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Refund Policy For SAAS Subscription Buyers

If you are a saas buyer at howtobuysaas platform where you had chosen to subscribe to a saas by purchasing it from our platform [ Instead of the SAAS Business website or direct contact ] then following refund policies are applicable to you.

  1. We offer 14 days risk-free no question asked refund policy.
  2. On refund, your access to the software will be deleted after the 14th day.
  3. The saas vendors’ refund policy doesn’t apply to you if you are buying it from our platform.
  4. The refund is initiated within 24 hours from the time you had initiated the request.
  5. The refund amount will have a minimal deduction of the transactional fee.
  6. Money shall be credited back to your HTBS wallet [You can use this wallet credit to purchase anything on HTBS ] which you can request to transfer to your bank account. For that, please contact us.
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