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What is SAAS Marketing? SAAS Growth Strategies For 2022 [19 Strategies]

SaaS is a global software solution created by different businesses in order to improve human activities in a matter of clicks. SAAS is also abbreviated as software as a service. With so many SAAS getting visibility in online marketplaces, we found that new saas businesses are struggling hard to make it to the right set of customers. In this saas marketing strategy guide, we are going to tell you everything about saas marketing.

What is SAAS marketing?

SaaS as we already understood is a software as a service. In this type of software, you use the potential of cloud storage so that the users can use or access these apps from any location. Selling these types of saas businesses to potential buyers using the right medium is called saas marketing.

In saas marketing, you generally use online marketing strategies to generate more leads and conversions in your saas business. These saas can be either web or app-based or even both.

In all cases, it will always be an online business model hence digital marketing is considered to be the best saas marketing strategy. Moving down the lines of this blog, you will get to learn some of the smart ways of doing saas marketing in 2022.

How Is SAAS Marketing Different?

SAAS Marketing strategy generally involves a collective digital strategy to stay in touch with your potential buyers. Since these apps are solving pain points, the buyers need to feel the need by matching your saas features with their pain points.

saas buyer journey

This doesn’t happen in one go. In SaaS marketing, you need to consider the entire AIDA model of marketing [ Awareness, Interest, Decision, and action ]. Segment your saas features and create the best possible landing pages that define a perfect CRO [ Conversion rate optimization ] of your saas business. Does that sound interesting? let’s see these saas marketing differences in the list below which makes it different from other industry’s marketing strategies.

  1. Most of the saas businesses are based on the subscription model.
  2. A lot of saas businesses consider offering free trials or plan to allow potential buyers to test the saas before buying.
  3. Saas businesses generally prefer launching their MVP on saas marketplaces before getting into organic growth.
  4. These saas businesses prefer generating leads followed by cold calling or email follow-ups for demo schedules.
  5. Branding is considered to be one of the most important saas marketing strategies as the conversions in this niche never happen on first interaction due to high ticket size and other corporate formalities.
  6. Webinars are considered to be the best way to showcase saas to their customers and also gain feedback.

These few things make saas marketing different from the rest of the niche marketing strategies.

How to Prepare a Successful SaaS Marketing Strategy Roadmap?

We just now saw that saas marketing is somewhat different from any other online business. You need to align your saas marketing strategy according to a general user perception about how they consume saas related content and take action in subscribing to one of them.

If you successfully align your saas marketing strategy with the mindset, pain points, and value that they are looking for, you are going to convert one out of every 10 guys.

saas marketing roadmap

Let us understand all the basic points you should keep in mind while preparing your successful SaaS marketing strategy.

  1. Segment your SAAS features into a single product showcase.
  2. Perform competitor analysis for each product segment.
  3. Create your product demos.
  4. Identify your MVP to test with your audience.
  5. Setup Pricing model and payment gateways.
  6. Find quick platforms to launch your MVP.
  7. Start Listing your saas on Software and saas Marketplaces.
  8. Build the perfect website for your saas.
  9. Prepare an A/B testing plan for your app and website UI/UX.
  10. Prepare an SEO plan for your saas website.
  11. Get Ready With PR strategy and Media Kit.
  12. Start your saas youtube channel.
  13. Prepare Pitchbook for your saas.
  14. Get a webinar or interview session plan with your industry expert.
  15. Timeline your podcast channel.
  16. Plan Social Media Integration with your SAAS Business.
  17. Use monitoring tools to identify business emotions over the internet.
  18. Document your Alternatives and Reviews over the website.
  19. Start Branding.

Above are those billion-dollar steps in saas marketing that will help your saas take the success ladder and amplify your growth rate. Let’s deal with all of them one by one and learn their execution process in detail.

1. Segment Your SAAS Features

We have listed close to 1000 SAAS on Howtobuysaas after working with a lot of product analysts to identify the best saas. What we found very common in all SAAS tools is that they come with a bundle of features to offer their buyers.

If your saas even has 1+ features to offer, showcase each one of them as an individual product. For example, we were studying recooty which is an applicant tracking software.

saas marketing segmentation

It just helps you to fulfill ATS tasks but more than that, it offers everything with a bundle of features. In order to showcase these add-on features, they created dedicated product pages for each feature. Like branded career page, job posting, partner job boards.

These are just some common tasks in any applicant tracking system but in order to get eyeballs for all such searches that people are doing on a search engine, it is good to have dedicated pages for such features and rank them on the search engines for better visibility.

You can see this segmentation practice followed by other good saas as well. Hence this is the best way to do a breakup of your audiences and drive them to your homepage or a dedicated sales page that can convert your potential buyers.

Let’s jump into the next SaaS growth strategy.

2. Perform competitor analysis

In the previous section, we learned the idea of segmenting features into product showcase pages. So, suppose we have done that now. The next challenge is to do a competitor analysis.

What is SAAS Marketing? SAAS Growth Strategies For 2022 [19 Strategies]

Why do we need to do competitor analysis?

Competitor analysis is one of the best practices in saas marketing that helps you identify what’s working for your competitor saas. It gives you the growth roadmap from your competitor’s growth statistics which you can follow to reach a similar milestone and share their visibility online.

You need to use a few other saas tools that help you in doing competitor analysis. For example, similarweb can help you find which social media channel is giving good traffic to your competitors. How effective is email marketing working for them, and a ton of information to find potential places that are helping your competitors generate the targeted audience traffic over their website

With the right competitor analysis tools, you can create a successful saas growth roadmap and scaleup quickly.

For SEO Competitor analysis, you can consider semrush or ahrefs.

Let’s check the next step to get into your saas marketing and growth plan.

3. Create your product demos.

By the title of this section itself, you had already identified what you need to do. Let’s understand why you need to do this.

By now we have already done segmentation and know the process to grow each segment but how to convince those users coming to your segmented product pages to buy from you? You need to add those magic moments on your sales page that can help them relate their pain points to your product offering.

One of the best ways is to create your product demo and showcase them as videos on the website. These demos must give

  1. Quick usability of your product that solves a problem.
  2. Portray the benefits that your buyer will get.
  3. Show how your product works.
  4. And in end, give them reasons to choose you.

If you create such product demos, you are bound to make more conversions. For example, Punchey, a US-based SaaS company produces salon management software with in-built scheduling, marketing capabilities that integrate with their POS hardware solutions. They’ve got all of this covered with their offline and online demos – now isn’t that meta?

4. Identify Your MVP

MVP which is also known as a minimum viable product is an important module of your saas. When you have tons of features or even 1+ features, we talked about how to segment your product into individual products with its sales pages.

what is mvp in saas marketing

Here, you need to identify, which feature of your product has a higher demand. It may happen that you are building something unique but it is quite obvious that a smaller or less smart version of your saas must already be present in the market.

In this case, you need to identify that segment of your saas and consider it to be part of your MVP.

Don’t build the entire product and start your marketing in one go. Follow a lean startup structure, choose the best MVP from your product segmentation and launch your product to the market that is ready to consume your value in your saas.

Book recommendation – The Lean Startup By Eric Ries

The Lean Startup. How constant innovation create

Keep your feedback model in place and let customers share their feedback suggestions via email, testimonials, feedback form, or by building a community around your saas to gain feedback from your own customers.

Note – Community building is an addon to your marketing strategy with zero marketing spent.

5. Setup Pricing model and payment gateways.

Getting with pricing has to be done when you started thinking off to build your saas. In this section, we are not talking about what price you should keep for your saas but how to set it in order to increase conversions.

Setting up a pricing model such that you have successful checkout is very important. Nobody wants to see those abandoned users who just came, tested your saas, and went off even though they could be a potential customer.

How to make sure that you don’t lose customers on these payment gateways? Here’s the deal.

  1. Don’t ask for pricing at the first interaction of your saas [ If you are new to market ] Not valid for renowned Brands in SAAS.
  2. Let user checkout your complete features and encourage users to upgrade to paid plans if they seem to have a benchmark engagement rate when they signup [ You can use tools to identify the engagement or setup activity counter in your saas backed ]
  3. Don’t collect credit card or payment details even for giving a trial period. Let users explore your saas. [ Once they are convinced, they will pay themselves. ]
  4. Always prefer a subscription payment plan where you can give users the option to pay monthly, quarterly or annual. [ A lot of beginner saas doesn’t consider quarterly plan payments. ]
  5. Mention words like [ No credit card etc needed, no hidden cost, free signup ] so that new users can try your saas without monetary tremors.
  6. Add whatever features you are offering to users in your pricing plans.
  7. Do add a section of FAQ about payment and refund so that users can be sure of subscribing to your saas.

There are bundles of other documentation and legal terms to be given acknowledgment. Following these, you can create a healthy transaction process over your saas.

6. Find quick platforms to launch your MVP.

As we learned earlier to follow the lean method and identify your MVP for launch. It is time to answer the right platform to launch your MVP.

It is important to lunch your MVP on saas launch websites because you are a completely new market and don’t have any target audience to test.

In order to test your MVP with the right audience who may become your early user, it is important to launch your saas on these websites.

Some of these saas MVP lauch website lists we can recommend are

  1. Howtobuysaas.
  2. Pitchground.
  3. Producthunt.
  4. Appsumo

Talk to these webmasters or team and get your saas listed. They have a huge list of saas buyers who would potentially be interested in using and be an early adopter.

7. Start Listing your saas on Software and saas Marketplaces.

This is one of the best strategies to scale up your saas quickly. There are bundles of websites where you can list your saas in all the featured category and get visibility.

Why it is important to list your saas in saas marketplaces?

When you talk about search engines like google, they never let saas or software rank directly on number 1 for their software category. For example, if I search for Payroll software, you will never find a payroll saas ranking on number 1. Here the algorithm wants users to choose from different payroll applications. Google doesn’t want to promote any one particular business and its saas. Hence, listing your saas has got you loads of benefits. They are.

  1. You get to feature your product in a list of your desired category that is already getting a huge footfall of potential buyers.
  2. You can improve the reputation of your saas business by using these saas marketplace review system to allow your customers to put reviews and showcase success stories about them. This improves your sales.
  3. Obviously, your saas website gets a backlink.
  4. These saas listing websites create a comparison of your saas with other competitors. It’s like free content for promotion if you are better than your competitor.

Consider listing your saas when you get started releasing your MVP. This is a long-term strategy that will help you collect customers’ feedback in the future over this crowded marketplace and increase your conversion counts via their high visibility on search engines.

8. Build the perfect website for your saas.

Your website is your shop for the product that you have created. If your shop doesn’t look great, probably it will not attract customers to buy from you.

saas website

You need to make sure that your shop looks better when your potential customers enter inside it. So, how do you optimize your website to get more conversions?

Consider this checklist for building a saas website.

  1. Your saas website should load super fast. A lag in loading can degrade the user experience and also give a bad impression to a saas buyer. Consider Hosting your saas on good hosting solutions. We recommend WPOven. They are beyond managed hosting with an amazing Dev support team.
  2. A/B Test your USP on the homepage hero section with the right copywriting skills.
  3. Prefer adding awards that your saas has won [ You can get these by listing your saas on saas market places, they will recognize you with some awards and badges ] Eg, from howtobuysaas, G2, etc.
  4. Show your past or current customer testimonials or success stories over the website.
  5. Announce the numbers on the website homepage related to your support statistics, customer counts, etc to build trust.
  6. Always believe in copywriting for your homepage content with powerful words that tell a story about your product and hits customer pain points with a solution that you offer.
  7. If possible, give a quick demo via video or interactives on your homepage.
  8. Add quality CTA that encourages users to signup or subscribe to your product.
  9. Always consider adding a support or inquiry link over your website to allow customers to contact your sales team easily.
  10. Use high-quality images and graphics so that your website doesn’t look dull.
  11. Make sure your message is clear and simple in your homepage content.

Following these 11 points to build your website will see better results. Meanwhile, your website is live, keep monitoring user experience using tools like crazyeggs, hotjar or google optimize to identify if things are working right for your potential customers in buying your saas.

9. Prepare an A/B testing plan for your app and website UI/UX.

Testing is considered to be the most important phase of any SAAS launch. You need to understand how your users are behaving when you open the doorway for your saas to your customers.

A lot of time things doesn’t perform as expected from your user end. You need to strictly study user behavior to understand the non-working funnel of your app.

How to do that?

Well, it’s not that complicated. You need to use the best monitoring tools which can take snapshots, heatmap, and videos of how the user is behaving starting from onboarding to exit.

You can also use platforms like that helps you connect with smart testers and allow them to do a defined activity. You can check their responses and identify the way they completed your allocated task while testing. Just compare their results with your goals and desired path and fix the places that were out of expectation.

Some other tools like crazyegg, google optimize and hotjar will help you understand what steps you must take to make changes in your UI/UX.

For doing A/B testing, just make two copies of your app and rotate them to a different set of audiences. This will help you find the winning pages, app dashboard, and your saas click funnels.

It will also help you identify redundant steps in order to complete any task in your saas. Your target while doing A/B testing must be to eliminate redundant steps and make it easy for users to work with your saas.

10. Prepare an SEO plan for your saas website.

SEO is a long term growth plan. If you are a JVZoo type saas just building saas for quick make money online then SEO is not for you. A few SAAS tries to launch their MVP on JVZoo, a good way to get massive investing money at no investor headache but that’s not what SEO planner would love.

saas seo

SEO is slow but evergreen success if you keep doing right. It is important to understand that one day you will be out of your MVP and looking to grow to the next level.

SEO is that one path that will broaden your business visibility globally. For early saas startup, we are sharing these valuable steps to boost your SAAS SEO.

SEO Strategy for New SAAS

  1. Segment all your product features [ As discussed in 1st point of roadmap ]
  2. Do keyword research for and all possible keywords in every segment of your products. [ make an excel sheet of those keywords segment-wise ]
  3. Define the intent of each keyword in terms of what kind of content in ranking in SERP [ Blog or business page ]
  4. Prepare your blog content plan with keywords that rank blogs in SERP.
  5. Prepare your Sales page for each product segment and do on-page optimization along with copywriting.
  6. Start blogging with low competitive LSI and slowly raise your bar of targeting difficult keywords.
  7. Improve your initial backlinks from saas review websites by listing your SAAS in such saas marketplaces.
  8. Prepare an outreach email template for guest blogging and pitch content ideas to SAAS, IAAS, PAAS blogs, or saas. iaas, paas product blog which is not your direct competitor. [ Their acceptance rate will be higher for allowing you to guest blog. ]

The above 8 steps of SEO strategy work well for an early stage SAAS. For already established SAAS, if you want to grow exponentially with your SEO strategy then prefer the following strategies.

SEO Strategy for Growing SAAS

  1. Push more reviews about your saas with customers’ feedback. This can be on your website as well as on SAAS marketplaces that allow reviews.
  2. Contact Bloggers and collaborate with them to talk about your product features.
  3. Prefer influencer marketing with industry experts in your SAAS. Let them try your saas and be your advocate.
  4. Build Communities for your niche on social media like Facebook, discord, etc.
  5. Prepare comparison content and market out your content to let people understand how your UVP [ Unique value preposition ] is better than others.

All the strategies are just introductory steps to grow your SAAS with SEO. They are too descriptive when we talk about SAAS Seo strategy. For a detailed SEO for saas, you can read this.

11. Get Ready With PR strategy and Media Kit.

A lot of SAAS founders believe that PR must not be an initial stage strategy when their MVP is still maturing. To some extent, I do believe this thought but PR should also be considered in your growth strategy.

When you talk about your SAAS in big media and journals like Forbes, entrepreneur, NYTimes, you not only gain SEO authority but also allow an untapped target audience to check out what you got.

While you take decisions to talk about your product on such big media platforms, it also gets the eyeballs of other publisher houses. They would talk interest in publishing about you.

In such cases, it is essential that your website has all media kits available on your website linking somewhere in your website’s footer. It will allow them to talk about you in a better way.

What you should include in your media kit?

You cannot write a complete thesis on your media kit page. There are a few essentials, that you should have on your media page. Let’s understand what should be the bare minimum to have.

  1. Your company background and story. How you started and your business vision.
  2. Try showing your team or your management bios who are available as your business representative to media houses and publishers.
  3. Showcase some reputed Press releases where your business got featured.
  4. Include some case study links with customers.
  5. Your product features facts and documents.
  6. Share contact information.
  7. Add a form for people who wish to be contacted for inquiry about any PR related information.

When creating your electronic press kit, keep your audience in mind. Take a step back and think about what a reporter would need to accurately portray your business’s story. Also, remember to keep things up to date so you are ready to share your electronic press kit at a moment’s notice. Lastly, a well-done electronic press kit will show journalists that you understand their needs, which will ultimately help you to develop stronger relationships with the press you’re pitching. 

12. Start your saas youtube channel.

There is always a buzz that video content generation is more valuable than writing blogs or textual marketing materials. This is highly controversial to say that blogs don’t engage the audience. The blog is a source of huge organic growth if done right but let us understand what are the benefits of creating your saas youtube channel. 

  1. You can create your SAAS video tutorials which can be used both for showcasing your product and also for training the new onboarded users of your saas. 
  2. You can generate leads by promoting your videos through an advertising network. 
  3. Youtube channel can rank for different search queries if you do youtube SEO for your channel. 
  4. The SAAS Youtube videos can be used in your product blog which is a good way to create engaging blogs. 
  5. The youtube tutorials can be used to showcase free signup users with your saas potentials in your email onboarding series. 
  6. If your SAAS has vast potential then you can also create a learning hub using your videos and create courses around it. 
  7. The youtube video can also be used as a resource for other bloggers to understand your product and create review blogs that add to your SEO efforts. 

So, we can understand the value of having a video production team for your SAAS and setting up a Youtube channel for the same. This itself is one of the best growth hacks for gaining visibility in the SAAS industry. Don’t ignore this segment and grow wisely. 

13. Prepare Pitchbook for your saas. 

During your journey of growth X in SAAS business, you will get a chance to interact with different segments of the industry. These segments can be named as 

  • Big Corporate or Large Enterprise Buyer, 
  • Small Business and startups or 
  • MSME. 

All there of them comes up with different mindset and operations. For example, small businesses or startups are easy adopters of technologies. By easy adopters I mean, they will start using your SAAS without getting into some legal exchanges. For example, if we take HR Software Like CuteHR, since this software would store a lot of your business personal information, it becomes mandatory for a large enterprise to sign a clause of mutual agreement to cooperate in maintaining privacy with data. So, onboarding with big businesses becomes a multistep process while for small business and startup, they are ready to onboard quick and get started. 

Here, a pitchbook is important which can consist of information like.

  1. How onboarding works.
  2. What policies your SAAS business follows.
  3. How secure is your SAAS for businesses?
  4. What data privacy rules you are abided to.
  5. How do you deal with any legal tie-ups? 
  6. The complete offering your SAAS gives when companies subscribe to it. 
  7. How your tool can be used by the individuals and their limitation or freedom to use. 
  8. Refund policies. 

These are some basic points you should keep in your SAAS pitchbook or your information brochure so that the companies or people paying you for collaboration are confident about your business. 

14. Get a webinar or interview session plan with your industry expert.

Webinars have been a good way to not only engage with your potential customers but it is one of the good methods to talk to your existing customers also. 

You must include conducting webinars in three formats.

  1. Webinar with leads who are willing to buy your saas but need informative reviews before purchasing. 
  2. Webinar with existing customers about how your SAAS can amplify/automate their business operation  [ Or anything that will encourage them to tune into your webinar.
  3. Webinar with Industry experts.

Let us understand these 3 formats of webinars.

A. Webinar with Potneital Leads.

Which you start your new SAAS business or if you are an established SAAS business, you will always see that a percentage of your generated Leads doesn’t purchase your subscription. The reason behind this can be many but most of the time it is due to a lack of awareness about how your product is valuable to them.

Whenever a buyer needs software like yours, they go from a journey from awareness to acquisition. When they land on your sales page, if you are not a market leader, they would be at the awareness stage. They will browse through your saas by free signup and test your demo data and leave off with a mindset that let’s check others and then come down to acquisition state. 

During this transversal journey from awareness to the acquisition, they get lost in finalizing a tool for themselves and end up going to the market leader because the market leader has already done its awareness campaign massively through branding, content marketing, PPC, retargeting, and all other marketing strategies.

It is your responsibility to bring them out of your market leader trap and allow them to learn who you are, what your saas does etc so that while they are a hot lead of acquisition, you are one of the best contenders.

Here, webinar retargeting way of marketing out yourself with pain points as your line of the webinar will attract them to look for you. 

This is the moment you can pitch your product by showcasing the potential in the webinar.

Post that, your leads are ready to entertain you in your followups and subscribe to your SAAS business. 

These Webinars will bring on more sales and trusted advocates about your SAAS leading to further acquisitions through word of mouth.

TIP –  Save your webinars in your youtube channel for others to use it as a review video. 

B. Webinar with Existing Customers. 

The more you talk to your customers, the more you will build good relations. In any business, if you build good relations with your customers, they become your advocate and add value to the word of mouth marketing.

This method also helps you in identifying the loopholes in your tool as you can use these webinars as a way to understand the kind of issues and challenges that your customers are facing.

Along with this, you also allow your existing customers to explore more ways to utilize the power of your saas to implement ways to nurture their business. For example SEMRush, an SEO SAAS keeps conducting a webinar and explains how their different features can help people to improve their marketing efforts. 

When you solve the pain points in the webinar, which upselling anything directly, you get a good impression and also appreciation which you can again showcase in your marketing campaign. 

C. Webinar with Industry Experts. 

Webinars can also be done in a video conference or podcast and you can invite leading industry experts or influencers in your webinar and talk about trends, hacks, tips, and a lot of valuable talks that can be valuable to listeners and viewers.

This method not only lets you increase your sales but with the powerful reach of these industry experts and influencers, you can increase your authoritative visibility across the globe and channels. 

So, we see that the webinar has to be one of the most encouraging practices that your SAAS marketing team must abide by. There is no loss in doing this and in fact, is a win-win game for both saas buyer as well as SAAS vendors.

15. Timeline Your Podcast Channel.

The podcast is a new growing trend in content marketing. With the advent and growth in voice search, we believe that podcasts would rank in those voice searches. 

Right now there are billions of blogs existing. But there are only a few million podcasts and the trend of listing to podcasts is growing. 

What is SAAS Marketing? SAAS Growth Strategies For 2022 [19 Strategies]
podcast growing trend.


You can start your podcast channel and create blogs around your podcast episodes. 

This will help you reach a very elite class of people who listen to podcast. 

In the Survey Monkey panel, 56% of people at least occasionally listen to podcasts, which is still higher than Pew’s findings, but more comparable. In contrast, only 91% of the people who accessed the survey via Reddit and Mozilla’s social media channels listen to podcasts at least occasionally, and 62% say they listen daily.

So, don’t you feel you are loosing free marketing resource?

Creating a podcast channel is very easy, You can easily get started with free platforms like

16. Social Media strategy for SAAS.

You need to be very strategic while choosing your social media platform for the purpose of marketing your SaaS to your audience present on those platforms.

In order to identify the right platform of social media for your saas marketing, the best way to identify the right channel is by doing a social media competitor analysis. Like we understood this in the 2nd point itself on how to do competitor analysis.

So, when you do a social media competitor analysis, you will understand which social platform is generating more traffic for your competitors. It is quite obvious that your competitors are putting more effort into generating traffic from a particular social platform as it must be giving them good returns on invest time on that social platform.

To identify this, you can use a tool called Similarwebs. Using this tool, you can check your top 10 competitors and judge, the social media which is generating more traffic to their website. For example, if 7 out of 10 competitors shows that Facebook is giving them more traffic, it is good to keep Facebook in your social media platform.

A lot of time, we have seen that some of the niche SAAS businesses generate good traffic from WhatsApp also. This will remain untapped if you don’t do a competitor analysis. You will never know that Whatsapp group or WhatsApp bulk marketing is helping your type of business effectively.

So, a good way to get started with social media is to identify which social media is more profitable for your competitors.

In the next step, visit your competitor’s social media pages and identify the kind of content that is getting more engagement.

Hence, with such research you will get two most important insights.

  1. Which social media platform is best for you.
  2. What kind of content can attract your target audience.

Post identifying these, you can get started with your social media marketing.

17. Use Monitoring Tools To Identify Business Emotions Over The Internet.

When your saas business starts growing, a lot of buzzes would be created about your tool. People of both sides of the coin will exist. Some of them will be their advocates while others would spit venom and negativity. 

Every new acquisition in your business would come after a journey from awareness to acquisition and while their journey of conversion, you need to make sure that they don’t encounter any fake facts about your business. 

Criticism is also important as it helps you build a better solution but you will always have a base of people who will speak irrelevant about your saas without exploring. 

Hence you need to monitor your mentions over the internet. 

There are few recommended tools that can help you monitor and notify whenever there is a buzz about your business name on the internet space. 

Few of them to name are.

  1. Brand24
  2. Semrush
  3. Google mention
  4. Social Mention
  5. Mention

These 5 tools are must-have tools in order to keep an eye on what people are talking about your business and you can react accordingly to improve or save yourself from any negativity before it crushes your business.

18. Document your Alternatives and Reviews over the website. 

I have been talking about the buyer’s journey from awareness to acquisition. In this journey, your potential customers must be going through a lot of resources in order to find the best options. These customers are free from any biased judgment. They can choose anyone who fits their requirement. 

Here, in this situation, it is your business responsibility to teach your buyer about the options available in the market and compare them with your offerings such that you are projected as the best among the rest. Hence, having a dedicated page for alternatives and reviews is very important in your saas marketing strategies.

kinsta alternatives

19. Start Branding.

Branding is one of the most important strategies for any business model. You cannot depend on any source of traffic forever. People should start recognizing and considering your businesses whenever they are looking for something like you. 

For example, when it comes to buying something online, we quickly go for amazon. When we have to search for anything online, we do it on google, likewise, your customers should come to you directly instead of being referred every time.

This is only possible when you have a good action plan for branding your SAAS. 

You must keep the following things in your marketing bucket while starting a brand-building campaign.

  1. Create a social media presence. 
  2. Consider adding all remarketing and retargeting pixels and codes from different social platforms in order to remind your website, visitors, about your business with remarketing strategies. 
  3. Always prefer collecting leads in the form of email or phone number or both from your website visitors so that you can stay in touch with them via different marketing campaigns.
  4. Set a monthly/weekly budget for Adverting your business using programmatic and performance marketing strategies. 

Always monitor all your branding campaign outcomes and have the performance marketing approach to understand which platform is giving your business better results. It is important because every platform for promoting your business will have different intent of audience for example if you are advertising your business on LinkedIn, you will reach to a more professional audience as compared to doing the same on Instagram. The performance of your campaign will vary according to the platform of promotion.

Finding user data on LinkedIn requires a unique approach compared to other platforms, and possessing this specific skill becomes invaluable in SaaS marketing. Understanding the nuances of how to scrape LinkedIn allows SaaS marketers to conduct precise and targeted outreach, optimizing their strategies for effective engagement within the professional network.

Saas Marketing In 2022 – Final Thought

The software industry is expected to grow by 507 billion USD in 2022. If your business is able to turn only 0.1 percent of this market share then it would be a great success.

software business growth

If you or your business has the potential to build something that’s revolutionary or that can solve any pain point of an industry then don’t wait for things to be on paper. Take action and execute. Your MVP will help you identify what’s good and what’s not. Don’t assume and wait for the fortune to change as you wish. This is a billion-dollar industry and you are just a few steps away with your software.

If only the above 19 steps mentioned in this blog is implemented well, raising a million dollar in a starting phase with your MVP won’t be a challenge.

What are you reading now? Go go, and execute these strategies today.

Chief Saasologist

Chief Saasologist

Myself Snehil Prakash aka Chief Saasologist of Howtobuysaas. I am a saas marketer, who loves studying evolving software that is bringing change to the world. Share the same with people via howtobuysaas platform.

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