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SaaS Management Platforms: 13 Best Platforms For Business Growth in 2023

SaaS management platforms have become the new normal in the current business scenario. Businesses, whether in a start-up phase or mid to large size ones, have either efficiently implemented these platforms or are in the process. 

But why is SaaS management all about? What makes SaaS management platforms so special for businesses?

It is evident that these platforms mitigate the need for time-consuming manual installations. This helps reduce manual errors to a great extent. Moreover, SaaS management tools are cost-efficient and flexible to cater to many businesses.

By the end of this blog, you will understand why using a SaaS application might be one of the best business decisions you will ever make. So, let’s get started.

Four Indications Your Business Needs SaaS 

Most contemporary businesses today work on the cloud, and they are investing heavily in SaaS subscription management softwares. The shift from the traditional software has been incredible, to say the least. As you identify your sales and business software requirements, you must think about the below questions:

  • Are you focused on increasing your business sales figure in 2023?
  • How do you integrate Sales and Marketing functions into your business?
  • Is there any part of your business you would love to change?
  • What softwares do you use to maintain the training & quality purposes?

Once you find the answers to the above questions, you must also consider if your business is ready to take a leap of faith from conventional to a SaaS subscription management platform?

Top SaaS Management Platforms For Your Business Growth

It can be overwhelming to switch from on-premise to SaaS management platforms for a business. Moreover, it is important to choose the best platforms for your business from hundreds of options available online. Here are some of the best SaaS management tools for your business growth.


There are more than 3.17 billion users on the internet, which is growing every day. Users are getting access to fast and cost-efficient internet connectivity. 

A large chunk of these 3.17 billion users are active on social media. So, it makes sense for businesses to devise an incredible social media strategy to reach a broader target audience and enhance their brand awareness.

This is where a Social Media Management platform like Hootsuite can help you build an amazing social media presence and elevate your business digitally. 

It is easy to track and manage the social media channels to check how customers interact with your brand and allows you to build a solid connection using comments and DM. Post on your business profile and engage with your followers right from the Hootsuite SaaS platform. 

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is a survey software and customer experience management platform that businesses use to create any type of surveys to measure and improve Employee and Customer Experiences across all touchpoints. It provides various ready-to-use templates and questions types for creating comprehensive customized surveys of different kinds and industries like Customer Satisfaction Surveys, Patient Feedback Surveys, Guest Feedback Surveys, Employee Feedback Surveys, and Student Feedback Surveys.

With Zonka Feedback, you can measure and improve CX metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES. Moreover, it not only lets you gather feedback, but also take timely action through its advanced features like real-time alerts and the ability to assign feedback as tasks to your teams and team members.

You can set triggers to automatically send surveys of both types – transactional surveys, and relationship surveys. is an innovative document collaboration platform that enables individuals/teams to create, organise and collaborate internal and external business documents in a single place. 

A key feature of this SaaS management tool is that it works well irrespective of the location and hence remote work becomes easy for all the respective teams. Using, teams can organize and collaborate on projects, and track engagement across the content. 

The tool is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that allows users to customise and meet their business requirements. Additionally, it is possible to communicate with your teams using media like images, videos, GIFs, and more.


With the growing digital era, 81% of businesses are now using video as a strong part of their marketing campaigns. InVideo is an online video editing tool that allows businesses across all industries to create videos with custom content & branding and share them across social platforms and websites.
This SaaS tool provides 5000+ pre-made video templates, 9M+ Stock Footage, and 1M+ Premium videos to its users. With InVideo, you can create videos for various needs, including invitations, marketing, Facebook ads, wedding videos, YouTube videos, turn text-to-video, turn Image to video, and much more.
It also provides video features such as power transitions, multiple layers, automated voice-overs, intelligent frames, and more. Here videos can also be translated into more than 75+ foreign languages.

Currently, 7M+ users are creating videos with Invideo across the globe.”


Scalefusion Device Management Software supports both Android and iOS smartphones. It is a simple management app that offers extensive smartphone security and monitoring capabilities that enable you to keep a constant tab on the location, usage and activities performed on your smartphone.

Remarkable features:

  • Real-time GPS-based location tracking and Geofencing
  • Tracking WiFi and mobile data usage
  • Monitoring SIM swaps
  • Keeping track of device vitals such as battery and storage consumption
  • Checking device activity status and duration of inactivity
  • Remote locking of the smartphone if lost or stolen
  • Control over which apps and websites can be used on the smartphone


Hubspot is an all-inclusive cloud-based SaaS management tool to design user-friendly and mobile responsive websites to increase organic traffic, get more leads, and increase your sales.

It is an industry leader in the digital marketing space. Young internet users are aware of its blogs, videos, and courses etc. Hubspot offers a platform for content management, digital marketing, and search engine optimization along with analytics. 

Leverage this amazing SaaS management platform and successfully integrate your business software and services in one place. 


Salesforce is one of the best customer relationship platforms that helps you stay on top of your customers and manage their feedback efficiently. Using this software, you can easily connect with your current customers, prospects, and business stakeholders.

The Salesforce platform can help you build your sales funnel and allows you to engage with prospects. Moreover, it is a productive tool for your sales and marketing teams. This is because of the remarkable features like insights tracking, email campaigns, and team collaboration.

Some notable features of this SaaS management platform include but are not limited to contact management, opportunity management, sales, and lead management. 

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR is a cloud-based HR management tool for small and medium businesses. This SaaS tool offers employee data modules, advanced reporting functions, and real-time tracking for the HR team to prioritize their daily tasks. 

The Bamboo HR tool comes with a clean and contemporary interface for performance monitoring which is a major boon for startups. It shows job openings in a different tab for applicant tracking, where the HR team can view job applications, and shortlist or close applications based on requirement.

Moreover, it is possible to add new job openings with relevant details including job title, description, salary, location, employment type, and more. 


Box is a collaborative SaaS management platform for secure collaborations over the cloud via any device or location. This particular tool helps users collaborate on and share large files using a conventional link or custom URL. It offers a great sense of safety for business-critical data and documents with proper encryption. 

The Box tool provides support for more than 120 file types which allows you to preview the content before downloading. Additionally, content sharing, editing, comments, and approval is limited to a single file. All users are notified when any changes are made to the file.

Box helps you protect your crucial files in the cloud using a sophisticated security mechanism, smart threat detection and inclusive information governance.


Paperform is a revolutionary SaaS application that comes with an integrated platform to develop custom landing pages for your brand. It enables you to prepare custom forms, unlike other popular form builders. 

Do you know the best part about Paperform? You don’t need to know anything about coding. Some users believe that working on Paperform is a smooth experience and compare it with writing in Google docs. It is a must-have platform if you belong to the e-commerce industry. 


Notion is one of the best evolving productivity apps in the market. It is a compact workplace for your business teams. This SaaS management platform is used to streamline the purpose of different digital tools used for collaboration.

Using Notion, you can take notes in meetings, share the minutes of meetings, assign tasks efficiently and collaborate on the go. Notion helps you build a solid foundation to create a thorough system and the tools to get the work done.


Zoom is a simple, user-focused cloud software for audio and video calls, chat and webinars. The platform shot to fame in 2020 after the pandemic induced remote work. It is most commonly used by consultants, teams and businesses of all sizes in a personal or professional capacity.

Video conferencing is the most frequently used feature of Zoom. The collaboration functions, easy-to-use, high-quality video makes remote work easy. Using SaaS management software like Zoom, you can optimise remote working in a cost-effective manner.


Intercom is an efficient messenger and customer support tool that leverages behavioural targeting and artificial intelligence to enable businesses to communicate well with their customers. It offers significant insights into the users who use your products/services.

The SaaS management software provides all the necessary features for targeted communication, behavior-driven emails, and in-app messages. It is a novel way to acquire, interact and retain customers. Intercom can be used best by your sales, marketing, and customer support teams for unthinkable business growth.

Concluding Thoughts

In an ever-evolving business environment, organizations have to take some crucial steps to sustain and grow. In the last few years, more businesses have shifted to the cloud. Hence, it is fitting that your business needs SaaS operations management software. Some operations can be overwhelming if there is a lack of proper SaaS software. 

This is where SaaS management platforms come in handy. A new range of SaaS operations management software is ready to take your business to the next level. Due to its cost-effective nature and ease of use, you must consider these SaaS management tools to elevate your business growth.

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