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StoriesIG Alternatives: 8 Free And Best Picks In 2023

Are you looking for some of the best StoriesIG alternatives to view Instagram stories anonymously? Look no further. In this blog, I will share some of the best tried and tested StoriesIG alternatives in 2023 to help you out.

All of us spend a substantial amount of time on Instagram, and the social media platform boasts millions of users worldwide. From connecting with numerous users, and keeping up to date with the latest trends, to getting us hooked to the latest reels, Instagram has so much in store! One of its important features is the Instagram stories where we can update about our daily lives, and see what our friends are up to as well.

But, do you want to view stories anonymously? Now you can do this too! One of the most popular solutions is StoriesIG. However, it has not been working out well for me lately, and I have come across similar complaints from other users as well. Don’t worry, I have the perfect solution for you. I have listed some amazing StoriesIG alternatives in this blog where you can not only avail many of the StoriesIG features, but a lot more! But first, let us discuss why you should choose StoriesIG alternatives, and how they are advantageous.

Why Should You Go For StoriesIG Alternatives?

The ‘Story’ feature on Instagram is very cool indeed, and it allows you to view who has watched them as well. This can be an advantage, but a disadvantage when you do not want the user to know that you have viewed their profile. StoriesIG provides a safe solution for it by allowing to watch the stories of insta users anonymously.

StoriesIG alternatives

Why should you look for StoriesIG alternatives then?

This is because it has many disadvantages. Some of them are:

  • Slow interface and frequent error messages.
  • Does not allow you to view the profile posts of the user.
  • You cannot view a full-size profile picture of the user.
  • Does not allow you to view the Highlights section of the user’s profile.
  • You cannot view the stories from private accounts.

Due to all of these reasons, StoriesIG does not give you the ideal experience. But I have tried out some SotoriesIG Alternatives that are so much better! Read on to know more.

The Best StoriesIG Alternatives




Instadp is a popular Instagram story downloader with several users worldwide. It has two extensions, and, but they are pretty similar. Instadp offers several features like viewing Instagram profiles, insta stories, and insta profile pictures anonymously. I tried out Instadp to check out how it works, so let’s take a closer view at its features:

Features of Instadp

  • Login Process: It is simple! You do not need an account to use Instadp. All you gotta do is insert the person’s username in the search bar, and you can view their profile. When I tried Instagram, it allowed me to view the person’s profile, view their full-size profile picture, their stories, and reels.
  • Different Extensions: Instadp has two extensions: and While they are pretty similar, there is some basic difference in their design. Also, while does not allow you to access private Instagram accounts, you can view and download private Instagram accounts from
  • View Full-size Profile Picture: Instadp allows you to view a person’s full size and download it in high-quality resolutions. It is not a problem if you are not following them.
  • View and Download Stories Anonymously: You can view stories of people anonymously through Instadp without even creating your profile or logging in, thus making it one of the leading StoriesIG alternatives. Not only can you view the user’s story of the last 24 hours, but also their story highlights exactly as they are organized in their main profile. You can also download these stories to your device anonymously.
  • Download Instagram Reels: Instadp also allows you to watch and download Instagram reels.

How is Instadp better than StoriesIG?

Instadp shows story highlights, that StoriesIG does not.
You can download full-size profile pictures using Instadp
  • No login required
  • It is legal and free.
  • View and download stories and highlights anonymously.
  • View and download high-quality, full-size profile pictures of users.
  • View and download Instagram reels.
  • It does not show Instagram posts.
  • You have to complete a two-step captcha process to view your search results.


Free Plan

Access all the features for free!

Ingramer (Now Inflact)

Ingramer (Now Inflact)

Ingramer, now known as Inflact, is more of an Instagram Automation Tool than just an Instagram story viewer like StoriesIG. It is like an Instagram toolkit with several features and tools for Instagram automation. I was surprised to find that it is an all-in-one tool that not only includes story viewer and downloader features, but also an Instagram DM bot, a Scheduling tool, a Hashtag generator, and many more features. Not only is it one of the best StoriesIG alternatives, but its features go above and beyond that of StoriesIG. So let us take a look at the features of Inflact.

Features of Ingramer (or Inflact)

  • Post Scheduling and Auto-publishing: This feature is very effective if you want to maintain a content calendar and post consistently on Instagram. This feature of Ingramer will help you manage your Instagram profile more efficiently.
  • Story Viewer: I had to sign in to use the story viewer tool of Inflact, but the rest of the process was simple. I had to go to the ‘Stories viewer’ tool and enter the username of the person in the search bar whose story I wanted to view anonymously. Inflact searched them up and let me view and also download their Instagram story.
  • Downloader Tool: The Inflact downloader tool helps you save Instagram photos, videos, profile posts, display pictures, reels, and more! Not only Instagram, but you can also download content from other social media sites as well, like Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.
  • Additional Features: As an Instagram Automation Toolkit, Inflact has some additional features like Hashtag generation, a DM bot, a growth bot, and more, to apparently help you grow your Instagram community. However, as a marketing person myself, I will not advise you to use these tools as nothing matches an organically grown Instagram handle, and these tools will be ineffective in the long run.
  • Premium Plans: While you can avail a lot of Inflact’s features for free, signing up for their premium plans will help you access some additional features like downloading entire Instagram profiles in bulk, scheduling posts, and much more.

How is Inflact Better than StoriesIG?

Inflact allows you to automatically monitor a person’s Instagram story and profile. Whereas for StoriesIG, you have to manually enter the username to keep track of the person’s stories.
Inflact gives you paid access to many more features of the toolkit like Instagram post scheduling, hashtag generator, DM bot, and much more that StoriesIG does not.
  • It is an Instagram Automation toolkit with numerous features.
  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • Allows you to view and download Instagram stories anonymously.
  • You can view and save a person’s Instagram profile posts, display pictures, IGTV videos, reels, and much more.
  • It helps with scheduling and auto-publishing stories and posts.
  • You can avail of additional features like the DM bot, growth bot, hashtag generator, and more.
  • You can only view the content of public profiles.
  • You have to sign up for a premium plan to use a lot of features.
  • It has a slow performance for certain features.
  • Using bots to grow your Instagram handle is not advised.


Basic Plan

1 Account/Month

1. Promo

2. VPN/Proxy (Free)

3. Hashtag Generator


Advanced Plan

1 Account/ Month

1. Promo

2. Direct Messaging

3. VPN/Proxy (Free)

4. Hashtag Generator


Pro Plan

1 Account/Month

1. Promo

2. Direct Messaging

3. Scheduled Posting

4. VPN/Proxy (Free)

5. Hashtag Generator

6. Story Saver

7. Downloader

8. Instagram Search



Dumpor is one of the most trending StoriesIG alternatives that is worth trying. Besides its anonymous story viewing feature, I especially liked the fact that it allows you to search Instagram posts related to certain hashtags or locations. And you don’t even need an Instagram account to avail all of these features! These aspects make Dumpor one of the leading StoriesIG alternatives. Let us take a closer look at the features of Dumpor.

Features of Dumpor

  • Instagram Account Not Required: You do not need to log in to your Instagram account to use Dumpor. This not only protects your personal data but also allows people who do not have an Instagram account to browse and explore.
  • Browse Anonymously: With Dumpor, you can surf Instagram, view stories of different users, and view the pictures and videos uploaded by them, all while staying anonymous. You can also view the number of likes and comments on their posts. It is because of these cool features that Dumpor is one of the best StoriesIG alternatives.
  • Download Content: Using Dumpor, I could also download photos and videos while browsing. All you need to do is click on the ‘Download from Instagram’ button on the top right corner of the website. It will direct you to a page where you need to paste the picture or video link that you wish to download. Click on ‘Process’, and it will be downloaded!
  • Search Using Hashtags and Locations: This feature is useful when you do not know the exact username of the profile you are searching for. You can enter their name, and it will show you a list of matching profiles. You can also browse the top profiles associated with a certain location, like ‘Manhattan’, or ‘Miami’.

How is Dumpor Better than StoriesIG?

It allows you to search with hashtags and locations that StoriesIG does not.
It has a much faster and more convenient interface than StoriesIG.
  • It is free and safe to use.
  • Allows you to browse content on Instagram anonymously.
  • You do not need an Instagram account to access the content.
  • Download pictures and videos easily.
  • Search using hashtags and specific locations.
  • Does not allow you to view the content of private Instagram profiles.


Free Item

Access all the features for free!

4K Stogram

4K Stogram

While all of the tools discussed above were websites, 4K Stogram is software that you can download on your laptop or PC. It allows you to download Instagram posts, pictures, videos, display pictures, and much more while remaining anonymous. It is one of the leading StoriesIG alternatives because of this reason. I found 4K Stogram very efficient in case you wish to keep a backup of your Instagram handle or explore the Instagram profiles of other users. No wonder 4K Stogram is one of my favorite StoriesIG alternatives. Now, let us take a look at its features.

Features of 4K Stogram

  • Backup Your Instagram Account Easily: So many Instagram accounts are being hacked every day, it is scary indeed! So it is safe to always keep a backup of your Instagram handle, and 4K Stogram is here to help you out. Even in case you want to delete all the posts from your profile, keeping a backup will still keep the memories intact. You can back up your whole Instagram handle through 4K Stogram with just a click! This feature makes 4K Stogram one of the best StoriesIG alternatives.
  • Allows to Search, View, and Download Content on Instagram: 4K Stogram has an inbuilt search option through which you can browse content on Instagram to view and download insta stories, photos, posts, videos, reels, and more.
  • Search Using Hashtags and Locations: This tool also allows the option to search using certain hashtags or specific locations, view related posts and top profiles, and download content to your device.
  • Additional Feature to View Private Profiles: 4K Stogram does have an added feature that allows you to view and download content from private profiles as well. But there is a catch. You have to log in to your Instagram profile, and you should be following the person whose private account you want to view.
  • Can Be Used as an Instagram Viewer: You need to log in with your Instagram credentials to use 4K Stogram as an Instagram Viewing tool. But I would not suggest that as you have an Instagram app for the same purpose as well. However, it does give you some extra features, like allowing you to copy the captions, enlarge pictures and posts, and copy the link as well, but these features do not add a lot of value.
  • Save Comments and Hashtags Metadata: When I downloaded photos through 4K Stogram, it allowed me to download the comments and hashtags metadata as well.
  • Save Through Subscriptions: 4K Stogram allows you to save the accounts you follow by just clicking the ‘Subscribe’ Button. You can also export or import the account and post info. This feature will be a huge savior when in case of major computer reinstallations as none of your saved content will be lost.
  • 4K Stogram License: While the basic version of this tool is free, you can also sign up for a premium version that allows unlimited downloads, account access, and more. For this, you need to sign up for a paid license to access all the features.

How is 4K Stogram better than StoriesIG?

Allows you to search with hashtags and locations that StoriesIG does not.
Has an Instagram Viewer feature that StoriesIG lacks.
Provides an Instagram backup feature to save a backup of your account and StoriesIG lacks this as well.
  • Has an Instagram backup feature to back up your account posts.
  • You can search using a specific username to view and download the account’s content.
  • More focused search option using hashtags and location
  • Can be used as an Instagram viewer tool with added features.
  • You can save comments and hashtag metadata while downloading photos and posts.
  • You can save the accounts you follow and their information by just clicking ‘Subscribe’.
  • The free version supports ads.
  • Allows you to view the content of private profiles only when you follow them.
  • Using the Instagram viewer feature by logging in through your credentials might not be entirely safe.
  • You require a paid Premium license to avail of added features.


Lite Plan

1. 1-year License Duration

2. 10 in-app subscriptions

3. Photos, videos, and tagged photos download.

4. Stories and Highlights Download.

5. Private account Download

6. Advertisement-Free

Personal Plan

1. License Duration: Forever

2. 10 in-app subscriptions.

3. Photos. videos and tagged photos download.

4. Stories and Highlights download.

5. Private account Download.

6. Advertisement-free

Pro Plan

1. License duration: Forever

2. Unlimited in-app Instagram subscriptions.

3. Photos, videos, and tagged photos download.

4. Stories and Highlights download.

5. Private account download.

6. Automatic Subscriptions Update.

7. Posts and captions export.

8. Permitted Commercial Use.

9. Advertisement-Free

Bundle Plan

1. 4K Video Downloader+ Pro License.

2. 4K toolkit Pro License

3. 4K Stogram Pro License

4. 4K Youtube to MP3 Pro License.

5. 4K Video Downloader for Android License

6. 4K Image Compressor Pro License.

7. Future Updates Included.




Instalkr, as the name suggests, not only provides you with features to anonymously view insta stories, but a lot more unique features. It is my favorite app to check who unfollowed me or blocked me on Instagram. You can sign up for a free account, and if you want to keep track of a particular public account and can pay for it, then buy the ‘tracking packages’ that will give you access to a lot more information. These are a few of the reasons why Instalkr is one of my favorite StoriesIG alternatives. Let’s discuss the features of Instalkr now.

Features of Instalkr

  • View and Save Insta Stories Anonymously: Instalkr allows you to view any public profile’s story anonymously and also save them in HD quality to your device. You can also share the saved content directly.
  • Free and Legal Application: You can use most of the features of the app for free. You do not have to sign in with your account credentials, thus there is no risk to your data.
  • Get an Analysis of Your Followers: Instalkr features allow you to analyze your followers. For example, you will know which accounts do not follow you and the ones who follow you but you don’t. You can also know the accounts that are no longer active, so you can unfollow them. You can also know which accounts have blocked you.
  • Get Notified Whenever Someone Unfollows You: This is an interesting feature of Instalkr. When someone unfollows you on Instagram, you will be notified immediately, but you need to sign in with your Instagram account to avail of this feature.
  • Account Tracking Packages: This is a paid service that Instalkr provides if you want to keep track of a public profile and its activities. It will give you a lot of information about its activities, like the things that the account likes on Instagram, the accounts they are following and unfollowing, other accounts made by this user, and other users who are interacting with this account’s posts. However, I noticed many complaints regarding the cancellation of this subscription, so you should go ahead accordingly.

How Is Instalkr Better Than StoriesIG?

Instalkr gives you the option to purchase the ‘Tracking Packages’ service to keep track of a public account.
You can get an analysis of your followers, a feature that StoriesIG does not give you.
One of its unique features is that you get notified whenever someone unfollows you, another feature that StoriesIG lacks.
Instalkr gives you an option to purchase the ‘Tracking Packages’ service to keep track of a public account.
  • View, save, and share insta stories anonymously.
  • Get an analysis of your followers, like the accounts that do not follow you and the accounts you don’t follow back.
  • Get notified whenever someone unfollows you.
  • Access to most features for free.
  • Purchase account ‘Tracking Packages’ to keep track of the activities of another public account.
  • You have to log in with your Instagram credentials to access the features.
  • I had to fill out a captcha for every action, and this got very frustrating after a while.
  • The ‘Tracking Packages’ feature does not allow you to track celebrity profiles and there are too many account activities for the tool to track.
  • There are lots of complaints regarding cancellation of the ‘Tracking Packages’ service.


Free Plan

Access most of the features for free!

Tracking Packages

Access features like tracking the actions of other public accounts
Starts from $2.49 per week

Pixwox (Now Called Picnob)

Pixwox (Now called Picnob)

If viewing insta stories anonymously and keeping track of public profiles is an art, then Pixwox can surely help you be the artist. With several exciting features like viewing and downloading Instagram stories, videos, and posts, to tracking profiles on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, Pixwox provides you all of these! Plus it is free and safe as you do not need to log in through your Instagram handle is the cherry on the cake. This is why Pixwox is one of the best StoriesIG alternatives. Now I will discuss some of these features in detail.

Features of Pixwox

  • Anonymous Insta Stories Viewer: Pixwox is free, and it gets the job done. No need to enter your Instagram credentials and put your security at risk. Just search with the username of the public account you want to view, and you will get access to the last 24 hours of their Instagram stories.
  • Legal Website with Data Encryption: Pixwox is a legal website and you will not be banned by Instagram for using it. They also use data encryption technology to ensure that your data is secure.
  • Download Photos and Videos: Not only did Pixwox allow me to view the insta stories of public accounts anonymously, but I could also download them on my device. It also allows you to download insta photos and reels on your device absolutely free! You can also enlarge a person’s profile picture and save it in HD quality.
  • Access Multiple Social Media Platforms: Not only Instagram, Pixwox also allows you to watch and download content anonymously on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

How is Pixwox better than StoriesIG?

Pixwox feature allows you to enlarge and download the HD quality image of an account’s profile picture, which StoriesIG does not.
The interface is much faster and does not lag as much as StoriesIG.
  • Free and Legal Website
  • Has a data encryption facility to keep your data secure.
  • You can download photos and videos in great quality.
  • You can enlarge someone’s profile picture and download it on your device.
  • View and download content on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.
  • It did not allow me to view private profiles.
  • Sometimes it is unable to find the desired account.
  • It is a comparatively new website with limited features.
  • There are more famous alternatives with better


Free Plan

Access all the features for Free!
7 is a good old no-fuss insta stories and highlights downloader, which is why it is one of the trending StoriesIG alternatives. Most other third-party applications that make tall claims about supporting multiple features are usually slow, paid, or require your login credentials. is my savior when I want to take a quick peek at someone’s story anonymously or swiftly download some content from Instagram. It is quick, easy, free, and does its job.

Features of

  • No Need to Sign in: does not require any sign-up procedures to access its features. You can just enter the username whose stories and posts you wish to view, and it will show you the results swiftly. This saves you from any data breach leaks that third-party apps are often prone to.
  • View Stories and Highlights Anonymously: The best StoriesIG alternatives should surely have this feature, and will not disappoint you in this aspect. You can search for any public profile and allows you to view their story and highlights anonymously.
  • Download Content from Instagram: You can download insta stories, highlights, profile posts, and profile pictures using
  • Download Content on Any Device: operates as a website that you can access through various devices like laptops, PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. So you can view and download content on all of these devices hassle-free. You can also download the app from Playstore on your devices.
  • No History of Download is Kept: This website does not save any record or history of downloads to ensure the privacy of its users.

How is better than StoriesIG?

Supports a faster interface than StoriesIG
Allows you to download Story Highlights that StoriesIG does not.
You can avail of from both the website and the app, while StoriesIG only operates through websites.
  • No sign-in credentials are required.
  • Free, fast, and easy to use.
  • Allows you to view stories and highlights anonymously.
  • You can download insta stories, highlights, or posts on your device easily.
  • You can use from multiple devices like Laptops, PCs, and mobile phones.
  • Supports both an application and a website interface.
  • Does not record download history to protect the user’s privacy.
  • You cannot access the content of private profiles on Instagram.
  • The features are very limited, you cannot download reels and IGTV videos.
  • Some Playstore reviews suggest that it does not show all the posts of a person’s profile.


Free Plan

Access all the features for Free!



Snapinsta is another hassle-free website that lives up to its claims. With a smooth interface and fast downloads, it is one of the perfect StoriesIG alternatives. You can enlarge and download display pictures, view insta stories anonymously, and also download pictures and videos from private profiles. Let us take a look at some of its features.

Features of Snapinsta

  • No Need to Login: Snapinsta does not require a login or sign-up process that might put your data at risk. All you need to do is copy the post or profile URL and paste it into the search bar, and it will show you the results swiftly.
  • User-friendly Interface: The website is easy to navigate and organized enough for you to explore.
  • View and Download Content Anonymously: Snapinsta allows you to view insta stories and posts anonymously and also download them to your device in high-definition resolutions. You can download videos, photos, stories, and reels from Instagram and all of them will be saved in the ‘Downloads’ section of your device.
  • Download on Multiple Devices and Systems: You can download content from Instagram on multiple devices and systems, like Windows laptops, Macbooks, iOS phones and tablets, and Android phones and tablets.
  • View and Download Content from Private Profiles: This is a unique feature that most StoriesIG alternatives do not provide. Snapinsta allows you to view and download content from private as well as public profiles.

How is Snapinsta better than StoriesIG?

It has a faster interface than StoriesIG.
Snapinsta allows you to view and download content from private Instagram profiles but StoriesIG lacks this feature.
  • No login is required.
  • User-friendly, smooth Interface.
  • View and download insta stories anonymously.
  • Avail swift download of photos, videos, and reels.
  • View and download content from public and private profiles.
  • Download on multiple devices and systems like Windows Laptops and PCs, Macbooks, iOS tablets and phones, and Android tablets and phones.
  • It supports ads.
  • Multiple videos cannot be downloaded at once, you need to download them one by one.
  • If you are downloading and reposting copyrighted photos and videos, always give credit to the original creator and if possible repost with their consent to avoid any copyright infringement.


Free Plan

Access all the features for Free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Anonymous story viewers really work?

Anonymous story viewer apps like StoriesIG and its alternatives do work and I have tried and tested them. In this post, I have mentioned 8 such websites and apps like Instadp, Inflact, 4K Storgram, Dumpor, Instalkr, Pixwox,, and Snapinsta that surely work.

Are anonymous story viewers legal?

Most anonymous story viewers like StoriesIG and other StoriesIG alternatives are mostly legal as you are viewing Instagram content that is free for all.

Can someone see how many times you viewed their story?

No, Instagram users cannot see the number of times you have viewed their story. However, they can see which accounts have viewed their insta story.


Oftentimes, we do not want an Instagram user to know that we have viewed their Instagram stories. While StoriesIG can help you with viewing stories anonymously, it comes with lots of disadvantages. But worry not, all of my 8 suggestions of StoriesIG alternatives will be surely helpful to you and give you much better features and benefits.

Srijita Dutta
Srijita Dutta

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