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PrepAI helps the content leaders and exam administrators in saving time and reducing human errors while generating the question papers for offline or online exams. PrepAI provides supportive state assessment that boosts student achievement. Programs offer realistic assessment rehearsals as well as consistent practice based on artificial intelligence. The initiative aims to improve student learning in schools, edtech businesses and educational institutions. Our artificial intelligence platform and collaborative platforms were developed by Edtech professionals, and innovative engineers. PrepAI uses Natural Language Processing technique for text analysis engine so the evaluation is effective and has a higher impact on the learning. The team of product experts at PrepAI develops the best solutions for individuals and organisations based on their unique requirements. It also contributes to a rigorous study program aligned to standards that can better prepare students to succeed in assessments and improve overall school performance. PrepAI has evolved as a pathbreaking solution in the Edtech industry that uses artificial intelligence to create tests without much human intervention, providing a more accurate alternative to traditional test preparation. Just a couple of days after launch, PrepAI has gained a lot of traction from industry experts, teaching professionals, exam administrators, and students preparing for exams. 

Major Benefits of PrepAI – What is all you can expect?

Quality Content

PrepAI helps exam administrators & teaching professionals in creating QA (Question & Answer) pairs. It helps them efficiently generate quality Question Papers for offline exams and practice sessions.

Time Saving

PrepAI can help save your time and also negates the aspect of human bias.


PrepAI significantly minimizes your recurring operational cost & time

Being in the education industry, most of you must be looking for such a combo of benefits for a long time. Your wait is over now, DataToBiz has made it possible for you to fast-pace your operations, save on time as well as cost without compromising the quality of content.

All Features of PrepAI – What all do you get?

1. Multiple ways to input content

Enter Topic Name

This is one of the unique features that only PrepAI provides you. With the help of this feature, you no longer need to worry about the whole content. Just enter the topic you want questions & answers for and click “Generate Questions”. PrepAI will automatically look for the best content available in our database and get it for you.

Type or Paste Text

In case, you have your own content and want to generate questions & answers from that only, PrepAI is for you. Just type or paste your text in the given field and let PrepAI do its magic.

Upload PDF/DOC File

This is also one of the most useful features for ed-tech industry professionals. Nowadays, we know that digitalization is at its peak reason being technological advancements & the COVID-19 pandemic. Last few years, we have seen tremendous growth in Ed-tech businesses, schools shifting their curriculum, teaching material & even classes online to keep up with the times. This has led to the availability of all academic materials online in the form of PDFs, DOCs, etc. So, PrepAI also provides you the feature of uploading your chapters, books, etc. directly in the form of PDFs, DOCs and getting your questions & answers generated instantly.

Looking for more? Don’t worry, One unique & tremendous feature that only PrepAI provides you in the market. Let’s know about it.

Enter Video URL or Upload Video File

This is one of the exclusive features that PrepAI has. With this feature, you can either paste the YouTube video URL (with or without transcript) or upload a video file from your local system. Either way, within a short time you will get questions & answers generated on your screen.

2. Variety of Questions to choose from

MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)

PrepAI lets you choose from various forms of questions & answers. One of the most recent & widely adopted formats these days is MCQ. The correct answer to this type of question will be an option you choose from a list. You will be happy to know, PrepAI is smart enough to generate a single correct as well as multiple correct answer type MCQs.

Descriptive Answer based questions

Most traditional yet widely used question-answer format. In this type of format, you get a question and a single-line answer for that question.

Statement Based Questions

Here, you get 3 statements based on your input content. You need to select which of the statements asked to you is/are correct. These types of questions are mainly used to assess how well a reader understands the topic.


In this type of question format, a span of words gets omitted and blank space is placed right there. And you need to select what should be the best answer to fill in there from the list of options given by PrepAI.


PrepAI generates two types of True/False based questions. In the first type, only a single statement is asked to answer if it is True/False. In the second type, two statements are shown and you need to choose which option is True.

3. Difficulty level Categorization

Easy-level Questions

Simple questions that are directly asked from the content input.

Medium-level Questions

Questions that are asked from content but might have some tweaks in question statements & some questions might have more than one correct answer. These things make questions a bit trickier.

Hard-level Questions

These are question types consisting mainly of statements based on the complete content in an abstract manner.

4. Edit Questions & Options

This AI-powered question generation solution provides you the full freedom to edit and tweak questions and options as per the requirements.

5. More Options

PrepAI with the help of its powerful AI & ML Algorithms provides you with a list of 4 extra options in addition to options that are already shown in the main option list. Drag-and-drop UI allows you to swap some options from the list easily.

6. Add your own Questions

Sometimes, it may happen that you want to add some of your own questions based on your experience of teaching. PrepAI provides you with this tremendous feature that doesn’t let you switch to other platforms or involve yourself much in test preparation. Using this feature, you simply get an empty template of each question type mentioned above and you just need to type in the questions & options in the fields & add them to the question paper.

7. Rate Questions & Answers

This is more of a customer-side requirement. Using this, you can rate PrepAI generated questions & answers. This way, PrepAI will try to improve its quality based on your ratings.

8. Preview Question Paper

This feature lets you preview a well-framed question paper consisting of your selected questions only. Previewing a question paper before finalizing it is always a better thing to do to avoid any kind of errors. In future, you will also be able to share the preview version of the question paper with your colleagues & get their approval for the same.

9. Download Question Paper

The ultimate aim of any tool is to make its deliverables useful in the real world. With this feature, you can download the question paper in PDF & DOC format and use it the way you want.

10. Store Previous Question Papers & Reuse

PrepAI is not made for one-time use. We want you to make use of it as much as you want. So, PrepAI has the feature of storing all the question papers. This helps you preview the previously generated question papers & download them as many times as you want to.

Isn’t it impressive to have so many features and to have them provide you with so much value to make your workflow more efficient?

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