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In this review, I will explain my observation and ease of use. Before that, to give a quick introduction, is a business phone number service platform. It offers local, toll-free, and vanity numbers for businesses. Starting from $23, it has 3 different pricing plans which can be paid on a monthly or yearly subscription. I will be discussing the features of this review so that you can make an informed decision on choosing a business toll-free number for yourself. Review Overview

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You can get 800 toll-free numbers, and vanity phone numbers subject to the availability of that number. web app will help you call, manage, record, track, and make the analytical decisions required to calculate an ROI from calling campaigns.


What is all about? is a web-based toll-free number provider. They help businesses get numbers starting with 800 primarily. They also sell local numbers and vanity phone numbers. All of these are managed over their web-based application. On top of these phone numbers, they have features associated with these numbers like call forwarding, recording, sms, virtual fax, call analytics, voicemails, auto attendant, custom main greeting, voicemail custom greeting, comprehensive inbox, custom auto-replies, call transcripts and API support.

Isn’t it overwhelming to have so many important features in a single dashboard? Also, the good part, is you get 30 days money-back guarantee.

So, if your business needs a toll-free business number super customized to your needs, head over to to make a decision.

Moving forward, I will be sharing my insights on how good can support your business with its bunch of features. Let’s review them in depth and make the purchase decision much easier in this review. Review: Features That Will Meet Your Needs

By now we know that has tons of features and add-on value to add to your business calling department. It is successful for businesses, particularly in the areas of customer service and telemarketing. Let’s understand these standout features that will support your business.

Here is the list of features that you add to your bucket when you buy from

  1. Toll-Free Numbers starting with 800.
  2. Call Forwarding
  3. Call Recording
  4. Vanity Numbers
  5. Text Messaging
  6. Conversion Tracking
  7. Analytics
  8. 800.COM API

I need to share my review of these features. Please note that I have verified these dashboards and they were working perfectly fine without any bugs and security concerns.

Toll-Free Numbers Line Activation

Purchasing Toll-Free numbers starting with 800 was a flawless experience. You just need to search for the number right over their homepage. Choose the available numbers and proceed to buy using their existing pricing plans. Review: Buying 800 Toll-Free | Vanity Numbers Get Easier

Call Forwarding gives you advanced features with call forwarding. I was able to forward my toll-free number to my own mobile phone. The best part is, it can be forwarded to any central location for your customer support team to handle. This helps you to attend to your customers and not let them route to any voicemail recording.

call forwarding in 800 dot com

In call forwarding, I got some advanced features like:

  • Simultaneous forwarding: You can forward your incoming calls to multiple phone numbers. This prevents miscalls.
  • Sequential forwarding: It helps you to forward calls on a priority basis. The ring will go to 1st prior phone number, if that fails to pick up then it routes to another.
  • Voicemail: Just in case, if no one picks up then call forwarding can be done to a voicemail also.

With these smart features, businesses can manage their calling support at best.

Call Recording

Getting calls from customers is a blessing to businesses. I checked how does the call recording can be processed and found these insights to share with you guys. Review: Buying 800 Toll-Free | Vanity Numbers Get Easier

Call recording can primarily be used for quality assurance purposes.

  • Enable call recording on all forwarded calls for quality assurance.
  • Call Transcription: you get a text transcript for all calls and use it to do sentiment analysis.
  • Call Analytics: you can study missed calls, unique calls, and durations and understand the calling ROIs.

Additional features in Call recording and forwarding:

  • Scheduled Routing: Forward incoming calls based on the time of the day or the day of the week to maximize availability for customers.
  • Weighted Routing: You can either distribute incoming calls evenly to multiple phones or prioritize higher-performing teams.
  • Extensions: Set up extensions for departments in your company with call forwarding rules for each extension.
  • Whisper Greeting: Play a short recording to the recipient prior to the call being connected to quickly identify the source of the call.

Let me share some more interest reviews on other features of 800. review on Vanity Numbers

I was thinking to choose a number that can have good brand recalls. Just having random numerals in our business numbers will not be easily remembered but what if my number looks like these:

800-555-HTBS or something like 800-555-2222. Isn’t these numbers look more appealing, easy to recall and also add options to establish a strong brand message? I checked our vanity number buying option and I was able to book a vanity number as

800.COM Review vanity number

Wow! looks super awesome for our business howtobuysaas which we abbreviate as HTBS. I was able to book this number for our business at a price as low as $23/month.

It becomes easy to remember, and increases your call rate by up to 30%.

– team.

Additional features with a Vanity number

When you purchase a vanity number, you get some advanced features.

  • Virtual Phone (or VOIP): Use your number over any Internet-enabled device.
  • Text Messaging: Provide customers with the information they need, including promotional offers, reminders, and coupons, all through your toll-free line.
  • Auto Attendant: Welcome customers with a menu that is automated.
  • Call Forwarding: Forward all calls received on your 800 number to a single cell phone or multiple sales and customer service representatives for convenience.

With all these advanced features, in this review, my message is clear. I am very impressed with the option to choose by business number to scale marketing and sales.

Let’s make more review in-depth research.

Text Messaging Campaigns

I was also able to manage text messaging campaigns using approved toll-free numbers. I did bulk messaging to a list size of 100+ people and it happened with zero challenges. What do you get with this feature? let’s see this here.

  • Mass Texting: Easily send mass messages or notifications to both missed opportunities and current customers.
  • Lists & Segments: Create segmented contact lists and improve campaign relevance with targeted text messages.
  • Track Results: Use analytics to quickly determine delivery, subscriber growth, and engagement.
  • Personalize Messages: Make your text marketing campaigns unique for every subscriber by utilizing custom fields.

Conversion Tracking with 800.COM

I was thinking of a way to check what kind of conversion calculation we can do when we are selling with chosen toll-free number. This is what I got from them. Complete tracking report which can’t be missed.

  • Dynamic Number Insertion: Easily create unique phone numbers and assign them to marketing channels.
  •  Tags: To accurately assess the return on investment, it’s essential to categorize each call as either an opportunity, spam, or conversion. each call as either an opportunity, spam, or conversion.
  • Agent vs. Customer Statistics: Easily track the duration of your team’s conversation in contrast to the customer’s talk time.
  • Highlights: Improve quality assurance by utilizing keywords to highlight more important calls.
  • Conversation Search: You can search through all of your calls for specific keywords to enhance your marketing and advertising channels.
  • Reports: Identify tracking numbers by day & time, geography, call duration, missed & unique calls.
  • Lost Opportunities: Determine conversations with customers which had the potential to become a sale.
  • Sentiment Analysis: By analyzing conversation sentiment, it is possible to anticipate and address potential issues with customers or agents before they occur.

With so many power-packed features, businesses can feel overwhelmed with operations. They may also need these toll-free numbers integrated into their existing IT infrastructures. So, I took a step further to investigate API support. In my next review block, I have that magical answers about API integrations. Let’s check that.


Integration! Integration and Integration! That’s what the entire world is crying about with the boom of SaaS-based products. Every enterprise company in the world wants to bring as much automation as possible. With AI as an add-on, it is making the process even much fast and compliant to needs.

Here’s what API is shaping the technology. You don’t have to use a SaaS dashboard instead get the features of your toll-free number added to your existing system with the API integration feature. Lets see what API has to offer. Review: Buying 800 Toll-Free | Vanity Numbers Get Easier
  • SMS API: Send and receive text messages on text-enabled landlines, toll-free, or VoIP numbers.
  • Webhooks API: Receive real-time, server-to-server push notifications for all incoming and outgoing text messages.
  • Provisioning API: Enable customers to text or call existing business phone numbers.

You get complete API documentation of here.

No doubt that reviewing features was interesting. It solves good pain points of businesses with business phone numbers. Let’s finally look at some awards that make a trusted business to buy from. awards and honors.

It is good to see that this company has got many laurels to their feather of awards. Out of all the three significant awards they got were

  1. Best usability award in 2023 by G2.
  2. On Capterra, they got a 4.6 rating out of 116 reviews that were published.
  3. Trustpilot is 4.6 that’s an average rating given by 465 reviewers collectively.

This clearly shows how good it would be, to buy your business phone numbers from I personally watched a video review of one of the customers of who had given 5-star ratings and explained why they deserved it. Watch the video below.

This video will add good thoughts on making a decision when buying from

Pros and cons of using

I collected feedback from the reviews that has got on different software listing directories. Out of so many reviews, I got the pros and cons of which is very transparent without any biased thoughts.

  • offers a fantastic chance to personalize your phone number, making it easy for customers to remember and associate with your business.
  • We’ve found it to be highly effective and use it on a daily basis.
  • I’m a big fan of how user-friendly and functional is. It has saved our company a significant amount of money compared to traditional 800 numbers.
  • Overall, my experience working with them has been incredibly enjoyable. Their agents are attentive, caring, and always friendly
  • I faced a slight challenge with features like call forwarding, but it turned out the issue was on my end.
  • So far, there’s nothing I’m dissatisfied with
  • I wish someone had informed me that I had the option to purchase the 800# outright and transfer it to our carrier. This could have saved us more money than the yearly rental cost from
  • There might be hidden or unexpected fees that can add up, impacting the overall cost-effectiveness of the service.

Overall everything aligns towards pros instead of cons.

Pricing of 800.COM toll-free numbers.

Pricing is straight forward. I didn’t find any hidden pricing. Adding a screenshot of the pricing that it offers to its customer.

Monthly Billing pricing of 800.COM toll-free numbers Review: Buying 800 Toll-Free | Vanity Numbers Get Easier

Annual Billing pricing of 800.COM toll-free numbers review pricing annually

Checkout complete pricing plans and purchasing options here

Final thought. offers toll-free and vanity numbers for small businesses looking to expand their reach. Secure toll-free and vanity numbers starting at just $23 per month are available at, making it an excellent choice.

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Chief Saasologist

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