Omegle Alternatives: Best Options to Video Chat with Strangers

The shutdown of Omegle upset many seeking new people to engage, converse, and connect with strangers across the globe. The closure of Omegle, while marking the end of an era, has also heralded the dawn of exploration into diverse alternative platforms that strive to fill the void left by its departure.

In this blog, we embark on a journey to explore the top 10 omegle alternatives, each with its unique features, price, pros and cons catering to individuals craving for connections and meaningful conversations. Let us start without further due.



Emerald is a top video chat application that allows people to communicate anonymously worldwide. Emerald is one of the best alternatives to Omegle. The communication mode may be through chat, video, or voice.

It allows people to socialize via online platforms and expand their network with strangers. The application avoids chatbots to create a realistic experience for users.

Emerald Features

  • Filter – The application allows user to input their interest, such as movies, language, and hobbies. Based on user interest, the tool will find the best match and make the user interact with like-minded people.
  • Chat – Some people may not be interested in video calls and can communicate with another user via text chat or make a call via voice chat.
  • Group call – It allows users to make group calls that help to connect and share the experience.
  • Sharing – Users can share the file and the photo while having a conversation.
  • Rating – Users can give ratings to other users using the Karma feature, helps the rest of the individuals to choose their partner.
  • Escape – If you do not want to continue the chat, press escape to end the current call and click next to chat with the next person.
  • History – It stores all users that you communicate with.

Emerald Pricing

This application is free to use. But users need to subscribe to the following plans to access extra features.

Standard plan

It costs $5.89 per month and offers the following features,

-Gender matching
-Send picture
-Priority access
-More freedom

Premium Badge

It costs $35.67 for 3 months, and the program offers,

-Amazing impression 
-It is specialized for genuine partners
-Provides bragging right
-Badge displayed beside your name

Karma Plan

It cost $5.99

-This plan helps you to improve negative reviews over time

  • Easy interface
  • Filtering based on user taste
  • No need to provide personal information
  • Not safe for children


Monkey online video chat platform allows random people to engage in live conversation via video, message, or voice from any place. Users need to log in with an account by providing basic information like gender and date of birth.

Monkey Features

  • Timer – The application sets the timer for communication. Free users can talk for up to 15 sec. To continue video chat for more than 15 sec, the user needs to subscribe to the application.
  • Sort – It provides sorting of strangers based on user interest. They can select the gender of interest. That helps users to get connected with similar kinds of people.
  • Mask – This tool provides different masks and visuals to engage people for more time and continue the fun conversation. If users do not want to show faces, they can use the mask.
  • Connects globally – The software connects people globally by providing a language translation feature. That helps to remove the barrier of not knowing the language and continue the conversation.
  • Safe – During the conversation, if the user finds any misbehavior of a stranger, they can inform a higher authority by clicking on the police icon.
  • Chat – It provides options for solo, duo, or group chatting with people of user interest. Users can have text, voice, or video chat with strangers.

Monkey Pricing

It has a credit-based subscription system, as given below.

-600 credits for $4.99
-1200 credits for $9.99
-2500 credits for $19.99
-5500 credits for $40.99 

  • Easy to use
  • Provide a complaint system for safety
  • Helps to build community
  • Sorting system
  • Need to work on bugs
  • Inappropriate content


Chatspin is fast-growing random video chat application that enables you to connect with the world without disclosing your identity.

Chatspin Features

  • Mask – It provides interesting face masks that help to have a more engaging talk session.
  • Filter – The user can filter based on location, hobbies, interests, and gender. That helps to avoid unnecessary waste of time to find the perfect match. It also provides face filters to enhance user experience.
  • Chat – Chat enables text chat while having a call. Users can turn off the video to continue only with voice chat with other people.
  • Translation – It provides language translation. That allows users to get more followers via Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, etc.
  • Token – Users can invite, chat for a long time, or log in daily to gain tokens. That helps get more feature access for video chatting.

Chatspin Pricing

This application provides free access to all users. But to enjoy high-priority access and fast processing speed, the best match one needs to subscribe to the application. It provides two subscription plans

Premium plan

It costs 19.99$ per month or charges 6.99$ per week. That enables users to,

-VIP membership
-Gender, location filter
-No ads
-Gain followers, hide location, intro message
-Live support

Professional plan

-Language Translation
-Fast processing speed

Token system:

Users can also avail of tokens. It charges as follows,

– 500 tokens for $5.99
– 1200 tokens for $12.99
– 2000 tokens for $19.99
– 4500 tokens for $49.99
– 10000 tokens for $99.99

  • AI face masks
  • Easy user interface
  • Filter options
  • Fast connection
  • Need to subscribe to access standard filter options


Camgo is a random video chat tool help you to instantly make friends without revealing your identity from any place.

Camgo Features

  • One-on-One chat – You can use this app without registering to have video chat and enjoy making new friends. It also allows you to text chat with another person.
  • Identity – You can access the functions of this application in a single click without revealing your personal information. To access the premium feature, you need to register by providing information. But in the backend, Camgo collects IP addresses and chat logs to improve its service. The chats are deleted automatically after some time.
  • User experience – Camgo gives the best user experience by enabling filter options based on gender, location, and language. The user can choose his preference to select the best match.
  • Legitimate – This site is trustworthy, safe, and legitimate. But not suitable for children as it may contain adult content on websites.

Chatspin Pricing

$6.99/week and $19.99/month

  • Simple interface
  • Misbehaviors can be reported using the report flag
  • No ads
  • Unlimited free chat
  • Need to improve safety standards


Azar is the most satisfactory video chat application that allows users to communicate via video and message. It connects users to make friends internally free of cost and extends the community. It has around 200 million users worldwide.

Azar Features

  • Location selection – Allows users to select locations like Mars, the moon, the desert, and so on to enjoy funny conversation. 
  • Change name – Allow you to change your name. That is useful for people who don’t want to disclose their real names. 
  • Camera usage – Allows you to use the rear camera. That helps to capture scenarios around you.
  • Safety first – It follows all possible safety actions by suspending users who broadcast illegal activity, harassing content, or any abusive activity. 
  • Languages – It supports 21 languages to communicate, that includes English, Arabic, French, German, etc. 
  • Rate the Behavior – The user can give a rating for the opponent while having a conversation. That helps other users select the best person to have a conversation with. 
  • Customize – Users can have customized conversations by choosing their preferred language and location. 
  • Live program – Its live program allows users to watch live shows of their occupation, where the host and guest will be talking, and users will be watching the program. 
  • Fight mode – It allows two users to battle and gain gift tokens from other users. The user who gets more gifts will be the winner. 

Azar Pricing

The payment happens via the iTunes Store. That provides the following subscription plans,

  • $19.99 per month
  • $49.99 per 3 month
  • $79.99per 6 month
  • Live programs to excel user skills
  • Free of cost to access basic feature
  • Socialization
  • Fast connection
  • Charges for every skip and match
  • Needs to improve on new updates


Holla is a unique tool that provides an instant visual chat facility that helps connect people in the world without registration. 

Holla Features

  • History – The history feature provides access to the past user list. You can select the past user from a record and continue the chat. 
  • Sorting – Sorting can be done based on location and gender. That enables to have better communication with like-minded people. 
  • Translation – Users can have friendly chat with anyone in the world using translation.
  • Private call – If you find the perfect match and want to continue talking for more time, you can choose private chat. 
  • Enhanced safety – It gives access to only 18+ people. That helps to keep minor-aged kids away from the application. 
  • Excitement – Along with the call, it also includes fun games that increase the excitement. 

Holla Pricing

Free of cost to access basic features. To enjoy advanced features pricing system for Holla is as follows,

  • $4.99 per month
  • $20.95 for 6 months
  • $29.94 per year 
  • Login not required
  • Free visual calls
  • International connection
  • Does not provide more matches daily
  • Needs better management


Chatroulette is a cutting-edge video chatting application controlled by AI and humans to experience the safest video communication. It is developed by Andrey Ternovskiy. 

Chatroulette Features

  • Make new friends – This tool allows users to make new friends by utilizing visual and text chat.
  • Filter – You can use filter options such as music, sports, food, and countries. That enables users to get the most suitable partner to have conversations with.  
  • Skip – Skip allows the user to disconnect the current call and connect with other people instantly.
  • Quids – Users can spend points called quids to talk to the most wanted top users of the Chatroulette application.
  • Pick partner – The user can pick the partner by looking at the profile picture and country. That helps to reduce the effort to get the best match.

Chatroulette Pricing

Basic features are free of cost

-210 points costs $1.99.That provides 14 top partners.
-540 points costs $4.99.That provides 36 top partners.
-Subscription cost range is from $1.99 to $49.99 
-Cost depends on the number of points starting from 210 to 6450

  • Low cost
  • Make new friends
  • Filter option is best in the market
  • Needs to prohibit abusive content


Shagle is an innovative video chat app that enables users to connect and start charts spontaneously. 

Shagle Features

  • Fast  – With Shagle, users can enjoy fast access as it provides a low loading time to get the next person to continue the chat. 
  • Different users – Users will not get bored of talking to the same user repeatedly. The algorithm will search for a new user every time he presses skip. 
  • Accessibility – Free users can also have access filters by gender, country, and interest. That helps to gain a more user base for the tool. 
  • Secure –  It allows users to block another user if they encounter inappropriate behavior
  • Mask – Users can stay unidentified by using the mask and not disclosing their location. 

Shagle Pricing

Shagle pricing system is as follows,

  • $6.99 per week rebills every week
  • $19.99 per week rebills every month
  • $14.99 per week rebills every six months
  • Free users can also access most of the premium features
  • Fast access to the user
  • Get a badge to become acknowledged in the popular user list
  • Users can apply a location filter or hide the location
  • Needs to improve on safety features


Faceflow is the ultimate video chatting tool that allows you to socialize and increase your connectivity at any location. It enables users to take advantage of unlimited video calls.

Faceflow Features

  • Video conferencing – It provides video conferencing to conversation with a single person or group discussion.
  • Status – Users can use the status flag as available, busy, invisible, etc.
  • Block the user – If you don’t like to continue a conversation. That helps to ignore unwanted people in the group.
  • Contact – It allows you to find the contact using email or user name and start communicating with them.
  • Post – You can read and post comments in public using the public chat feature.
  • Chat – It allows you to filter the people by your interest. That enables you to video or text chat with them.
  • Chatroom – Users can create chat rooms and add friends to share text, images, and videos and have fun conversations with them.
  • Skip –  It provides random strangers to chat with. But if you don’t like you can skip them by clicking the skip button.

Faceflow Pricing

All features in Faceflow are free to access.

  • User can delete the account instantly
  • Provides data safety
  • Simple to use
  • Provides chat rooms
  • Advertisements
  • Contains recorded video calls


Hey is a unique random video chat application that enables the user to have real-time chatting with any person and any place in the world.

Hey Features

  • Filter – It provides both a gender filter and a region filter. The free users can not access these filters.
  • Video chat and text chat
  • Attractive background
  • Random matching
  • Home page to add photo, interests, quotes

Hey Pricing

The Hey provides the following subscription plans.

  • Subscription plan cost $4.99 for 1 month
  • The 6-month subscription comes with a 30% discount at $20.95
  • The 12-month subscription comes with a 50% discount at $29.94

Hey also offers a token system for daily one-time users.

  • Accurate application
  • Best app to make new friends
  • Reliable
  • Repeated profiles
  • Voice match feature removed


In conclusion, Omegle alternatives discussed above provides global platform for connecting people with easy interface and instant connection. On the positive side, random video chats help for great interactions, learning the language, culture exchange, getting friends. But, still there exist concerns on user safety and inappropriate content that needs the best safety tools to control it. The emerging modern technology will be able to provide the best interaction with safety.


Is there alternative video chat on Omegle?

Yes, there are plenty of alternatives to Omegle videochat. They are,
1. Emerald 
2. Monkey 
3. Chatspin 
4. Camgo 
5. Azar 
6. Holla 
7. Chatroulette 
8. Shagle 
9. Faceflow 
10. Hey

Which country banned Omegle?

Many countries banned Omegle including UAE, Libya, Pakistan, Qutar, Jordan, Turkey, and China.

What is safer than Omegle?

There are more safer alternatives to Omegle including Emerald, Chatspin, Faceflow, Chatroulette, etc.

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