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Alidropship Plugin Review: Start A Profitable Dropship Store 2022

This Alidropship plugin review blog will give you complete information about starting your dropshipping business. Alidropship is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create an automated dropshipping store on WordPress directly or integrate with WooCommerce to build your e-commerce store.

The question is ‘How good are these eCommerce stores?’ Will you be able to start a profitable eCommerce business without much investment? The answer to such a question is “Yes”

In this blog, we are going to see the power of the Alidropship plugin and understand how you can start an eCommerce without any technical knowledge.

What Is Alidropshop Plugin?

Alidropship plugin is a saas that allows any noncoder person to start his/her online automated dropshipping store. It comes with two variants of plugins that can be used to create your store.

  1. Alidropship plugin.
  2. Alidropship woo-commerce plugin.

I also found that the Alidropship plugin has launched its Shopify app, but they are not openly recommending it to be used, so I won’t recommend it to use for now.

Later in this blog, we will understand how this Alidropship plugin will help you create and automate your store.

Pre skills or Knowledge to Use Alidropship plugin

When we talk about the dropshipping business, a lot of people would recommend Shopify. But, the Alidropship plugin is also a great alternative. You need to have a few skills to set up your Alidropship store using any of the above-mentioned versions of the plugin.

So what kind of skill do you need to learn or have, to use the Alidropship plugin?

  1. Manage domain and hosting.
  2. You need to know how to build a WordPress website.
  3. Customize WordPress themes.

If you know or have expertise in the above skills, then the Alidropship plugin is the best solution for you.

If you think you don’t own those skills or you are a bad learner, then use the Alidropship plan for dropshipping because in the Shopify store as well, you need to do such a setup.

Worried? You should not because these are very easy. It’s similar to setting up your new computer or PC.

So if you are confident till here, then let us understand what we need to do from here to set up your profitable dropshipping business using the Alidropship plugin.

System Requirements For Alidropship Plugin

To use the Alidropship plugin, you need the following things before starting your store.

  1. Domain name for your business.
  2. Good hosting.
  3. WordPress CMS.
  4. Google Chrome Browser and AliDropship Extension.

Understanding the above requirements in detail.

Domain Name

You can purchase a domain name from domain providers from providers like Namecheap.

Hosting Plan

There are 4 basic things you should check with your hosting provider before using the Alidropship plugin. They are

  1. ionCube activated on your hosting
  2. PHP 7.1 or 7.2+;
  3. File size upload limit: min. 16MB;
  4. cURL libraries ver 7.58.0 recommended (the minimum required version is 7.29.0).

Alidropship also doesn’t work on WordPress multisite networks or local hosts.

These are some basic minimum requirements you should meet, in order to start your dropshipping store.

Now let’s do the setup.

Steps to Use Alidropship Plugin to Build the Store.

Now you need to choose between the Alidropship plugin and the Alidropship Woo plugin. When you buy the AliExpress plugin, you get both of them in this package.

Here is a quick view of what features you get with two of them.

alidropship saas features and alidropship plugin features

My recommendation is to your Alidropship woo plugin for creating your dropshipping store as it will help your scale your business in the future while Alidropship original plugin doesn’t give you such flexibility but it works best when you are creating a single store product.

Setting up Alidropship original Plugin.

  • Install WordPress on your domain from server installer software.
  • Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to add a new plugin under the plugin section.
  • Upload your plugin.

If you wish to understand the entire process in the video, then watch the video below to set up your store with the Alidropship plugin.

The above video will explain to you the entire process of setting up your Alidropship plugin.

Once you have installed the plugin, you need to authorize your license, without which you cannot start your business operations like product import or order fulfilment.

License activation for Alidropship

Once you purchase the plugin [ It is one time buy. ] you will get the license key in your registered email. Follow these steps to activate your store for operations.

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel.
  • Go to your alidropship dashboard => License.
  • Enter your key and hit activate.
Alidropship Plugin Review: Start A Profitable Dropship Store 2022

Please note that you can host only one store with one license key.

Other Settings and Features In Alidropship Plugin.

.There are some imported setups that you need to take care of before activating your store for purchase. These are.

  1. Pricing and Markup formula setup.
  2. Currency Settings.
  3. Email Notification setup.
  4. Customers Account setups.
  5. Coupon settings.
  6. Tax Settings.

These are some important settings that you need to do in order to automate your store better. Let’s take a quick read into them.

1. Pricing and Markup formula setup.

You can import products from Aliexpress to your store directly, but in order to make it a profitable business, you need to increase your price margin to earn money out of it. How to do the setup for the same? Let’s know that.

You can set up pricing formulas in Alidropship => Settings => Pricing.

Alidropship Plugin Review: Start A Profitable Dropship Store 2022

To add the new formula, click on the add new formula button or use a recommended pricing by clicking the recommendation button.

If you need additional rules for your formula, you can use the Additional Formula option.

Formulas can be applied not only to all product categories but also to certain ones. Just select the necessary category from the drop-down menu. Click Save Changes to add your formula.

You can set a priority order for the formula that will be applied for the same range amount for a particular category and the rest of your products.

Once you are confident about your pricing setup, click the updated pricing. This will change all the pricing of products and their variations.

If you are facing any issues in setting up pricing, you can read the Alidropship product pricing tutorial here or watch a tutorial video below.

2. Currency Settings.

We are done with the pricing setup, but what about the customer-friendly currency? Since your store can serve more than 200+ countries, as it is backed up by Aliexpress, you can have buyers from any country.

So we need to define the kind of currency we can allow. This makes transactions easy.

Your currency settings can be adjusted to your needs in AliDropship => Settings => Currency.

Alidropship Plugin Review: Start A Profitable Dropship Store 2022

There is also an option to set currency according to website visitor country. The plugin detects the geolocations and shows the currency accordingly.

3. Email Notification setup.

You need to register with an email SMTP server to improve your website’s email functionality. Don’t worry, you don’t have to invest zero to a small amount in this. You can start this for free using Sendinblue, which supports the Alidropship plugin.

Read our Sendinblue review to get more confidence in using Sendinblue.

Go to AliDropship -> Settings -> Notifications to set up a mailing service.

To activate email notifications, you need to register with Sendinblue and enter your API key in the plugin notifications settings.

Read a complete tutorial on how to integrate Sendinblue into your dropship store.

4. Customers Account setups.

If you want to give options on your store where your buyer can create accounts before buying the product, you must do this setup.

You need to enable this option in AliDropship => Settings => Customer Accounts.

5. Coupon settings.

I would strongly recommend you to use the coupon system in your business. It will reduce your abandoned cart and get more sales and conversions.

To enable this, you can go to AliDropship => Settings => Coupons and click Add new button.

You can

  1. Give a name to your coupon.
  2. Set coupon for any specific product or product category.
  3. Can turn on or off the coupons when needed.
  4. You can specify how many times you want this coupon to be used by entering a number in the field Usage limit.
  5. You can set coupons based on percentage or value.
  6. You can also set the option to apply coupons automatically at checkout or set it as a manual option.
  7. You can also enable the option to apply a coupon both to product and shipping costs.

This way, you can integrate a coupon system into your business.

6. Tax Settings.

It will definitely happen that after a period of time, your income will go taxable or you need to give tax based on the country you are working in. You can enable the taxes anytime in your business.

Here are easy steps to understand further.

Just go to AliDropship -> Settings -> Taxes and enable taxes.

Alidropship Plugin Review: Start A Profitable Dropship Store 2022

You can ask for tax both on the product as well as shipping taxes

There are two ways to calculate your taxes:

  1. Based on your store address.
  2. Based on customers’ shipping address.

If you want to show taxes to customers but in a format that’s more convincing then there are two ways.

Alidropship Plugin Review: Start A Profitable Dropship Store 2022
  • Excluding taxes: in this case, you will see a separate line on the checkout page with the name of the tax rate. All prices in your store are shown excluding taxes.
Alidropship Plugin Review: Start A Profitable Dropship Store 2022
  • Including taxes: in this case, all prices in your store are shown including taxes. Information about the tax rate will be shown on the checkout page after the total amount (in brackets).
Alidropship Plugin Review: Start A Profitable Dropship Store 2022

This way you can set up your taxes and also share it in a way that is not a pricing number for buyers and avoid a higher abandoned cart.

With all the above settings, your store will be automated and operational once you import your product from Aliexpress.

To understand various other setups and integrations, you can check the help forum of the Alidropship plugin. You have a search bar there. Enter your query and you will definitely get solutions to your problem.

You can also raise a support request through their chat support. They work 5 days a week and aren’t available on weekends, so ping on chat accordingly.

Alidropship Plugin Pricing.

The best part about using the Alidropship plugin for your dropshipping business is its pricing.

When you use any other SAAS, tool, or service to start your dropshipping business, you are bound to pay a recurring fee, but the Alidropship plugin has a one-time fee.

The Alidropship plugin comes with one-time pricing of 89 USD which you can get at a lower price during festive offers that can be low like 30% off. For that, you will have to wait for the offer to come.

Final Thought

According to my experience of running a dropshipping business on the Alidropship plugin since Aug 2018, I found this plugin works perfectly and has a profitable impact if you have the right marketing plan for your dropshipping business.

A lot of people are spreading the wrong marketing message that you can start a dropshipping business with zero investment. This is completely wrong. When you start, you need to invest in the domain, host, plugins and the important part is advertising for sales.

So, make sure that you have at least 500 USD to start your Alidropship saas store and it may happen that you cross your break-even point after spending some 1000 USD.

Let us know how is your dropshipping business going. If you have any queries about drop shipping, contact us or comment below. I will solve all your queries over the call, email personally.

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