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From: $299.00 for 1 month and a $299.00 sign-up fee


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From: $299.00 for 1 month and a $299.00 sign-up fee

Zithara Review: What is Zithara?

Zithara Review: Zithara is an all-in-one customer retention software that helps businesses of all sizes increase repeat purchases, customer lifetime value, and loyalty. It does this by providing a unified platform for rewards, WhatsApp, feedback, referrals, insights, and CRM.

Zithara is a powerful customer retention software that can help businesses of all sizes improve their customer engagement, loyalty, insights, and bottom line.

Zithara Review: What are the features of Zithara?

Zithara is a customer retention software that offers a variety of features to help businesses of all sizes increase customer engagement, loyalty, and lifetime value. Some of the key features of Zithara are mentioned below in this Zithara Review.

  • Customer segmentation

Zithara allows businesses to segment their customers based on a variety of criteria, including demographics, purchase history, and behavior. This allows businesses to send targeted messages and offers to their customers, which can lead to increased engagement and sales.

  • Marketing automation

Zithara’s marketing automation features allow businesses to automate their email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, and other marketing campaigns. This saves businesses time and helps them reach their customers at the right time with the right message.

  • WhatsApp for Business

Zithara integrates with WhatsApp for Business, allowing businesses to communicate with their customers directly on WhatsApp. This is a great way to provide customer support, send personalized offers, and build relationships with customers.

  • Rewards & loyalty

Zithara helps businesses create and manage branded rewards programs. This is a great way to incentivize customers to make repeat purchases and become more loyal to the brand.

  • Referrals & feedback

Zithara helps businesses run referral campaigns and collect feedback from their customers. This information can be used to improve products and services, and to develop more effective marketing campaigns.

  • Insights & reporting

Zithara provides businesses with insights into their customer behavior and performance. This information can be used to make informed decisions about how to improve the customer experience and increase customer retention.

  • Product bundling

Zithara allows businesses to create product bundles and offer discounts to customers who purchase multiple products together. This can help businesses increase their average order value and encourage customers to purchase more products.

  • Abandoned cart recovery

Zithara helps businesses recover abandoned carts by sending automated emails and WhatsApp messages to customers who have left items in their carts without completing their purchase. This can help businesses save lost sales and increase their revenue.

  • Customer support

Zithara provides 24/7 customer support to help businesses with any questions or problems they may have. This ensures that businesses can get the help they need when they need it, so that they can focus on their customers.

Zithara Review: What’s the pricing of Zithara?

Zithara offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes. The pricing plans are based on the number of active customers that a business has. A brief about the pricing options of this tool is provided below in this Zithara Review.

Zithara offers three paid plans: Startup, Growth, and Enterprise. The Startup plan costs you 299 US Dollars per month and includes features such as customer segmentation, marketing automation, and WhatsApp for Business integration. The Growth plan costs you 499 US Dollars per month and you get all of the features of the Startup plan, plus features such as abandoned cart recovery, product bundling, and advanced customer segmentation. The Enterprise plan offers custom pricing and features to meet the specific needs of large businesses.

In addition to its standard pricing plans, Zithara also offers you a number of add-ons that can be purchased to enhance the functionality of the software. These add-ons include things like predictive analytics, custom branding, and integration with other popular business software applications.

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From: $299.00 for 1 month and a $299.00 sign-up fee

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