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Bluehost WP Pro Review: Grow Your Perfect WordPress Website

Bluehost WP Pro Review: Grow Your Perfect WordPress Website
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Bluehost WP Pro Hosting is a hosting plan that evolves with a, pardon the pun, ‘host’ of money-saving characteristics that might help you grow your WordPress website.

In this Bluehost WP Pro Review blog, we’ll take a quick look at some of the features, including the technology that executes Bluehost’s WP Pro hosting plan. In this Bluehost WP Pro Review blog We’ll also discuss the pricing and highlight the quality and their services.

At the end of this Bluehost WP Pro Review, we have briefly discussed Bluehost’s hosting and customer service, quality, etc.

Right then, let’s get to it. Here’s what we’re going to be focusing on in this Bluehost WP Pro Review!


What is Bluehost WP Pro Hosting?

Detailed description of Bluehost WP Pro Hosting

First, a little bit about the company in this Bluehost WP Pro Review blog. Bluehost was established way back in 2002. They are among the most outstanding web host providers in the business, serving more than 2 million clients worldwide. Bluehost’s parent company is EIG.

And to pinnacle in WordPress performance and hosting, it is made from the ground up to give the best possible experience for WordPress websites. WP Pro is perfect for your WordPress website, featuring excellent security, analytics, and social media combination.

Their latest WP Pro Hosting offering is intended for the website owner, essentially using WordPress as the platform of opportunity for building and growing an online business. 

Bluehost WP Pro Review: Grow Your Perfect WordPress Website

How is Bluehost WP Pro Hosting better than the standard shared hosting plan?

Comparison between Bluehost WP Pro Hosting and Standard shared hosting

Bluehost presents shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. They also extend shared WordPress hosting.

What a combination, right? 

A standard shared WP hosting plan is considerably more affordable than the WP Pro Hosting Package, and that’s because there are three critical features developed into the WP Pro Hosting plans. In extension to what you will find in the standard, WP shared hosting –

  • Optimized for speed and performance.
  • Marketing tools (SEO, email, and social).
  • Detailed analytics.

Let’s take a more solid look at each of those unique offerings ahead in this Bluehost WP Pro Review

  • Optimized for speed and performance

With a WP Pro Hosting plan from Bluehost, your WordPress site is hosted on an SSD-based server (Solid State Drive). This indicates your website should load and perform considerably faster than hosted on a regular HDD server.

These SSD servers utilize state-of-the-art technology and are more optimized for speed and performance.

  • Marketing tools (SEO, email, and social)

One of the standout features of Bluehost’s WP Pro hosting service is the set of marketing tools that you get. You can control your entire email conversation, social media marketing, and SEO, all within a singular dashboard on your Bluehost account.

The marketing tools are pretty cool, although essential enough. You can get insights on the data being collected by your site, including keyword selection, tips on how to promote your content and SEO, set automated information for Twitter and Facebook, and much more.

  • Detailed analytics

To make the most maximum of your WP Pro hosting plan, you can blend Google Analytics into the marketing center and access all your daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly traffic stats in one position.

You also get way to a host of traffic tools, such as permitting ads on your site, permitting share icons again, all from a single dashboard.


What Plans are under Bluehost WP Pro Hosting

Description about several plans of WP Pro Hosting

In this Bluehost WP Pro Review we will now discuss the three plans prepared in the WP Pro Hosting option.

  • Build
  • Grow
  • Scale

If you’re beginning with a brand new WordPress website/blog, the build plan would be more than sufficient for your requirements.

The Build Plan comes with the key features we studied above in Bluehost WP Pro Review; in addition, you get –

  • Access to 100 free premium quality themes. That in itself is super helpful as one single theme can cost anywhere up to $100.
  • You also get daily recorded backups so that no external backup service is required.
  • Malware detection and removal. It was, again, saving you money in ought to purchase an external Malware protection service.
  • Domain privacy protection.

The Grow plan involves much more features and extra resources, so does the Scale plan. These further include several features in this Bluehost WP Pro Review, that are –

  • Jetpack Premium and Pro.
  • Business review tools.
  • PayPal integration.
  • Unlimited video compression, and more.

The best part of this Bluehost WP Pro Review is that Grow and Scale plan comes with WordPress Live ticket and Chat support, whereas the Build plan comes with the standard backing.


What features are involved in Bluehost WP Pro Hosting 

Features of Bluehost WP Pro Hosting
  • Limitless Traffic

Sites powered by the Bluehost Managed WordPress hosting don’t transmit with the bandwidth goal. Also, unlike cloud hosting organizations that operate burstable CPUs, BH won’t slow down your website if it gets several visitors.

  • Storage

WordPress sites using premium themes may generate thumbnails of different sizes when the user uploads pictures. Also, the music or plugin may generate additional tables in your site’s database and renew them each time you edit a setting (or create a new page with the page builder tools). If you’re practicing a WordPress hosting service that has set a fixed quantity of storage for your account, you’ll have to control the disk space daily. If you’re using Bluehost WordPress Pro, you don’t have to bother about the storage memory as BH offers extensive storage memory to the WP Pro hosting service users.

  • Unlimited domains and subdomains

Bluehost WordPress Pro provides you the liberty to host additional websites and generate unlimited subdomains at no additional cost. Also, your current site’s performance won’t diminish when you expand a new website.

  • Staging Environment

The staging environment of Bluehost WP Pro allows you to test a WordPress plugin and themes online. If you’re preparing to introduce a new theme or an SEO/maintaining/related posts plugin, make sure you examine it before practicing it on your live site.

  • SSL Certificates

If your site demands users register an account, log in, or have a payment gateway, you must configure your webserver to redirect HTTP offers to HTTPS. Before turning, you will have to install an SSL certificate on your server. This job is not easy. If redirects go opposite, your site will experience SEO issues. Bluehost allows you to stimulate and manage SSL certs with a single click of a button. It will also redirect your site correctly.

  • Onboarding call

When you purchase a WordPress Pro plan, you’ll be available for the 1-hour concierge call/WordPress sitting. You can ask your WordPress content management system, themes, and plugins to a Bluehost WordPress specialist during this call. This call can continue for an hour.

  • Documentation, Support

Bluehost is one of the several firms that offer 24 x 7 phone and live chat assistance. You can likewise contact the Bluehost support staff by writing an email to them. BH knowledge base has a great collection of hosting, domain, and web server management tutorials.

  • Uptime and speed

Bluehost WordPress Pro servers will cache the pages of your website to give the best performance. Except one of the server’s ingredients or the networking equipment fails, your site won’t be malfunctioning. You can require an uptime of 99% + with Bluehost.

  • Latest hardware

Bluehost uses the most advanced available hardware and high-performance SSD drives in their servers. BH servers are provided with Intel Xeon processors.


Pricing of Bluehost WP Pro Hosting

Detailed Pricing of Each Plan
  • The Build plan costs $19.95/ month. It awards 100 WordPress Premium themes for free and hence it has great Bluehost WP Pro Review.
  • Bluehost Grow Plan costs $29.95/ month.
  • Bluehost Scale Plan costs $49.9/ month.
Bluehost WP Pro Review: Grow Your Perfect WordPress Website

Quality of Bluehost’s WP Pro Hosting and Customer Service

Review about Quality and Customer Service

Bluehost WordPress Pro servers will save the pages of your website from delivering the best performance. Unless one of the server’s segments or the networking equipment breaks, your site won’t be down. According to Hosting Facts, the running Bluehost test site is enjoying 99.99% uptime, which certainly makes them a reliable hosting provider.

Bluehost is one of the rare companies that offer 24 x 7 phone and live chat support. You can also reach the Bluehost support staff by writing an email to them.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Bluehost WP pro Hosting.

Pros and Cons of Bluehost WP pro Hosting

To get better idea about Bluehost WP Pro Review lets look at the advantages and disadvantages given below –

Advantages  –

  • Powerful and optimized servers
  • Build for WordPress users
  • Automatic backup and security features
  • Unlimited domain, subdomain, traffic and bandwidth
  • 24/7 live support

Disadvantages – 

  • Pricing is somewhat more expensive associated with typical shared hosting.

Steps for Signing Up!

Step by Step Guide for Sign up

Before ending this Bluehost WP Pro Review Blog let’s look at the steps to sign up. Signing up for a Bluehost account is super easy.

  • Go to Bluehost.
  • Then from the main menu, click on WP Pro (New)
  • Tap the Choose Plan key.
  • Pick the plan you require for your needs. Build, Grow, or Scale.
  • Build a new domain, or use a field that you previously own.
  • Fill in the Account info, check the Package info is accurate.
  • Insert your Payment info, agree to the terms, and hit Submit.

You’re in. It’s that easy.

Last Thoughts about Bluehost WP Pro Review

So, there you have it. My personal insight and Bluehost WP Pro Review service.

As mentioned at the beginning of this Bluehost WP Pro Review, this blog doesn’t talk too much about Bluehost’s ability as a hosting company, or how people personally felt about the overall quality of the service they provide to customers.

At $19.95 per month starting price, this is not a bad deal at all, considering what you get for your money. Whether you’re an experienced WordPress user looking to improve your website’s performance and to consolidate all your marketing and SEO in one place, or even if you are new to WordPress, then this could be perfect for you.

Of course, there are plenty of alternatives to Bluehost when it comes to WordPress hosting: read more about Cloudways, a powerful cloud-based WordPress hosting solution that lets you manage multiple sites, scale your servers vertically on-demand, and choose from a range of cloud infrastructure providers such as DigitalOcean and AWS.

Anyhow, that’s it for Bluehost WP Pro Review, I hope you’ve gotten some value from this Bluehost WP Pro Review.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the top features Bluehost WP Pro Hosting?

Marketing Center
Manage your SEO, Social Media, and Email traffic channels all in one dashboard. Monitor the performance of your website and marketing efforts from the same dashboard.
Detailed Analytics
Monitor your website traffic performance on a daily, weekly, or yearly basis. Already use Google Analytics? You can easily integrate your existing Google Analytics account into the Marketing Center to view your traffic channels.
Improved Site Speed
All WP Pro servers are built with Solid State Drives (SSDs) meaning your website outperforms websites hosted on traditional HDD servers. We do not oversubscribe the number of users on these servers, meaning more of the server’s resources are available to you when you need it. With WP Pro, you can enjoy the fastest WordPress hosting available.
Fully Managed
Managed WordPress hosting like WordPress Pro means you enjoy automatic updates to your WordPress install as well as automatic updates to the server environment so that your website is always on the fastest and most stable technology stack available

Can we host multiple websites on WP Pro?

Yes. WP Pro allows you to host multiple WordPress websites on a single account. However, only the primary website on your account will have access to all of the analytics and advanced tooling that comes with a WP Pro subscription. In order to leverage all the power of WP Pro for additional websites, you will need to purchase additional Jetpack licenses from within the Bluehost dashboard. Each license can be applied to a new website and will allow for analytics and advanced tooling to be used across multiple websites on a single account.

Is WP Pro Easy to Manage?

Our WP Pro platform is a fully-managed WordPress hosting environment, which means you can stay focused on building your website with content that is unique to you while we handle the daily maintenance of your server and the applications that keeps your website running strong.

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