use of this offer to guide the students about the particular course as well.

5.12. Customization & Advanced Features

Not everyone is comfortable with the hard-and-fast rules as all of us have unique needs and demands related to course creation. So this is a commonly asked question:

Does Thinkific/Kajabi allow the customization and other advanced features that I can integrate to fulfill my unique needs? 

The good news is that both of the platforms have customization and advanced features. Some of the features of Thinkific include integrations with industry-leading software, services, custom domains, API Access, and more. 

The approach of the Kajabi is even more diversified and unique. It offers a wide set of features that keep on getting more customizable and advanced as you move to the high pricing tiers. Otherwise, the customer supports and integrations that Kajabi supports are often ill-supported.

5.13. Custom Pipelines

Here I am going to mention something that is the distinguishing feature of Kajabi and is not available in Thinkific. Yes, I am talking about the custom pipelines feature. The premade pipeline patterns give an edge to the Kajabi over Thinkific. 

Final Thought

Summary: Thinkific Vs Kajabi

Kajabi was primarily designed to fulfill individual needs while Thinkific is aimed at providing help on the large scale. With this detailed comparison, now you can easily decide which one is most suitable for your unique needs. 

Though Thinkific has a plethora of integrations, yet Kajabi is also not behind in providing premium services. So the final decision will be yours. 

Frequently Asked Question

FAQ About Thinkific Vs Kajabi

Now let’s look at the FAQs related to the comparison of these two platforms.

Is it possible to make a complete website on Thinkific?

Yes, it allows you to access all the tools that are necessary to design a website and efficiently market your online course. Some of the tools include landing page design options, email marketing tools, etc. 

Will I Be Asked To Pay Web Hosting Fees With Kajabi?

No, kajabi provides free web hosting at all levels and you will not have to pay for it separately. 

Will Thinkific cut out the percentage whenever I get the course sale?

No, Thinkific is least concerned with the money you earn after the course sales. So it will not charge even a single penny after you get the sale. 

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