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20+ Top SaaS Companies to Look Out For in 2024

In recent years, SaaS, or Software as a Service, companies have witnessed rapid growth and popularity across diverse fields, thanks to the adaptable and versatile solutions they promise at affordable rates. SaaS companies offer accessible and flexible services that help businesses manage different tasks, ease their efforts through streamlining operations, and scale business growth.

Most importantly, SaaS businesses have prioritized customer-centricity, helping businesses not only in acquire customers for sales but also build strong relationships with them and retain them for a long time. Innovative solutions and easy-to-use features have helped businesses stay updated with emerging technology.

Well, in this blog, We will help you explore some of the absolute best-in-class SaaS businesses across various industries. So, if you are curious about them, stick around with me till the end!

Best B2B SaaS Marketing Companies

SaaS marketing companies help businesses of all sizes with simple and flexible solutions to market their businesses online. They offer advanced features to promote lead generation, boost engagement, run PPC ads, execute performance marketing, SEO, and valuable reports and analytics.


Single Grain

Single Grain is one of the best B2B SaaS Marketing Agencies helping businesses reach their maximum marketing potential. In addition to this, they also help companies design effective campaigns to boost sales. They offer diverse services to help brands with better marketing strategies with a team of specialized experts to support. Also, you have a whole array of services to pick from, like search engine optimization, pay-per-click ads, e-commerce, lead generation, performance marketing, and a lot more. With consistent data tracking, tweaking, and optimization, Single Grain offers customized solutions to engage your client base and build a relationship of trust.

Year Founded2009
FoundersEric Siu
LocationLos Angeles
Company Size51-200 employees
Key Products/Services✔ SEO
✔ Content Marketing
✔Social Media Marketing
✔ Hulu Ads
✔Amazon Ads

Bay Leaf Digital

Bay Leaf Digital is a SaaS marketing agency focused on improving ROIs and growth of B2B businesses by efficient data tracking and analysis, strengthening pipelines, and developing smart SEO and marketing strategies. They offer specialized services for content marketing, PPC, website management, marketing automation, HubSpot management, and a lot more to help their clients achieve their monthly and annual revenue goals. Thanks to all the robust features it provides, Bay Leaf Digital is one of the best marketing SaaS companies.

Year Founded2013
FoundersAbhi Jadhav
LocationBedford, Texas, US
Company Size11-50 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Marketing Strategy
✔ PPC and Retargeting
✔ SEO Strategy
✔ Marketing Automation
✔ Social Media Marketing
✔ Hubspot Management


Roketto, a Canada-based SaaS company, stands out for its inbound marketing and web design services. What sets them apart is not just their ability to strategize effective marketing campaigns but also their commitment to providing knowledge and expertise that helps brands scale and boost sales. Their versatility is impressive, with specializations in real estate, SaaS, tech startups, and industrial and manufacturing companies. Their full-funnel approach has been instrumental in the rapid and consistent growth of their B2B SaaS partners.

Year Founded2009
FoundersUlf Lonegren
LocationKelowna, British Columbia
Company Size11-50 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Inbound Marketing
✔ Website Design
✔ Adwords
✔ Hubspot
✔ Content Marketing


Kalungi is next on the list of the leading SaaS companies that promise full-service marketing for venture-based software companies. With a pay-for-performance model and an outsourced team of experts, they are focused on crafting powerful marketing engines for their clients. Kalungi is a one-stop- destination for several marketing services, such as SEO-driven content curation, CRO, account-based marketing, branding and design, automation, reporting, web development, Hubspot management, and so much more.

Year Founded2018
FoundersFadi George
LocationSeattle Washington
Company Size51-200 employees
Key Products/ServicesProducts:
✔ T2D3 GTM Masterclass and Playbook
✔ Atlas Website Theme
✔ Figma Ad Design Template

✔ SaaS Marketing Team
✔ SaaS CMO Coach
✔ Marketing Audit
✔ Fractional CMO, and more.

Refine Labs

Refine Labs is a famous demand strategy and research-focused agency that helps growth-stage B2B brands scale their business. Supported by a factional team of experts with several years of experience, they help clients with effective strategies, infrastructure, and execution to boost their revenue and pipeline. It is one of the SaaS companies that offer outstanding services to curate compelling content, launch successful campaigns, receive valuable reports and analytics, and boost optimized ads for brands to reach their growth goals

Year Founded2019
FoundersChris Walker
LocationBoston, Massachusetts
Company Size51-200 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Marketing and Demand Services
✔ Content and Creative Services

Best Education SaaS Companies

Education SaaS companies are popularly known as EdTech companies. They have become popular, especially post-Covid, when education activities witnessed a major digital shift. EdTech companies help to enhance and support the learning processes through e-learning solutions like websites, applications, virtual reality headsets, and more.



Coursera is one of the biggest learning platforms in the world. They are renowned for providing you access to courses offered by top universities worldwide. You can access remarkable certification programs, online courses, and hands-on projects from some of these universities and reputed companies. The degrees and certifications you earn will help you upskill and improve your resume. Coursera interface is very intuitive, with AI-powered personalized recommendations for courses and projects based on your previous experience and performance. They ensure that you always have new things to look forward to.

Year Founded2012
FoundersAndrew Ng, Daphne Koller
LocationCalifornia, US
Company Size1001-5000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Guided Projects
✔ Courses
Professional Certificates
✔ MasterTrack Certificates
✔ Degrees


Udemy is a global EdTech platform that caters to a wide customer base and provides them with a flexible and efficient learning platform. It covers multiple subjects and languages that users of all ages and professions can learn. It has a Udemy Business segment that supports employee training and development courses for corporates on a subscription basis. Users can benefit from thousands of courses, gain expertise, and track learning analytics to understand their progress.

Year Founded2010
FoundersOktay Caglar
Gagan Biyani
Eren Bali
LocationSan Francisco,
California, USA
Company Size1,001-5,000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ On-demand Courses
✔ GenAI Features
✔ Leadership Academy Courses
✔Udemy Business


Duolingo is one of the leading EdTech SaaS companies set to make language learning fun with intuitive AI and games. It supports more than 30 different languages to choose from and learn daily through engaging activities and timed challenges. Over time and through consistent learning, users can improve their level and gain certifications. Besides learning languages effectively, Duolingo promotes communication and real-world interactive skills among users to express themselves better and more effectively.

Year Founded2011
FoundersLuis Von Ahn
Severin Hacker
Company Size1,001-5,000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Duolingo
✔ Duolingo ABC
✔ Duolingo Math
✔ Duolingo English Test


Unacademy is an India-based Education SaaS company. They offer online courses for multiple subjects and competitive examinations. More than 3 million students of different age groups have enrolled in their courses. Students can access live video classes, audience polls, live chat with educators, handouts and materials, and more. They offer personalized, handpicked courses to each student, and educators are mindfully selected based on their expertise and experience.

Year Founded2015
FoundersRoman Saini
Gaurav Munjal
Hemesh Singh
LocationBangalore, India
Company Size5001-10000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Projects
✔ Certificates
✔ Practice tests and assessments
✔ Team-level monitoring
✔ Offline Access
✔ Video Content


Kahoot is one of the leading global ed-tech SaaS companies based in Norway that focuses on providing all-in-one training and assessment to millions of students worldwide. Their subscribers range from young children to students and employees willing to hone their skills and expertise in a particular subject. It is particularly popular among youngsters as this learning platform turns boring school subjects into fun and engaging games, making them easier to grasp. Kahoot has recently added some AI-powered tools that help save time and promote more accessible learning.

Year Founded2012
FoundersMorten Versvik
LocationOslo, Norway
Company Size501-1000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Learning Games
✔ Flash Cards
✔ Study Groups

Best Ecommerce SaaS Companies

SaaS e-commerce companies help with toolsets required for setting up, managing, and running an online store. They offer assistance with website creation and design, product listing, inventory management, payment gateways, and customer query management.



Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce SaaS companies that supports almost 4 million companies online and helps them run their business smoothly. It offers an array of powerful features that both small and large business owners prefer, like an inventory management system, content management system (CMS), 24/7 customer service, integration with more than 300+ platforms, workflow automation, and a lot more. It is easy to start with and is preferred by both dropshipping businesses and independent businesses with their online store.

Year Founded2006
FoundersTobias Lütke
Scott Lake
Daniel Weinand
LocationOttawa, Canada
Company Size10,000+ employees
Key Products/Services✔ Central admin
✔ Shipping and fulfillment tools
✔Financial products
✔ Shop Pay
✔ Mobile app


Are you a WordPress-based e-commerce business? Then Woocommerce is the best fit for you. It is a free WordPress plugin and is popular among developers since it offers many customizable features that help set up an online store, which seems like a cakewalk. Thanks to the seamless integration, if you already use WordPress as your CMS, this will be a good option to look into. You can enjoy its unique and robust features, like multiple templates and themes, that make your online store more attractive. One of the most famous e-commerce SaaS companies, Woocommerce also offers multiple payment gateways, shipping management features, and seamless integration with other platforms and tools.

Year Founded2011
FoundersAdii Pienaar
Magnus Jepson
Mark Forrester
LocationCape Town, South Africa
Company Size330+ employees
Key Products/Services✔ Woocommerce Hosting
✔ Shipping Services
✔ Marketing Services
✔ Multi-channel support


For medium to large businesses, BigCommerce is a perfect choice as a cloud-based SaaS e-commerce platform. It is one of the popular SaaS companies that helps big brands with an array of multi-functionalities and flexibility. Also, it manages a vast online store catering to a large customer base. It provides businesses valuable features like built-in marketing tools, social media integration, search engine optimization, shipping and tracking options, multiple payment options, product management, and many more. The headless functionality allows you to decouple the front and back ends of the site and help your site run faster.

Year Founded2009
FoundersMitchell Harper
Eddie Machaalani
LocationAustin, US
Company Size1001-5000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Multi-storefront
✔ Omnichannel support
✔ Headless Commerce
✔ B2B
✔ Wholesale
✔ Crypto
✔ Commerce-as-a-service
✔ Data and Personalization


Wix is one of the popular choices among SaaS e-commerce websites because of its ease of setup through the drag-and-drop interface. While it was initially started as a website builder and is still popular, you can select the Business Plan incorporating e-commerce functionalities. Thanks to its ease of use and ease of setting up, several startups and small businesses prefer Wix to build an aesthetically pleasing online store for their brand. Besides the AI-powered website builder, they offer other features like Wix Payments that easily help you process credit and debit card payments hassle-free.

Year Founded2006
FoundersAvishai Abrahami 
Giora Kaplan
Nadav Abrahami
LocationTel Aviv, Israel
Company Size1001-5000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Website Design
✔ AI Website Builder
✔ Mobile App Design
✔ Website Templates
✔ Advanced Web Development

Salesforce Commerce

Salesforce is a San Francisco-based CRM software. They sell SaaS software products that help businesses improve sales, manage customers, and close better deals. Salesforce Commerce is one of their many products. It was developed to provide e-commerce solutions to many B2B and B2C retailers, helping them generate better revenue and improve customer conversions. Did you know they offer some outstanding services? These services allow you to smooth out your tasks through features like headless functionality, a customer management system, multiple-channel support, easy payment processing, and much more.

Year Founded1999
FoundersMarc Benioff
Parker Harris
LocationSan Francisco
Company Size10,000+ employees
Key Products/Services✔ Digital Storefront
✔ Commerce AI
✔ Customer Acquisition and Loyalty
✔ Embedded Commerce Apps
✔ Reporting and Insights
✔ Order Management and Fulfilment

Best Human Resource SaaS Companies

The best HR SaaS companies help businesses of diverse sizes to manage and run HR tasks successfully, like performance tracking, talent management, payroll management, managing employee data, onboarding, offboarding, attendance tracking, and more.



BambooHR is another among the popular SaaS companies that provides HR solutions. It is known for its excellent services to over 30,000 partner companies. For users, BambooHR stands out for its simple and effective UI and meaningful analytics and reports. These services help manage their ESS better and reduce administrative requests on their HR staff. It is designed and best-suited for small to mid-size businesses to centralize their employee data processes and ensure easy onboarding, offboarding, payroll management, and more.

Year Founded2008
FoundersBen Peterson
Ryan Sanders
LocationLindon, Utah, US
Company Size1001-5000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ BambooHR Platform
✔ HR Data and Reporting
✔ Hiring and Onboarding
✔ Payroll, Time, and Benefits
✔ Employee Experience and Performance


Gusto is a cloud-based HR SaaS company that provides solutions to over 300,000 companies worldwide. It was formerly called ZenPayroll and supports enterprises of all sizes with robust features such as employee hiring management, payroll and benefits management, attendance tracking, built-in talent management tools, and data-backed insights and reports. This is why Gusto is known as one of the best HR SaaS companies.

Year Founded2011
FoundersJosh Reeves
LocationSan Francisco
Company Size1001-5000
Key Products/Services✔ Payroll
✔ Employee Benefits
✔ Time and Attendance
✔ Hiring and Onboarding
✔ Talent Management
✔ Insights and Reports
✔ Workers’ Compensation


ADP WorkForce Now

ADP is one of the most significant HR management SaaS companies, catering to over 8 million companies in over 140 countries. It provides several software modules, such as payroll management, HRIS, Attendance tracking, data-driven insights, talent management, and other strategic business tools. With a functional set of features, it is suitable for businesses of all sizes and simplifies the HR tasks for the employee life cycle from recruitment to separation. Thanks to all the robust features it provides, ADP is one of the leading HR SaaS companies.

Year Founded1949
FoundersHenry Taub
New Jersey, US
Company Size63,000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Payroll management
✔ Time and Attendance
✔ Benefits and Insurance
✔ PEO and HR Outsourcing
✔ Compliance Services

Sage HR

Sage HR is one of the leading SaaS companies for cloud-based HR solutions with fully-featured and functional modules like shift scheduling, timesheets, expenses, and performance management. It also offers features to track leave management, provides centralized solutions to protect important company documents online, and has a user-friendly mobile app. Thanks to all the robust features it provides, Sage is one of the best HR SaaS companies.

Year Founded1981
FoundersDavid Goldman
Paul Muller
Sir Graham Wylie CBE
LocationNewcastle, UK
Company Size13,400+ employees
Key Products/Services✔ Core HR
✔ Leave Management
✔ Onboarding
✔ Timesheets
✔ Performance
✔ Recruitment
✔ Scheduling


Workday is another cloud-based HR solution software that promotes seamless organization and management of HR tasks for businesses of all sizes. With AI-powered top-notch finance and HR management applications, they also provide solutions for student information systems and HCM. Powered by advanced features like payroll and leave tracking, talent management, reports and analytics, and much more, Workday is one of the best SaaS companies to explore.

Year Founded2005
FoundersAneel Bhusri
David Duffield
LocationPleasanton, CA
Company Size18,000+ employees
Key Products/Services✔ Human Capital Management
✔ Human Resource Management
Employee Experience
✔ Workforce Management
✔ Vendor Management System
✔ Local and Global Payroll

Best FinTech SaaS Companies

FinTech SaaS Companies help businesses manage their finances and accounting with easy solutions. They support businesses of all sizes with robust features like invoicing, payment processing, sending payouts, revenue tracking, subscription tracking, and more.



Stripe is one of the leading financial SaaS companies in its niche. It helps businesses of any size accept and send out payments of over $50 million. With its robust infrastructure for seamless transactions, it works well with small startups to large enterprises. Businesses of any size from all over the world can use Stripe. Also, it is easy to manage revenue, send payouts, send and receive invoices, automate subscriptions, and seamlessly manage their finances through Stripe.

Year Founded2010
FoundersPatrick Collison
John Collison
LocationSan Francisco
Company Size1000-5000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Global Payments
✔ Revenue and Finance Automation
✔ Banking-as-a-Service


Intuit is an American SaaS finance company focused on providing innovative and accessible tools to make tasks like tax preparation, accounting, payment processing, etc., much easier. It is one of the leading FinTech SaaS companies that cater to more than 100 million global clients and partners with some famous platforms, such as Mailchimp, Quickbooks, CreditKarma, and TurboTax, to make your financial tasks easier. They offer a generative AI-powered financial assistant called Intuit Assist that provides personalized financial suggestions.

Year Founded1983
FoundersScott D. Cook
Tom Proulx
LocationMountain View
California, US
Company Size18000+ employees
Key Products/Services✔ Intuit Assist
✔ Turbo Tax
✔ Credit Karma
✔ Quickbooks
✔ Mailchimp

Shift Technology

Shift Technology is one of the popular native FinTech SaaS companies that plans to revolutionize insurance decisions. They provide AI-powered solutions to help insurers prevent fraud and make the right insurance decisions that lead to the best outcomes. Even in case of unforeseen circumstances, they try to automate insurance claims and reach quick and convenient solutions. They are focused on delivering positive customer and business experiences increasing operational efficiency, and helping their clients make accurate insurance decisions for seamless finance management.

Year Founded2013
FoundersGeorge Arison
LocationSan Francisco
Company Size501-1000 employees
Key Products/Services✔ Business Overdraft
✔ Term Loan
✔ Equipment Line
✔ Vehicle Finance
✔ Trade Account


Revolut claims to be your all-in-one finance app for handling your money and tracking your spending and earnings. It offers a secure system through which users can request and send money to others, create savings, trade on stocks, and more. To keep customers engaged, Revolut provides perks and rewards for the money spent. They also offer physical credit and debit cards and support investments of up to 1.35% annual interest. Crypto trading is also possible through Revolut, and investors can buy gold and silver instantly through the platform.

Year Founded2015
FoundersNikolay Storonsky
Vlad Yatsenko
England, UK
Company Size7500+ employees
Key Products/Services✔ Saving Vaults
✔ Trading
✔ Revolut <18 Accounts
✔ Cryptocurrency
✔ Credit Authorization


SaaS companies help to make daily responsibilities and tedious tasks more accessible and convenient for all businesses. They offer cost-effective solutions for small, medium, and large businesses to scale and grow. SaaS companies are indeed the future, offering numerous functionalities through various subscription models for businesses of different sizes and concerns.

Srijita Dutta
Srijita Dutta

Srijita Datta is a content writer with over 4+ years of experience in various niches. Her active interest in exploring new and emerging SaaS software and the evolving world of AI motivates her to write crisp, engaging, and informative articles to share her knowledge. She is working with How to Buy SaaS as a content writer and curating fresh and unique content every week with an added expertise in SaaS content.

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