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17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022

We have reviewed the 17 best podcast hosting sites and ranked them according to the key features that they offer to creators.

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites You Must Go For

AlternativesFree Plan/TrialStarting PriceRatings
BuzzsproutFree Plan$12/Month4.8/5.0
SpreakerFree Plan $6/Month 4.0/5.0
Captivate fm7-Days $19/Month 4.8/5.0
Transistor Fm 14-Days $19/Month 4.8/5.0
Castos 14-Days $19/Month 4.0/5.0
Podcastics Free Plan $4/Month 4.0/5.0
FuseboxFree Plan $15.83/Month 4.2/5.0
Podcast websiteN/A $77/Month 3,9/5.0
Audioboom Free Plan $9.99/Month 4.2/5.0
LibsynN/A $5/Month 4.5/5.0
SoundcloudFree Plan $16/Month 4.5/5.0
PodomaticFree Plan $9.99/Month 4.1/5.0
Blubrry N/A $12/Month 4.7/5.0
Feedpress1-Month $9.94/Month 4.2/5.0
Podcast Garden $2.99/Month 3.9/5.0
Simplecast14-Days $15/Month 4.1/5.0
Anchor FmFree PlanFree 4.7/5.0

You may have so many questions in your mind, where should I host my podcast? What is the best podcast hosting site? What are the options available in the market? Let’s answer these questions in this particular blog.

If you want to start a podcast and share your audio content with a larger audience? That’s great. However, to be honest, starting a podcast doesn’t mean you record your audio, and that’s it. You have to host your audio files with the best podcast hosting site available in the market.

The question is, how would you know which is the best podcast hosting site for you. That depends on your usage and requirements. We are here to help you; we have reviewed and researched all the available podcast hosting sites and made a list of the best 17 podcast platform for you.

In this blog will discuss the best podcast hosting sites that would give you a clear idea.


Buzzsprout: Free Podcast Hosting

buzzsprout podcast hosting
Start for Free
Free Podcast Hosting – Buzzsprout

Easiest podcasting software for hosting, promoting, and tracking your podcast.

Buzzsprout is the first podcast hosting platform; it is one of the best podcast hosting sites available in the market. Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting that is the best in simplicity and speed. It offers you to upload and publish your show easily. It also has an import tool that can transfer you from another host in no time.

Buzzsprout provides you with a feature to embed a podcast player right on your website.

Key features of Buzzsprout

  • It offers an easy-to-use dashboard to check analytics.
  • It has a magic mastering tool by which you can have your audio polished before publishing it.
  • Buzzsprout also offers dynamic add options; this means you can easily add up-to-date and relevant ads to the beginning and end of all of your existing episodes.
  • It also offers you to add chapter markers, which is becoming more common inside podcast players.
  • It is a great podcast hosting site for learning shows in particular.
  • It has a super audio quality, as you can upgrade to 128k stereo optimization for better sound.
  • You also get podcast transcription services as an extra add-on
  • It is super easy to upload and schedule your podcast, making it one of the best podcast hosting sites for beginners.

Pricing of Buzzsprout

It offers four plans-

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
  • Free – With this Plan, you can upload 2hrs of new content each month. Episodes are deleted after 90 days.
  • $12/month – You can upload 3hrs of new content each month. Episodes are hosted indefinitely as long as you’re on any paid plan.
  • $18/month – Upload 6hrs of new content each month. Episodes are hosted indefinitely as long as you’re on any paid plan.
  • $24/month – Upload 12hrs of new content each month. Episodes are hosted indefinitely as long as you’re on any paid plan.

Spreaker: Your Podcast Home

spreaker podcast hosting
Find Best Price Now
Home of the endless podcast

Recording, publishing, monetizing and distributing your podcasts.

The second hosting site is Spreaker. It is a podcasting platform that offers the most tools as compared to any software for podcast hosting. It is suitable for beginners too, the speaker gives you the solution for making any podcaster’s journey a smooth and profitable.

The platform lets you connect listeners to podcast creators in one place and makes it easy to monetize their podcast catalog. It also offers a feature of live podcasting, that let your listeners interact with you with the provided chat box.

It also has analytics that let you know your listen and download numbers, the location of your audience, and traffic sources (how people find you). It also gives you auto-publish features on YouTube, a show web page, and the ability to simultaneously host multiple shows.

Key features of Spreaker

  • It has an advanced analytics tool, which helps you to analyze your podcast performance.
  • It has highly customizable RSS feeds
  • It gives you the ability to limit access to podcasts.
  • It has an option to choose longer live streaming intervals.
  • Spreaker allows you to do programmatic monetization.

Pricing of Spreaker

  • Free Speech – It is available for free with limited options.
  • On-Air Talent Plan- at $6 per month (billed yearly) and $7 per month (billed annually), including multiple podcast hostings, customizable RSS feeds, and programmatic monetization.
  • Broadcaster Plan- at $18 per month (billed yearly) and $20 per month (billed monthly), this Plan offers multiple podcast hosting, customizable RSS feeds, Programmatic monetization, limited access podcasts and advanced statistics.
  • Anchorman Plan- at $45 per month (billed yearly) and $50 per month billed monthly, provides multiple podcast hosting, customizable RSS feeds, programmatic monetization, limited access podcast, complete statistics, and the feature of customizable player colors.
  • Enterprise Plan – $120/mo BILLED MONTHLY in which you get –  Audio ads trafficking tools, Collaboration feature, Priority support

Captivate fm: Unlimited podcast hosting

Captivate fm Unlimited podcast
17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
start for free
Unlimited podcast hosting, analytics & marketing

 Start your podcast within minutes

Captivate is a podcast hosting that focuses on helping you to grow your audience. Its brand tagline is ‘the only growth-oriented podcast host, and it has a specific feature to maintain the promise of growth.

Its user-friendly interface and dashboard make things easy for beginners or podcasters who’d consider themselves “non-techy”. It gives users a complete tutorial or walkthrough of the whole site from creating your first podcast to uploading it. This is the best thing for keeping podcast hosting simply in the early stages.

The website you get for your podcast with Captivate’s help looks slick and professional, and easy to use. It offers three fully customizable templates to choose from, all of which you can customize to the nth degree. You can also pin episodes or trailers on the page, reorder the episodes and blocks, add email options (and lead magnets!), team bios, and offer up a great search tool for easy binge-listening. Additionally, you can also link your podcast to your existing WordPress site using Captivate’s Sync plugin.

Key Features of Captivate FM

  • It gives you a call to action right in the podcast player.
  • You can add unlimited team members- it divides the workload.
  • It gives you the ability to run as many shows as you like under one account and a monthly fee.
  • You can also run a private podcast, even on their lowest payment tier.
  • It offers extensive listening and subscribing links.
  • It is a nicely designed and mobile-friendly website, built-in, with three great-looking templates.
  • You can also use the WordPress plugin option for connecting to your website.
  • It gives you the tools to connect and grow your email list.

Pricing Of Captivate fm

  • Podcaster Plan at $19 per month for up to 12,000 downloads per month
  • Audio influencer Plan at $49 per month for up to 60,000 downloads per month
  • Podcast brand plan at $99 per month for up to 150,000 downloads per month

Transistor Fm: podcast hosting for creatives, brands, professionals

Transistor fm
17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Transistor – podcast hosting

Record your audio and upload it to Transistor.

The Transistor is another hosting platform that aims to make things easy for you and offers all of the everyday tools a regular podcaster might need. But the best thing about this is its private podcast feed feature, and the wide range of players, they offer.

Private podcasting is an effective way to monetize your show or to engage an existing community. Transistor makes it easy to run a private show, in any form. You invite your users, and the platform does the rest.

Key features of Transistor fm

  • It offers many private podcasting tools, built-in, to create a members-only podcast for your members or your company team.
  • It provides an easy ‘show import’ tool so you can transfer your show in minutes.
  • It has many players like Single episode, latest episode, multi-episode & dark mode players.
  • It gives you top-notch support.
  • You can publish your show to YouTube automatically.
  • It lets you invite multiple team members to manage your performance.
  • It has an in-built website that integrates with many email providers (Convertkit, Drip, etc.).

Pricing of Transistor fm

  • $19 per month for up to 10,000 downloads per month
  • $49 per month for up to 50,000 downloads per month
  • $99 per month for up to 100,000 downloads per month

Castos Podcast Hosting & Analytic

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Podcast Hosting & Analytics – Castos

Your public and private hosting platform

Castos is the media host behind the WordPress plugin, which you can use to integrate Castos hosting with your website. You install the WordPress plugin, and then you can easily upload and publish podcast episodes directly from your website. No need to log into your hosting. 

Other features include tools for private or “membership” podcasts and premium content, as well as a transcription service. It also offers a podcast editing and production service, which you can add on to your hosting. With regards to your files, Castos doesn’t alter your bitrates or metadata in any way.

Key features of Castos fm

  • You can easily integrate with WordPress with the help of a simple podcasting plugin.
  • You can create unlimited shows with no cap on downloads.
  • It has built-in episode transcriptions.
  • It gives you the option to create personal podcasts.
  • Also, an option to outsource your editing to Castos Productions.

Pricing of Castos fm

Plans range from Starter to Pro subscriptions, starting at just $19/month.

  • $19 per month Plan
  • $34 per month Plan
  • $49 per month Plan

Podcastics: manage, host, share and monetize your podcast

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Start free trial
Podcast Hosting & Analytics By Podcastics

An all-in-one solution

Podcastics is a robust hosting site, with an impressive and powerful free plan. It offers the most budget-friendly paid plans to users.

The best thing about Podcastics is that it offers plenty of monetization options, a free website host for your podcast

Key features of Podcastics

  • It has a Magic import tool with no episode limit (from Apple Podcasts or any other hosting platform)
  • It provides complete, detailed podcast & episode management
  • It offers unlimited episode hosting
  • It provides a free website to host your podcasts.
  • Users get an RSS feed
  • It has plenty of monetization options
  • It makes it easy to manage your podcast subscribers.
  • It has excellent support for users.

Pricing of Podcastics

It offers four pricing plan options-

podcastics pricing plan
  • Free Plan- with limited options.
  • Premium Plan- 1st month free and then at $4 per month.
  • Pro Plan- 1st month free and then $8 per month.
  • Max Plan- 1st month free and then $39/month.

Fusebox: Transform Website To Podcasting Powerhouse.

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Get started for free
Fusebox Podcast Hosting

Transform Your Website Into a Podcasting Powerhouse.

If you want to integrate your podcast with the help of a WordPress plugin, Fusebox would be the best choice for you. It helps you to publish your podcast on your website. Fusebox comes with multi-platform support; you have to embed your player in your favorite website builders. Your listeners can also choose from multiple playback speeds; it gives listeners a full ability to control the playback speed.

Key features of Fusebox

  • It gives you the ability to Email to capture your listeners.
  • It gives your listeners the power of complete Speed control
  • It has timestamps
  • Fusebox is Fully customizable
  • Your listeners can directly share your podcast on social media platforms.

Pricing of fusebox

fusebox pricing podcast hosting
  • Free Plan- up to 10k monthly views, and you can have only up to 3 free shows on one account.

It offers a single-track player, brand color select, color schemes(limited), call to action, and gives you the ability to add subscribe links.

  • Advanced Plan- at $15.833 per month (billed annually), you can enjoy all the features with advanced Plan.

Podcast website: Integrated podcast media hosting

Podcast Website
17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Podcast hosting With Websites

All-in-one peace of mind with WordPress podcast websites

Podcast website gives you a simple podcasting workflow that allows you access to the fully responsive website hosting and security. It offers daily backups to users. It has built-in statistics and outstanding 24/7 customer support.

As a Podcast Websites user, you also get the perks of digital marketing support that help promote your podcast, ads, and podcasting advice from real, experienced podcasters.

It offers an academy feature, including easily understandable video tutorials, media, and a helpful community forum to discuss things with other podcasters. 

Additionally, you can use a builder, a drag and drop website builder tool with themes. The themes are mobile-friendly, and you can also add landing pages when you need to promote your podcast.

Key features of the Podcast website

  • It gives access to a WordPress website with unlimited pages.
  • It has Unlimited landing pages.
  • You can create unlimited podcast episodes.
  • It works fine with Unlimited bandwidth too.
  • You can get the feature of Daily backups, which helps you to store your data and save you from an unexpected data loss.
  • It comes with SEO tools.

Pricing Of Podcast Website

It has two Pricing Plans-

  • Popular Plan– at $97 per month(paid monthly)
  • New Plan- at $77 per month(paid yearly)
podcast websites pricing
podcast website pricing

Audioboom: Host, distribute and monetize

Audioboom podcast website
Find Best Price Now
Audioboom podcast hosting

Host, distribute and monetize your audio

Audioboom can be considered the best podcast platform for two main reasons- It is not just podcast hosting, but it helps users work to grow their audience and monetize their products. It is a popular podcast hosting that gives you simple hosting, distribution, and an embedded player.

It has a unique offering for users, once you hit 10k plays per episode, Audioboom provides tools to create dynamic ads and sponsorships for your podcast. It also offers an embeddable player with social media integrations and an analytics tool.

Key features of Audioboom

  • You get Unlimited episode uploads per month.
  • It offers an advanced analytics tool to analyze the performance of your podcast.
  • It has tons of sponsorship opportunities
  • It gives you access to Audioboom’s targeted ad-network
  • It provides embeddable players to websites and social media

Pricing Plan of audioboom

Their Plan of $9.99 plan which offers you,

  • Unlimited episode uploads, you can upload unlimited episodes per month up to 10k per month with their standard Plan and 25000 plan per month with their plus Plan.
  • Advanced analytics that provides data concerning geographic area, app, and device.
  • Embeddable players, you can use for a website or social media integration.
audioboom pricing

Libsyn Podcast Hosting

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Find Best Price Now
Libsyn Podcast Hosting

Podcast Hosting the Way You Want It

Libsyn is one of the most popular podcast platforms, ensuring you can monetize your work quickly, whether you are a pro podcaster or a beginner. It is one of the original podcast hosts launched in 2004. It has so much experience in the podcasting field.

With over 35,000 hosted podcasts, 62 million+ audience members, and 4.6 billion podcast downloads in 2016. It is a prominent player in the space. Like other podcast platforms, it gives users between 50 and 1500MB of monthly storage, provides analytics reports, RSS link generation, premium content, and it has an app too.

Key features of Libsyn

  • It has the capability of Unlimited bandwidth
  • It offers video and audio podcasting
  • It offers Episode scheduling, which helps you to schedule your episodes for a specific time.
  • It supports HTML5 media player
  • It has a Customizable mobile app ($10/month extra)

Pricing of Libsyn

libsyn pricing

It has many basic and advanced plans for users.

  • Classic 50- at $5 per month
  • Classic 250- at $15 per month
  • Advanced 400- at $20 per month
  • Advanced 800- at $40 per month
  • Advanced 1500 – at $75 per month
  • Advanced 3000- at $150 per month
  1. Soundcloud

Soundcloud: Host Audio & Music

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Connect on SoundCloud

Discover, stream, and share a constantly

SoundCloud is the world’s largest music and audio hosting platform. It gets 175 million unique monthly visitors and an incredible 12 hours of content uploaded every minute on its website. Now you can imagine Soundcloud’s reach in the market.

Using it’s hosting services, you get access to all the features of embedded players, Twitter cards, and timed comments. With a free account, you can upload 3 hours of content per month and get the feature of basic reporting.

The more advanced SoundCloud Pro Unlimited account offers you unlimited upload time, scheduled releases, embed controls, and the ability to pin five podcasts to your profile.

Key features of Soundcloud

  • It offers Unlimited upload time
  • You can also schedule your releases, which helps you to release or publish your show at a specific time.
  • It has an Advanced analytics tool, which gives you advanced data of your performance and listeners.
  • You also get customizable embed controls.

Pricing Of Soundcloud

  • Free Plan  
  • Premium Plan- $16 per month ($12 when paid annually)
  1. Podomatic

Podomatic: Podcast Hosting For creators

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022

Record Your own podcast

Podomatic is another old podcast hosting platform available in the market. This platform was launched in 2005 and has helped many budding podcasters achieve their dreams.

Podomatic allows you to record, upload, and promote your new podcast content, all in one dashboard. It gives you the ability to develop your podcast advertising and crowdsourcing with Patreon and Advertisecast. Plus, Podomatic has social sharing options, and you can play your podcast directly on Facebook and Twitter. 

Key Features of Podomatic

  • It offers you a Podcast player that can be embedded on your website
  • It has a free podcast app for iOS and Android
  • It has Weebly powered podcast website that helps you to access its app and website.

Pricing of Podomatic

  • Free Plan
  • It has four pro plans ranging from $9.99 to $24.99 per month.

Blubrry Podcast Hosting

BLUBRRY Podcast hosting
Podcast Hosting Platform

All plans come with a free WordPress website

If you are looking for the best podcast hosting site that offers the best WordPress plugins to its users- go with Blubrry podcast hosting. With over 75,000+ active installs, this plugin is consistently maintained, free to use, offers SEO options, and MP3 tagging to its users.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry. Blubrry offers a podcasting manual, which gives you a ton of detailed information on using podcast hosting, as well as the best secrets to succeed with your new podcast.

One thing that makes Blubrry so demanding is that it supports WordPress and their proprietary PowerPress podcasting plugin to offer an optimized podcast website. However, you can also choose to use a podcast website builder like a Podcast page to create a site for your podcast quickly.

Key Features of Blubrry

  • It supports unlimited bandwidth
  • It is easy to use and has a customizable podcast player.

Pricing of blubrry

Their lowest basic Plan is at $12/month and offers 100MB of storage. If you want unlimited hosting services, you can upgrade to a Professional Plan.

 Professional Plan- Four plans ranging from $12 to $80 per month


Feedpress: Feed analytics & podcast hosting

Feedpress podcast hosting
Feed analytics & podcast hosting

Manage your podcast hosting and keep watching your podcast and RSS feed stats in single web application.

The 14th podcast platform in our list of best podcast hosting sites is Feedpress. It has an RSS feed, which is the key feature of every podcast hosting. And that’s what makes FeedPress the best podcast hosting platform.

Being a leader in RSS feeds, one of FeedPress’s strengths is detailed feed analytics. Pricing is a bit hard to understand as you have to pay for feed analytics and podcast hosting separately. Podcast hosting is calculated using a sliding scale.

Key features of Feedpress

  • It offers unlimited podcast feeds
  • It has advanced tracking and analytics
  • It also has an embedded player
  • It supports RSS to email
  • It has Superb feed management and analytics tool.
  • It gives you a flexible file storage

Pricing Of Feedpress

It offers a plan at $9.94 per month.

17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Variable Pricing depending upon your need.

Podcast Garden: Free Podcast Hosting

Podcast Garden
17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
Podcast Garden

Free podcast hosting for audio and video

One of the best podcast hosting platforms as far as cost is concerned is Podcast Garden.

One of the things love about this platform is its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Even without any prior knowledge, you can quickly get up to speed on how podcasting works and produce award-winning podcasts.

Key features of Podcast Garden

  • It offers secure backups of your podcast
  • It has options of audio and video podcasts
  • You can upload an unlimited number of episodes.
  • It supports unlimited bandwidth
  • It has unlimited file storage
  • It is easy to use, and that makes it beginner-friendly.


After a free plan, you can upgrade to the $2.99/month plan (which is the only Plan available) gives you access to more features.


Simplecast: Podcast Hosting, Distribution & Analytics 

Simplecast Podcast hosting

Host manage and grow your podcast

Simplecast is another podcast platform. You can also set up your podcast on your existing website with your custom domain, it offers unlimited storage, and it has an embeddable episode web plater. It provides a free-14- day trial to its users.

Key Features of Simplecast

  • It offers Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • It has proper distribution support for multiple platforms
  • It offers Customizable mini website for your podcast
  • It has a powerful analytics tool.
  • It makes it Easy social media sharing with ReCast
  • It has Embeddable podcast player (a massive win if you’ll be blogging alongside your podcast)
  • It is a Feature-rich podcast hosting platform
  • Makes it easy for your listeners to create short clips of your podcast and share them
  • A mini website with an audio transcript helps boost SEO
  • You can easily import your shows from another platform.
  • You can add team members with different access levels.


It has three plans for its users

  • Basic Plan: at $15 per month, it provides everything necessary to launch a podcast.
  • Essential Plan: at $35 per month, it provides everything available in a basic, plus essential tool for the growing podcast.
  • Growth Plan: at $85 per month, it also provides everything essential, plus collaboration tool and deeper insights.

Anchor Fm: The easiest way to make a podcast

Anchor Fm
17 BEST Podcast Hosting Sites Of 2022
The easiest way to make a podcast

Create, distribute, host, and monetize your podcast

When it comes to the best podcast hosting platforms that are genuinely free with no strings attached, nothing can compare to Anchor—though it does come with two significant limitations: (1) they don’t offer an embeddable podcast player, and (2) your monetization capabilities are minimal. 

Key Features of Anchor

  • It has a feature of One-click podcast distribution
  • Easy and effective Analytics dashboard
  • It is easy to use podcast creation tools
  • It is 100% free to use and host your podcast
  • Monetization opportunities through advertisements and sponsorships
  • It has no storage, bandwidth and channel restrictions
  • It Automates almost every function
  • It offers an easy- to-use guest calling function


  • It is available free of cost.


Podcast hosting is on the rise worldwide, with new platforms like Spotify are rising in the podcast segment. Now, it’s the right time to start with your podcast venture.

In this blog, we have discussed the best 15 podcast hosting sites available in the market. There are many other options available too, but let me tell you that you don’t have to rely on this list or any list available online. You should try the best podcast sites yourself, and as per your usage and requirements choose your own best podcast site for yourself.

After using the best hosting sites and choosing your own best tool, let us know in the comment section.

FAQs About Podcast Hosting

What is the best podcast hosting site?

Among all these podcast hosting sites mentioned in this blog. Simplecast is the best one.

Where can I host my podcast for free?

The best platform to host your podcast for free is Anchor where you will be able to get the podcast hosting for free.

Do I need a podcast host?

Yes, if you want your podcast to feature on listening platforms like Apple podcast, Spotify, and other similar platforms. You will need a podcast host to get your show online and available through devices.

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