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Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Hootsuite Alternatives you must go for

AlternativesFree Plan/TrialStarting PriceRatings
Social Champ7-Days$9/Month4.6/5
Meet Edgar7-Days$19/Month4.4/5
AgorapulseFree Plan$99/Month4.5/5
CoSchedule Free Plan $29/Month 4.5/5
MissinglettrFree Plan$19/Month4.6/5
Sprout Social 30-Days $89/Month4.3/5

The world has realized the potential of social media, which explains the widespread usage of social media in our daily lives by individuals and corporations alike.

Most of us browse social networking sites from the comfort of our homes, offices, or even on the go. This increased use of social media can be ascribed to the significant increase in smartphone and internet usage around the world.

It’s time to familiarise yourself with some Hootsuite alternatives. As the market is always evolving, it’s critical to stay up to date on the latest tools and features. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the finest social media management software.

What are the best Hootsuite Alternatives?



SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and analytics tool that allows social media professionals, digital marketers, and agencies to post to numerous social media sites at once, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, Instagram, Vk, Tumblr, and Xing. With sophisticated social media analytics and reporting features, SocialPilot also helps users figure out what’s working and what isn’t.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives SocialPilot

  • Expand your post reach and add leads to the marketing funnel with Facebook Ads
  • Share and schedule content from anywhere on the internet with Browser Extension
  • Share content from your site/blog automatically with RSS Feed Automation
  • Participate in multiple conversations across Facebook Pages with Social Inbox
  • Schedule posts in advance by Bulk Scheduling up to 500 posts with images
  • Get downloadable, white label Analytics Reports to drive your marketing strategies
  • Save time by Scheduling your posts on 9 social media platforms

Pros and Cons of socialpilot

  • Calendar functionality
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to handle all social media posts effectively
  • Saves time
  • Content can be organized into multiple sections
  • Manual posting is difficult
  • Customer support is inadequate

Pricing for socialpilot

SMALL TEAM $50/Month

Social Champ

Social Champ is a one-stop digital solution for managing and automating social media across all major social media networks. The best approach to handle all of your social media efforts, day-to-day posting, A/B testing, and optimization is with Social Champ. All of the automation you’ll need to schedule your social media material is included in Social Champ.

Analyze post-event performance to see what works best for your brand, and receive beautiful PDF reports as a result. From the Social Inbox, you can start interacting with your audience right now. Day-to-day publishing, content optimization, bulk upload, automated RSS feed, permissions control, and more are among the primary features.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives Social Champ

  • Social media calendar
  • Bulk upload
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Monitoring analytics
  • Integrations
  • Social media scheduler
  • Team collaboration
  • Auto RSS

Pros and Cons of Social Champ

  • You can easily group together hashtags and have them save to reinsert into posts
  • Its Instagram scheduling is really well
  • Easy to use this Platform
  • Affordable price
  • Its graphic platform is not good
  • Don’t have lot of options

Pricing for Social Champ

CHAMPION $26/Month

Meet Edgar

MeetEdgar is the most popular social media management software for small businesses and entrepreneurs. MeetEdgar allows you to schedule and organize content in order to automate posting. They automatically develop and upload social media updates for your material using our automation tools, even if you’ve reached the end of your content queue.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives Meet Edgar

  • Automated social sharing
  • RSS feed import
  • Automatic post re-sharing
  • In-app tracker
  • Social media scheduler
  • Category-based scheduling
  • Unlimited content library
  • Direct video uploads
  • URL shortenet

Pros and Cons of Meet Edgar

  • Drive Visits to your Pages
  • Affordability
  • Regular Page Updates
  • Ability to store and reuse content
  • Schedule a post multiple times with just a few clicks
  • A bit of a learning curve on setting the schedules
  • Can not customize the content across different platforms in one post

Pricing for Meet Edgar

EDGAR $49/Month


Businesses may use Agorapulse to manage social media messages, schedule and publish content, identify key influencers, monitor social media channels, and generate analytical reports. For posting across numerous channels, the platform integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Agorapulse has a unique social inbox system that allows social media managers to prioritize and respond to all fan or client questions, communications, and concerns.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives Agorapulse

  • Facebook and Instagram Ad comments management
  • Analytics in PowerPoint
  • Audience engagement
  • Bitly integration
  • Content queues
  • UTM code generator
  • Social media publishing
  • Social media CRM

Pros and Cons of Agorapulse

  • Inbox zero communication
  • The ability to look good on every social media channel (Preview and Customization)
  • Your best tweets on auto-repeat
  • Data on your most passionate followers
  • Team Features that will make you like doing social with others
  • Limited search functionality
  • Difficult to go back and locate a case/user
  • Not having Instagram DM capabilities

Pricing for Agorapulse

PRO $99/Month


The Marketing Suite from CoSchedule is a collection of agile marketing tools that help you organize your processes, projects, and teams.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives CoSchedule

  • Social engagement
  • Document management
  • Content libraries
  • File sharing
  • To-do-lists
  • Digital rights management

Pros and Cons of CoSchedule

  • Affordable
  • Efficient: the social media campaign/queue
  • Comes with Headline Analyzer
  • Works efficiently in your WordPress dashboard
  • The scheduling blog posts don’t work
  • Linking projects and tasks together is quite clunky

Pricing for CoSchedule

PRO $29/Month
BUSINESSGet in touch


NapoleonCat is a social media involvement and content publication platform for businesses and marketing agencies of all sizes that is hosted in the cloud. From a single interface, agencies can manage all of their social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Reviews. Marketers and customer care teams can monitor all social media conversations in one location and filter out common inquiries and comments using automation. NapoleonCat publishes pre-designed solutions to common consumer concerns on businesses’ social media accounts using customised automatic moderation criteria.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives NapoleonCat

  • Social media publishing
  • Social media analytics
  • Social inbox
  • Automation
  • Reporting

Pros and Cons of NapoleonCat

  • Clean and intuitive user interface
  • Automated rule feature allows you to auto-respond to or delete specific conversations
  • Fantastic client service which is the most important factor when selecting business partners
  • Integrates with all major social media channels including Google My Business
  • No social media listening component
  • Cannot schedule repeating posts or assign posts to a queue
  • Software product has a few minor usability issues

Pricing for NapoleonCat

PRO $42/Month
CUSTOMGet in touch


ContentCal is a cloud-based content management solution that assists marketing companies with social media content planning and publishing. Post scheduling, keyword filtering, collaboration, approval workflows, editing, feedback analysis, and filtered search are all important aspects.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives ContentCal

  • Social Analytics
  • Social Publishing
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Social Engagement

Pros and Cons of ContentCal

  • Makes managing content marketing easy
  • Attentive customer service
  • It’s super easy to update posts and move them around the calendar by a simple drag & drop
  • Easily save content/links/articles in a content library and add notes and campaigns for internal purposes
  • Simple and clean social media scheduler
  • Sometimes content is not published correctly
  • Best used on PC or Laptop, not yet fully mobile responsive

Pricing for ContentCal



StoryChief is your team’s entire content marketing solution, designed exclusively for B2B marketing teams and content agencies so you can focus on developing your business through content marketing. To expand your audience and get more leads, centralise and distribute your articles and social media material.

By covering your multi-channel approach more efficiently with StoryChief, you can generate 10x more leads. You’ll save 6 hours on content collaboration, approvals, and dissemination. You’ll also see an increase of 80 percent in engagement and an internal drive to create high-quality content.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives StoryChief

  • Run content campaigns from one dashboard
  • Content Calendar
  • Social media management
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Employee advocacy
  • Content collaboration
  • Content data management
  • SEO copywriting
  • Newsroom

Pros and Cons of StoryChief

  • Has the ability to publish an article to a multiple platforms
  • Have useful tips to improve your SEO for your article
  • Easy content management and writing
  • The editor doesn’t have a live collaboration like Google Docs/Notion
  • Getting back to your stories from within a story takes too many clicks

Pricing for StoryChief

TEAM PLUS $180/Month


Missinglettr is an all-in-one social marketing platform that transforms your content into engaging social media posts and solves distribution problems by identifying the greatest influencers in your niche. With each piece of content you publish, your brand will grow automatically.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives Missinglettr

  • Social Media Drip Campaigns
  • Curate Social Media Content
  • The Only Social Media Calendar You Will Ever Need
  • Track the key metrics for your social media campaigns
  • Collaboration on steroids
  • Brand focused
  • Custom URL Shortener
  • Free Image Library
  • Full control of scheduling
  • Automatic Repost

Pros and Cons of Missinglettr

  • It is intuitive and easy to use
  • Allows you to vary and adjust the audience and automatically and share it throughout the year
  • Easily edit the campaign before it is published
  • Consist helpful tutorial section
  • The UI isn’t the fastest to get this done quickly

Pricing for Missinglettr

FREEFree Forever
SOLO $19/Month

Sprout Social

They have an all-in-one social management solution, Sprout Social, which enables their customers to get more out of their social media strategy. At scale, improve audience engagement, expedite publishing procedures, interact in real-time, and turn social data into actionable insights.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives Sprout Social

  • Helpdesk Integration
  • Engagement Reporting
  • Team & Productivity Reporting
  • Comprehensive Tag Reporting
  • Custom Influencer List
  • Task Completion Reporting
  • Automated Conversational Workflow (Chatbots)
  • Suggested Twitter Replies
  • Twitter Customer Satisfaction Survey

Pros and Cons of Sprout Social

  • It has a smart inbox
  • Provides great social media tracking service
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Its analytics are meaningful – clean and crisp
  • Sprout social support team is prompt and always reliable
  • Good automated reports
  • High in cost
  • Some of the jargon can confuse users
  • Sometimes it has a tendency to encounter errors at the point of launching a campaign

Pricing for Sprout Social



Postfity Social Media Scheduler will help you grow your business more rapidly.
with the Simplest Social Scheduling Tool, you can save time planning posts for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, GMB, and Vkontakte, and your business will expand faster.

Latest Top 12 Hootsuite Alternatives For Marketing Agencies And Social Media Management in 2023

Here are the key features of Hootsuite Alternatives postfity

  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Video Scheduling
  • Post Inspiration
  • Social Media Graphics Editor
  • Snapshot Generator
  • Link Shortener
  • – Create sophisticated URL sites for TikTok bios and Instagram, and other pages. Boost your SoMe performance and Track traffic.
  • Snippets – Easily create a list of Snippets i.e. for hashtags and reuse them in your posts. You can add a saved text or whole groups of saved hashtags to your post at once.
  • Posts Drafts – collaborate in a team or work effectively on your own on creating and approving post content. Send drafts for customers’ approval.

Pros and Cons of Postfity

  • Good support staff
  • Just plain ease of use
  • Being able to post to multiple accounts at one time
  • Analytics are easy to use and understand
  • Archiving and being able to repost on the fly
  • Since switching to Postfity it is very rare that I get disconnected from my social platforms
  • Occasionally have some issues
  • Instagram Posting is a tad bit awkward but doable

Pricing for Hootsuite Alternatives Postfity

PRO $44.99/Month

It’s time to choose

So that’s it. Now you have a better understanding of which Hootsuite alternatives are worth investigating in 2022. It’s possible that you’ll have to try a few to find the one that best meets your requirements and can help your company flourish.

Are you willing to make a change? Best wishes.

Frequently asked questions

What is Hootsuite?

Hootsuite is a social media management platform for marketers. It helps with creating, scheduling, and analyzing social media content across multiple platforms. It’s one of the most popular among the many available tools, but it has some pros and cons just like every other social media tool, too.

Is there a free Hootsuite Alternative?

There are free plans available for Hootsuite alternatives. All of them, though, will have restrictions in some way. TweetDeck is a free program that solely allows you to manage your Twitter accounts.

Is there anything better than Hootsuite?

Other platforms, you could say, are better than Hootsuite. It all comes down to the functionality you require and the price you are prepared to spend. Buffer, for example, is a solid scheduling tool but lacks many advanced features. Some people prefer Buffer since its plans are less expensive.
If you’re in charge of social media, you’ll have to decide which Hootsuite capabilities you require. Then look for a replacement that has the same benefits.

Which is better: Buffer or Hootsuite?

The buffer should be enough if you only need to schedule posts. However, if you require additional functionality, Hootsuite is the better option.

Who are Hootsuite competitors?

These social media scheduling platforms are among the top Hootsuite alternatives available today. Sendible, Crowdfire, NapoleonCat, TweetDeck, StoryChief, ContentCal, Buffer, Missinglettr, and Sprout Social each offer their own set of benefits and drawbacks. You can choose one choice based on your organizational requirements.

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