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The Independent Knowledge Network helping you gain trusted insights, connect to experts and discover opportunity in trending markets.

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CASSANDRA is transforming the way knowledge work gets done by tracking, identifying and connecting you with the people behind trending markets across the internet.

We are experts at finding knowledge and analyze millions of signals from across the web to surface the most relevant trends and thought leaders.

Why we analyze millions of searches, conversations and mentions across the internet

Contrary to earlier expectations, the internet has not given us more certainty, time or knowledge in our decision-making but rather quite the opposite. Over the last two years alone 90 percent of the data in the world was generated, leading to unprecedented information overload.

Investors and companies who build their intellectual advantages on the basis of knowledge need filters to stand the best chance of innovating, finding opportunity and succeeding.

Our role is to be exactly this filter, helping you to cut through the noise and connecting you to the right expertise for your business context. Merging external insights and perspectives with internal experiences, creating exclusive, proprietary new knowledge that others might not have.

Use Cases:
– Identify trends and growing companies to invest in
– Discover markets to pay attention to
– Navigate opportunity and uncertainty from economic, political and technological changes

Knowledge Tags: Connect with Experts, Expert Network, Global Macro, Geopolitical Analysis, Strategic Forecasting, Understand Trends, Survey Technology and Research, Social Media Analytics and Monitoring, Expert Network Asia, Geoeconomics.

Proprietary Search Knowledge Search, Natural Language Processing incl. Sentiment Analysis, Video Technology, Insights Management, Survey Technology & Research, Connect with Experts, Social Media Analytics and Monitoring.

CASSANDRA was founded on the deeply held belief that the pace of change is accelerating, making our ability to cope with increasing complexity limited.

It seems that we are seeing the emergence of a new world, possibly aided by COVID-19 in which we see the adoption of new technologies on a scale and pace the world has not seen yet.

Wherever we look, we see the new as well as the old – parallel universes in many ways. Be it in politics in which new powers are rising internationally, a bifurcation of voting patterns domestically, traditional industries like finance where the decentralised version is built right next to it, or the emergence of digital realms in which people can restructure how they go about their lives making a living.

It could well be a transition period we need to navigate through – Possibly until a new equilibrium has been established.

Nobody knows where this is all heading exactly and we surely do not pretend to know. It’s a time for humility.

The one thing we do know is that the old mental models we operate under and “doing things the way they’ve always been done”, is not enough.

We cannot learn and consume information faster, we cannot spend the time to understand everything in detail, we cannot do everything on our own.

As Dan Sullivan, founder of the leading entrepreneurial coaching program has brilliantly pointed out: We have been trained to ask ourselves “How can I do this?” – instead we should be asking “Who can do this for me?”

That’s why teams matter and there is no need to be fooled by complexity!

With CASSANDRA, our mission is to provide this team to you – for more clarity, conviction, and a sense of calm. A community putting their heads together, collaborating and exchanging – creating value for each other to make things easier.

We are here to serve.

Join us on our journey. It is time to get excited, embrace change and exchange ideas to succeed together.

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CASSANDRA Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features
CASSANDRA Reviews: Details, Pricing, & Features
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