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Best Checklist On How To Buy SAAS For Business In 2022

Buying a saas in not an ecommerce shopping. It needs some research before choosing the right module for your business.

Are you looking to buy new software for your business? Quite confused about it? No worries as in this article, I shall give you 7 quick points to check, before you subscribe to any software plans.

It is very important to consider these points as it helps you save money, time and meet your requirements effectively. Value for money. Isn’t its.

So let’s dive in and find the bullet points on how to buy saas for your business.

Why to Buy a software or saas for business?

Softwares are like helping hands. Just imagine, the device that you are currently using to read my blog, thats depending on a software that’s running behind. If that wouldn’t have been there?

Best Checklist On How To Buy SAAS For Business In 2022

We won’t be able to help you in making a decision of purchasing a software more effectively. Isn’t it?

So, what I mean to say is, saas helps us solve our problem. If you have too many problems in your business that can be solved by software then it is a win win situation for you to save time as well as imrpove your business reveneue by converting that extra saved time into money. Isn’t this a cool idea?

For this idea to be get practically feasible, you need a software working on your behave or helping you in any way that you need or require.

So by now, you understand that you need a software or saas (Software as a service) to solve your business problems.

The challenge is? How to buy a saas that fits your business and budget needs. Let’s find an answer through the checklist below.

Checklist for choosing the right Software as a service.

Now that we are pretty sure that we want to buy a saas or software to solve our business problem or automating things, we need to the checklist to land into a good saas.

Best Checklist On How To Buy SAAS For Business In 2022

Here are strict considerations on how to buy saas.

  1. Software Features Should Match Your Needs.
  2. Prefer choosing saas that is could based.
  3. The software company should have good customer feedback, reviews, and ratings.
  4. It must be secured and has good privacy policies.
  5. The software must have a trial or demo account with a short time money-back guarantee.
  6. The software must be simple in use and not too complex.
  7. The software could scale as per your need or business growth.
Checklist for choosing the right saas, How to buy saas guide infographic

This 9 Important checklist you must consider every time when you look forward to buying a new saas.

For more clarity, I shall explain you the above checklist in quick details. But, are you already confident in choosing your saas? Do, let us also share what you are planning to buy.

1. Software Features Should Match Your Needs.

When you are sure about using a saas into your business workflow then 1st thing that you must make not of is;

  • Note down all your needs and requirement.
  • Search for your software on the search engine.
  • Visit your desired software feature page and compare your needs.
  • Look for the pricing and calculate your budget.

If your need matches more that 80%, Talk to their chat support if they can offer customization in the software.

If Needs matches more than 50% but less than 80%, ask your self if it worth the money to invest with little compromise in features.

But, If your needs matches less than 50% of the features offered by that saas than its a bad idea to choose it.

This way, you can perfectly match your software needs with your business requirements. Still, confused about how to buy saas?

Let’s consider other checklist now.

2. Prefer choosing saas that is could based.

This is one of the best things to find in any saas. A cloud-based saas is always wonderful to operate and use it anyway. There are really great benefits to use a cloud base application or saas. What to know them? Let’s check it out.

  1. You can access your business from any location using your cloud based saas.
  2. Your team can work remotely and still stay connected with cloud based saas.
  3. The large volume data is stored on saas clouds which reduces your spending on large server purchase.
  4. Onboarding your business details and sharing to any corner of the world become quite easy with cloud based saas.
  5. You can migrate your data from one saas to other very easily when it is done between two diffenet saas which are cloud based as most of the saas businesses offeres free migration.

There are lot of more value for money features you get in a cloud based saas. It varies from different industry and niche based saas.

Let’s understand the next checklist before you make your final decision on how to buy saas.

3. Check Software company or saas ratings.

The saas that you are choosing, you should check its rating and reviews before making a decisions.

In case you are planning to choose a very new saas, then you must try their demo or free trial before paying its subscription costs.

Some review websites to check for saas ratings are:

  1. Trustpilot
  2. G2
  3. Softwareadvice
  4. Capterra
  5. technologyadvice.
  6. Software suggest.

There are many new saas that gets launched on a regular basis, so you should not always check for ratings and review. For choosing new saas, after you try their demo account, you can match your needs, talk to saas vendor, confirm their futuristic plans, and then you can try new saas as well.

Have you ever tried a new saas that transformed your business? Contact us, we would love to interview your experience.

4. Secured Saas

Secured saas will always help you stay safe and protect your business from any data breach. Make sure that the saas that you are choosing but have strong data policies.

Here are few risk that a saas can face.

Best Checklist On How To Buy SAAS For Business In 2022

The risks for a SaaS application would differ based on industry, but the risk profiling would remain nearly the same.

You can read more about saas security in this beautifully explained blog on medium.

With better security, your business get more secured and safe.

Now its time to see some more checklist. I hope you are not tired by now because the best checklist is yet to come. Let’s consider them now before you get confused on how to buy SAAS .

5. Demo and Trial Account

Whichever saas you are choosing, it must have atleast following.

  1. A demo account to have an overview of its usability.
  2. A trial period time for you to adapt your business into the saas.
  3. 24/7 support service.
  4. Refund Policy for new buyers.

If your saas has these points then it is easy for new buyers to adapt their business into the software. If it doesn’t work for them in the beginning days itself them it doesn’t stand value for money.

Also, some buyers may feel offended and trapped after paying money and may leave a negative remark about the saas. So saas owners should also keep this checklist in mind.

6. Simple and convenient to use.

The saas that you are going to choose for your business, it may be used by your entire organization and employees, If that is the case then you must make sure that your software doesn’t need special training or knowledge transfer sessions.

But, it may happen that their are few saas that can only be used by experts. For example when an seo expert buys semrush, he/she doesn’t expect a simple seo saas. But, the software atleast should be easy to understand with few clicks and understandable with knowledge base support or tutorials.

Even if things are pretty complicanted than the saas must have following things in its package.

  1. Knowledgebase
  2. Documentation of its usability.
  3. Tutorial videos.
  4. Suport service to reply on issues.

If you find these things in the saas that you are planning to buy then you are in the right direction.

Let’s move on to final checklist on how to buy saas for your business.

7. The software could scale as per your need or business growth.

When you choose a saas to meet your needs, it may happen that with time, your needs or usability increase.

In this case, your saas should be adaptable to such changes. If this doesn’g happens then the nightmare of mgrating from one saas to other is a horiffing experience.

So, always choose a saas that scales and adapt as per your need. You should be optimistic while choosing a saas. Your business can grow overnight so at extreme consideration, consider talking to your saas vendors on the opportunity to customise the solutions as per needs.

I hope you are quite clear now on how to buy saas. If not, we have a final thought on this.

Final Thought

So, these were some strict checklist on how to buy saas. You must consider all these valid points while choosing a saas for your business. A lot of business depends on software for their operations. You can read other’s experiences and can adapt a similar teachnology in your business.

DO you still have doubts about choosing the right saas? Contact us, we can guide you in the process of buying the right saas or software for you or your business.

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Chief Saasologist

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