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How to Send Mass Email in Outlook to Multiple Recipients?

Microsoft Outlook is a one-stop solution provided by Microsoft for any work related to emails, including sending or receiving mass email in outlook, managing your calendar, and maintaining your email contact list. Outlook is also an easy and free way to send mass emails to a huge number of contacts.

You might send a mass email by just adding an endless number of email addresses to the CC or BCC of the email. However, apart from being very tedious and time-consuming, you are also at the risk of exposing the contact details of your contacts.

Therefore, people choose to send mass email in Outlook to solve their problem of sending mass emails. You can also send personalized emails to each recipient using the mail merge feature in outlook.

How to Send Mass Email in Outlook?

Sending mass email in outlook is a very easy job.

Given below are 5 steps that you can use to send mass email in Outlook.

1. Use Microsoft Word to draft your email.

This step for sending mass email in outlook involves you writing the actual mail in MS Word. This is obviously the most basic step, you need to have an email before you can actually send a mass email in outlook

If you have customized the emails by using images or GIFs, you can check how it would look in an email by clicking on the View tab and then clicking Web Layout.

2. Using the Mail Merge option.

Now that the main body of the email is ready, the next step is to use the Mail Merge option.

This can be found in the Mailings tab in the main menu. From there you need to select Start Mail Merge.

Then you have to choose E-mail messages from the drop-down menu. The next time you use this feature you will be greeted with a box highlighting the E-mail Messages menu, indicating that you have used that option before.

3. Selecting the Email Recipients

Now you need to put in the email recipients, to whom you want to send the email. This can be done by selecting “Select Recipients” under the “Mailings” tab.

After doing that you would be seeing a drop-down menu where you would be provided three options:

  • Type a New List: This option basically lets you manually add the contact details of all the people that you want to send the email to
  • Use an Existing List: This option lets you import your contacts from any separate external file. The file can be a spreadsheet or a .cvs file where all the contact details are organized. It can also be a database with three columns at least (First Name, Last Name, Email Address)
  • Choose from Outlook Contacts: This option lets you select the email recipients from your contact address book in MS Outlook. This is a mix of contacts that you have saved and contacts that you have contacted before.

If you do not see an Email Address column, then you can add one by selecting “Customize Columns”. You can edit your contact book and weed out the double entries etc.

4. Personalizing the Message

This step involves personalizing and customizing each email being sent to your recipients.

This can be a “Greeting Line”. A Greeting Line lets you personalize an email by varying the address and naming convention used in the first line of the email. You can find this option under the Mailings tab itself.

This can also be a “Merge Field” which lets you insert any column in the recipient list as a variable field inside the email. For Example, if there is a column named ‘Company’ then the various names of the businesses under that column would be used in every different email. This option can again be accessed in the ‘Mailings’ tab.

5. Finish & Merge

Now that all the tasks are complete, all that is left is to click on ‘Finish and Merge’ and then click ‘Send Email Messages’. You have now learned how to send a mass email in outlook.

Why you shouldn’t Send Mass Emails in Outlook?: Things Outlook can’t do

MS Outlook is a very simple tool for your mass emailing purposes, however, it has a lot of shortcomings when it comes to running mass email campaigns. Outlook is not really designed for the purpose of mass email campaigns. Thus there are a few factors that can be really frustrating in the long term when it comes to sending mass email in outlook.

  1. Daily Email Limit: You can only send up to 300 emails per day with the help of Outlook
  2. No Email Design Features: Outlook does not have any email templates or designing tools, thus it is very difficult to design professional-quality eye-catching emails with this software
  3. No option for previewing emails: Outlook does not let you preview what your emails would look like when they are being displayed on different devices.
  4. No reports or Analytics: Since Outlook is not really built for mass email marketing, it does not provide you with any metrics or analytics. However, without proper analytical reports, it is very difficult for any business to improve its performance.
  5. Unprofessional sender address: If you send mass emails with the help of Outlook, you would be using an @outlook address. It not only looks bad but can also get you blacklisted and marked as spammed
  6. Low Sender Reputation: Since emails sent with the @outlook address have a higher chance of being flagged as spam, this can directly have an effect on your sender’s reputation. Your sender’s reputation would be lowered and you would find it difficult to contact your leads in the future.

Why you Should use Email Marketing Software to Send Mass Emails?

In the field of Marketing, amongst the plethora of avenues available, Email remains one of the most lucrative options. It is the most profitable as well, in the sense that it gives you a Return on Investment of $32 approx. for every $1 worth of investment.

However, to make the most out of the Email Marketing Channel, only sending mass emails in Outlook won’t be enough. There is a requirement for dedicated Email Marketing Software if you want to maximize your results.

There are many advantages of using Email Marketing Software.

1. You can add contacts and create Mailing lists easily

If you are sending mass email in Outlook or email newsletters in outlook, you will have to go through a lot of hassle, like manually adding all your contacts every time you are sending a mass email. You can upload a database in the form of a CSV file. But even that is time-consuming work as you will have to manually update the email list every now and then.

All of these tasks are automated and made easy by Email Marketing software. One example would be SendinBlue. This software keeps track of all your contacts and even automatically removes contacts from the list if they unsubscribe or the emails get bounced.

2. You can create professional-looking emails focused on your brand image

If you don’t have any coding or graphic design skills, then it is very difficult to manually design emails from scratch.

This is where Email Marketing software can help you. It comes preloaded with various presets that look good on both desktops and mobiles.

Using a professional-looking email template is important to send across and establish your brand image, and you can do it easily with Email Marketing software

3. You have access to analytics and reports of your performance

Email Marketing software like Sendinblue provides you with a fully detailed performance report through which you can get an understanding of how effective your Email Marketing Campaign has been.

Intuitive, visually appealing analytics reports help you see the aspects that you need to improve to get the best out of Email Marketing

4. Your Sender’s Reputation is protected

Email Marketing software help protect your sender’s reputation. This is done by making sure that new additions to your email lists go through validation processes and that there are no hard bounces or spam reports.

5. You remain GDPR compliant.

This is one of the most important features of any Email Marketing software. You do not have to manually navigate the GDPR. The software does it for you.

The GDPR protects the privacy and data of the users and you have to make sure that your company is GDPR compliant if you don’t want to run into any kind of trouble.

Email Marketing software like Sendinblue has data security and privacy features and it also has a feature that lets you enable double opt-in. This lets you keep a record that you are sending emails with prior consent from the recipient.


It is quite evident that sending mass email in Outlook is pretty efficient to get your Mass Email Campaign done. However, it is not the best way. The best way to go for any business is to invest in dedicated Email Marketing Software tools that will help to overcome all the various problems mentioned above. One of the best Email Marketing software to go for is Sendinblue. It is a one-stop solution to all your email marketing-related problems. It has a very powerful Email Marketing tool that can help you set up your mass email campaign in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I send an email to 1000 recipients in Outlook?

Sending mass email in outlook is easy. You need to draft your email first using MS word. Then you have to use the mail merge option. You then select your recipients, click on Finish and Merge and send the email.

How do I send a mass email in outlook and hide recipients?

For hiding recipients, while sending mass email in outlook you need to first create a new message. In the field, you have to select undisclosed recipients. Then you have to select Bcc. You then select the email addresses and click on Bcc. Then you compose the email and simply send it.

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