Top 10 Free WhatsApp Marketing Software 2021

WhatsApp continuing the top-performing messaging app has succeeded in assembling a good number of clients throughout the globe. The messenger application is a highly reliable platform for corporations that consistently use the platform for interacting with buyers and clients.

Though WhatsApp doesn’t sustain publications of any kind, it is essential to ethically use the tool and keep the existing laws in view.

One can send bulk messages to potential clients using a range of user-friendly and Free WhatsApp marketing software or tools. These tools also authorize you to connect photos, videos, and PDF files in addition to text messages.

Unsolicited messages are not supported by WhatsApp Messenger. As a result, it is good to be innovative and use ethical campaign strategies to reach the target market. One approach is to use Software that uses WhatsApp Web and automates it via a browser, similar to Whatso or RapBooster or any other Free Whatsapp marketing software.

It’s now more accessible and quicker to find the right Whatsapp Marketing Software for your business! To find the best apps, compare rates, ratings, features, and get a free consultation.

Benefits of free Whatsapp marketing software:

Take your sales to the next level by benefiting from the benefits offered by Free WhatsApp marketing software. Every saas owner understands the importance of sales and WhatsApp marketing software can give you an extra edge with sales. Social media policies are the best medium for information these days, and to stay progressing against the opposition, it is necessary to make use of these tools. Here are the top benefits of using Free WhatsApp marketing software:

  • Client Commitment: Client commitment gets updated and developed as the Software makes it possible to reach a broad base.
  • Label Positioning: You grow your client base, which suggests you further enhance your label’s position in the business as now your output is more noticeable.
  • CRM Management: Maintaining client connections for building your brand more customer-friendly is crucial for increasing sales.
  • Team Growth: Use the floor for constructing a reliable team that is appealing, interactive, and constantly coming up with unique ideas.
  • Tracking Area: Yield the area of your company to let clients/buyers reach the target in a hassle-free way. The more comfortable way it is for the clients to contact you, the greater the sales potential.
  • Analytics: Analytics is essential to recognize whether or not a consumer or buyer has read a piece of demanding information.
  • Send your published guides: Free Whatsapp marketing software helps transfer clients’ details regarding promotional displays, announcements, projects, and books with ease.
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Whatso: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software


Whatso is one of the standard popular free bulk WhatsApp sender apps among the Free WhatsApp marketing software available, with over 25,000 users worldwide. It is one of the most vital marketing strategies for mid and small businesses to improve user interaction and boost sales using the latest anti-blocking technology.

Features Of Whatso: 

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Automatic Customisation
  • 24×7 Support
  • Fraud detection
  • Customizable Sender ID
  • Multiple Contact Storage
  • Multimedia Formats

Pricing Of Whatso

1.    Standard: INR 999/- Lifetime

2. Professional: INR 1999/ – Lifetime

3.    Enterprise: INR 2,999/- Lifetime

Pros and Cons of Whtaso:

  • Express fast promotional information using the Software’s best message forwarding feature
  • Insufficient peculiarities are available with the free variant.

Whatso Review

By Howtobysaas

Post sales support
Ease of download


The software is pretty good in terms of usability control and it’s best for the market.

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WhatsHash (Vepaar): A free WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsHash (Vepaar)

WhatsHash which is now known as vepaar is a WhatsApp business web app with advanced CRM features that pave the way for users to semi-automate their business processes. Users can create customer accounts, provide personalized Support, respond quickly, save media and messages, run surveys, make their business page, and build e-commerce stores with ease using the app. In addition, users may host various promotions and contests to help develop their company by increasing client involvement.

Users must have a WhatsApp business account, which they can incorporate into the program to generate new leads and respond to customer questions. Also, this Software allows its users to take the entire edge of WhatsApp Business features and communicate quickly and easily with clients.

Features of WhatsHash:

  • Events & Reminders
  • Contact Import
  • Sales Funnel
  • Contact Management
  • Reports & Dashboard
  • Send Image, Video, Audio, File Attachments
  • Zapier Integration
  • Chat/Email Support

Pricing of Whatshash

Pros and Cons of Whatshash

  • WhatsApp based ticketing policy.
  • Provides the shop function.
  • Images cannot be customized
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WappBlaster: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software


WappBlaster is a free WhatsApp marketing software and program that sends out many messages at once that allow users to send personalized messages in real-time to prospective clients without being blocked or marked as spam. Users may also add images and videos to their messages to make them more attractive.

WappBlaster, a free Whatsapp Marketing Software, has an in-built filter and provides users with instant feedback to see how well their messages are doing. The free Whatsapp Marketing Software has an easy-to-use GUI, which is an excellent feature to meet the user’s needs. Also, there is no limit character text number. Additionally, it’s designed with the broadcast program and has an advanced anti-blocking algorithm for easy bulk messaging.

Features of WappBlaster:

  • Bulk SMS Services
  • Higher transparency & control
  • Delay control feature
  • Multi-language Support
  • Spin text module
  • Customizable Sender ID
  • Contact import & export
  • In-built filter
  • No credit limit on sending messages
  • You can design and upload a client database
  • 100% message delivery to all your contacts
  • Number filter & group verifier
  • Speed control feature
  • Auto group posting
  • Anti-block functionality

Pricing of WappBlaster

WappBlaster whatsApp broadcast program costs INR 2400/ a year per license.

Pros and Cons of WappBlaster:

  • Location transportation is the most helpful feature.
  • Information sent using this WhatsApp software are highly secured
  • Updating not possible in messages once sent

WappBlaster Review

By Howtobysaas

Multi-language Support
Speed control feature
Higher transparency & control


This software sends out many messages at once and allow users to send personalized messages in real-time.

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Rapid Planner: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software

Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner is a mobile marketing tool for mid-sized and small companies that uses WhatsApp. This Free WhatsApp marketing Software has a simple interface that eases users to wield it without much difficulty. Users can build and send customized messages to their customers in real-time using the WhatsApp marketing mobile app.

This free Whatsapp Marketing Software accredits consumers to connect directly with their customers to establish a trustworthy brand picture. A broad range of companies will benefit from Rapid Planner. For example, a typical general store can use it to announce new product additions, and e-commerce offices can use it to monitor shipments and keep customers up to date on delivery status.

Businesses, especially in the service sector, can wield the Rapid Planner mobile app to strategize better customer outreach and retention initiatives. This smartphone app allows business owners to bring off feedback for their services and plan effective business campaigns.

Features of Rapid Planner

Here’s a short rundown of what Rapid Planner has to offer as a Free WhatsApp Marketing Software:

  • Anti-spammer 
  • Bulk broadcasting 
  • Digital marketing 
  • Customization in system-generated replies
  • Phone number filters 
  • Bulk messaging 
  • Creation of focus-based broadcasting lists
  • SEO tools

Pricing of Rapid Planner

Rapid Planner is available for a monthly fee of INR 350 per device Android, Windows, and Macbook all have different prices

Pros and Cons of WappBlaster:

  • Best for informative media marketing.
  • Anti-spam and filtering of contacts.
  • Requires high-speed internet affection.
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Waam-it: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software


Waam-it Sender is a marketing tool for WhatsApp. It’s an automated Free WhatsApp marketing Software that lets users broadcast an infinite number of personalized WhatsApp messages to any number. Personalize the messages with specifics like honorifics (sir or madam), phone numbers, names, or any other information using the Software’s features. Waam-it Sender uses WhatsApp as a powerful marketing tool to increase brand and product awareness to a more significant number of targeted customers globally.

Waam-it Sender supports all WhatsApp languages and can send up to 5000 complimentary text messages per hour globally. WhatsApp marketing tech accredited companies to communicate with their target clients; at the same time, they may also respond to service requests or inquiries in real-time.

Features of Waam-it:

  • Attachment to the file
  • Messages are unlimited.
  • Broadcasts images with captions
  • Instant texting to numbers that aren’t on your contact list
  • Sending messages on a schedule
  • Both WhatsApp text formats and emojis are supported.
  • The rendering of a phone number
  • Unresponsive or incorrect numbers are skipped and blacklisted.
  • Filtering removes duplicate phone numbers.

Pricing of Waam-it: 

Waam-it Sender has two separate plans to choose from:

  • Waam-it Sender Basic – Rs. 26,202/-
  • Waam-it Sender Pro – Rs. 32,802/-

Pros and Cons of WappBlaster:

  • You can insert time lags between different messages
  • Support for various file setups
  • Only web-based
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WhatsApp SMS Myntra: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp SMS Myntra

WhatsApp SMS Myntra is a leading provider of bulk and Free WhatsApp marketing software. Their WhatsApp bulk marketing program allows marketers to promote their business better and constructively through WhatsApp. Also, it has some cutting-edge features to help you get the most out of the app.

Features of WhatsApp SMS Myntra: 

  • Multi-Languages
  • 24×7 Support
  • Reporting
  • Contact Management
  • Inbox
  • Multimedia Formats
  • Campaign Creation
  • Campaign Scheduling
  • User Engagement
  • Campaign Tracking

Pricing of WhatsApp SMS Myntra:

WhatsApp Myntra offers a free consultation and unlimited messaging for a one-time fee of Rs. 19,800.

Pros and Cons of WhatsApp SMS Myntra:

  • Market your business using the app’s real-time coupons.
  • Multimedia file formats.
  • Only web-based
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Whappend: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software 


It is a business-oriented WhatsApp marketing platform/Software. The program aids in increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction levels. Organizations may use this program for a variety of purposes. For example, NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) may use it to plan a campaign and for communication purposes to volunteer.

Whappend assists marketing departments in organically building brand awareness for their product or service through this Free WhatsApp Marketing Software.

Features of Whappend:

For a short rundown, here are a few Whappend features:

  • Anti-spammer 
  • Bulk messaging 
  • Customer interaction 
  • Online marketing campaign
  • Phone number filter 
  • System generated replies 
  • Digital Marketing 

Pricing of Whappend:

Whappend’s price is determined by a number of factors, including the scale of the operation, consumer specifications, and so on. You can also request a call to the sales team.

Pros and Cons of Whappend:

  • Best for informative media marketing.
  • Anti-spam and filtering of contacts.
  • Requires high-speed internet affection.
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Lead Myntra: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software

Lead Myntra

Lead Myntra is a web-based Free WhatsApp marketing Software or tool that integrates with WhatsApp and assists users in bringing off qualified leads for their businesses. The Lead Myntra users can interact with their clients via text messages, images, audio clips, and PDF files since WhatsApp has a higher engagement rate. In addition, users can create campaigns, provide product support, and respond to customer questions in the meantime as well.

Furthermore, the WhatsApp marketing software’s intuitive reports allow them to evaluate their business growth across multiple parameters and take appropriate actions when needed.

Features of Lead Myntra:

  • Detailed Reports
  • Create New Groups
  • Filter Groups
  • Incredible Messaging System
  • Platform Generated Contents
  • Video Chat Software
  • Reseller Management

Pricing of Lead Myntra

The pricing of Lead myntra varies per the plan, factors and operation. A  callRequest to the team would be recommended if urging for this software pricing rate per year.

Pros and Cons of Lead Myntra

  • Develop different content for the target viewers using Lead Myntra.
  • The application is web-based.
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Kubic: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software


Kubic technology is one of the best Free WhatsApp Marketing Software in India, with features such as sending unlimited messages, multi-multimedia messages, a number generator, and a number filter. This Software is a must to upgrade your business and promotion to hit huge customers globally.

Features of Kubic:

  • Multi-Languages
  • 24/7 Support
  • Reporting
  • Contact Management
  • Secure & Trusted Solution
  • Customizable Sender Id
  • Whatsapp Alerts
  • Multiple Contact Numbers
  • Personalized Inbox
  • Support Multimedia Formats
  • Bulk WhatsApp Messaging

Pricing of Kubic

Kubic plan starts with Rs. 8000/year.

Pros and Cons of Kubic

  • Market your business using the app’s real-time coupons
  • Only web-based
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RapBooster: A free WhatsApp Marketing Software


It’s a full-featured Free WhatsApp marketing software and programs specially designed for companies to communicate with their clients more credibly. This Free WhatsApp marketing software offers end-to-end solutions for running advertising promotions and auto-responders on WhatsApp. It’s been designed in a way with an AI-powered engine that assists users in discerning and targeting customers by importing and dissecting WhatsApp phone numbers from various sources.

Marketing teams may also use RapBooster to schedule responses, follow-ups, and questions from their target audience. Another significant advantage of using this WhatsApp Bulk sender tool is that it removes the contact cap for broadcasting, allowing users to send messages to more than 250 phone numbers at a time.

rapbooster free WhatsApp marketing software

Features of RapBooster:

  • Automated replies 
  • Keyword-based auto-replies 
  • WhatsApp number filtering
  • Report visibility
  • Instant message delivery
  • Import contact numbers
  • Campaign history recollection
  • Multimedia file and document support

Pricing Plan of RapBooster:

RapBooster offers two pricing options for its WhatsApp broadcasting software:

  1. RapBooster: ₹ 999/year
  2. RapBooster Pro: ₹ 1499/year

Pros and Cons of RapBooster:

  • You can produce time lags within several messages.
  • Guide for multiple file setups.
  • Only web-based.
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Why should one use Free WhatsApp Marketing Software?

As the most famous messaging app, WhatsApp has amassed a sizable user base all over the world. Companies that use the messenger program to communicate with customers and clients regularly are a highly dependable medium for them.

WhatsApp, on the other hand, does not permit any advertising or media. For that, it’s considered the best to use these Free WhatsApp Marketing Software platforms responsibly to promote businesses as a strategy further.

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FAQs about Free WhatsApp Marketing Software?

How Free WhatsApp marketing Software Helps Small Businesses?

Due to free bulk WhatsApp marketing Software tools, small businesses just starting their entrepreneurial journey can increase their visibility by distributing content over WhatsApp.

What type of content can be shared through Free WhatsApp marketing Softwares?

Free WhatsApp marketing Software tools help send text messages and images, videos, sound, and pictures. It is also possible to send business cards, real-time coupons, and audio information.

How successful is WhatsApp marketing in India?

Currently, India is one of the most influential markets in the WhatsApp society, with about two hundred million users depending on communication purposes.

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