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Top 8 Canva Alternatives for Professional Design in 2024

Top 8 Canva Alternatives You Should Go For in 2024 for Design

AlternativesFree Plan/TrialStarting PriceRatings
VismeFree12.25$ per month4.9/5
Adobe ExpressFree9.99$ per month4.9/5
Pixlr XNo1.99$ per month4.8/5
PicmonkeyNo72$ per year4.6/5
StencilFree$9 per month4.5/5
SnappaFree$10 per month4.4/5
VistaCreateFree$13 per month4.4/5
FotorFree$8.99 per month4.4/5

The market is flooded with many tools, such as Canva alternatives with the finest editing features. But the real problem is stuck somewhere else between the complex tools that are hard to work on. Or the one that simply doesn’t deliver as promised.

This also fits Canva since it’s a well-known image editing tool for creating easy designs, infographics, presentations, and short videos with eyecatching templates and stickers. However, users need to subscribe to the plans to access most of its premium templates, which is a burden.
When it comes to crafting visually stunning images it becomes a real challenge for all of us. But fear not.

Our blog will let you identify the 8 best Canva alternatives, offering you a palette of intelligent options to create captivating visual content.

List of best 8 Canva Alternatives to go for!!




Visme is at the top of the list for one of the best Canva alternatives. It is a powerful graphic tool in the market that allows you to create visually appealing designs using many advanced graphic tools in the application. It provides several competitive features that are way beyond Canva.

Compared to Canva, it is better in terms of the number of free templates, analyzing tools, and sharing and publishing content, and it offers a competitive price. It has a 26 million user base and has received many awards for its best performance in the market. Visme is one of the top Canva alternatives suitable for enterprise businesses.

Visme Features

  • Design Variants- Visme supports various creations like infographics, gifs, presentations, flow charts, videos, reports, etc. These features enable you to access all necessary tools for creating excellent, engaging content under one package.
  • Sharing file- You can share the content with people on different platforms. You can also download and save it in your system.
  • Data Analytics- With the analytics feature, you can track views, likes, and time spent on your designs. This tool enables you to gauge your social media popularity effectively.
  • Invitation- The tool allows you to invite people to edit designs by giving them access to editing. This helps to create a great design by taking help from anybody instantly.
  • Folder- All the created projects can be saved as a separate folder in Visme. You can access them as needed.
  • Markups- It provides 32 types of markup frames. That helps you design your markup for products and services without coding knowledge.
  • Adding diagrams- The tool has built-in diagrams. Select a suitable diagram and use it in your project. Adding diagrams and graphics is very easy in Visme compared to other tools.
  • Animation- You can access numerous pre-designed 3D graphics, icons, gestures, and characters. It has the feature to animate all those designs and set a timer.
  • Editable table- The editable table allows you to create various graphs and pie charts by just entering values into the table. The same can be imported from external sources like Google Sheets, MS Excel, etc.
  • Color palette- You can create graphics or designs using a color palette by blending any color you want.
  • Videos- The application has built-in videos of different categories. You can use them and text over the video to improve your presentation.
  • Visme Price

    Free Plan

    • Access to unlimited designs.
    • Wide range of templates.
    • Limited customization and support.

    Starter plan

    • It cost $12.25 per month.
    • Access popular assets and templates.
    • Download limited file format.
    • Customer support.
    • Suitable for personal use.

    Professional Plan

    • It charges $24.75 per month.
    • Supports all features of the starter plan.
    • Download video images and GIFs in any format.
    • Privacy control.
    • Comes with a lot of integrations, including Analytics.

    Team plan

    It includes extra support along with pro plans like,

    • Domain customization.
    • Team building.
    • Integrations.
    • Onboarding support and security.
    • Analytics display helps to gain customers.
    • Low learning steep.
    • Dynamic features to attract more users.
    • Create professional designs in less time.
    • Need to improve image alignment functions.
    • The mismatch between download and print quality.

    Adobe Express

    Adobe Express

    Adobe Express is next on the list of Canva alternatives and an online design platform that helps you create eye-catching graphic design without being a professional designer.


  • Text to image- Adobe supports the conversion of text to image within seconds and creates beautiful images or graphics based on the text prompt.
  • Social media sharing- Post your designs on various social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • Editing- Support video and image editing to make the design more engaging and attract attention.
  • Promotion- Create high-quality brochures, videos, templates, infographics, images, and so on for brand promotion.
  • Logo library- With its vast collection of logos that help create logos for your brands. You can edit the logo, use colors of your interest, and use it to brand the product.
  • Readymade designs- They provide predesigned templates, videos, and infographics that help create unique content like a pro.
  • Add-ons- Adobe Express has different add-ons, such as auto-icon, which lets you choose icons, and brandfetch, which helps you find logos of famous brands. It has more than 15 collections of add-ons that help to emphasize the quality of the drawing.
  • Media library- The Adobe media library is integrated with trending images, videos, and audio files across diverse categories such as nature, hobbies, sports, and more. You can easily incorporate and modify these assets in your projects.
  • Fonts- The tool’s text styles allow you to choose any font style out of more than 100 font styles. Adobe also recommends the fonts by showing the display of each font style. The tool allows you to add or remove the background in a single click.
  • File actions- Adobe allows you to import files and customize them as needed with the help of editing tools Express. It also allows you to download and share the files with individuals, teams, and on social media.
  • Pricing

    Free plan 

    • Tons of templates.
    • Animate video, image, and text.
    • Limited access to text-to-image conversion.

    Premium Plan

    • It costs $9.99 per month.
    • Provides 250 points. 
    • Gives access to advanced features.

    Team Plan

    • It charges $6.49 per month per user.
    • Provides admin management.
    • Design ownership.
    • 1TB of memory.
    • High-quality output.
    • Text-to-image conversion designs that help a marketing campaign.
    • A large number of searchable add-ons.
    • Transparency of AI license and collaboration with other brands. 
    • Needs to improve customer support.
    • The quality of the image download is not good.
    • Need to fix bugs.

    Pixlr X


    Pixlr X is yet another trending and one of the trending Canva alternatives. It is a free photo design and editing application that allows you access to all advanced tools for the editing process without any registration. It also supports AI image generation. Autodesk owns this tool.


    • Remove background– Using the batch processing function, you can remove the background of a single image or many images.
    • Users can reshape the image using the liquify option.
    • Enhancing tools– Users can access more than 80 image effect tools that empower them to enhance the image’s look visually.
    • Image transfer– The image transfer allows you to adjust the size of the image and rotate the image without compromising on quality.
    • Image stock– The Pixlr Express consists of enormous image collections. You need to search images with a keyword of your choice to access thousands of images.
    • Users can use pre-existing templates to resize, zoom out, or zoom in on the image.
    • High-end templates– Includes professional templates and collages, which saves a lot of time that is required for creating images from scratch
    • Supports document saving
    • AI support– The tool provides many AI functions for paid subscribers that help you generate and edit high-quality images of your idea in no time.
    • You can upload images to edit or easily drag and drop images from the folder
    • The application includes the following retouching tools,
      • Blur- Helps to blur images to less focus area
      • Clone stamp- Allows for image sampling to adjust pixels
      • Sharp- It improves image contrast
      • Heal- Automatically removes the scratches


    Plus plan

    • It costs $1.99 per month.
    • Includes basic features.

    Premium plan

    • It charges $7.99 per month.
    • It has all the required advanced features.

    Team plan

    • This plan costs $12.99 per month.
    • Five people can access this plan.
    • Lower price.
    • Advanced editing tools.
    • High-resolution images up to 4096×4096 pixels.
    • AI supported.
    • Some time fail to save the image.



    Picmonkey is powerful photo editing software that helps to create eye-catching images, info, and videos by providing advanced tools. This tool is more suitable for small and medium businesses.


  • Font book includes various font styles.
  • It includes a vast library of templates for YouTube thumbnails, social media posts, cover pages, etc.
  • Exposer allows you to control the brightness of the image.
  • Allows for cropping, rotating, and resizing the graphic.
  • Enables you to change the color of the picture using the color palette.
  • It supports adding various styles of text, rotating text, and color text.
  • Users can download the created format.
  • You can share posts on any social media, including Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Users can add or delete layers.


    Basic Plan

    • It costs $72 per year.
    • Suitable for personal use.

    Pro Plan

    • This plan charges $120 per year.
    • Provides unlimited memory.
    • Suitable for the team.

    Business Plan

    • To subscribe to a business plan need to pay $228 per year.
    • Enable to use various Brandkits.
    • Suitable for business purposes.
    • Provides cloud storage up to 1GB.
    • Free access.
    • Image animation.
    • Includes brand-kit.
    • Does not include advanced editing tools.



    Stencil is an image manipulation tool and one of the Canva alternatives that allows you to edit and use the image quickly. The application gives free access to all templates you can use for personal or commercial purposes.


  • Stencil allows you to create images quickly with the help of thousands of unique assets.
  • Stencil allows you to access more than 5 million high-quality photos added by professionals for free. you can also use them for your personal or business purposes without any restrictions.
  • The tool provides a pre-designed template size for sharing content on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter and many more. You can also customize the templates according to your requirements.
  • Buffer tool automates image sharing on social media by scheduling the images. This helps to share images on all social media with a single click and pre-plan image sharing.
  • The tool provides more than 3 million colorful icon designs.
  • It also provides thousands of ready-to-use templates to create beautiful designs quickly.
  • It includes more than 6,000 font styles. You can also customize the fonts and use them in your project.
  • You can answer by adding a stencil extension in the browser of Chrome and Mozilla.
  • The tool also supports image resizing, uploading, downloading, Image storing, Sharing, filtering, and Importing images from social media.
  • The tool is present in WordPress as a plugin. That means you can access it from WordPress and draw the images in your blog.
  • Pricing

    Free plan

    • The free plan also includes tons of advanced features.

    Pro Plan

    • This plan costs $9 per month.

    Unlimited subscription

    • Unlimited Plan costs $12 per month.
    • Bundle of tools in a free plan.
    • Fast processing speed.
    • Directly used in WordPress.
    • Cost-effective.
    • No need to be an expert to create designs.
    • Does not provide team collaboration while creating a design.
    • Does not have advanced editing tools like a gradient editor.



    Snappa is excellent software for small-scale businesses for content marketing on social media using its high-quality templates.


  • Size customization- You can choose the specific post size you need from Canva’s list of template options, making it easy to share your designs on LinkedIn, YouTube, or Twitter. Instead of guessing the size, you can explore various templates and select the one that suits your design requirements.
  • Set Effect- With Snappa overlay, you can change the image effect. It also allows one to select colors, darken, and blur the image. This is a unique feature that makes Snappa better than Canva.
  • Text – You can blur the text, shadow the text, and change the color of the shadow text. It also provides many font styles for text.
  • Resize- After completing your design, you can resize it with a single click if you are unsatisfied with it.
  • Share posts on social media.
  • It includes premium-quality templates of stickers, graphics, and shapes.
  • Pricing

    Free Plan

    • It is available with limited graphics, templates, and downloads.

    Starter Plan

    • This plan costs $10 for 1 month per user.
    • It provides unlimited downloads.
    • Supports sharing on social media.
    • Delete background.

    Team Plan

    • It costs $20 for 1 month per user.
    • Easily change the effect of an image.
    • High-quality layouts.
    • Easy to use.
    • Does not support SVG and PDF formats.
    • Can not use it on a mobile.

    Vistacreate (Crello)


    Vista Create (Formerly known as Crello) is one of the best Canva alternatives. It stands out, especially for those seeking fresh design options and ease in creating Instagram-style visuals.


    • With a vast library of templates with extensive collections in various styles and formats for social media and marketing stuff, it is a popular choice in the category of Canva alternatives.
    • Unique collection of animated illustrations for engaging social media content.
    • User-friendly and ease to post quickly on social media.


    Vistacreate has a Free plan with limitations. It also offers a Pro plan starting at $13/month.

    • VistaCreate provides a different set of images and designs compared to Canva.
    • Pro to Instagram-style content creation.
    • User-friendly interface.
    • Free plan with its limitations offers sufficient basic needs for the users
    • Animated illustrations are visually appealing but need more customization.
    • The focus is primarily on visual content creation.
    • VistaCreate currently accessible through web browsers, lacks a dedicated mobile app.



    Fotor is yet another topping the list of Canva alternatives. It is an online photo editor that empowers users of any skill level to enhance and transform their digital images. It has been a versatile option due to its user-friendly interface with powerful tools and features. One can easily edit photos and create stunning visuals through it.


    • Easily fine-tune your photos, like crop, resize, rotate, flip, brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, and temperature.
    • Eliminate blemishes, smooth skin, and much more for a flawless finish.
    • A vast options of filters is available.
    • Collage maker
    • Captivating design tools
    • Generate unique and creative images through AI Image Generator.


    Free with limited features.
    Fotor Pro: $8.99/month
    Fotor Pro+: $19.99/month

    • User-friendly interface.
    • Wide range of features, which include editing tools, retouching, effects, filters, collage maker, design tool, and AI-powered features.
    • Compatible both on web browsers and mobile.
    • Offers online storage and sharing.
    • Many advanced features work on paid subscriptions.


    Navigating the best Canva alternative is a challenging task since we all wanted to opt for an alternative that offers unique features and capabilities. In our blog, we have tried to demystify 8 best Canva alternatives, like Visme, Adobe Express, Pixlr X, PicMonkey, Stencil, Vistacreate, Fotor and Snappa.

    Visme stands out with its extensive design variants, making it best for enterprise businesses. On the other hand, Adobe Express impresses with its text-to-image conversion and vast media library. Pixlr X is a free photo design tool with advanced editing tools. This tells us that each alternative has its uniqueness, making it a standout option depending upon the preferences chosen by the users.

    So, why to wait? Just explore these best Canva alternatives that open up a world of creativity.

    For more graphic design software options, dive into our blog “13 Best Graphic Design Software of 2022 [Free & Paid]“. Unleash the artistic potential within you!


    Is there a better Canva alternative?

    Many Canva alternatives have promising features like social media sharing and advanced features. They are Adobe Express, PicMonkey, and Visme.

    Does Canva Have a compitator?

    We have listed competitors and trending Canva alternatives, including Visme and Snappa. If you are looking for more options, try Stencil, Venngage, and VistaCreate.

    Which is the AI equivalent of Canva?

    You can use Pixlr X, which has powerful editing tools supported by AI tools.

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