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Uscreen Review: A Content Creator’s Best Friend

Content creators today have more control over their output than ever before, and that includes new ways to monetize their content beyond just social media creator funds. Enter Uscreen: an all-in-one membership subscription platform tailored for video-first creators looking to monetize their content through a membership model.

In this comprehensive Uscreen review, we’ll break down what Uscreen offers as a video membership platform and why it stands out as a solid option for video creators.

What is Uscreen?

Create Your Own Video Streaming App with Uscreen – Watch Video

Uscreen Review: A Content Creator’s Best Friend

Uscreen is an all-in-one membership platform that empowers video creators to build profitable membership businesses. While their primary focus is on recurring memberships, you can also sell your videos via pay-per-view rentals or one-time purchases. Uscreen simplifies the process, allowing creators to offer a Netflix-style streaming service for members.

For instance, Magic Stream, a brand that uses Uscreen, lets viewers buy one video or sign up for a membership on the same checkout page. Similarly, Bballbreakdown categorizes training videos, making it easy for members to find exactly what they want.

Uscreen’s Main Features

Uscreen Review: A Content Creator’s Best Friend

1. Community Building Tools

Uscreen equips creators with the tools to cultivate a solid community around their brand. When people feel connected to a community, they are more likely to renew their subscriptions. For example, a cooking enthusiast sharing recipe videos can enhance their community-building efforts with channels, post feeds, polls, and live Q&A sessions.

Key features include:

  • User-generated content: Encourages members to post their own videos, images, and interactive polls.
  • Direct video catalog linking: Promotes more views and discussions around content.
  • Community challenges: Keeps users involved longer.
  • Live streams: Hosts generate 2.5x more revenue with regular live streams.
  • Public and private channels: Segment community interactions by creating different channels for various groups, interests, or topics.

2. Membership

Uscreen allows creators to create branded membership apps for both mobile devices and TVs. For instance, a personal trainer could offer a membership-based fitness app with daily workout videos, nutrition plans, and exclusive fitness webinars.

Key membership features include:

  • OTT apps: Uscreen handles app creation, listing, and updates.
  • White-label customizability: Fully customizable membership apps.
  • Comprehensive membership management: Offers various monetizable models like one-off purchases, recurring memberships, or pay-per-view.
  • Secure payment gateway: Simplifies the monetization process.

3. Video Content Management System (VCMS)

Uscreen’s VCMS is perfect for content creators. For example, a documentary filmmaker can organize, manage, and present their library of wildlife documentaries in a user-friendly and engaging way.

Key features include:

  • Efficient uploading and organizing: Save upload progress if you go offline.
  • Comprehensive video hosting: Upload single or multiple videos with ease.
  • Scheduling flexibility: Set release dates and expiration dates for videos.

4. Video Delivery and Netflix-like Experience

Uscreen provides a superior video playback experience in Full HD, similar to Netflix. For instance, a yoga instructor can offer a diverse library of classes with seamless, high-quality viewing.

Key video delivery features include:

  • Netflix-style interface: Intuitive content discovery.
  • Cross-platform streaming: Branded OTT app across major streaming services.
  • Quality video playback: High-quality content delivery on any device.
  • Custom thumbnails and closed captions: Add SEO metadata, custom thumbnails, and closed captioning.

5. Customer Support

Uscreen’s customer support team is available every day of the week, providing 24/7 email support across all plans and phone support to Enterprise clients.

Key support features include:

  • 24/7 email support: Same-day response for all support-related inquiries.
  • Accessible contact options: Simple contact options within your Uscreen account.
  • Dedicated support email for apps: For app-related questions.
  • Comprehensive Help Center: Filled with guides and articles.

6. Website Design and Customization

Uscreen offers breathtaking themes and templates for website building and customization. For example, a dance instructor can create a website that mirrors their energy and rhythm with bold colors, dynamic layouts, and high-energy imagery.

Key design features include:

  • Theme selection and customization: Reflect your brand’s aesthetics.
  • No coding required: Theme builder eliminates the need for coding skills.
  • Create custom pages: Use the new page editor to meet specific needs.

7. Video Monetization and Marketing Tools

Uscreen provides a comprehensive suite of monetization options such as subscriptions, pay-per-view, or rentals. For example, you can offer a subscription-based model for continuous access to your content library or use pay-per-view for special events.

Key marketing and monetization tools include:

  • Seamless payment integration: Integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and
  • Global payment acceptance: Receive international payments from over 130 currencies.
  • In-app purchases: Increase revenue and growth by 30%.
  • Affiliate program tools: Build your own affiliate programs.
  • Promotions and discounts: Create and manage special offers and discounts.

Uscreen Use Cases

Uscreen Review: A Content Creator’s Best Friend

1. Educational Content Creators

  • Uscreen empowers educational creators to earn recurring revenue by helping them create comprehensive educational courses packed with live coaching sessions, ongoing courses, and conducting community discussions. In this way, you can build a better relationship with members.
  • Ensure top-notch user experience and support for your clients with an on-demand video library and community space. 
  • You can offer courses in various formats that they can access from web and mobile devices. You can easily provide downloadable content for clients to access on the go. 
  • The platform offers various subscription models and optimized, high-conversion payment gateways for clients to choose from.

2. Media Business

  • Uscreen helps you launch robust apps within 30 days to boost your revenue and engagement. 
  • Their quick payout systems and options like pay-per-view, free trials, subscriptions, and bundles are a plus to generate more revenue.
  • You can create a content community to initiate interesting discussions through video comments and community channels. 
  • Uscreen ensures 24/7 tech support and easy resolution for your queries and tech or billing-related issues. 

3. Fitness and Yoga Instructors

  • With Uscreen, you can provide high-quality classes and programs and ensure a studio-like experience for clients. 
  • Clients can know about your class schedules through the calendar and create their own playlists. 
  • Uscreen provides a healthy community space for members to connect and grow on their wellness journey. 
  • From seamless migration to continuous guidance and coaching, Uscreen provides you with comprehensive and robust support.
  • Now your members can access your content anytime and anywhere from mobile and TV apps! They can also enable push notifications to remain consistent in their fitness journey.

4. Event Streamers

  • Uscreen provides a seamless experience to launch mobile and TV apps within 30 days. The apps are regularly updated, so you can ensure a top-notch user experience.
  • The integrated calendar feature will come in handy for you to easily schedule events.
  • Don’t let your members miss out on your events. Push notifications will provide timely reminders.
  • Uscreen helps you integrate with tools like RTMP and OBS, so now you can directly broadcast your shows at a high resolution for your members to enjoy.
  • Say goodbye to tech-related problems as Uscreen tech support works 24/7 to ensure effortless resolution for any issue that you might face.

5. YouTube and Influencers

  • For influencers and YouTubers, Uscreen provides a platform to generate better revenue. 
  • Uscreen provides an interface similar to Netflix and viewing features similar to YouTube. Thus they offer you the best of both worlds to share your unique and exclusive content. 
  • This platform is your one-stop destination to share your exclusive content and also connect with your community and share live streams. 
  • Want to launch your unique membership brand? Now you can launch mobile and TV apps seamlessly with Uscreen and surprise your fans. 

Example Customers

  • Uscreen boasts more than 9.2 million users earning $1500+ annual revenue.
  • Some of their valued customers are Yoga with Adrienne, Amy Landino, Brandon Washington + Filmmakers Academy, OnlyPaige, Art of Jiujitsu, Art for Kids Hub, Abundance+, and many more! 
  • Influencers and Content Creators have launched 3,500+ Mobile Applications. 

Uscreen Pricing

Uscreen offers various pricing plans as per customer needs, with options for additional services and features. However, some content creators find the pricing plans on the higher side, especially for additional services.

Monthly Plans: Starting from $149 per month, with higher tiers offering more features.

Annual Plans: Get a 20% discount on annual subscriptions.

Uscreen Review: A Content Creator’s Best Friend

​​Getting Started with Uscreen

  1. Setting Up Your Account

To get started with Uscreen, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Uscreen offers a free trial, allowing you to explore the platform and its features before committing to a subscription.

  1. Uploading Your Content

Once your account is set up, you can start uploading your video content. Uscreen’s interface makes it easy to upload, organize, and categorize your videos.

  1. Customizing Your Site

Next, you’ll want to customize your site to match your brand. Choose a theme, add your logo, and customize the colors and fonts to create a cohesive look.

  1. Setting Up Monetization

Decide on your monetization strategy and set up your subscription plans, PPV options, and any other payment methods you want to offer. Uscreen’s tools make it easy to configure these options and start generating revenue.

  1. Marketing Your Content

Use Uscreen’s built-in marketing tools and integrations to promote your content. Create email campaigns, offer discounts, and optimize your site for SEO to attract and retain subscribers.

Pros and Cons of Uscreen


  • Launching Applications: This feature is what sets Uscreen apart from any other online content membership platforms. They support influencers and content creators to launch their own branded mobile and TV apps effortlessly. 
  • Offers Diverse Revenue Channels: Users can earn revenue through various forms of content and channels like on-demand content, live streams, fixed content playlists, and more. 
  • Excellent Features: Uscreen provides an interface similar to Netflix and viewing features similar to YouTube. Thus they offer you the best of both worlds to share your unique and exclusive content with fans. 
  • Accessibility: Uscreen makes your content accessible to members in various ways. They can download your content and watch it later, or access it through mobile and TV apps on the go. They can also set push notifications to receive timely updates. This makes them feel more involved and connected with your content and enhances their overall experience. 
  • Flexible Payment Gateways: As a content creator, you can control your subscription models and offer subscription bundles and free trials. Members can also choose their payment mode from the multiple payment gateways offered by Uscreen.


  • Getting used to the interface and learning its knick-knacks can take up some time for beginners.
  • Some integrations like Google Analytics could be made more seamless.
  • The pricing is steep,  especially for additional services.
  • There are limits on the number of videos you can store.

Is Uscreen the Best for Video Streaming?

Uscreen is a powerful platform for creating a video streaming business, especially for content creators looking to monetize their content with subscription plans and build a community. It provides a streamlined alternative to other video streaming solutions like Wistia, Zapier, or Vimeo, and offers several built-in monetization models for flexibility.

If you are a content creator looking to monetize your videos and engage with your audience effectively, Uscreen is a valuable tool to consider. With a 14-day free trial available, it’s worth exploring the all-in-one membership platform for video content creators.

Best of luck with your video content creations, and don’t hesitate to share your experience with Uscreen in the comments section. Happy streaming!

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