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Sendwo – WhatsApp Marketing Software

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$64.00 every 6 years with 1 day free trial


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$64.00 every 6 years with 1 day free trial

Cloud Based Bulk Cold WhatsApp Marketing Software

Sendwo is a cloud-based WhatsApp marketing software. It is designed to support any size of business or even individual for Bulk Cold WhatsApp Marketing. You can use Sendwo to run your WhatsApp marketing campaign using your existing WhatsApp numbers. Or, you can buy temporary numbers to create a new WhatsApp account and link them to sendwo. This application is extremely flexible to allow massive bulk WhatsApp marketing to reach your existing customer list or any random customers.

The best part that customers of Sendwo love? You can connect to any unknown number and send marketing messages.

What Features do you get in Sendwo?

Sendwo comprises many features but out of all, it is majorly used for bulk WhatsApp message sending. This feature is supported by some other features also that help businesses in interacting with their customers in a more proficient way. Let’s look at them here:

  • Bulk WhatsApp Messaging broadcast

With Sendwo, you can send your messages to millions of customers using your WhatsApp number. Based on which subscription you have purchased, Sendwo allows you to run your campaign from one single dashboard.

  • Contact List Management

In your Sendwo subscription, you can manage millions of contact numbers of your customers. You can segment these contacts according to your need and use these specific contact groups “With any specific names” to run your WhatsApp marketing campaign.

  • Autoresponders

Sendwo allows you to create custom auto-reply messages. For example, if you have a customer, reaching out to you on your WhatsApp number and that number is already linked inside Sendwo, then you can define what kind of quick reply would go to your customer. Let’s say your customer sends a “Hi” message. You can set an autoresponder for the “HI” keyword as “Hey<Client name> How are you doing? Can we help you with anything? Let us know”  This kind of quick response helps you to create trust with your customers. They feel they are working or buying with an active business.

  • WhatsApp Chatbot

Sendwo allows you to automate your customer interaction. You can enable chatbots over your WhatsApp number using Sendwo chatbot features. This allows you to manage too many customer interactions just with the pre-built communication workflow. So, you can reduce your customer representative team size and allow the chatbot to manage small queries just by using the Chatbot feature.

  • Export Your WhatsApp Group Contacts

If you have multiple WhatsApp groups in which you are a part of. You can add that WhatsApp number to your Sendwo dashboard. Once you do that, you can go to the export group contact number features in your linked WhatsApp account and chose the group in which you wish to download all the participant contact details.

  • Campaign Reporting 

Whatever campaign you are running in your Sendwo app, you can download the reports of the same. Your reports dashboard shows all the ongoing and scheduled campaign analytics. You can also download the same data in an excel sheet format and share with anyone.

  • Sendwo Integrations

Sendwo allows certain integrations which makes it users for managing certain internal operations inside the software. This integration includes integrating with Google drive, dropbox, and OneDrive. You can manage your media in your drive and use them directly from Sendwo to add them to your future or ongoing WhatsApp marketing campaigns.

  • Manage Multiple WhatsApp Accounts

Inside your sendwo Dashboard, you can add up to 30 different WhatsApp accounts and run separate campaigns on your different linked WhatsApp numbers. This allows you to run bulk-size WhatsApp marketing campaigns and reach to million and even larger audience every day.

  • Media Management

You can store your image and videos inside your Sendwo application. It can be used in different campaigns that need video or image sharing.

  • Schedule Everything

Sendwo allows you to run your campaign in real-time or even during scheduled timings. You don’t have to be present with your WhatsApp account open on your phone or mobile phone turned on. You can create your campaign, and set the time and date on which you want to broadcast your message. The rest of the show is run by Sendwo in the backend as per your chosen schedule.

What more do you get in Sendwo?

Out of all those features that you find under your sendwo dashboard, there are other small and minimal features that make it one of the top bulk WhatsApp marketing software in the world for sending cold WhatsApp messages. Let’s look into them quickly.

  • The internal storage of up to 2 GB [You can ask their support to increase it at an additional cost that you need to pay]
  • Custom buttons that you can create as clickable to a particular landing page.
  • Allow different messaging types like images, and videos.
  • Team management is a wonderful feature that you get separately if you want different WhatsApp numbers to be managed by a different person in your team.
  • Image editing is also possible inside your Sendwo dashboard. This makes it a very super easy and fast process for you to add watermarks and logos to images that you wish to send to your contact groups.

With so many flexible features under sendwo, you can make your WhatsApp marketing much easy and customized according to your marketing goals.

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Pricing Plan

Enterprise Lifetime Plan

Best for

Retailers, Small Business owners, Enterprises, Any business with customers on WhatsApp.


Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, WhatsApp


GDPR-compliant, Bulk Message Broadcasting, Autoresponders, Chatbot, Group contact export, Image editing

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2 reviews for Sendwo – WhatsApp Marketing Software

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  1. Dev Dutta (verified owner)

    We wanted a WhatsApp bulk messaging software that can not only run our cold messaging but at the same time engage with our customers who replied us. With sendwo, we were able to set autoresponders to give reply to impatience customers but at the same time, setup the chat bot for customers whom we sent confirmation acknowledge messaging over WhatsApp. Awesome chatbot setting I would say

    + PROS: Good to start with big size customer list. Easy to manage buttons and media in to messages. Very good to fast sending. Good reports.
    - CONS: We expected mobile app also but still, we can use this from our mobile users. Reports design are very simple but ok.
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  2. laya ley (verified owner)

    I have been using Sendwo for my business’s WhatsApp marketing efforts and have been extremely satisfied with the results. The software is user-friendly and easy to navigate, making it simple for me to set up and send bulk messages to my customers.

    One of the things I appreciate most about Sendwo is the level of customization it offers. I can easily create and save templates for common messages, as well as personalize each message with the recipient’s name or other details. This helps to ensure that my messages feel more personalized and relevant to the recipient, which has led to higher engagement and conversion rates.

    In addition to its customization features, Sendwo also offers a number of useful analytics and reporting tools. I can track the performance of my campaigns in real-time and see how many people are opening and interacting with my messages. This helps me to continually optimize and improve my marketing efforts.

    + PROS: I highly recommend Sendwo for anyone looking for a reliable and effective WhatsApp bulk messaging software. It has exceeded my expectations and has proven to be a valuable asset for my business.
    - CONS: Bit lag in sending too many messages in one go but this small wait is worth the value.
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    • 5. Can use existing WhatsApp numbers.
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    Sendwo – WhatsApp Marketing Software

    $64.00 every 6 years with 1 day free trial

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