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Top 14 Twitter Alternatives for Brands Leaving X in 2024

Top 14 Twitter/X Alternatives You Should Go For in 2024

AlternativesFree Plan/TrialStarting PriceRatings
ThreadsFree FreeBulk msg/autoresponder/chatbot and more.
MastodonFree$24 per month for 100 usersPay per msg.
BlueskyFree Needs Invitation code to join4.3/5
SpillFreeJoin the waitlist for user verification4.0/5
RedditFree$5.99 per month4.3/5
DiscordFree$2.99 per month4.4/5
CohostFree$5 per month4.7/5
Hive SocialFree$0.99 for adding playlist4.9/5
Counter SocialFreeFree4.5/5
PostFree$4 for 300 points 4.7/5
Club HouseFreeFree4.7/5

The Bluebird App or Twitter has fallen into absolute chaos ever since billionaire Elon Musk took over Twitter. It has been experiencing bizarre events, which has led to the downfall of users’ trust. Over time, many users have been scouting for Twitter alternatives, and microblogging websites are gaining stability. We have your back if you are ready to part ways with the sinking ship. We’ve put together a list of the 14 best next-generation Twitter or X alternatives for you to explore in 2024. Let’s dive further without any delay.




Threads is at the top of the list of Twitter alternatives. It is the latest social media application developed by Meta Company to enable you to post Images, text, GIFs, links, and videos. By employing Threads, you can also reply to posts and follow the profile of your favorite one. Threads are connected to Instagram, so you must have an Instagram account and support smartphone devices to access Thread.

Threads rolled out on July 2023. Within two hours, two million people had downloaded this application. Currently, it has more than 100 Million users throughout the world. This application is similar to X. Threads is listed as one of the top Twitter alternatives because this application is not monetized using ads.

Threads Features

  • Integration- It has integrated with Instagram. After you log in to Thread via Instagram, it imports all the data from Instagram to Thread, including contact information, followers, posts, etc.
  • Account selections- It offers two types of accounts. Users can either opt for a public account or a private account. An open account lets users watch, share, and interact with your posts. Only approved people can watch and interact with your posts using a private account.
  • Delete account- Once the account is created, you can not delete it. The only option is to delete the Instagram application to remove Threads. Currently, they are finding a solution to delete Threads separately.
  • Multi Conversation-Thread supports multiple conversations like reposting, replying, quoting, commenting, and liking other threads.
  • Control over posts- The application provides three options: anyone, mentioned and followers, to control who should reply or follow you. This feature provides control over data.
  • Safety first- It enables users to unblock, block, restrict, and report thread profiles. The blocked accounts on Instagram are auto-blocked in Threads account. That provides you with more privacy.
  • Zero Ads– It does not support ads.

  • No ads to interrupt.
  • Enable social-networking.
  • Userfriendly application.
  • Positive and constructive culture.
  • Dont support hash-tag feature .
  • Cannot edit the post, users should delete and repost it.
  • Can’t delete repost.



The next on the list of Twitter alternatives is Mastodon. It is the best decentralized social networking platform run and has 1.2 million users per month. Also, it is an open-source application that uses ActivityPub protocol to help connect people socially. It allows users to share posts, emojis, GIFs, audio, video, text, and images.

It stems from plenty of interconnected servers called instances. Users of one server can connect to any server and communicate with each other. All the servers have their own set of rules like character limit and moderation. It supports iOS and Android applications.

Mastodon Features

  • Independent server- The application is made up of multiple independent servers. Users need to select one server to create the account and log in. Different countries have different lists of servers. You can also create your server with your rules. Each server allows you to follow people on other servers if you want to increase your network. Currently, it has 12K active servers.
  • Flexibility- You can have your profile on multiple servers based on your interest without losing present followers. You can select a server based on your interests, such as music, art, education, food, sports, etc.
  • Multiple feeds- The application encompasses multiple feeds, including the Home page, Local timeline, and Federated timeline. The home screen allows you to communicate with all the people you follow, the Local feed includes all the posts from everyone on your server even if you don’t follow them, Federated timeline contains all the posts from all the instances whether you follow them or not.
  • Manage users- The application allows you to manage the users. You can mute the user if you don’t want to see their post, block the user if you don’t want to continue the interactions and report the user if you find any nuisance. You also can decide who can see your posts. That helps to manage the users effectively.
  • Chat support- The user can post text, video, and images. The tool also supports hashtags and keywords. You can also hide your post behind the content warning if you feel the content is sensitive. These kinds of posts are not visible to other users unless they click on the post.
  • Chronological order- The posts are arranged in chronological order. A chronological timeline displays posts, updates, or activities in the order they were created or shared, with the most recent ones appearing at the top.
  • Language translation- It provides a language translation feature. That helps to communicate with people worldwide without the language barrier.

Mastodon Price

Provides free plan option to access basic features.


  • This plan costs $24 per month.
  • Access to 100 members.


  • This plan costs $49 per month.
  • Access to 500 members.


  • This plan costs $89 per month
  • Access to 2000 members
  • Provides posts in chronological order.
  • It will not charge for API access.
  • Enhanced with great safety features.
  • Provides quick communications between instants.
  • No ads.
  • Its federated network has decentralized servers. Every server is formed around a particular subject, company, or interest.
  • Reposting is not allowed.
  • The filter gets stuck sometimes.
  • Users may get confused while choosing the suitable servers as it shows a wide range of options.



Bluesky is a social network forum built using the Authenticated Transfer Protocol. It is one of the best Twitter alternatives and enables users to upload photos, replies, and text notes up to 300 words. The application works on an open framework, giving users more command over their content. Jack Dorsey developed this application.

Bluesky is presently in testing mode and is functioning on enhancing user content control. It supports all kinds of forums.

Bluesky Features

  • Decentralized architecture- Bluesky is built on a decentralized protocol for sharing information and posts across nodes rather than a centralized service. This could enhance resiliency and provide cross-app connection.
  • Account portability- The application uses AT protocol, which allows users to change different service providers with no loss of data. It is similar to changing your mobile service provider from Airtel to Vodafone without changing your phone number and related data.
  • Transparent algorithms- Bluesky shows excellent transparency in algorithms. That means users have control over the content they want to see and can prioritize the content by influencing the algorithms.
  • Speedy processing- Bluesky guarantees that servers are optimized for performance, including speedy response times, efficient database codes, and valid server-side caching. That permits enriching the user experience.
  • Moderation policies- Many Bluesky applications use moderation policies to control abusive content. That means servers can run automated algorithms to control the platform’s spam and other inappropriate content. Users can also label posts as spam and add comments using hide and warn features.

  • Provides flexible content regulation policies.
  • Show more transparency and community. involvement to enhance data safety.
  • Helps users to develop their applications and communities.
  • Some features yet need to be implemented, as the app is still in beta state.
  • Does not provide consistent communications on new feature implementations.



Spill aims to provide an online platform for discussing and sharing cultures worldwide. It is one of the cutting-edge Twitter Alternatives platforms developed by former Twitter employees Alphonzo and DeVaris. It is considered a popular alternative for Marginalized people.

The Spill allows you to prioritize the text, gifs, and photos and encourages users to monetize the widespread content.

Spill Features

  • Content Monetization- Spill allows users to monetize viral content on the platform using blockchain techniques. That makes users feel rewarded and encourages them to share engaging posts.
  • Post Ideas-It allows users to post text, links, gifs, images, and videos. Users can also combine text with video, images, and gifs.
  • Culture-driven- Spill offers a secure environment for marginalized communities to be heard without discrimination. That allows user to express themself without hesitation and communicate with others.
  • Explore trends- The Spill board allows you to explore trending topics, news, and popular posts. Users can search using a search function.
  • AI model- The platform uses the AI model to moderate posts based on marginalized group training.
  • Interesting Icons- The application has its icons as listed below,
  • The spill icon takes you to the user feed, and users can share their favorite post.
  • Quote allows users to share and comment on the post.
  • Tea enables users to like the post.
  • The spill board shows the list of popular contents.
  •   Controls abuse or discrimination against communities of black people.
  • Help to exchange cultural values.
  • Provides a potential source of income for viral content creators.
  • Allows the user to hide the identity.
  • Spill has limited users compared to other social platforms, which reduces users’ reach and engagement ability.
  • New users can not sign up, need to wait until they approve.



Reddit is the best social media platform for users to post videos, text, links, and images. It has 70+ million active users with over a thousand communities specific to different genres like sports, fun, news, and arts. The user on Reddit can post whatever comes to mind with any community without requesting.

The posts on Reddit are organized based on the number of views and popularity. Viral posts are placed at the top of the user feed.

Reddit Features

  • Subreddit page- You can search for curious topics related to fitness, education, hobbies, news, etc. If you are interested, you can join the community by subscribing to the subreddit. On joining the subreddit, you can share posts, images, and links on that page. You can also create your subreddit and allow people to join on your subreddit page.
  • Voting system- You are allowed to upvote the post if you like the feeds and downvote if you find the feed inappropriate. The voting system decides the priority of content. The posts that get more votes are on top of the web page, and posts with fewer votes are placed below the web page.
  • Karma credits- You can earn credits for karma depending on votes. More upvotes for your posts make you gain more credits. Karma credits help others to review your contribution and improve your reputation in the community.
  • Stay anonymous- You can use pseudonyms if you don’t want to disclose your identity.
  • AMA(Ask Me Anything)- The AMA discussions allow users to share their perspectives and unique insights. Here, public figures, experts, and celebrities answer the user queries.
  • Location sorting- You can choose the location of your interested country to see only that country’s user posts and choose everywhere to see posts of all countries.
  • Award for best content- You can buy coins from Reddit by paying service providers. You can contribute these coins to content creators to reward them for their efforts.

Reddit Price

  • It charges $5.99 per month.
  • The yearly subscription charge is $49.99.
  • Community moderation enables you to control the content you want to see.
  • The flair feature helps users categorize the content and customize their profile.
  • Includes thousands of communities to interact.
  • There is the possibility of posting offensive posts that create toxic communities.
  • Anonymous users may cause spam and troll on the page.



Discord is an instant discussion dashboard that enables users to communicate via text message, voice, and video calls using VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Users can have private communications by sharing code with participants, or they can post it in public. Discord can be accessed on both mobile and desktop.

Discord service was initially available only for gamers. On gaining massive popularity, the service extended to various groups, including education, art, science, technology, etc. More than 25 thousand communities are present on Discord.

Discord Features

  • Various communication modes- You can have chat-based conversations, voice communication, video calls, file sharing, and direct messaging.
  • Server system- It functions on a server-based structure and allows users to join the server or create a server dedicated to a particular community, hobbies, or actions.
  • Safety function- Discord Admins can access the dashboard with a specific code. Servers can use moderation techniques to prevent age-restricted content and unknown friend requests. This helps prevent unauthorized access and improve safety.
  • Automated bots- AI algorithms operate bots on Discord to automate several repetitive tasks like introducing members, preventing spammers, adding music, and categorizing discussions.
  • Integration- The application is associated with various platforms like Gmail, Trello, Slack, Youtube, etc. That helps to share thoughts instantly.

Discord Price

Localized price

  • It costs $9.99 per month.
  • It provides country-specific charges. Each country has different plans.

Nitro Basic

  • This plan offers $2.99 per month.

Nitro Classic

  • It charges $4.99 per month.

Server Boosting

  • Server posting costs $4.99 per month.
  • Encourages building the community.
  • The integration feature improves user involvement
  • The rich presence function allows users to show the present activity, such as art they are designing, video they are watching, or music they are playing.
  • The user interface may seem complex for new users.
  • Free users can not share large files.



Cohost is the latest social media platform gaining popularity for providing genuine connections and allowing users to express themselves creatively.

Cohost features

  • Chronological arrangement- This Twitter alternative shows posts based on the time of posting, not based on favor. Cohost gives everyone similar chances by providing chronological postings.
  • Transparency- IIt provides open-source code that allows users to contribute to make the platform more transparent. That develops a feeling of privilege and trust within the community.
  • Nil Ads– It allows you to relish browsing without being interrupted by nonessential ads in between.
  • Communities- Cohost has distinct communities for entertainment, games, sports, information, history, nutrition formulae, etc. It delivers communities based on specific niches.
  • Customization- Personalized choices make Cohost socially remarkable and one of the best X alternatives. It offers users myriad customization options, including themes, templates, and CSS code customization.

Cohost Price

  • It costs $5 per month.
  • To subscribe yearly plan need to pay $50 every year.
  • Provides free access to basic functions.
  • Provides genuine connections.
  •  Does not run based on the algorithm.
  • Creates a positive environment among the people.
  • Cohost needs an invite to join.
  • Limited search features.

Hive Social

Hive Social

Hive Social is an authentic social media application developed in 2019 that runs without using automated algorithms and provides great user control over the platform.

Hive Social Features

  • Personalization- Hive Social allows you to customize your information by choosing various text styles, backgrounds, and themes. It also allows to add music to your profile to show your personality.
  • Privacy first- Using this tool, you can manage the safety of your data. It allows you to block unwanted people, set a restricted filter, and decide who should see your page.
  • Diverse content- The hive social tool provides content diversity by enabling you to post videos, images, gifs, music, and even polls.
  • Community building-  The application has some cool features such as hashtags, the latest topics, and group chats to help you engage with others. this helps to build a strong community and positive atmosphere within the platform

Hive Social Price

  • It provides free access to all the users.
  • Users need to pay for media uploading.
  • $0.99 for adding the second media upload.
  • $1.99 for adding a second media upload.
  • Free from algorithms.
  • Safe with NSFW filter.
  • Set profile Music.
  • Community Building.
  • Fewer users.
  • Slower loading time.

Counter Social

Counter Social

Counter Social is another of the best Twitter alternatives, with unique features of no trolls, ads, abuse, fake news, or other inappropriate behavior.

Counter Social features

  • The application provides End-to-end encryption for memos and content communication
  • The application is similar to Twitter and allows users to post, share, reply, and repost videos, pictures, text, etc.
  • Anonymized profiles and pseudonymous posting to protect user privacy.
  • No targeted ads based on user data collection.
  •  Allowing users to fully delete accounts and data if they want to leave the platform.
  • Open source codebase to enable transparency and trust.
  • Strict security policies.
  • Create your community.
  • Restriction on abusive posts.
  • It has less potential user base as it does not seem to be a trustworthy platform.



TikTok empowers its users to create engaging short videos. It gained huge popularity because of its easy interface, creative tools, and capability to go viral instantly.

TikTok Features

  • Categories- TikTok provides various categories to upload videos, including comedy, sports, history, technology education, etc.
  • Upload videos- TikTok is famous for short-form videos of 3 seconds to 10 minutes. It provides lip-syncing and dubbing with various songs, sounds,  and audio clips. This feature invokes users to create and upload engaging videos.
  • For Your Feed- Based on your history, TikTok shows your feed containing user-interest videos. This page relies on your interactions and preferences to display trending videos.
  • Duat and Stich function- Users can communicate with other users by enabling duet mode and stitch mode. Duat lets users get the double screen to talk to an opposite person. The stitch function allows users to crop other videos and post them.
  • Credits- If the user uploads content that goes viral and gains popularity, they get credits for that content based on the number of views.
  • Connects globally.
  • Various categories.
  • Content promotion.
  • Fake news.
  • Offensive content.



Post is a social networking platform that aims to bring intelligent conversation back to social media. Launched in late 2022 as a social media news aggregate focused on sharing news and opinion, it seeks to foster intelligent discussion.

Features of Post

  • Share Post-Post allows users to share various types of content with people. They can send pictures, text, videos, etc. That helps to grow the network and content marketing.
  • Post Feed: Post feed shows content uploaded by all the users in order of date of post instead of posting based on popularity. This gives everyone an equal opportunity to appear on social platforms.
  • Image Filters– The image filter option allows users to enhance the visual effects, like setting color, using background themes, and adjusting the brightness by using advanced tools present in the application.
  • Video Posts: Video posts have become increasingly popular in social media apps. They allow users to share short or long-form videos, which can be recorded in-app or uploaded from the device’s gallery. Video posts provide a dynamic and engaging way to share content.
  • Video Sharing- The tool allows user to upload videos and share them on their page. Many users post active and trending videos to gain popularity.

Post price

  • It charges $4.2 for 300 points.
  • It costs $7 for 500 points.
  • It costs $14 for 1000 points.
  • It costs $19.80 for 1500 points.
  • It costs $64.50 for 5000 points.
  • It charges $126.70 for 10000 points.
  • Business Promotion.
  • Collaborating with the community
  • Real-time updates.
  • Privacy concerns.
  • Fake news.



Substack is a powerful social media forum for writing scholars empowering to create high-quality content and publish it. The application also allows many deserving content creators to analyze their content, earn money, and share digital newsletters.

Features of Substack

  • Use cases- Substack is used by content creators, authors, and journalists to share their thoughts with readers.
  • Mention function- The content creator can mention the writer or the publication to support their work and help them grow. By clicking on mention, another user can go to the mentioned page and subscribe to them directly.
  • Cross Post- The essential feature of Substack allows users to share others’ content with their subscribers via email newsletter.
  • Email automation- User can send the newsletter to all their subscribers by scheduling frequency. This helps to automate the repeated tasks and save time.
  • Connecting audience- Substack Chat enables journalists and writers to engage directly with their subscribers, sharing information with the audience through text, images, and emojis.
  • Content monetization- The content creator can earn money by charging his subscribers to read his content, and the payment method is through Stripe.
  • Earn money for premium content.
  • Connect with noble writers.
  • Content analytics.
  • No control over sharing other data.
  • Lack of advanced features.



Instagram is the most trending application and one of the best X alternatives that enables users to be online active through posting text, pictures, and videos and following their favorite personalities.

Instagram Features

  • Stories- Many times, users want to share their latest updates. The Instagram story feature allows user to share their moments on the page. These stories will be present on that page for one day.
  • IG-Television- Instagram provides a platform for creative video makers that allows users to upload videos of more than one minute in length With the help of the IG-TV feature.
  • Go Live- The user can go live on Instagram and interact with their friends and followers in real time via messaging on live video.
  • Editing feature- The Instagram Imagine video editing tool enhances the visual appearance of images and uploads by providing editing and filtering options.
  • Personalized algorithm- Instagram keeps updating feeds on your page based on your past views, searches, and interests.
  • Supports captions and hashtags.
  • Advanced filtering options.
  • Connect with friends and followers.
  • Lack of safety features.
  • No control over content posts.



Club House is a trending application and another Twitter alternative that allows its users to instantly participate in any discussion panel virtually. Users can log in to the application with an invite link. It is among the popular Twitter alternatives for people who want to have voice chat.

Clubhouse Features

  • Auto recommendation- While signing into the application, Clubhouse requests for users’ interests. Based on this information, the application displays a list of people, recommended posts, and more.
  • Controlled voice chat- In the clubhouse, you can host your chat room to share your voice chat with others, others also can participate in voice chat. You have the option to share recordings only with your followers, keep the public mode on, or only with selected members. That allows you to set your privacy.
  • The calendar shows current news on your interesting topic.
  • Listen to the discussion- You can like, comment, and share the post on other social media platforms. The application also allows you to listen to recorded conversations on any topic.

What People Expect from Twitter Alternatives?

Following some of the essential features many people expect from Twitter alternatives,

  • Decentralized servers
  • Free access to the platform
  • Customizable moderation rules
  • User-specific content
  • Blocking inappropriate content
  • High-quality content

Other Twitter/X alternatives

Some other Twitter alternatives that provide better safety features and communication with other platforms include, Truth Social used for community building, Amino supports socializing with quizzes, Koo supports microblogging, and Pixelfed features with image sharing.


Today, the social media landscape is evolving rapidly, and users are more interested in seeking Twitter alternative platforms that feature the best among privacy, control, and meaningful connections. Our blog aims to let you explore the best 14 Twitter alternatives that offer its users a diverse range of options. Whether you want to prioritize decentralized networks like Mastodon, safe spaces for marginalized communities like Spill, or community-driven content curation like Reddit, there’s a platform out there waiting for you to explore. With the right platform, the users will empowered to have privacy control, meaningful connections, and engaging contributions.

What is the best Twitter alternative?

Many Twitter alternatives, such as Threads, Mastodon, Bluesky, and Spill, are among the best in terms of safety, user interface, and efficiency.

Who is the top competitor to Twitter?

Reddit, Spill, and Instagram are top competitors to Twitter, with a large user base.

Where are users instead of Twitter?

Many users migrated to better social media platforms like Hive Social, Substack, and Post, as Twitter imposes paid verification and does not adhere to various content moderation policies.

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