Top 8 SAAS Product Review Websites Of 2021

Why do you need a review for buying SAAS? You can buy them directly after reading their eye-catching features that are already meeting your business need. But you know what? Around 93% of the people in this world prefer reading reviews before making a purchase decision. You need to be very possessive with your decision while buying your saas as this would be responsible to either transform or disturb your business. Your business can be well managed with good saas and software if you choose the best one. So, In this blog, I am going to share with you the top 8 saas product review websites of 2021.

What are product review websites?

Product review websites are online platforms or directories of software and saas. These websites have almost all the categories of software that exists in this world and various saas and tools are listed beneath it.

These listings are done either by the product review websites itself or by the saas vendors. You get an option to list your softwares and saas under your company or vendorship name. You also get to keep updating your software data as a vendor on these product review websites according to your saas version updates.

How do products get reviewed on product review websites?

Product review websites have options to allow software or saas users to rate a particular saas with a star rating from 0 to 5. This is a convention that is followed in the first phase of any review on any product review website. To summarize this in short, a saas gets its reviews on these websites in the following way.

  1. The saas vendors ask their customers to post reviews as a feedback.
  2. Any user, self volunteer to post a good or bad review on the website.
  3. The product review websites encourages people to post reviews in return of some giveaway. [ This is cross verified with vendor too. ]

There are ‘n” number of ways through which software gets reviewed on such saas directory websites.

So, without waiting further, lets checkout top 10 best software suggest and review websites of 2021.

Top Product Review Websites: Table

Here are the top product review sites, organized by their worldwide Alexa rankings and verified by their Moz domain authority rankings.

No.Review Site2019 Worldwide Alexa RankingMoz Domain Authority
3G2 Crowd5,42767

Let us understand the power of these product review websites, one by one.

Top Product Review Websites: List

Sharing the comprehensive study on all the above product listing websites. This will help you understand the kind of crowd that is available on these product review sites and possibilities of getting visibility for saas businesses and buyers.

1. Trustpilot

trustpilot reviews

This review website is the world’s top review website which allows all type of review. From softwares to business to anything that is a part of B2B or B2C sector can be reviewed on this website.

The review is possible only with verified reviews and can go under moderation if the review is done with an intent to defame any business or organisation.

Trustpilot is also a google partner hence you can use its review in your website schema to show and display in your rich snippet results.

If you are a genuine business, you must be on trustpilot and ask your clients and customers to give good ratings if you offer good service to them.

Price: It is a free listing and review website. But they have some other upgrades for Lite, Pro, and Enterprise tiers for additional marketing and sales functionality

2. Capterra

It is an amazing platform for software listing and review. If you are a software buyer, then you can get some honest reviews posted by software users which are verified and authentic. This platform has almost 5-6 million people using it so it comes in the top of our list.

If you are looking for softwares to match your business needs then this is the right platform for you.

Pricing: It is free for software listing and reviewing but for software vendors, their is a PPC plan where you can get your software listing displayed at the top.

3. G2 Crowd

g2 review product review websites

This platform is a gem in saas and software review website. It is based on proprietary algorithm which helps in eliminating fake reviews and they are properly verified.

The reviews are left open for the community to also like or dislike to give a feedback to a review.

It is very rare to get reviewed by fake people or competitors with a vision to defame.

if you are saas owner who has listed your software interested in paying for some additional perks, you can purchase access to buyer insights, such as software category page views, and review data from your target audiences to better aid your sales and marketing teams in selling your product. 

Price: Free business listings. You have an optional paid buyers insights.

4. FinancesOnline

finance online product review websites

The name in saas and software listing business, finance online has a good reputation. With more that 2.5 million per month readers of this website and 10000+ products in its directory, it has been helping connect both saas buyers and owners to build a better software market.

In addition to SaaS software reviews, you can also benefit from comprehensive studies, reports, and statistics thoroughly prepared by our research team. 

The software listing done on finance online is too comprehensive. So, the details shared and product information is fully verified by moderators and product experts before getting it live on the website.

Pricing: Free to list.

5. GetApp

getapp review

If you are into saas or mobile app business and want to reach more buyers, this is the best place for you. You get reviewed by a genuine saas buyer that can boost your business trust.

 GetApp has software offers, SaaS and Cloud Apps, independent evaluations and reviews.

Buyers can study about their app and saas side by side with interactive tool to take the saas buying decision.

Price: Free with paid PPC/PPL upgrades

6. TrustRadius

Trustradius is the most unbiased product review website. It gets the best verified reviews from people who authenticate their review with a work email or genuine LinkedIn profile.

There are no ads and PPC options so whatever saas or software gets into trustradius, it has full opportunity to share its product beauty with the review readers and make a purchase decision.

Price: Free to list.

7. Technology Advice

Technology advice is a crowd-sourced product review website that helps buyers find the right software for their business. They also work with vendors to optimize their visibility in the business. So, it is a bit PPC environment.

Talking about the product review, they are more of a lead generation system for vendors.

They allow vendors to list their software and then moderate them manually to identify the kind of tool it is. Once they review, they give their rating since they have 450+ team member of experts in every domain to study the tools and software.

8. HowtoBuySaas

How to buy saas is a dedicated saas product review websites which are like an eCommerce community for software vendors and buyers to get to know about different software in a different category, their features, and pricing.

How to buy saas also allow reviewing of saas from buyer end. They have dedicated review submission option where they personally connect with the reviewing person to validate their review, for issues faced by reviewer, they connect buyer with vendor to suggest saas challneges and help saas vendors to built better solution.

Price: It is completely free. Vendors can contact directly to get listed by submitting their details.

Final thought

Among all the product review websites mentioned above, all of them are an idea product review websites. It is a win win opportunity for both saas owners as well as buyer to use this opportunity to market out their solution with a good platform.

The best solution for vendors are to get listed in as much platform as possible because every footfall is an opportunity for their business.

For saas buyers, always prefer reading reviews from all the product review websites and bring down to a solution. You must refer to software buyer guides as well before making a purchase decision.

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