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Listing Policy For Non-Sellers

For SaaS vendors who are not selling with us. We don’t and any pricing plans for you. Listing a saas on our SAAS Marketplace is completely free. But we have certain policies which you shall have to follow in order to avail the free listing opportunity with howtobuysaas.

  1. You will add us as your affiliate partners.
  2. We shall give an external link to your sales page only when you accept us as your affiliate partner.

What if non-seller SaaS vendors don’t have an affiliate program?

If your SaaS business doesn’t have an affiliate programme the you must partner with us in our inbound marketing efforts.

Why you should support us in our inbound marketing?

Howtobuysaas is growing as a buyer-friendly platform for SaaS business. We want to be the best in helping SaaS businesses get their niche buyers with the least marketing efforts. If you support us in growing, we shall be stronger in driving more buyers to your business.

How can a non seller vendor help for inbound marketing?

You can support us by any of these efforts.

  1. Talk about us in your newsletter.
  2. Give us a link from your blog.
  3. Talk about us in your social media.
  4. Invite our business leaders in your events or webinars [ Only If relevant ]
  5. Any other suggestions.

We want to grow together. We would love to reciprocate back similarly.

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