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SaaS Selling Policy.

If you wish to sell your SaaS subscription on HTBS, you need to follow our selling policy. Non adhering to these policies can lead to the removal of your seller dashboard access.

Note: Your SAAS Is featured On Our Homepage and top of category pages. All sales transactions happen on the HTBS website.

Register with your Business email

When you choose to sell your saas from our platform, we do vendor verification. Register with your business email, confirm it, and fill the form via saas subscription selling form available in your Account Dashboard.

Wait For moderation by our product analyst.

It takes a minimum of 24 hours for us to confirm your product details and ownership before taking it to live in our saas marketplace.

Pricing Policy at HTBS

You are allowed to list one subscription plan on HTBS. [ Consider it as a new customer acquisition channel for your SaaS with the help of Howtobuysaas marketplace ]. We don’t allow multiple pricing plans to be sold on HTBS.

Tip: You can choose a dedicated pricing plan on HTBS with some special features that you generally don’t offer on your website. It will help your SaaS business get targetted audience from our marketplace to try your SaaS and later you can give your HTBS converted customers/clients, option to upgrade on a higher plan via your platform/website. Though you can choose to sell with any pricing plan that you wish.

Checkout Revenue share, payment schedule policies also.

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