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How to Host Memorable Virtual Celebrations?

Virtual celebrations have become a new normal, especially in this interconnected world. You can strengthen and connect with your loved ones regardless of the distance. Whether it is your birthday, convocation, wedding, or even just a simple gathering, hosting an unforgettable virtual celebration requires thoughtful planning and execution. If you are someone who wants to host a virtual celebration soon, you have come to the right place. Here, we will walk you through the tips and tricks to host a memorable virtual celebration and ensure its success. Let’s get started. 

Choose the date and time 

Before hosting virtual celebrations, it is important to set a date and time for when it will take place. Your guests have to attend the celebrations virtually, but still, you should know about their schedules. Ask them about the days that work best for them and mutually decide which time of the day is best for hosting the event. Talking about the length of the event, 2-3 hours are more than enough. You can enjoy everyone’s company and celebrate without needing to take a break. You don’t have to serve food in virtual celebrations, so you can avoid meal times unless you all are planning to eat on-screen together. 

Make a plan

You have set the date and time of the party. Now, it is time to make a plan. Decide on the agenda, theme, and overall vibe of the virtual celebration. Are you hosting a formal event or a casual gathering? Keep the interests and preferences of the guests in mind and what the event is about to fuel your planning. For instance – If you are an 80s kid and its your birthday celebration, you can consider opting for a retro theme or a disco music. 

Next, outline the structure of the event that is deciding the timings of different activities. Having a clear plan from start to end ensures that the guests are engaged throughout the celebration. All in all, it contributes to the success of the event. 

Plan activities 

It’s time to get creative. Consider mailing the party kits to your guests and tell them to open it during the event. Include games or interactive challenges according to the occasion. For instance – if it is a virtual birthday party, an activity named “scavenger hunt” would be a good choice where all the guests are asked to search for the items that are favorite of the birthday person. 

You can also think of hosting virtual DIY activities like virtual cooking class or cocktail making class. In such classes, guests are allowed to create delicious treats from the comfort of their own kitchens. Offering several activities catering to different interests and preferences of the guests ensures that virtual celebration is enjoyable for everyone. 

Choose a platform 

Hosting a virtual celebration requires everyone to be on the same page, and you need to select the right platform for that. Choose a platform with features like screen sharing, video calling, and chat options. 

You don’t want to face any problems on the day of celebration. So, test it out beforehand to know the nitty-gritty of the platform’s features and functionalities. 

Create a video guestbook

A video guestbook is indeed a heartfelt way to add a personal touch to your virtual celebration. Use a video guestbook maker to encourage guests to record their good wishes and short video messages expressing their feelings or fond memories. Many video guestbook makers allows to create event and personalized printables for the star of the show who is going to be celebrated. 

Guests can scan the QR code and leave their heartfelt messages using their devices. Now, compile these video messages to share during the celebration. You can preserve it as a cherished keepsake for your entire life.  

Express gratitude

Guests have taken out their precious time to attend a virtual celebration with you. So, isn’t it a great way to shower them with the gratitude and thank you and make them feel that you appreciate their presence. You can give a special thank you speech or even consider sending them personalized thank you notes after the event.

Follow up

It’s important to strengthen your connections with the guests over time. So, when the celebration ends, share the videos and photos with them and express your gratitude again for their participation. 

The best way is to take their suggestions in the form of follow-up. Send them a post-event survey to gather the feedback of the guests and any suggestions for future celebrations.

To make a long story short 

Virtual celebrations have revolutionized the way we connect and celebrate special moments with loved ones. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can host virtual celebrations that are memorable, engaging, and meaningful. So go ahead, start planning, and get ready to host an unforgettable virtual celebration that will be cherished for years to come!

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