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Refund Policy For Sellers

We consider that your SaaS buyers may not be convinced with your product after buying your paid subscription hence we allow buyers to push a refund request ...

Revenue Share To Seller

We want more money to go to our SaaS vendors hence we have zero upfront fee for selling on HTBS. There is only a small processing fee which is explained ...

SaaS Selling Policy.

If you wish to sell your SaaS subscription on HTBS, you need to follow our selling policy. Non adhering to these policies can lead to the removal of your ...

How To Sell SaaS Subscription?

In order to sell your subscription, you can follow these procedures. Please make sure that you read our saas subscription selling policy to be sure about ...

How do I lodge a dispute?

A dispute occurs when a buyer and/ or seller no longer wish to proceed with a sale or have concerns with the sale process or what has been purchased. ...

Listing policy for HTBS SaaS Seller

If you are a HTBS Seller who is willing to promote your saas sales through our platform and make all transactions within this platform itself then you must ...

Refund Policy For SAAS Subscription Buyers

If you are a saas buyer at howtobuysaas platform where you had chosen to subscribe to a saas by purchasing it from our platform then following refund ...

SAAS Listing Guidelines

We are very strict in listing the saas product. We currently feature 500+ listings for free on saas shop. When we take a saas live, we keep in mind the ...

How to list Your SAAS

To list your SAAS for listing purposes only, follow these steps. Signup for an account. Confirm your email id.Login to your account.Click the icon in the ...

Listing Policy For Non-Sellers

For SaaS vendors who are not selling with us. We don't and any pricing plans for you. Listing a saas on our SAAS Marketplace is completely free. But we have ...

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