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What is CommentSold?

CommentSold is the #1 comment selling platform and complete e-commerce solution powering 11K+ online retailers. With CommentSold, retailers post images, videos, and live videos on Facebook and Instagram, and shoppers comment “sold” to purchase items. Behind the scenes, we are a full e-commerce stack for small businesses, providing social selling tools, personalized websites, white-labeled mobile apps, and a complete backend for intake, inventory management, and shipping/fulfillment.

Specification: CommentSold


Product Visualization

Promotions and Discounts

Product Catalog

Configured Products

Product Search and Filtering

Order Process

Checkout Process

Payment Processing

Order Management

Returns / Refunds

Inventory Management

Multi-Channel Support

Social Commerce

Customer Service


User Management

Reporting / Analytics


Performance and Reliability

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RTChub Platform allows you to easily connect and chat with your customers or clients with a simple one click interface integrated into your WebSite  
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  • Efficiency and Time-Saving: Getfloorplan offers a quick and effortless way for real estate agents and marketing specialists to generate 2D and 3D floor plans and 360° virtual tours. This can save a significant amount of time compared to traditional methods of creating floor plans.
  • High-Quality Visuals: The tool promises fine 2D and 3D floor plans, enhancing the overall visual appeal of property listings. High-quality visuals are crucial for attracting potential buyers and marketing properties effectively.
  • AI Integration: The use of artificial intelligence in Getfloorplan suggests advanced capabilities in automating tasks related to floor plan creation. This can lead to more accurate and consistent results.
  • Dependency on Technology: Real estate professionals relying heavily on Getfloorplan may face challenges if there are technical issues or outages. Over-dependence on technology can lead to disruptions in business operations.
  • Learning Curve: Users, especially those not familiar with AI-based tools, may need some time to adapt to Getfloorplan. A potential learning curve could hinder immediate adoption for some real estate agents and marketing specialists.
  • Limited Customization: While automation is a strength, there might be limitations in terms of customization. Some users may prefer more control over specific details in their floor plans, which may not be fully achievable with an automated tool.
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