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5 Best Screen Recording Software For PC (2023) – Free & Paid

You need screen recording software when you’re trying to make a video of what’s on your computer screen—perhaps to send to tech support or to create a tutorial for YouTube. A screen recorder lets you record video, audio, and even your webcam all at once. 

But that’s not the only thing you can do with a screen recorder. 

Did you know you can make game recordings a lot more fun with a screen recorder? You can record the screen, the audio, and even what you say. And then you can edit the video at the end, easily. In fact, you can also do more:

  • Make video tutorials that you can then upload later to the company’s internal system or maybe even YouTube.
  • If you have a podcast, you will love a good screen recorder for an online audience.
  • If you’re a tester, you can use a screen recorder to test out bugs and record screens seamlessly. 

Sure, you can also record on Mac or Windows using a traditional method. But these methods are time-consuming, and not user-friendly. At least not as much as what a good screen recorder offers. 

But it can be a little tricky to find the best free screen recording software because there are so many different options available. So, we found out the top ones for you. 

Your Choice of the Best Recording Software in 2023

In this list, we have compiled 5 of the topmost popular screen recorder software you can find on the market.

1. TinyTake

5 Best Screen Recording Software For PC (2023) – Free & Paid

You can’t go wrong with TinyTake as a screen recorder. It allows you to record videos and take screenshots on both Windows and Mac devices.

Users can use this tool to add annotations, subtitles, and watermarks to their recordings. TinyTake users can capture the entire desktop screen or just certain highlighted regions. Even multiple screens can be recorded at the same time if necessary.

You are also able to record mouse movements and voice narrations alongside your video recordings, allowing you to create tutorials and demonstrations. Each video can be recorded for up to 120 minutes in total. 

After you’ve finished editing your video, you’ll be able to share it with anyone or get a shareable link. If necessary, you can even include references to what was researched in the video. This makes it a great tool for content creators.

2. CleanShot X

5 Best Screen Recording Software For PC (2023) – Free & Paid
CleanShot X

If you use a Mac, you won’t be able to find a better screen recorder than CleanShot X. This tool, known for combining seven apps into one, provides users with powerful screen recording and capture features.

It includes an editor that allows you to highlight or conceal specific screenshots or video capture elements. You can even configure the software to only record specific parts of your screen to capture only what you require.

This software has a distinct Mac feel to it, making it user-friendly and intuitive to use. CleanShot X also includes a feature that the native Mac screenshot tool does not have. This is the scrolling capture mode. This gives you more flexibility with what you can show in the video.

This is considered to be one of the best screen recording software for pc due to the plethora of options it provides. These include the ability to record audio with the computer’s built-in microphone and then overlay it on any section of the recorded video. You even have the option to hide the clutter on your desktop while recording.

You can also include keystrokes and capture clicks in your videos. If you want to include a video of yourself in the recording, simply record it with your webcam and insert it into the software. After that, use the included video editing tool to trim and finish your videos.

3. FlashBack Pro 5

5 Best Screen Recording Software For PC (2023) – Free & Paid
FlashBack Pro 5

FlashBack Pro 5 Recorder is a straightforward tool for quickly recording desktop videos that can be edited and shared online. Because it can capture audio from your computer’s desktop or from a webcam and microphone, FlashBack is an excellent choice for vlogs or video tutorials. Picture-in-picture video and annotations can be added, video and audio can be edited frame by frame, and both audio and video can be edited at the same time.

There are no time limits on the recordings, and you can save them in a variety of formats, including AVI and WMV. You can choose to record the entire screen or just a portion of it, giving you more control over your recordings. You can also add a webcam recording, which you can then combine with your desktop recording to create tutorials, with the click of a button.

It is also possible to show more than one screen in your recording because FlashBack allows you to record multiple screens at once. When you’re finished editing the video, integrated settings allow you to share it on YouTube if necessary.

4. Movavi Screen Recorder

5 Best Screen Recording Software For PC (2023) – Free & Paid
Movavi Screen Recorder

You can precisely record screencasts, online streaming, tutorials, video demonstrations, and many other things with the software Movavi Screen Recorder. You can edit the recording using simple yet effective editing tools and save the file in any practical format of your choice with a single click.

With a frame rate of up to 60 frames per second, this screen recorder will allow you to capture high-quality videos. You can select from the available capture modes or change the settings manually to meet your specific needs. You can even create a recording schedule to start and stop the recording at specific times.

In terms of audio, you can adjust the frequency as well as the recording mode (mono or stereo). For improved clarity, you can even record two separate sound streams if you record the audio from both your system and your microphone.

5. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

5 Best Screen Recording Software For PC (2023) – Free & Paid
AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro

Want to improve your work productivity? It all depends on how you go about your day. And using the right tools forms an important part of that. AceThinker Screen Grabber Pro does a good job at that. While not as feature-driven or user-tailored as Movavi, it is a robust all-in-one screen recorder that can capture both screen activity and any audio that is playing at the time. 

Depending on your needs, it allows you to record in full-screen mode or in a smaller screen area. You can also take screenshots of your screen with a single click if necessary.

You can use a separate microphone to isolate the audio when recording your voice for vlogging or live streaming. 

As a result, AceThinker’s tool is ideal for creating screencast videos. It is unique in that it can also record webcam videos. This opens up possibilities for creating how-to videos by combining webcam, screen, and audio recording. It also includes an integrated editor that allows for real-time editing and annotation of the recording.

Screen Grabber Pro is a powerful piece of software that can meet all of your recording requirements. You can capture videos in high, medium, or low quality, select the frame rate, and even choose whether to show or hide your mouse movements.

Wrapping Up

The best free screen recording software will ultimately depend on your requirements. Each of the software can handle screen recording well, but they each have their unique features. Test each of them out if you must until you find what works for you.

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