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How to Easily Attract More Customers to Your Restaurant’s Online Food Ordering System?

Online Food Ordering System has increased Restaurant’s sales making the businesses earn twofold their incomes. But, there are many out there who are struggling to keep up the pace and maintain consistency. Online ordering system is good for those who have understood the marketing strategy to the best while many bearing brunts for want adequate information for what actually help drive traffic and how it’s done. So, we are here with the top proven tips to help you get the best out online ordering system. Let’s explore. 

Online Food Ordering has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Especially after the Global Coronavirus Breakdown, people are trading dine-in options with contactless doorstep food deliveries. The past couple of years has been tremendously burdensome for Restaurant Businesses. With extended lockdowns and forced shut Restaurants, dine-ins were restricted to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, the good thing was that the Online Food Ordering System boomed during the same period! 

A Brief View of Online Food Ordering System 

The online system is more like an App or Platform that allows Restaurants, big food joints, bars, and even coffee shops to accept food orders online. Suppose I am the owner of a restaurant with 6 branches in the entire city. I use an App through which customers from every corner of the city can order their favorite dishes served on our menu! However, you can enjoy these benefits you have the proper and customized system in place. Hence, explore the tips to Choose Online Ordering System online before making a deal. 

Besides ordering the Food, a Customer can also pay for the Order, choose Zero Contact Food Delivery Option, and on order acceptance, track it! The entire process takes place without getting in contact with the staff at the Restaurant or any other Customers. 

Even without any face-to-face interaction with a person, the customers still get the best food ordering experience. In the meantime, the Customers can choose which Netflix Movie to watch while munching their favorite delicacies! The many features of the Online Food Ordering System for Restaurant make the entire experience much more seamless. For instance, many restaurants give Customers the option to customize their Meals. Say, add more cheese, get a hand-tossed Pizza Base instead of the thin wheat base, add extra veggies in the sandwich, etc.! Other features include multiple payment methods, real-time order tracking, and even calling the Delivery Driver. 

Advantages of Online Food Ordering to Restaurants 

Even statistics from Hospitality Technology say that since 2014, online ordering has grown 300% faster than normal dine-in facilities. This makes it 100% clear that this system is here to stay, and restaurants are adopting them because they’re reaping something sufficiently good!

Let’s look at some significant Advantages of an Online Food Ordering System!

1. Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction 

Isn’t it convenient to order anything you’re craving at the moment from any restaurant of your choice without having to drive through the traffic? Well, none can deny that people in this era are so busy that a simple doorstep food delivery can reduce half the pain of traveling and going out to eat a meal. 

2. Increases Restaurant’s Sales 

The overall sales of the Restaurants shoot up with this system. Think about it! The local restaurant in your neighborhood serves the diners coming in to eat, plus, they receive Food Orders from other people via the online platform! In other words, twofold the sales! 

3. Get money directly in your Bank Account! 

More than 60% of people ordering Food online prefer to pay through online modes. Cashless transactions are much more leisurely, plus they eliminate currency exchange which are potential carriers of the Coronavirus. 

Well, online payments via In-App Wallets Credit/Debit Card is a rapid process. That is, one doesn’t have to worry about withdrawing cash from ATMs to pay at the counter! Moreover, the Online Food Ordering System integrated with an efficient Payment Gateway makes the entire process quick and secure. 

Online Payments ultimately gets a Restaurant paid for the order, eliminating the risks of fake orders or no show-ups!

How to Attract More and More Customers 

As said, attracting more customers to your Restaurant’s Online Ordering System allows you to maximize the profits! Want to learn how to bring more traffic to the online system? Then read this section carefully.

Optimize your Online Restaurant Menu 

Your restaurant’s online menu should look appealing, and thus, it is better to optimize it. For instance, include your best items under ‘Hot-Selling,’ scratch out food items that are difficult to transport or won’t taste the best if they sit in the box for a long time. 

Keep modifying the menu from time to time, use high-quality pictures, and keep an eye on the latest Food Trends! 

Exciting Deals or Offers never fail to attract customers! 

Lure your customers to use the Online Food Ordering System for Restaurant by offering them some exclusive offers. For example, how would you feel when an In-App Push Notification pops with a message such as: 

“Get Free Deliveries on your next 5 orders with Jared’s Pizza Palace!”

“Get a Free small-size cold coffee with every online order above US$20.”

You’ll be excited to avail the offer, right? 

One of the most simple yet alluring techniques to attract customers to the Online Ordering System is to give them exclusive offers. Like the ones mentioned in the above examples. 

Provide them with the best customer experience! 

To build a good reputation for your Online Food Ordering System, ensure that all your online services are efficiently delivered. It is essential to avoid any negative comments or ratings. 

What shall restaurants do to offer an excellent customer experience? For starters, provide them with safe food packaging. The packaging must be of top-class quality, and it should be presented with your Restaurant’s Name and Logo for better Branding! Provide up-to-the-mark delivery support, and most importantly, tell them that all your orders are packed with sanitized hands! 

Promote your Online Ordering System at POS 

Point of Sales (POS) is a top-notch way to boost your Online Food Ordering. Take the example of McDonald’s and Dominos. Both the big food joints promote online ordering through their website or app at the diner too! But why? Well, because it offers them three benefits: 

  • ● It cuts off the labor of manually entering the orders in the system.
  • ● Reduces human errors and the related costly mistakes of entering incorrect orders. Say you ordered a Non-Veg Burger. Instead, the person entered the Veg Burger into the system! 
  • ● Online Food Ordering System saves the online ordering data that helps you gain better insights about the food ordering habits of people. 

Talk About the Online System on Your Social Media Channels

Social Media is a powerful weapon! In simpler terms, it is the best tool to talk about and promote the online ordering system and its advantages! When your existing followers will like the posts, share, and comment on them, you’ll be able to attract new customers! 

You can capture an untapped market, too, with a blend of social media and an Online Ordering system. Simply create a campaign from the dashboard, share the great news and facts about your online ordering system, and to guarantee 100% drop by, offer exclusive deals on limited-time online food orders. 

Provide a Great Feedback System To Your Customers 

To gain the trust of your customers, feedback is the #1 technique! For the past couple of years, Restaurants have been operating under strict Covid-19 Safety Measures and Guidelines issued by the World Health Organization (WHO). Thus, Restaurants need to follow them. To tell your customers that you actually care about their experience with the COVID-19 Safe Services, provide them with a feedback system. 

Add this section to your Online Food Ordering System wherein they can add comments, star-rate the delivery, and also ask questions such as:

Was the Delivery Partner wearing a Face Mask? 

Did the packaging seem hygienic?


The Online Food Ordering and Delivery Industry has turned huge! Whether in terms of money or market-share, an Entrepreneur thinking about investing in this idea is sure to earn a fortune! So now that you’ve seen the Advantages of Online Food Ordering System, don’t wait up for another second and opt for this System right away!

Surbhi Gupta
Surbhi Gupta

Surbhi is an avid writer, marketer, and a SaaS and technology observer. She is found of music and art while the workaholic mood takes off from her table.

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