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Order Confirmation Emails: Assure your Customer’s Final Order and Trust in 5 Steps.

Order confirmation emails are received after covering a journey of going through different sites for the purchase of a particular product and then finally deciding to buy it from a specific site, which is not an easy task to deal with.

You check the advantages and disadvantages of having to own that product, compare them and then place an order for the purchase. Now, it is the responsibility of that particular site to assure you about your final order placement, payment receipt, taxes charged and shipping address, etc.,

An order confirmation email address is the assurance about the product, that any customer places an order for, or purchases, and includes information such as payment receipt number, order number, shipping addresses, shipping charges, taxes, and due delivery date of the product.

Order confirmation emails can be used to build a good customer relationship, beyond just a transaction detail-oriented email, if used wisely.

What are order confirmation emails?

An order confirmation email address is an email sent by the retail trader or merchant after one has successfully placed an order for the final purchase of any product. These emails are strictly transactional and include no other information or promotional activities other than the product purchasing customer’s transaction ID, billing address, shipping address, taxes, and charges.

When one is done with placing an order for any purchase, an order confirmation emails is expected by the customers, as it confirms the placement of the correct order as per your preference, and contains a summary of the purchased product saying the order has been placed for purchasing it.

This particular email address verifies the details of the purchase or placing an order of the product and its cost is mentioned along with. This also has a summary of the name of the customer in it, as well as sometimes the expected date or time of delivery of the product.

When any purchase is assured by the merchant for an order placed by us, our human tendency to become less worried about the final purchase of the product becomes justified.

Also, as this email address contains sensitive information such as transaction ID, amount of money spent, personal information like contact number, the shipping address of the customer, etc., they are concerned enough until they receive such email citing this information.

Although, the customers will not be completely satisfied until they receive their order-in-hand, and find it in the perfect state as they’ve seen while at the time of placing an order for the purchase, they at least are partially satisfied regarding the placement.

What information do order confirmation emails contain?

An order confirmation email address is considered sensitive information containing the email address sent by the merchant to the customer.

This kind of email address contains key and detail-oriented information regarding the purchase. A reference number or an order number is present in the email so that in case the customer has a query related to the ordered product, they can get the doubts cleared easily through customer service with the help of that reference number provided to them.

They also contain transaction details of the customers, like the transaction ID. And, shipping address, billing address, contact information, break up of the charges, and taxes that have been charged from them is also included.

Another most important thing that these emails contain is the name of the purchased product, the quantity of order, size, and color. Sometimes the return and refund policy is also discussed in brief in the email.

Order Confirmation emails

Why order confirmation emails are important?

Confirmation emails are important so as to keep the customers away from worrying about their confirmation of the order of the product purchased from the merchant.

When we visit any outlet, store, supermarket, or mall, and purchase the required products of our choice, we rush to the payment desk for billing of the products. When they hand over the bill to us, after checking off the prices of the purchased products and hand over the final total bill to us, we become assured as we now have proof and confirmation of what amount of money we spent on which products, and what were the extra charges that have been collected from us.

So, next time we face any issue regarding the products bought or purchased, we can take this receipt or token of the bill, and have our problems solved or maybe get a full refund, if policies include this, right!

A confirmation email plays the same role as that of the bill mentioned above. In fact, order confirmation emails have more flexibility than any other billing system. You get all information about your product within the email address, and a customer query supporting desk, where you can contact any time of the day, without even having to go out of your house.

How to write order confirmation emails?

A confirmation email is always a detail-oriented, sensitive email sent to the customers after placing the order, by the merchant.

There are things that must and should always be included in order confirmation emails. Because otherwise, the order confirmation emails would not exactly serve their purpose.

Below lies the list of must-include:

  • Layout an order number

An order number or a reference number should always be provided, on every purchase done by the customer from your app, or website. That way, both your customers and you, are assured about their placement of any order with you. The reference number or order number must be on top of the order confirmation emails, so that it can be noticed in one go, easily.

  • Encapsulate contact details of the customer

Ask your customer about their contact number and store it, and an alternative contact number too with that. So that, if, by any chance, the main number provided is not reachable, the delivery partner is able to contact the alternative number, for the successful delivery of the purchase. Also, the details of the progress of the shipping of the order should be sent through SMS or email, provided by the customers, to check their availability and any foreseen or coincidental unavailability of the customers.

  • Finalize and confirm of shipping address

Shipping information provided by the customers should be verified beforehand, to avoid any unfortunate events during delivery. A home address and an office address might too work in case of any unprecedented delay of the delivery. For the convenience of the delivery partner, adding an option of “Landmark” is always good.

Order Confirmation emails
Order, when shipped, must be notified to the customers

Order summary

An order summary including the name of the purchased product, the quantity of the products, its size, color, shipping address, and billing address, the amount paid, tracking link, and an image of the product ordered, should be provided to the customer, to ensure if he or she has placed the correct order, and incorrect size and quantity, on the right address.

Order Confirmation emails
  • Cost and charges break down

It is the right of every customer to know about the amount of money that they have paid is what the merchant asked for. This section must also show all the charges, like taxes, discount coupon code (if any), packing charges, and shipping charges, that the customer has paid along with the actual price of the product that they have placed an order for.

  • Information on the payment method

Show your customers the payment method that they used for the payment while placing the order. Ensure your customers that you did not store any data from their payment system, be it debit cards, or credit cards. If the customer has requested a pay-on-delivery, then show them the correct and accurate amount of money that they need to pay at the time of delivery to their delivery partners.

  • Estimated delivery date

Expected or estimated delivery date should be provided to the customers, through this email address.

Tell them about the courier service that you would be using while shipping their order, the methods of shipping, whether if it is a one-day delivery or overnight delivery, or maybe the standard delivery. Let them know about the courier service policies in brief, if they deliver on all days or just during business days, etc.

Share with them the dates on which the product would be packed, shipped to a warehouse, and would be sent to the supply house near their address.

Knowing about the estimated delivery date gives a sense of relief to the customers. It is also an excellent kickstart to building good customer relationships.

  • Exchange methods, returns, and/or refunds

Acknowledge them about the exchange policies, return policies, and refund policies, if applicable or not. Make your policies more flexible, so that the customers find your services regarding products more convenient and reliable. Tell them about the tentative days, until and up to when they get a chance to request an exchange of their products, or a return, or a refund.

  • Customer support desk

Keep your customer support desk open 24*7. If not 24*7, then on business days at least. So that your customers can find it easy to ask their doubts or solve their queries, if any, through the customer support desk. The addition of majorly spoken three to four languages would be helpful, to the customer support chat options.

Look up Sendinblue for more information on order confirmation emails.

What to add to your email design in order confirmation emails?

An order confirmation email template must be designed in a proper way so as to cater to the needs or necessities of your customers.

  • Name of the merchant
  • Order confirmation
  • Order number
  • Date of order
  • A thankyou note
  • Description of the order placed
  • Estimated delivery date and address
  • Information on payment
  • Chat support or customer support desk
  • An option redirecting customers to the main website or address

Impressive order confirmation emails practices and examples.

An order confirmation email template is pretty simple and includes the basics, like everything mentioned above. But, creating a template might be a backbreaker, for it should be unique, impressive, and catchy.

Let us now show you an impressive example of an order confirmation email template below:

Order Confirmation emails
An order confirmation email template.
  1. Logo or name of the Brand
Order Confirmation emails
Logo of the brand or merchant

On the top, or top left side of the email, the name of the brand, company, or merchant should be displayed. It standardizes the entire look of the email.

2. Show a small token of thanks

Right below the logo of the brand, or company, a small token of thanks when displayed, expresses to the customers your warmth, love, and gratefulness that the customers provide to your brand.

3. Summary of their order

Order Confirmation Emails: Assure your Customer's Final Order and Trust in 5 Steps.
Order Summary section

Summary of the order including, quantity, size, and color of the product should be shown, with an image of the product alongside to ensure the confusion of the ordered product.

4. An “order total” section

Order Confirmation emails

An order total section displaying the taxes, and charges, with the cost of the product, should be added and the final amount of money charged from the customer should be shown.

5. Add shipping and billing address

Shipping and billing address, with landmark and/or an additional alternative address, can be noted here.

6. Customer contact info

Contact information of the customer, with an alternative number, should be added to send the updates regarding delivery regularly to the customers.

7. View your order option.

Facilitate your customers with the view order option so that they can always have the freedom of changing or viewing the order they’ve placed for.

Creating a template using the above tips should do it.

The styles of email templates can always be changed, but keeping a few things in mind might ace it more. Let us see what to take note of, to target your customers well:

  • The subject line of the email

Creating a subject line for the email is very important, as the success of any email lies mostly in it. They should include the brand name, order or reference number, order confirmation message, order received message, and shipping of the order.

  • Time of sending the email

A confirmation email should be sent immediately after you’ve received an order placement, to increase customer engagement.

  • Order confirmation and cancellation

Display the order confirmation and cancellation option, along with the order cancellation policies.

  • Promote your bestsellers and reward programs

When getting an opportunity, one must make use of it.

Under the necessary information that your customer needs, tell them about your bestsellers, reward programs, seasonal discounts, and offers.

Sum up

An impressive order confirmation is easy, but adding a few pro tips to your emails can elevate your emails to another whole new level. I have shared above the must-includes.

For more tips and styles follow Sendinblue.

Want to create an eye catching email for your clients? try this: Add Animated GIFs In Emails: Make Your Email Attractive And Powerful

Frequently Asked Question

What should order confirmation emails have?

It should include an order summary, shipping address, contact number, and payment information.

Order confirmation emails mean?

This means that the confirmation regarding your placed order has been received and you are being sent an email regarding their receiving of your order.

Do order confirmation emails mean paid?

Order confirmation speaks of confirming your order by a merchant, whether paid or non-paid. Payment has nothing to do with this.

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