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Your Guide to Developing a Mobile or Web App For Your Business

Are you thinking about creating a mobile or web app for your company? You’ll want to get a reputable web development firm on the job. By working with professionals, you’ll have the support of a team that understands the ins and outs of custom web, SAAS, and mobile development. But even if you won’t be hands-on throughout the entire development process, it helps to understand the nuts and bolts behind building apps. Here are a few things that every entrepreneur should know about developing business apps. 

Business Benefits

You may be wondering how creating a unique app for your business will benefit your sales. After all, there is a misconception that only large companies offer specific apps for their customers. But today, companies of all sizes build apps and reap the benefits. 

According to Business2Community, providing an app for your customers to download can help improve customer loyalty, enhance communications, boost your brand recognition, and even give you a new platform to promote new products and advertise deals. When you understand exactly what you hope to gain by building an app, you’ll be able to start creating a plan for this project. 

Your Guide to Developing a Mobile or Web App For Your Business

The Planning Process

Whether you’ve decided that you want to create a business app to make it easier for your customers to communicate with you or to offer an exciting new SAAS service (How to Buy SAAS can give you plenty of incredible ideas!), you’ll want to start making a plan for your app’s design features and overall function. While drawing up this plan, consider both the user interface and the user experience, also known as UI and UX. It may also be helpful to hire a web application monitor, which can help your IT department (or IT freelancers) easily pinpoint any problems you’re having with your web applications.

Estimate how much you can invest in your app as well. You don’t have to have every specific detail nailed down, but it helps to lay out your ideas before moving forward! 

Hiring a Developer

Once you have a general idea of your vision for the app, it’s time to hire a developer. Unless you already have experience building apps, working with a professional makes the process much easier! Create a list of interview questions for developers in advance. FRG Technology Consulting recommends asking about their basic knowledge of programming languages and development tools. You should also request to see examples of apps they’ve worked on before. You may want to create a short test to check their overall skills. 

Angular or React?

While some people may choose to build an app with the development platform and application design framework Angular, others prefer using the performant user interface library React. Before making a final decision, it’s important to understand the difference between these two options. 

React utilizes one-way data binding, also known as unidirectional flow. Data flows in one direction from the model to the view, making it easier to manage state across your app. But with Angular, data flows in both directions between the model and the view. This has its advantages as well: with two-way data binding, updates are instantaneous, making data management much simpler for the developer. 

Add Illustration

As you assemble the talent and ideas for your new app, don’t overlook the value of illustrations. The right graphics add value beyond basic functionality, they can assist with storytelling, and provide essential visual aids to the user. A simple search will turn up Illustrator freelancers who can collaborate on your project, providing you with the expertise and illustrations your app requires to be fully customer-friendly.

Launching Your App

Remember, it’s very important to test out any new mobile or web app before your official launch day to check for mistakes or bugs. After your customers have had a chance to use it, analyze the data from your app to see what your customers utilize it for most often and how you could tweak and improve it for future upgrades. 

Developing a mobile or web app is a fantastic way for business owners to give their customers more opportunities to engage with their brand. It also provides a new platform where you can offer unique products and services. Building an app can definitely provide a solid return on investment for your business.

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