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SAAS Listing Guidelines

We are very strict in listing the saas product. We currently feature 500+ listings for free on saas shop. When we take a saas live, we keep in mind the following checklist to approve them to get listing. Please make a note of all these points before filling the saas listing form of HTBS.

  1. Enter the name of your business.
  2. When you write about your business, it must be more than 600 words. We don’t love listing SAAS Who can’t brag about them to their buyers about the amazing product that they had built.
  3. Also, you have to share a short description of your SaaS that shares your USP with buyers.
  4. A clear logo [ No PNG or transparent background allowed ] 512 px
  5. Share the pricing details.
  6. The sales page link [ Approve us for your affiliate program on our email – ] We won’t list you if we aren’t an approved affiliate partner of your business. Read here what if you don’t have affiliate program
  7. Choose the appropriate saas category in which you can list yourself. Choose other if none of them matches you. [ We shall create a new category for you if eligible ]
  8. Mention founder year, your headquarters, team size.
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