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Revenue Share To Seller

We want more money to go to our SaaS vendors hence we have zero upfront fee for selling on HTBS. There is only a small processing fee which is explained below.

  • We take only small comission on sales that your product make.
  • you get to choose your own listing price.
  • Earn 95% of revenue from new buyers you bring to Howtobuysaas for your SaaS Sale. The 5% fee is our processing fee.
  • For every returing customer, that we bring to your SaaS subscription, you will earn 85% of that sale.


Your product cost is $100.

For 5 new customers, you will make $475 [95%] and for 5 returning customers, you will make $424 {85%}. So your total profit will be 900$.

Read Our SaaS Selling Policy

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