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15 Best Marketing Automation Services – Lead Nurturing Tools

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation Services refers to the usage of any automation service to automate any kind of repetitive marketing task that might take up a lot of resources, effort, and time if done manually. This includes things like Email Marketing, Social Media Posting, Ad Campaigns, etc. All of these things can be done easily with the help of Marketing Automation Services.

Marketing Automation Services are the absolute best ways to identify and nurture your leads and transform them into potential customers. Marketing Automation Services can also help to increase the efficiency of your sales, which can easily transform a base of leads into a community of happy and loyal customers. Marketing Automation Services use a lot of strategies and tactics to do this.

An example of how a Marketing Automation Service can help your business is as follows: Early on in the journey of a lead, the lead is expected to be at a stage where they are ignorant about your services. At that stage, education and awareness is the most important task that you have to do. Marketing Automation Services can step in here and automate the process of supplying useful information. They can send relevant and informative content about your service to the lead which will help to build trust and respect.

Further along, the journey, when the lead has transformed into a potential customer and knows what they are looking for, Marketing Automation Services can then target them specifically using targeted customized marketing strategies. All of this results in the creation of a comprehensive and well-informed lead that your sales team can then take care of.

13 Best Marketing Automation Services to Help You Succeed

There are a plethora of Marketing Automation Services that you can turn to, to get help. The software that you choose as your Marketing Automation Service is a very important factor that can determine whether your marketing strategy is a success or a failure.

Here are the best Marketing Automation Services that you can go for:



Brevo is a digital agency with an amazing Marketing Automation Service tool. They started with an email marketing tool, but it has changed into a very famous and trusted Marketing Automation Service software.

Brevo comes with some very amazing and advanced features like reporting and leads scoring. It lets you run SMS campaigns and you can also run campaigns on autopilot.

Apart from all the advanced tools, Brevo also gets the basics right, it comes with a drag and drops editor where you can map out the journey that your customer will take. Brevo is also integrated with all major eCommerce platforms.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools

HubSpot Marketing Automation

Hubspot is one of the most popular Marketing Automation Services that are currently available, and quite rightly so as it has one of the best tools in terms of features.

HubSpot features a full suite of tools including sales software, marketing software, and support software which are all integrated into the central CRM software. This integration means that all your data is managed in all places and from there you can do anything you want without having to leave the system.

HubSpot features an easy-to-use visual board where you can create automatic workflows. Even though the software has a bit of a steep learning curve, once you get a hold of it, you can do wonders with the software.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


ManyChat is a very unique Marketing Automation Software, in the sense that it covers much more of marketing than just email. ManyChat has a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that can do Marketing Automation on Facebook and even on SMS.

This bot can be built by you with the help of their preset templates and intuitive user interface. Apart from all of this, the Marketing Automation Service can be integrated with your CRM, which makes sure that all your work is centralized.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


MooSend is one of the best Marketing Automation Services that cater to industries like eCommerce and SaaS. It features an advanced website tracking tool and helps you target contacts and leads that are interested in a particular product or service.

MooSend also uses customer data to create recommendations and targeted marketing campaigns. The data is also used to generate reports on the progress of the Email marketing campaign and how the users are interacting with the campaign. This can help you improve the campaign and make smarter, data-driven decisions.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


Omnisend, as the name suggests, is a multichannel marketing automation service that is specifically customized for eCommerce and SaaS services. It comes with a plethora of automation workflow presets and templates created with online merchants in mind.

Omnisend lets you add several marketing channels and integrate them into one unique workflow automation. This might include email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Push Notifications, and much more.

Omnisend also boasts a user-friendly What You See Is What You Get visual builder that makes it easy for a beginner to create workflows, forms, landing pages, popups, and emails. You can use Omnisend for free if you are just looking for basic email marketing, however, there are three paid plans offered by Omnisend which have various advanced features integrated within them.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


EngageBay is yet another amazing Marketing Automation Service that is specifically designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind.

It has a lot of advanced features that span across email marketing, Social Media Management, Website chatbots, and drag and drop builders for emails and landing pages.

Other features that need to be mentioned are easy-to-use tools to build landing pages and emails, A/B testing for all the components of a landing page, and advanced tools for SMS Marketing, push notifications, reminders, autoresponders, canned responses, etc.

If you are a small business, EngageBay offers a free plan for a business like yours, and for more advanced features there are three paid plans.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


Ontraport is a marketing automation service software that includes a huge range of tools that can help solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. These tools include features to run Email Marketing, create Landing pages, create reports and integrate eCommerce with your website

It is also integrated with CRM services and one of the most important features of Ontraport is its reporting and insights. It gives you a very detailed look at the performance of the Marketing campaigns that you run.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


ActiveCampaign is an all-in-one tool that includes email marketing services, Marketing Automation Services, and CRM.

The most powerful feature of ActiveCampaign is its Marketing Automation Service which is one of the best solutions in the current market. It has a strikingly high deliverability rate that sits on top of any other solution currently available.

However, beginners would have a hard time using this tool because it needs high technical know-how to master. But if you have the technical skills, then this tool is the absolute best.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


Pardot is a part of the SalesForce suite, and it is a cloud automation service that serves enterprise clients with dedicated teams and resources to put into Marketing Automation Services.

Pardot is one of the top of the line Marketing Automation services that comes with a ton of advanced tools for communication automation, CRM integration, email marketing, lead scoring, and an ROI reporting tool.

Pardot also lets you keep track of all the interactions that a lead takes on your website and then score the leads based on preset parameters. One of the main drawbacks of Pardot is that it is not accessible to smaller businesses and it lacks lead generation functionality.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


InfusionSoft, recently renamed Keep has been around for more than 15 years and is definitely one of the oldest names in the Marketing Automation Service industry. It has been the go-to service for thousands of small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

They have a very easy-to-use user interface with which you can set up complex automation workflows. All in all, it is a really effective Marketing Automation Service.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


Autopilot is one of the most attractive and best-looking marketing automation services. They advertise themselves as the easiest platform that can get you the complete solution for email marketing, messaging, and automation of all kinds. And it’s true, as their editor is one of the simplest in the market.

Even though their platform is used for more advanced targeting and messaging, even beginners can use their platform to create simple auto-respond sequences.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


Marketo is a part of Adobe’s enterprise marketing cloud suite. And as expected from a company like Adobe, it is the crème-de-la-crème of Marketing Automation Services.

Marketo uses Adobe Analytics to get its data and Adobe target all kinds of personalization and customization. Thus, Marketo is backed up by one of the most powerful enterprise marketing automation services.

It is targeted at the top of the list of businesses and is out of reach for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


GetResponse is the final marketing automation service software in this list, and it comes with various layers and features. It starts off at around $10 per month but with the more expensive plans comes the more advanced tools that include complete tools for Email Marketing Automation, Integration with CRM, Creators for Landing Pages, and Autoresponders.

GetResponse has a very intuitive UI and it gets the basics right, the best example being the email newsletter. It takes a bit of time to get to terms with the more advanced tools that GetResponse has to offer.

15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools


15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools

Trengo enhances marketing automation by offering multi-channel communication management, including the ability to manage multiple WhatsApp accounts efficiently.

This feature is crucial for businesses looking to expand their reach on popular messaging platforms. Trengo’s integrated approach streamlines customer interactions, ensuring timely and consistent responses across all channels. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a comprehensive solution to enhance customer engagement and improve overall marketing effectiveness.


15 Best Marketing Automation Services - Lead Nurturing Tools is a great Marketing Automation Service when it comes to data management and analytics.

This platform covers many features to automate and streamline social media reporting, PPC campaign analysis, SEO analytics, and more. You can automatically export your data from over 60 platforms, use pre-built dashboard templates, create comprehensive reports, and update them on schedule. Users can also make custom integrations and build tailored auto-updated marketing reports in spreadsheets, BI tools, or databases.

While anyone can try for free, it has three paid plans for businesses of different sizes, from small agencies to enterprises.

Learn More About Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Services are a must-have for any business looking to grow their user base. There are millions of options for software to choose from that will help you with your Marketing Automation needs. Every business has different needs and requirements, different budgets, and different technical expertise, therefore it is important to choose the correct software that caters to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Marketing Automation Service?

There is various Marketing Automation Services software to choose from, with each one catering to different strata of the business world. However, the one software that we would suggest is Brevo. It is a one-stop solution for all your Marketing Automation needs and is perfect for all kinds of business owners

What are examples of marketing automation?

There can be various types of Marketing Automations. They can be Email marketing which includes welcome emails, reminder emails, and targeted or customized email campaigns. They can also be SMS or Social Media Marketing.

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