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8 Top Picuki Alternatives to Browse Instagram Anonymously

Looking for the best Picuki alternatives to browse Instagram anonymously and download content from the platform? We have the best solutions just for you, so keep reading the blog till the end.

Instagram is hands down the coolest and the most addictive social media platform nowadays. It keeps us updated with all the latest trends and all the trending news in the world, and it also keeps us connected with our friends and loved ones. We can upload our pictures and videos, watch informative and entertaining reels, and view, like, and interact with the content on the platform.

However, sometimes you do want to view stories or posts of specific people anonymously, without them noticing. Obviously, you can’t do that from your own profile and need an anonymous Instagram viewer tool. What can help you out then? It’s third-party tools like Picuki and other Picuki alternatives! Let us know more about them.

Why Would You Need Picuki and its Alternatives?

Instagram stories are an interesting feature of this platform. It lets you stay updated with the activities of not only your friends and loved ones, but also famous celebrities, your favorite musicians, influencers, and politicians. However, one drawback of this feature is that people can check which accounts have viewed their stories.

If you want to remain discreet about viewing someone’s Instagram stories, there can be several ways, like creating a fake profile. However, that does take a lot of effort and time, so we have the perfect solution for you.

You can try third-party platforms like Picuki and alternatives to view stories and browse posts anonymously.

Here are a few reasons for browsing Instagram anonymously:

  • You want to view someone’s story without letting them know.
  • You do not have an Instagram ID and want to test how the platform works before creating the account.
  • You have deactivated your account but want to take a peek into the trending topics on Instagram.

If, for the above reason, or any other reason, you want to browse Instagram anonymously, you should surely try out Picuki, or some of the Picuki alternatives.

Benefits of Using Picuki

  • Picuki is a legal and secure tool and therefore safe to use.
  • You can ownload photos and videos from Instagram easily.
  • View Instagram stories anonymously.
  • View private profiles without following them.
  • Picuki editor allows you to enhance photos with filters and other editing options.
  • You can search for Instagram profiles and posts using hashtags and locations.
  • Get an analysis of your Instagram profile and valuable insights about your followers and engagement.

These are some of the reasons that make Picuki a very effective and helpful tool. You can also check out some of the Picuki alternatives that are equally helpful, safe, and most of them are free!

The Best Picuki Alternatives




If you are looking for an anonymous Instagram story viewer that will also allow you to view and download pictures and videos from Instagram, then you should give Smihub a try. It is one of the most efficient and popular anonymous Insta stories viewers and has some more interesting features that you should check out. So let us take a closer look at its various features.

Features of Smihub

  • No Login Required: Whenever you have to log in to these websites with your profile credentials, it poses a threat to your privacy. But that’s not the case with Smihub as it does not require you to provide any personal account or login with your credentials. You can straightaway open the website and use the tools.
  • Free and Safe Tool: You do not need to log in or create an account on Smihub, so it is a safe website to browse and download content. And above all, you can use all the features for free!
  • Browse Instagram Anonymously: Smihub allows you to anonymously browse through stories, highlights, posts, and videos of any public profile on Instagram. You can check other Instagram analytics of users like their number of followers, number of posts they have uploaded, and the likes and comments on their posts.
  • Download Content from Instagram: Not only browse but you can also download content from Instagram on your device using Smihub. I could even zoom into users’ profile pictures and download them on my device. Smihub provides quick and easy download of photos, reels, and videos on your device.
  • Easy User Interface: You don’t need to be very tech-savvy to access this. All you gotta do is visit their website and choose the tool that you want to use. On the top panel of the homepage, you can see tools like profile viewer, photos, videos, reels viewer and downloader tool, and anonymous story viewer and downloader tools. So it is very easy to get started with Smihub!
  • Easily Accessible: You can access the Smihub website through most devices like laptops, PCs, mobile phones, and tablets.

Difference Between Smihub and Picuki

Smihub does not have the feature to search hashtags or locations, while Picuki has this feature.
Smihub has two tabs, one for viewing and the other for downloading, but on Picuki you can view and download on the same page.
  • No login credentials are required.
  • It is free and safe to use.
  • Browse Instagram stories, highlights, and posts anonymously.
  • You can download images, videos, reels, profile pictures, and stories in HD quality easily and swiftly.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Can be accessible through any web browser on any device like laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and PCs.
  • Does not allow you to view content on private profiles.
  • Does not offer the feature of searching hashtags and locations.

Free Plan

Access all the Features for Free!



Another one of the popular and widely-used Picuki alternatives is StoriesIG. If you are looking for a hassle-free tool to swiftly download content from Instagram and browse Instagram anonymously, then StoriesIG is the way to go. With a website that is safe and easy to use, and also completely free, StoriesIG will be your safest and fastest bet for satisfying your curiosity in a jiffy. Now let us check out some of its features.

Features of StoriesIG

  • Free and Safe platform: StoriesIG is a safe platform that offers free service to anonymously view stories and insta content without the need for any authorization. So you can use all of its features for absolutely free and no worries about any breach of your personal information.
  • No Sign-up required: StoriesIG does not need you to sign up using your Instagram profile, and you don’t need to have an Instagram ID for that matter.
  • Anonymous Story Viewer Tool: A quick and convenient website, it allows you to view the stories of public Instagram profiles anonymously.
  • Downloader Tool: StoriesIG has a robust and efficiently functional downloader tool. It allows you to download images, stories, reels, and even long-form IGTV videos as well. I liked the feature that also allowed you to download carousel posts that included multiple images and videos into your device in a jiffy.
  • Ease of Use: StoriesIG has a smooth and intuitive user interface that allows you to use all of its tools hassle-free.
  • Accessibility: You can easily access StoriesIG through most browsers on several devices like PCs, Laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

Difference between StoriesIG and Picuki

StoriesIG does not have the feature to search hashtags and locations that Picuki does.
Picuki has a photo editor feature that StoriesIG does not.
  • Free and safe platform.
  • No sign-up is required, so no worries about any breach of your privacy.
  • Anonymous story viewer tool to let you browse Instagram stories from public profiles hassle-free.
  • Has a smooth user interface to use the tools hassle-free.
  • Accessible through all the browsers and several devices like laptops, PCs, mobile phones, and tablets
  • Does not allow users to search using hashtags.
  • Private profiles cannot be viewed.
  • You cannot download profile pictures or story highlights.

Free Plan

Access all the features for free!



Are you looking for a free Instagram viewer and downloader tool with no login process required? Then let me suggest you Gramhir. This is one of the Picuki alternatives that will not only allow you to anonymously view and download content from Instagram but also offer other features like viewing and comparing insta insights and a lot more! So, let us get started with some of its interesting features.

Features of Gramhir

  • Free and Safe Tool: The best thing about any tool is the safety and privacy it provides, and Gramhir lives up to it. It does not require you to enter any personal details or credentials, so you can stay stress-free about any breach of your personal information. Moreover, all of its features are absolutely free!
  • No Login Required: Gramhir is another Picuki alternative that does not require a login process, so your personal information is safe. Even someone without an Instagram ID can use it freely.
  • Browse Instagram Anonymously: You can browse public Instagram profiles and their stories with total anonymity. You can search public accounts and their posts, videos, and images. You can also check their profile analytics and gain valuable insights.
  • Analyzer Tool: This is a unique feature that sets Gramhir apart from the tools discussed above. The analyzer tool helps you check out any public profile’s insights and analytics like likes per post, comments per post, the time between two posts, and the ranking of your account. It also makes predictions about the success of new Instagram posts. You can use this feature to understand your own profile stats or compare them with your competitor’s profile and design methods to increase your engagement.
  • Download Content from Instagram: Gramhir also allows you to download high-quality content like images, IGTV videos, reels, and more in a matter of seconds.
  • Search Hashtags and Locations: I liked this feature particularly because it allows you to filter and fine-tune your search. This feature is especially helpful when you do not know the exact username of the profile that you are searching for. So you can search using the hashtags and look for a particular profile. You can also search using the location. For example, if you search ‘Los Angeles’, it will show you some of the top profiles of the location.

Difference Between Gramhir and Picuki

Gramhir has the profile analyzer feature that Picuki does not.
Gramhir lacks the photo editor feature that Picuki offers.
  • It is a free and safe platform.
  • No login is required, and you can use it even without an Instagram ID.
  • You can view Instagram stories anonymously and also browse Instagram posts and reels of other public profiles.
  • The Analyzer tool helps you gain valuable insights about your own Instagram profile and also helps you compare it with your competitor’s account.
  • The Downloader tool helps you download high-quality content from Instagram.
  • You can search using hashtags and locations to fine-tune and filter your search experience.
  • You cannot analyze or view private profiles.

Free Plan

Access all the features for free!



I have discussed some convenient and hassle-free Picuki alternatives that will help you browse Instagram anonymously, download high-quality content, and provide some additional features as well. However, if you are looking for a tool that will offer something more, then you can try out Inflact. It is more of an Instagram Automation tool that also offers story viewer and downloader tools as well. It is one of the best Picuki alternatives as its features go above and beyond that of Picuki itself. Inflact is like an all-in-one toolkit that includes an Instagram DM bot, a hashtag generator, a post-scheduling tool, a story viewer, a downloader tool, and more. So let us check out some of its unique and interesting features.

Features of Inflact

  • Profile Analyzer Tools: The Inflact profile analyzer tool helps to provide valuable insights and in-depth stats about your Instagram activities and compares it to your competitor’s account. This will help you design better strategies to increase your engagement and growth and always stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Automatic Post-Scheduling and Publishing: The content visualizer and scheduler tools help in the planning and publishing of the content. This helps you to maintain a consistent content calendar and manage your Instagram account more efficiently.
  • Anonymous Story Viewer Tool: While the other tools discussed above did not require your login credentials, Inflact needs you to sign in with your account to access the story viewer. However, once you sign in, the rest of the process is pretty smooth. Just go over to the ‘Story Viewer’ tool and write the name of the account you are searching for, and Inflact will do the rest.
  • Content Downloader: You can download and save high-quality content from Instagram like reels, posts, images, and IGTV videos. Not only Instagram, but Inflact also allows you to download content from other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Access Other Advanced Tools: You can also access additional tools and features like a DM bot, growth bot, hashtag generator, and more to grow your account on Instagram. However, as a marketer myself, I would not advise you to use them. Growing your account organically on Instagram is much more fruitful and gives much better results in the long run than these bots ever will.
  • Premium Plans: While Inflact offers some of its features for free on its Basic plan, you can also take Premium subscriptions to offer more of its features like post scheduling, downloading Instagram profiles in bulk, and much more.

Difference Between Inflact and Picuki

Inflact offers a lot more features like Post scheduling and management, DM bots, hashtag generator, and more, that Picuki does not.
Inflact does not have the photo editing features that Picuki offers.
  • It is an Instagram Automation Tool with several additional features.
  • It has a profile analyzer tools that provides valuable insights about your and your competitor’s accounts.
  • Automatic post scheduling and publishing feature that helps you maintain a content calendar and post consistently.
  • The anonymous story viewer tool helps you view stories and posts anonymously.
  • You can use the downloader tool to download and save high-quality content from Instagram to your device.
  • You can also use some additional features like a hashtag generator, a DM bot tool, a growth tool, and more.
  • You have to enter your profile credentials to access some of the features.
  • You have to sign up for the premium plans to access many features.
  • Allows you to only view content from public profiles.
  • The interface is sometimes slow and non-responsive.
  • Using bots to grow on Instagram is not advised.

Basic Plan

✔ 1 Account/month
✔ Promo
✔ VPN/ Proxy (Free)
✔ Hashtag Generator


Advanced Plan

✔ 1 Account/month
✔ Promo
✔ Direct Messaging
✔ VPN/Proxy (Free)
✔ Hashtag Generator


Pro Plan

✔ 1 Account/month
✔ Promo
✔ Direct Messaging
✔ Scheduled Posting
✔ VPN/Proxy (Free)
✔ Hashtag Generator
✔Story Saver
✔ Downloader
Instagram Search



StoriesDown is one of those no-fuss tools that does its job and does not make you go through too much hassle, and this is why it is one of the most popular Picuki alternatives. Most other third-party apps are either slow, or paid, or require signing up with your credentials. You do not have to go through any such hassle with StoriesDown. It is your good old efficient and swift anonymous Insta stories viewer and downloader. I will discuss some of its features below.

Features of StoriesDown:

  • No Sign-in Required: StoriesDown does not require any sign-up procedures to access its features. You can just enter the username whose stories and posts you wish to view, and it will show you the results swiftly. This saves you from any data breach leaks that third-party apps are often prone to.
  • It’s Free: Nothing’s better than a tool that gets the job done and is free as well. I liked the fact that you can access all the features of StoriesDown for free and it is completely safe as well!
  • Anonymous Story Viewer: StoriesDown gives you ultimate privacy when it comes to viewing stories and posts of private profiles. You don’t have to create an account, so you can get the work done with utmost discretion.
  • Downloader Tool: Not only does it view stories and posts, but StoriesDown also allows you to download and save high-quality content from Instagram on your device. For reels, images, posts, or long IGTV videos, StoriesDown helps you download them with ease.
  • Accessibility: You can access StoriesDown through any web browser on tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. You can save all the content like posts and videos in high quality right on your device. Downloading them from StoriesDown does not affect the quality of the content.
  • Ease of Use: I instantly like a no-fuss, smooth user interface, and StoriesDown offers you just that. All you need to do is enter the username or profile URL of the account on the ‘find a search field’, click on search, and StoriesDown will bring you the results within seconds.

Difference Between StoriesDown and Picuki

StoriesDown does not have the photo editing features that Picuki does.
StoriesDown does not have the hashtag and location search options that Picuki offers.
  • It’s Free!
  • You do not have to go through a sign-in process or create an account on StoriesDown, so rest assured that none of your private data will be leaked.
  • Anonymous story viewer will allow you to view stories and posts from any public profile with total discretion.
  • The downloader tool lets you download and save content from Instagram swiftly and for free.
  • You can access StoriesDown from any web browser and download content on several devices, like laptops, mobile phones, and PCs.
  • User-friendly website and is free from pop-up ads.
  • You cannot view private profiles using StoriesDown.

Free Plan

Access all the features for free!



I have suggested quite a handful of anonymous story-viewer platforms till now. But do you want to explore some more interesting features? Then you must try out Instalkr, one of the leading Picuki alternatives. I especially like its feature of tracking who unfollowed me on Instagram, a feature that is lacking in most third-party websites out there. You do have to log in with your Instagram credentials to avail of this feature, but I find it worth it. With other features like getting profile analytics, and analysis about your followers, and most of these features for free, Instalkr is one of the worthiest Picuki alternatives. Let us dive into the features it offers.

Features of Instalkr

  • Free and Legal Application: Instalkr allows you to avail most of its features for free. It is a safe and legal application, if you do not enter your credentials, there is no risk of any security breach.
  • Story Viewer and Downloader: You can view the story of public insta profiles and save them on your device in high quality. You can then share the content directly.
  • Get Follower Insights: Instalkr features allow you to analyze your followers and get valuable insights about them. For example, you will know which accounts do not follow you and the ones who follow you but you don’t. You can also know the accounts that are no longer active, so you can unfollow them. You can also get information about the accounts that have blocked you.
  • Get Notifications When Someone Unfollows You: This is an interesting feature for which I use Instalkr. When someone unfollows you on Instagram, Instalkr notifies you immediately. However, you need to sign in with your Instagram account to avail of this feature
  • You Can Check Out Account Tracking Packages: This is a paid service that Instalkr provides if you want to keep track of a public profile and its activities. It will give you a lot of information about its activities, like the things that the account likes on Instagram, the accounts they are following and unfollowing, other accounts made by this user and other users who are interacting with this account’s posts. However, I noticed many complaints regarding the cancellation of this subscription, so you should go ahead accordingly.

Difference Between Instalkr and Picuki

Instalkr has a feature that notifies you when someone unfollows you, that Picuki lacks.
Instalkr has the Tracking packages feature that Picuki does not.
Instalkr has a feature that notifies you when someone unfollows you, which Picuki lacks.
  • It’s Free!
  • Legal and safe tool.
  • View, save, and share insta stories anonymously.
  • You can get insights about your followers, like the accounts that do not follow you and the accounts you don’t follow back.
  • You will receive notifications whenever someone unfollows you.
  • Purchase account ‘Tracking Packages’ to keep track of the activities of another public account.
  • Instalkr allows you to access most of its features for free.
  • You have to log in with your Instagram credentials to access the features.
  • The ‘Tracking Packages’ feature does not allow you to track celebrity profiles and there are too many account activities for the tool to track.
  • I came across lots of complaints regarding cancellation of the ‘Tracking Packages’ service.
  • I had to fill out a captcha for every action, and this got very annoying after a while.

Free Plan

Access most of the features for free!

Tracking Packages

Access features like tracking the actions of other public accounts
Starts from $2.49/week



Do you want to try one of the leading Picuki alternatives? Then you must surely try Dumpor. Dumpor offers numerous features like viewing anonymous insta stories anonymously, downloading content on your device, and allows you to search hashtags and locations as well. And the best thing is, you can access them all for absolutely free! You don’t even need an Instagram account to use these features. No wonder it is one of the best Picuki Alternatives you can find. So let us check out some of the amazing features that Dumpor offers.

Features of Dumpor

  • It’s Free: My favorite thing about this popular Picuki alternatives is that it is absolutely free! You do not have to take any subscription to access all of its services and features.
  • Instagram Credentials Not Required: You do not need to have an Instagram account to access the features of Dumpor. It also does not require you to log in with your credentials, so there is no scope for saving your personal information, and hence no risk of data breaches.
  • Anonymous Story Viewer: Dumpor lets you browse Instagram posts and view stories anonymously and with full discretion. The owner of the account will never know that you have viewed their story, so you can stay stress-free.
  • Downloader Tool: You can download high-quality content like photos, posts, and even reels and IGTV videos on your device. All you need to do is select ‘Download from Instagram’ on the top right corner of the home page, paste the photo or video link, and then click ‘Download’. And done! The media will be downloaded to your device within seconds.
  • Search Hashtags and Locations: I found this feature especially helpful if you do not know the exact username of the account, but know their location. So you can filter and fine-tune your search using the hashtags and locations. You can browse the top profiles associated with a certain location, like ‘Manhattan’, or ‘Miami’.

Difference Between Dumpor and Picuki

Dumpor lacks the feature to edit pictures that Picuki offers.
  • It is a free tool.
  • No sign-in or Instagram account is required.
  • You can access the anonymous story viewer tool to surf Instagram anonymously.
  • The Downloader tool helps you download high-quality content from Instagram.
  • You can fine-tune and filter your search by searching hashtags, labels, and locations.
  • You cannot view the content of private Instagram profiles.

Free Plan

Access all the features for free!



Last but not least, I will discuss another interesting tool called Pixwox. Now also known as Picnob, Pixwox is one of the most popular Picuki alternatives. This tool helps you keep track of public profiles not only on Instagram but also on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. I love the fact that it is a hassle-free tool that does not require creating an account, is therefore safe, and is also completely free. Very few things these days come for free, so the trick is to take full advantage of things for free. Now I will tell you how to by discussing some of its features below.

Features of Pixwox

  • Legal and Safe Website: Instagram mostly never supports the use of third-party apps, and might even ban an account that attempts it. But you don’t have to worry about that when you are using Pixwox because it is a legal website. It also uses data encryption technology to ensure data security.
  • Free tool: The best thing about Pixwox is that you can access all of its features for absolutely free!
  • Anonymous Story Viewer: A free and safe website that gets the job done is all you need, and Pixwox guarantees this to you. You can view and download Instagram stories and also surf posts and other content on Instagram absolutely anonymously.
  • Download Content from Instagram: Don’t just view and surf using Pixwox, because now you can download content as well. It allows you to enlarge and download the profile picture of an account in high-definition. You can also download reels, photos, and posts and share with anyone you wish. Not only Instagram, but you can also download content from Facebook and Twitter using Pixwox.
  • Offers Photo and Video Editing Features: Pixwox also offers some additional features like editing photos and videos to upload on social media platforms. You can utilize several tools and add texts and watermarks on pictures, adjust brightness and color, crop photos, and make other necessary changes. You can also enhance your videos by adding music to your photo stories, inserting graphic animations, adjusting brightness and color, trimming videos lengthwise or crosswise, editing captions and subtitles, creating attractive video slideshows, and much more.

Difference Between Pixwox and Picuki

Pixwox lacks the feature of searching hashtags and locations that Picuki offers.
  • Free and Legal Website.
  • Uses a data encrypting facility to keep your data safe.
  • You can view Instagram stories and posts anonymously.
  • You can download content in HD quality.
  • Allows you to enlarge one’s profile picture and save it on your device in HD quality.
  • View and download content from multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
  • Has an additional photo and video editor feature that you can surely check out to enhance your content.
  • It restricts you from viewing private profiles.
  • Sometimes the interface lags and is unable to find the desired profile.
  • It is a comparatively new website with limited features.

Free Plan

Access all the features for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Anonymous story viewers legal?

The anonymous insta story viewers that I have suggested here are all legal and safe to use. Most of them don’t require you to provide your personal information and credentials, so you can use them stress-free.

Can I view Instagram stories without an account?

Yes of course! In this blog, I have suggested some amazing Picuki alternatives that allow you to view Instagram stories and posts even without an account. You can search for a particular profile or search using hashtags and locations as well. You can use some of the tools mentioned above, like Smihub, StoriesIG, Gramhir, StoriesDown, Dumpor, Pixwox, and more for the same.

How to view stories anonymously of a private account?

Most anonymous Instagram story viewers do not allow you to view posts and stories from private profiles as their information is protected.


While using third-party apps, especially Instagram, you should always be mindful and avoid breaching someone’s privacy, and Instagram also does not support it. That being said, you can use the above mentioned Picuki alternatives to view insta stories anonymously, download content, search for posts and profiles, and a lot more. I hope this blog helps you out!

Srijita Dutta
Srijita Dutta

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