B2C Marketing Automation and 7 Most Powerful Software Tools

B2C marketing automation stands for business-to-customer marketing, which refers to the marketing that deals with only individual customers instead of dealing with other various companies as customers. In this type of marketing, a company promotes, creates, advertises, and/or sells its products and services to any individual customer.

B2C marketing not only promotes its products and services, it rather invokes a strong sense of emotional feedback from the customers.

The importance of B2C marketing cannot be exaggerated anymore, and in the upcoming days, B2C marketing will only grow stronger and stronger, which is why the B2C market is very distinctly competitive and is going to draw a good amount of crowd towards it. In the present day, having good B2C marketing automation has become an essential part of business strategy, so that customer engagement remains high and intact.

What does marketing automation mean?

Marketing automation assists you to spot potential customers, automating the method of taking care of the ends up in sales readiness. It automates actions that bring prospects to the purpose where they’ll be directly approached by the sales team with the aim of closing a buying deal and starting an ongoing relationship, and also the information it gathers can drive your choice of selling tactics.

Marketing automation does this by massively improving the efficiency of your sales funnel, quickly turning a broad base of leads into happy customers employing a combination of tactics.

For example, early within the lead-nurturing process education and awareness may well be the key task. Marketing automation can supply useful content that develops trust in and respect for your brand, quickly and simply helps results in understanding what it’s they’re getting. Further along, when prospects have narrowed down the categories of products they’re inquisitive about, you’ll reach out with targeted messaging, specifically tailored to the groups that might best help to grow your brand. Finally, as activity tracked via the marketing automation system indicates yet more focused interest, a professional, comprehensive, and well-understood lead is automatically handed to the sales team.

Marketing automation is additionally able to provide you with a richer, more detailed picture of the behaviour of potential customers. Using behavioural tracking methods like following a user’s path through your website, marketing automation software can help your marketing team to understand a prospect’s interests and where they’re within the purchasing lifecycle. they’ll then customize any follow-up supported by those action points.

So, no matter the kind of business one has, marketing automation can help target or attract customers with exact information through messages at the proper time.

What is B2C marketing automation?

B2C marketing automation also targets individuals wherever they’re in their customer journeys and attempts to deliver customized product or service recommendations supported by action triggers and captured data. B2C marketing automation enhances exposure to customers with accurate and proper messages at the correct time. A B2C context allows marketing teams to extend customer retention and repeat purchases with the proper content to stay make them engaged, and also by conveying to the subscribers or audience’s individual needs and interests by arranging special and personalized campaigns for them

Benefits of B2C marketing automation for your business

Adopting B2C marketing automation not only improves the business strategy but also serves as an important part of the strategy. These are implemented in various ways. Let us now find out how and what part of business B2C marketing automation helps with a good customer-audience engagement.

1. Small gesture for newly subscribed customers

A customer who has just found your business out would like it even more if you show some generosity towards them.

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A sweet gesture, expressing your warm wishes and welcoming them would be perfect. Thanking them for the interest they showed by finding your business, might help them want to stick around you for a longer time. Marketing automation helps with targeting such audiences for a lasting relationship with the customers.

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This welcome email could include the basics of your brand like whether or not it is sustainable, eco-friendly in nature, its composition, etc. Giving them a joining discount or offer can work wonders too. This might help them want to shop if they find such amusing and exclusive little discounts like these. Facilitate them with both online and in-store shopping opportunities, if possible.

2. Collect reviews

Once a customer is done with their shopping, ask for their feedback and reviews regarding the purchase. Other than the purchase, the review can also include questions regarding how easy or hard it was for the customer to shop on your website or store if they have found their desired product in a single search or if they had to struggle to find what they want. A positive tool such as this might help attract more customers.

You can also ask for any tips from them regarding any improvement of any service that might have disturbed them while shopping, or not.

3. Remind them about their shopping cart

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If your B2C business has an online store or website, abandoned cart emails are compulsory for the marketing automation strategy. This includes sending emails to the customers who might have added a product to their cart and did not complete the shopping. It is more like a gentle reminder to the customers, notifying them about their incomplete purchase.

It has to be ensured that the emails do not bore the customers out. Creative ways can be used to help them convince, to complete the order. Rush words like ‘grab your last offer’, or ‘get free shipping if you order within the next 10mins’, etc.

4. Send them personalized offers

B2C marketing automation helps with customer insights, providing fine opportunities for creating customer engagement.

The Adidas Purchase Email & Unboxing Experience - MailCharts

Using customer data like their birthdays, or anniversaries, to send them special customized offers can help in customer engagement too. These small and crisp details about your customers are what can level up your business.

5. Excite them about adding products to the cart

Using B2C marketing automation, customer data like added products in the cart, wishlist, or any product that has been sold off but is still in the customer’s wishlist, can be tracked easily and notified with the correct information, likewise.

6. Be creative and unique

Your approach toward the customers should be unique and creative.

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You can ask them to subscribe and sign up to your monthly, or weekly newsletters, whatever is convenient for the customer, for other future sales, offers, new launches, any exclusive features, etc. on the times, whenever the individual customer is active. And, their active hours can be tracked using B2C marketing tools.

Despite the vital role that B2C marketing automation plays in any business, it can provide some distinctive problems too, for the customers.

Top B2C marketing automation software tools

Platforms or tools for B2C marketing automation refers to the tools used by B2C marketing automation, using which strengthen business strategies and target the right customers. There are a number of marketing automation platforms in the market. However, when comparing the platforms, what you may search for, are the ones that meet your B2C marketing automation needs. Keeping in mind a few points related to this would do good. Like, as to how composite each tool is and what resources are offered, what integrations each tool offers and the way they will fit into your current tech stack, how each tool is priced and the way much your marketing automation needs may cost.

There are a lot of B2C marketing tools, but 7 major and best ones are being listed below:



Sendinblue is a Saas solution, which is an all-in-one B2C marketing automation platform with flexible charges. They only let you pay per email sent. It helps you build a newsletter in under 5 minutes, are easy to use, and has the best value in the industry.

B2C Marketing Automation and 7 Most Powerful Software Tools

Pros: It is an easy-to-use editor, and is an efficient email builder that helps customize emails in a few seconds.

Cons: Free version is very limited and can only send up to 300 emails per day, and graphic representation is not available here. Forms from Sendinblue are hard to implement in WordPress, but the Plugin is quite good.



Mailchimp is more like an industry leader in email marketing automation. Mailchimp tool is used to deliver transactional emails, like an order confirmation email and other personalized messages. This tool also allows you to make visual customer journeys so that you are able to provide the simplest possible experience to every customer or convert your leads and prospects into one.

Mailchimp Automation Workflows - Become a local leader

Pros: They continuously adapt to meet their user needs, have flexible prices, and provide good platform integration.

Cons: Added features make the use of the platform a little complex. As they frequently keep changing to adapt to the needs of users, it can be pretty frustrating to use the platform at times.



Built on the muse of the free HubSpot CRM, HubSpot Marketing Hub holds a wealth of B2C marketing automation tools that allow you to use your customer’s behaviour for sending out personalized emails, content, and outreach at scale. From email to SMS, and even internal automation like lead scoring and CRM updates, HubSpot is straightforward to urge, accustomed to, and will quickly become your team’s marketing automation ally.

B2C Marketing Automation and 7 Most Powerful Software Tools

Pros: Their marketing, sales, and services are amazingly built, allowing their users to gradually start using their whole growth suit, as they store all the marketing, sales, and service data in one particular place. HubSpot has a lot of integration partners, which keeps growing every day.

Cons: Apart from providing all that amazing features, it comes with a great charge and is not cheap at all. For the newbies, the platform can turn out to be confusing and harder to learn to use. And, while their basic setups can be easy, effective setups can be difficult.



AutoPilot offers a visible automation workflow builder but with a twist. It sets itself aside with emoticons, stickers, custom notes, and other details that help your teams to collaborate as well as celebrate building your marketing automation sequences. Although the tool doesn’t offer its own built-in CRM, it’s fairly intuitive, easy to use, and offers fantastic reporting features.

B2C Marketing Automation and 7 Most Powerful Software Tools

Pros: Easy to use, and fast. They create an easy flow and great visual builder of the journey.

Cons: Builder customizations are limited, and the price keeps increasing. Analytics and reporting need great improvement.



Omnisend could be a leading marketing automation platform specifically made for electronic commerce businesses. It does not just offer dozens of pre-written templates for all e-com automation scenarios, but it also merges with almost every possible e-commerce-related tool, including both email and SMS automation software.

B2C Marketing Automation and 7 Most Powerful Software Tools

Pros: The product picking feature is amazing, and does not require a manual description of product images, allows sending of 2000 free messages per month by a user, and is user-friendly.

Cons: They have limited email design options, in comparison to other platforms. Previous data is not stored, so every time a social media campaign is launched, the input of data is to be done from the scratch.



ActiveCampaign may be a renowned marketing automation software and was the primary to advance the visual automation workflow builder. Additionally, to email, it offers site tracking, lead scoring, attribution, and much more.

B2C Marketing Automation and 7 Most Powerful Software Tools

Pros: Campaigns can be both easily created and sent. They integrate well with other platforms. Customer support is accessible with little or no effort.

Cons: It only has fewer issues with onboarding instructions. Other issues have not been found for them.



Oracle is a very flexible and effective marketing automation software designed for enterprise grid computing.

Pros: Supports complex worksheets very accurately and has great backup and recovery solutions, as they store data safely.

Cons: Many features require added licensing, which eventually increases the total cost, and is overall a little costly platform.


Since you’ve gotten B2C marketing automation, and the marketing automation platforms around your head, make sure to include B2C marketing automation as a part of your business strategy. Not only will it increase the customer engagement for your business, but rather it will also help your business for long-term success and establishment.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What is the best marketing automation platform?

There are many marketing platforms but some of the best platforms are Mailchimp, HubSpot Marketing Hub, Sendinblue, Oracle, Eloqua, etc.

2. What are marketing automation platforms?

Marketing automation platforms are the platforms that provide amazing business strategies, for audience-customer engagement using various tactics.

3. What is B2C Marketing Automation?

B2C marketing automation refers to the business that is concerned directly with the customer, that is business-to-customer marketing.

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