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Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Digital entrepreneurs are blessed to have a tool like Semrush. There are more blessings coming for you in 2022 as Semrush has got some new key updates in 2021 end to amplify your content, social, and search engine marketing executions in 2022.

Also, If you are new to the digital industry looking for a digital marketing tool, you can rely on the Semrush marketing platform. It would help you improve your online visibility, and you can discover new marketing insights. They are the best in this segment. Semrush all-in-one marketing tool you must have in order to dominate your niche online.

The best thing about Semrush is that they offer a high-quality service to their users; they are accurate and provide regular program updates that enhance the user experience, capabilities, and success ratio online.

In this article, we will be discussing the key Semrush updates in 2020. we will try to cover every little update by them, their functions, and how that new feature would help you.

 But, before that, for those who have no idea about what is Semrush.

What is the Semrush marketing platform?

Semrush is an all-in-one toolkit for SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC and also allows you to master social media marketing. If you have a website, an e-commerce business, you own a YouTube channel or want to enter a new niche online. You can use Semrush to analyze the targetable keywords, make your content SEO optimized and get yourself ranked on google.

The thing which makes Semrush the best tool in this segment is that they have more than 20 billion keyword data available to search from. They have so many keyword sources and required data which helps you to get accurate data and research.

Semrush Database Growth

2018 V/S 2020

Growth MetricsSemrush Database Growth
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing
KeywordsNow Has Largest Database
2 Billion
20 Billion
DomainDomain data
419 Million
829 Million
Geo DatabaseFor Global Coverage

Here is the list of some of the tools available in Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit

  • Topic Research Tool: For finding tons of blog post ideas related to your niche.
  • SEO Content Template Tool: It provides a content template for your next article based on practical suggestions.
  • Semrush SEO Writing Assistant: Helps you to write SEO-optimized articles in real-time.
  • Marketing Calendar Tool: helps you to plan your upcoming content in an effective way.
  • Brand Monitoring Tool: allows you to track the mentions of your brand online.
  • Content Audit Tool: it will enable you to audit your existing content for improving its ranking.
  • Post Tracking Tool: allows you to track your article’s performance, guest posts, and competitor’s articles.
  • Social Media Tracker Tool: It helps you schedule posts and tracks your and your competitor’s social media posts’ performance. 

That’s why I said that it’s a complete Content Marketing toolkit for bloggers and business owners.

Let’s discuss the key improvements and updates that Semrush came up IN 2021’s end. Probably you are going to play a lot with this new features in 2022 and beyond.

Key improvements and updates in Semrush

A quick view into main key updates that semrush announced.

Updates In SEO Tools
Bigger Keyword Wins with Revamped Keyword Overview
Uncover Hidden Opportunities with Brand New Keyword Gap
Domain Overview Now Takes Your Competitor Research Global
Get More Link-Building Ideas From Backlink Analytics 
On-Target Backlink Audit
Position Tracking: Share of Voice and Extended Reporting Capabilities
Amplify Your Site With a More Powerful Site Audit
Boost Your Local SEO With the Listing Management Tool
Updates In Competitive research tool
Traffic Analytics: More Audience Insights and Algorithm Enhancements
Get High-Level Market Insights With Market Explorer
Content marketing toolS
ImpactHero powered by Semrush
Content Marketplace Expansion: Order the Content You Need
update in SOCIAL MEDIA tool
New Social Media Products
Keeping watch on internal analytics 
Social media ad management made easy
other updates & announcements
Find and Win More Clients with Agency Growth Kit
Sellerly by Semrush: A Toolbox for Amazon Success
Prowly + Semrush = Digital PR
Semrush Integrates With Yoast To Power Up Yoast SEO
Semrush unveiled new logo and Branding

SEO Toolkit

Updates in SEO Toolkit

I am sure you must have heard the saying “content is the king”. Yes, it’s true. To make the content king, you should consider making your content Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly. Your SEO optimized content would help google understand your content and help your potential audience reach your content.

Semrush offers the perfect SEO tools that would do the work for you. In the 2020’s update, a lot of things get updated in the SEO tools category.

Let’s discuss them one by one.

More important keyword wins with revamped keyword overview.

Let’s discuss what the keyword overview is. It is a top-level report that provides you with insights on any keyword or phrase of your choice within the Semrush database for a better keyword strategy. 

With the revamped update, Keyword Overview is now enhancing up your marketing efforts with these new efficient features: 

  • Now, you can test the keyword potential; with the update, they have launched the global volume metric (an estimate of the keyword’s monthly search volume across all countries) with a list of the most popular countries for selected keywords. 
  • Now, you can get the top 100 Google search results for the analyzed keyword to new the SERP analysis feature. 
  • To provide you with more keyword optimization ideas, they have linked each keyword with the new SERP features and questions.
  • Now, they came up with a new idea to save time and make an instant decision about a particular keyword and know its potential; you can use bulk analysis to analyze 100 keywords in one go.
  • With the update, they have integrated keywords with the keyword manager for better keyword strategy management.
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Uncover hidden opportunities with a brand new keyword gap.

First, let’s understand the new Keyword gap.

What is a Keyword gap?

Keyword gap is a feature introduced by Semrush that helps marketers discover new paid and organic keyword opportunities by analyzing what keywords are the competitors are utilizing for themselves both organically and in paid ads.

It comes with a lot of unique features:

  • Now you can find new missing opportunities keyword that has the potential to bring enormous impact to your content. You can check out the top opportunities section and use the new “tops” and “volume” filter.
  • It has keyword groupings like missing, shared, unique, healthy, and weak to make a better user interface and workflow.
  • It allows you to compare keywords not only by domain but also by sub-folders and URLs.
  • Keyword gaps have also integrated with the keyword manager.
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Domain overview now takes your competitor research global.

Let’s understand the Domain overview.

What is a domain overview?

Domain overview gives you the capability to analyze any website’s online presence. It allows you to check it’s search traffic counts and position changes to backlinks and keyword profile overviews.

It offers some prominent features-

  • It offers you a worldwide view that allows you to conduct competitor research and take a sneak peek into a site’s metrics and growth trends on a global level.
  • It rolled out the sub-domain and sub-folder-level feature, which lets you test the particular section of a site (if you don’t want to analyze the entire site).
  • It also offers a feature- compares mode, which lets you compare up to five domains simultaneously. You can also spot changes in their organic/paid traffic counts, costs, organic keywords, and backlink profiles.
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Get more link-building ideas from backlink analytics.

Ideas of acquiring new backlink is a critical task. Also, backlink is like currency of online businesses. Here semrush helps you get the right backlinks that massively grow your business visibility.

What is a backlink analysis?

The new backlink analysis tool helps you to track and cross-compare competitors’ backlink profiles.

It offers one efficient feature- [ As an SEO consultant you are going to love this feature ]

Now, with the Semrush 2020 update, you can find out which broken pages of the competing site receive backlinks and ask the referral’s site owner to replace the link with one leading to your relevant page with the help of the new “target URL error” filter (Indexed Pages report).

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

On target backlink audit

An audit is a consistent action that you must take as an SEO consultant. It helps you avoid any faulty practices being undertaken over your website. Sometimes it may happen that your competitors are trying to devaluate your ranking by pushing poor backlinks to your website. In such cases, you should keep monitoring your growing backlinks to avoid any search engine penalties. Let’s understand what is backlink audit and how semrush has brought updates in its toolkit in regards to this.

What is a backlink Audit?

Backlink audit is a feature provided by Semrush that saves you from penalties by giving a glimpse of data into your site backlinks profile and mark those links that send toxic signals to google.

  • After the update, it has become more accurate and easy-to-use.
  • Semrush also launched the new target report, allowing users to analyze the best-performing pages on your site.
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Position tracking: share of voice and extended reporting capabilities.

With a useful update of 2020, Semrush has introduced many new and improved Position tracking features.

Let’s understand what is Position tracking first.

What is Position Tracking?

This is the perfect tool for you if you want to track your site’s daily ranking for a select range of target keywords, with the option to set tracking for specific geolocation (down to the hyper-local level) and device type.

New updated features offered by Position Tracking:-

  • After the update of 2020, you can now choose how often you want to get updates from position tracking reports. They offer the overview, ranking distribution, or landing pages report with their export scheduling.
  • Suppose you want to identify any self-competition on SERPs. In that case, you can do with the new Cannibalization report and improve your content strategy. A cannibalization report helps you getting direction for merging competing pages, splitting content, and targeting cannibalizing pages to different keyword clusters.
  • You can compare various geo targets on a country, region, and city-level with the new revamped devices and location report.
  • It is better and improved now to get access to the business impact of your SEO efforts based on a new metric, Share of Voice (SOV).
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Amplify your site with a more robust site audit.

Site audit is important practice that helps in maintaining the overall health of your website.

What is a Site Audit?

Site Audit helps you to analyze the health and authority of your website. It gives you ideas and opportunities to improve and grow.

  • With the 2020’s update, Semrush provided a better and more powerful Site Audit to its users.
  • Find more site improvement points for an even stronger organic performance and a chance to get into the SERP features with our one-of-a-kind Markups report. This quick overview gestures a user-friendly visualization of markup usage and markup implementation errors, enhancing Site Audit’s overall functionality. 
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Boost your local SEO with the listing management tool.

The last major update in SEO tools is the advanced listing management tool.

What is a listing management tool?

Listing management tool by Semrush helps you distribute necessary business profile data to the most popular online directories, enabling local SEO wins and giving you the ability to voice search optimization.

With the update, they have extended the number of available countries to include France and Germany and added more directories in their program across all locations to fit more businesses with more expanded or comprehensive geo.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing
Credit – Semrush
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing
Credit – Semrush

Some other features of the Local SEO toolkit:

  • The Local ranking report – The local ranking report by Semrush now allows you to track your ranking in google local finder.

  • Review Management – Review management tools now allow you to respond to a customer review on google and Facebook from this tool.

  • Local ranking heatmap – After the update, your local ranking report tool is now upgraded to a local ranking heatmap that accurately tracks your business’s google maps positions in a specific location through heatmaps.

The report also allows you to track up to five keywords on a local level, with the rankings heatmap around your targeted area or location.


Competitive Research Toolkit

For Competitor analysis

Competitive research is one of the most important things for growth and makes your presence online. You have to be well-versed with your competitors, what they offer to the audience, and how you can complete them. To analyze all these things, you should use trusted and reliable competitive research tools like Semrush.

With the 2020’s update, Semrush updated and now offers many new tools to make your research more accurate and easy- to- manage.

Some of the significant features updates in competitive research tool are:

Traffic analytics: More audience insights and algorithm enhancements.

Knowing your audience is the best step you can take for your online marketing career. To fulfil this desire of yours, Semrush updated its traffic analytics tool.

What is a Traffic analytics tool?

Traffic analytics provides a performance overview for any website, with a complete and accurate breakdown of any website’s top traffic-driving channels, traffic acquisition strategies, and user engagement metrics.

  • The update has enhanced the traffic estimation algorithm, enabling you to release subdomain-level analytics for various reports. It would help you to get the most accurate traffic counts data on the market.
  • They have also come up with a feature of audience insights report that lets you compare the chosen websites’ audiences. You can quickly analyze your competitor’s audiences.
  • Another significant update is the Traffic Journey report, which analyses the traffic flow and shows which sites users visit before and after they land on the analyzed or filled domain.
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Get high-level market insights with market explorer.

Willing to work with trends in a better way. Let’s check out what semrush updates 2020 has to offer you in this segment.

What is Market Explorer?

Market explorer gives you the capability to get an in-depth overview of trends and key benchmarks of a particular industry. It gives you the list of top players and their market share and in-market audience characteristics as well.

  • They have launched the new growth quadrant, which shows you a competitive landscape that conveys a competitive landscape that gives and indicates you the top industry players (divided into Niche players, game-changers, leaders, and established players) pinpoints market position changes over time.
  • After the update, now you can create a custom market and add up to 20 domains.
  • You can also get the given domain’s benchmark report against five other sites, comparing their traffic counts, traffic sources, and critical audience characteristics with the newly released benchmarking report.
  • They have also updated the market explorer’s geo, with the tool now covering 190 regions and countries in total.
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Content marketing Tool

Semrush Content marketing tools

In 2020, Semrush benefitted many content marketing teams and users by expanding and improving their content marketplace and by getting a content marketing tool named ImpactHero. This tool empowers their customers to get better content that will rank. Also, Semrush has its content marketing toolkit that offers you the entire journey of creating content, Like a roadmap.

  • Find a topic which you can write about. It is completely based on your audience’s interest.
  • Creating a content plan according to your marketing calendar. It helps you to keep track of your content team so that deadlines are met.
  • Get a content template that gives an outline of creating winning content.
  • With SEO writing assistance, you get to check your content simultaneously right inside their google doc or WordPress editor.
  • Analyze mentions and monitor your brand or for your competitors. It improves your PR.
  • Semrush Content Platform you can track the performance of up to 50 external articles, yours or your competitors’.
  • Content audit of semrush helps in identifying your content impact even after publishing with metrics like bounce rate, average session duration, shares, backlinks, and much more which will help you make informed decisions about growth.

Let’s understand what key feature update has come in the content marketing tool powered by semrush.

  • They have introduced a new tool- Impact Hero in the update which helps you analyze your website’s content from a buyer’s perspective or the audience’s journey stages. The device can identify your website’s high-performing assets at every stage and offers improvement ideas for the rest of the content. 
  • They have also improved the new tool content marketplace. This Semrush platform provides an all-in-one marketplace to hire or buy high-quality SEO-driven content from professional copywriters.

ImpactHero powered by Semrush

ImpactHero is a content marketing toolkit added in the new semrush key feature updates which will identify your high performing content and assets and can always suggest areas of improvement.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing
Impracthero by semrush content marketing team

Now let’s discuss the Content Marketplace Expansion in detail.

Content marketplace expansion: order the content you need.

With the update, you can enjoy the features of copywriting services, product descriptions, email newsletters, press releases, E-books, and website copy in the content marketplace only. This expansion would help many users to get high-quality services in a single place.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

They have informed about the premium plans of Content Marketplace that offers some more features like:

  • Team Collaboration:- You can add up to 3 clients or colleagues to collaborate on your orders in one workplace. It is an excellent add-on if you have to work on teams for your orders and projects.
  • Bulk Payment:- Premium plans give you the luxury to order in bulk, i.e. You can make one transaction for several projects together.
  • Brief Template:- You can create short templates and use them for your future orders.

The best thing with the premium plan is getting a 20% discount for all orders and an unlimited number of content revisions.

Pricing Plans for Premium Content Marketplace

They offer only one premium plan with two categories:

  • Monthly plan:– at $33/month, and you will get all the content marketplace features.
  • Annual plan:- at $40/month, and you will get all the content marketplace features.
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

That’s really powerpack addition in the new semrush key feature updates. Isn’t It. Want to give a try?


Social Media Tools

Semrush Social Media toolkit update

Social media tools play an essential role in promoting our content through various methods as social media ads.

Semrush tried its best to bring the required updates and changes to social media products and include some new products.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Keeping watch on internal analytics

Social Media Analytics tools have launched a new tool for social media lovers, which helps you see your social media performance analytics- new followers, unique engagement metrics, and any activity on your Facebook and Instagram accounts at a single place. With this tool, users don’t have to switch to their social media accounts to check analytics.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Social media ad management made easy.

Social media ads and management is a crucial yet tedious task. To make it easy for users, they have introduced new social media Ads tools. That allows you to create, launch, and manage ads within the significant social ad networking (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and the Audience network platforms) directly from one place- Semrush.

You can now directly run ads without handling complicated settings, tracking your ads performance, and tweaking them for better performance.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Other Semrush Updates

What more updates semrush announced

Besides the significant updates we have discussed above. Semrush also introduced some more updates as well to provide you with an advanced and better user experience.

Some of the other updates are:

Find and win more clients with an agency growth kit.

They have introduced the new Agency growth kit, which helps you have a regular workflow with your clients from effective lead generation to smooth final reporting. This tool would cover all your agency-related core needs.

Features offered by Agency Growth Kit

  • An agency growth toolkit allows you to find new generation opportunities by creating a platform where brands can meet the potential corporation’s agencies.
  • You also get access to advanced reporting capabilities within the My reporting section.
  • It offers you Unlimited Client Manager access, which helps your agency to drop the spreadsheets and automate their customer management routine by adding customer profiles and keeping all the vital client data projects and reports in one place.
Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Sellerly by Semrush: A toolbox for amazon success.

They have introduced a new toolkit Sellerly, which helps the Amazon sellers to make the most out of each product listing and grow their customer base.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Sellerly has so many tools and features to offer.

Listing Protection Tool:- This tool helps Amazon sellers to check and get an instant alert if there is something wrong with their Amazon listings. It also allows you to track product keywords, and you will get a listing hijacker alert too.

Traffic insights tool:- It helps you to compare ASINs potential reach in different channels.

  • You can find the most profitable channels.
  • Uncover your competitor’s tactics
  • Fine-tune your promotional strategy.

Listing Quality check tool:- This tool would help you improve your product pages’ visibility, CTR, and sales.

  • It helps you to Fix content errors and incomplete listings.
  • Gather new ideas and best products
  • You can also check for Amazon guidelines and style guide fit.

Split Testing tool:- It helps you to manage your product pages within the tool

  • You will get live stats on views and conversions
  • It would help you to increase your profits continuously.

Prowly + Semrush = Digital PR

With the update, Semrush tried to amplify their users’ digital PR with the Semrush acquired prowly tool, which helps you build a fast-growing SaasS public relations startup offering access to over 1 million journalists influencers.

All the users can sign up proudly with their Semrush credentials.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Semrush integrates with Yoast to power up Yoast SEO.

Yoast users can now enjoy Semrush’s smart, SEO focused keyword suggestions and data to create more rich content, like Yoast SEO, a popular SEO plugin for WordPress.

Semrush unveiled new logo and Branding

In addition to updates in features and new tools, Semrush also unveiled its new logo and branding. With the update of 2020, they have introduced many fresh things.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

They have changed their logo too, to a more- classy look. At first glance it feels attracting and gives you a new-fresh vibe.

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Semrush Updated Plans and Pricing

Yes, with the updates in their features and introducing some excellent new tools. They have updated their plans and pricing too. 

Don’t worry; The new pricing would only be a headache for new users. If you already have a Semrush account with a signed-up plan, you don’t have to worry. You can use their new features at the same pricing. 

So, let’s check out their new pricing plans and what they have on their plate to offer.

The plan breakdown remains the same – you can sign up for a Pro, Guru, and Business account:

Semrush Key Updates 2022 That Will Amplify Your Content Marketing

Here are the main points of difference between the three packages:

  • Pro Plan, if you signed up for the account in 2021 after the update, you’d have to pay $119.95/month – 20% over the old price. But, the new Pro account comes with extra capabilities – now you can set up five projects (before, you could only have 3) and have the option to share PDF templates and your projects for “read-only”. 
  • Guru Plan, you will have to pay $229.95/month – it’s 15% more than the previous price. The Guru plan now also includes integration with Google Data Studio, the option to set up 15 projects, keep track of 1500 keywords, and get access to historical data and Semrush’s comprehensive Content Marketing Platform that covers pretty much the entire content marketing workflow.
  • The business account in 2021 costs $449.95/month, rising by 12%. Amongst the new perks is that now Business users can create up to 40 projects and get estimates on their online share of voice (SOV).

Final Thought On Semrush Key Updates

As I have mentioned earlier, Semrush is an all-in-one marketing toolkit that covers your every need. Semrush brings one of the best updates that now offer you some new and improved features.

I personally loved some of the amazing updates like

  • Finding backlink opportunities from broken competitors page.
  • The local SEO list management option.
  • The new business collaboration that semrush has done with prowly, Yoast SEO is a wow feeling for me as an SEO consultant and lastly the
  • Amazon marketplace toolkit sellerly is a golden offer that semrush has added.

This updated study was really an eye-opener of opportunities to utilize using Semrush.

I’m sure that after reading this article, you understood everything about the Semrush marketing platform and got an idea about the 2020’s Semrush update.

If you use this tool in the right way to prepare your content marketing strategies, then you can take your blog or business to the next level.

Frequently Asked Question About Semrush

Can I use Semrush for free?

Yes, you can use it for free with the 14 days trial offered by Semrush with their Pro and Guru Plans.

Can we use Content Marketing Toolkit with Semrush Pro Plan?

Yes, you can access the content Marketing toolkit with the Semrush Pro plan, but you will get limited access to the tool. If you want full access, then buy either Guru or Business Plan.

Which would be the best plan for me?

It depends on your usage and needs. First, analyse your requirements, then choose your plan.
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