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Aniline is a technology company committed to mid-market HR Professionals and the companies that serve them. We combine employee sentiment and demographic data to create workforce profiles with complete view of a company’s workforce enabling unprecedented benchmarking capability.

We leverage our powerful AI platform to create matches with our curated catalogue of hundreds of companies that support HR from Talent to Rewards to HR Operations. We save HR professionals time, effort and resources in identifying, selecting and managing the right providers for the right issue at the right time.

Using advanced analytics and AI the company provides a detailed breakdown of employee populations by demographic, geographic, tenure, compensation and other relevant categories. All without soliciting any employer information.

Aniline is a compact data analytics platform, helping out HR professionals with advanced analytics on feedback and demographic data related to company employees. Based on these data, businesses also get to set up benchmarks regarding key sentiment areas, like hiring experience, leadership, benefits, compensation, diversity and inclusion. With Aniline, users can also create a company-specific scorecard to monitor what their employees are working on at present, besides enhancing customers’ experience and prospects in real-time. They can also create a company profile that displays documents, videos and services offered. Thus enabling customers to easily find them. The market research functionality of Aniline, helps HR professionals find their competitors and keep a track of the products being manufactured. Also, users get to organise data based on demographics, sentiment, location and industry type facilitating seamless analysis. Companies can also use Aniline’s QuickQuote feature to discover new relationships with potential customers.

Overview of Aniline Inc. benefits

If you’re an HR Professional or a company that serves the HR Community, you can become an Aniline Member FREE and begin doing analysis, benchmarking and market research today.

✔  View thousands of company profiles
✔  Compare yourself against industry leaders
✔  Find providers that can help you boost your scores

It also provide detailed employee sentiment on benefits and compensation policy and delivery.

Using advanced analytics and AI the company provides a detailed breakdown of employee populations by demographic, geographic, tenure, compensation and other relevant categories. All without soliciting any employer information.

Aniline Profiles, which uses solely external data sources, gives HR professionals a complete picture of their firm and allows them to compare it to others. Census, demographic, and sentiment data on key dimensions such as benefits, compensation, leadership, culture, diversity and inclusion, and others are included in their profiles. The software also includes a directory of handpicked service providers that are related to the challenges they address. Members can use the Quick Quote feature to swiftly test new suppliers and compare incumbents.

The software creates lead generation via Quick Quote capability for HR Professionals and an Offer feature that allows Service Providers to communicate directly with the most qualified potential purchasers for their services.

Aniline for HR Professionals

1. Advanced Analytics at Your Fingertips

Aniline provides you with advanced analytics on employee sentiment and demographic information. Benchmark against competitors in key sentiment 9 areas like: Leadership, Integrity,  Compensation, Benefits, Diversity and Inclusion, Hiring Experience, Work Life Balance and Career.

We also provide demographics like Age by cohort, Tenure and Compensation by age and more.

2. Market Research

Use Aniline market research to find companies that share traits of your customers, see competitors for your products, and find potential distributors.

3. Industry Leading Service Provider Catalogue

Now you can easily browse over 1,000 curated service providers across Talent, Rewards, and Operations – 41 specific categories – and use keywords to narrow your search. We make it easy and intuitive. We not only help you identify issues early, we connect you with professionals who can help you solve them.

4. Aniline’s QuickQuote

Aniline’s unique QQ capability makes it easy to engage either with our curated list of service providers to request and manage fee quotes and service suggestions from competing providers. You can be visible or anonymous, you’re in control.


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